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    The New Frontier Pass is a new season pass for Civilization VI that brings eight new civilizations and nine new leaders, six new game modes and more to the critically acclaimed strategy game. Content will be released in six DLC packs delivered on a bimonthly basis from May 2020 to March 2021. Some features require either the Gathering Storm or Rise and Fall expansions to play.
    Civilization VI offers new ways to interact with your world, expand your empire across the map, advance your culture, and compete against history’s greatest leaders to build a civilization that will stand the test of time.
    Originally created by legendary game designer Sid Meier, Civilization is a turn-based strategy game in which you attempt to build an empire to stand the test of time. Explore a new land, research technology, conquer your enemies, and go head-to-head with history’s most renowned leaders as you attempt to build the greatest civilization the world has ever known.
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    Civilization VI - First Look: Babylon | Civilization VI New Frontier Pass

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    1. WiggaMachiavelli

      Why use the conventional English romanisation if you're not going to pronounce the name in line with that? You are mispronouncing the name. If you want to pronounce it that way, spell it using regular transcription.

    2. 곧은람쥐

      Kublai Khan has never conquered the Korean Peninsula. and he is a Mongolian hero.

    3. RM Space - KSP

      I could be genghis' grandson

      1. Bryce Plummer

        just add a couple greats

    4. Al Taurrah

      Kublai khan : *appears Gitarja & Hojo : hmmmm interesting

    5. Napoleon I

      G H O S T - O F - T S U S H I M A Khan enter in Japanese server Hojo Tokimune enter in server and is using Kamikaze skill Ban Khan is banned from Japan

    6. Napoleon I

      Dislike comments are from Han Chineses people

    7. Jack Helrein

      Kublai Khan is a sugar daddy lol

    8. Volg Tonnen

      He looks like he's made of latex

    9. Lê Ngọc Bảo Thịnh

      Really?. This is the character representing Kublai. Dude, Kublai was a Mongolian, not a white man:))

    10. William Lemmond

      ;I plan to try Kublai Khan in much the way I plan to try great, great, .... grandmother Eleanor of Aquitaine, creating a team of Mongolia and China (with duplicate leaders allowed), and playing at a much higher difficulty level.

    11. Mattranger 25

      Viva Mexican civ

    12. Regan Donohue

      Seondeok be like 👁👄👁

    13. RiceBlox

      Can we appreciate the fact that at the beginning he raises his hands to beat of the song

    14. MrHan

      1:45 ok that horde actually looked terrifying.

    15. Patrik

      When Finland???!!!

    16. Hasa Nethu

      You guys should add Sri Lanka too

    17. Wamon11

      can you add ohlone as a new civ leader isabel medows likes civs with lots of preserves and national parks, dislikes you taking every district and no preserves unique unit naabaahii, 5+ combat when on forest and hills tiles andwhen killed it can make another one when it dies, builds the hooghan niitl ni which provide 6 faith,7 culture and 2 gold and 5+ combat when there is population put there. unique improvement hooghan niitl ni 6faith 7 culture 2 gold and 5+ combat agenda is go to the sea sea improvements and seasteads provide 6+ faith and 4 culture when next or 2 tiles away from land

    18. Trevor Neal

      WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Yeah baby, that’s what I’ve been waiting for, that’s what it’s all about woo!

    19. Eliezer Renato Rodrigues

      Vcs vai lançar alguma DLC do Reino da Italy???

    20. Jung-Guen Lee

      that's not china, that's mongol

      1. Bryce Plummer

        who ruled china

      2. shu da


    21. Kubilay

      i love my name

    22. Dando

      please fix AI it wont build on luxuries until super late game since new patch

    23. Xeuxi Xiliak

      Add the principality of sealand for the worst civ... I love it, but god damn it would be an awful civ

      1. Bryce Plummer

        abilty: deletes your save file

    24. Temujin Borjikin

      kubilai: I built the Great Wall to protect myself from me

    25. Gud Sauce

      Imagine if they added Mythical Creatures as a game mode. Like, just a Big Dragon that has a nest on top of the mountain it hibernates in for long periods of time(like every 100 turns or so) And when it comes out, it roams around the world for food. And who ever kills it first during its roam around the world gets some sort of reward for it, like the heroes relics! Or a big sea Monster equivalent to the Dragon! Just Giving the devs some ideas for the last game mode.

    26. Teodor

      Man her voice is so annoying

      1. Teodor

        @Bryce Plummer You are welcome, I always strive to help my lessers

      2. Bryce Plummer

        @Teodor thank you for proving my point, and now i bid you wisdom and good health. goodbye

      3. Teodor

        @Bryce Plummer No u

      4. Bryce Plummer

        @Teodor 3 years old

      5. Teodor

        @Bryce Plummer no u

    27. камаз

      Please add to the game Kievan Rus with Vladimir the Great or with Yaroslav the Wise. Or add the state Zaporozhian Host (The Cossack Hetmanate) led by Bogdan Khmelnitsky. Many would be very grateful to you for this, including me. Thanks!

    28. Just AViewer

      Please add Bengal Sultanate Civilization.

      1. CombatHD

        wasnt a civilzation, just a terrorist organization just like the mughal empire. they were founded to loot india and destroy hinduism

    29. Imawaffle

      Hey look! it's Asian Santa Claus!

      1. Mr hawk

        almost lol

    30. danny d

      meh, not sure what the point of bringing this leader into the game was.

    31. Maigo Cavory

      Found a Problem with the Policy : If you select Owls of Minerva before selecting your first Government you cant run your Government.

    32. gioyu comi

      I want to see someone try playing Japan against him

    33. Filip Starcevic


    34. new risingdamned

      damn, finally family reunion that was not european

      1. gioyu comi


    35. dolita windo

      Civilization gameplay rules: "You can't rule two civilizations at once without mods." Kublei Khan: "Hold my Mongolian BBQ."

      1. Bryce Plummer


    36. This is a christian server

      Kublai Khan is muslim

      1. Bryce Plummer

        good for him

    37. Yoshikage Kira

      Kublai: Nothing Khan Defeat me! Two Typhoons: *laughs in Jin Sakai

      1. dolita windo

        I wanna look to AMLO in Civ 6 :v

    38. tvjodis

      I am disappointed that I can't play Kublai Mongolia in standard mode: I was hoping to get around the restriction that forces me to play Mongolia only in R&F mode

    39. MrTheevilmage

      I saw some actual statuettes of what archaeologists presumed Kublai Khan looked like from the time he was alive...he looked way more scarier in real life

    40. EiJi Lee

      Going to set up Genghis Khan vs Kublai Khan as both leaders of Mongolia and watch who attacks who wins 😂

    41. Taradile

      why is he shown as a jolly asian santa claus, he was far from it

    42. Sung-eun Lee

      미친새끼들. 쿠빌라이칸은 한반도를 지배한적이 없다. 쿠빌라이칸은 중국인이지도 않다. 뭐하자는거냐? 쿠빌라이칸에게 "모리화"? 모욕을 해도 유분수지.

    43. Spaghetti Sauce

      Man, i miss playing this game with my friend. The music is so emotional to me.

    44. Gabriel Bitencourt

      Genghis Khan is still the best, the true mongolian emperor and conqueror.

    45. 123 1

      Kublai Khan leads russia too

    46. ᄋᄋᄀᄅᄇ

      he is not Chinese

      1. ᄋᄋᄀᄅᄇ

        @Moby Thicc oh i see. then i could see queen victoria who lead india in later dlc hey bro. treat kublai khan as Chinese is china communist's propaganda. no one think dumpling is American food because of Chinese-Americans

      2. Moby Thicc

        He wasn't chinese, but he was the emperor of the Yuan dynasty in China

      3. ᄋᄋᄀᄅᄇ

        @shu da he is mongolian. and i didnt say he is korean, lol

      4. shu da

        Of crouse he is Korean,lol

    47. Articuno144

      I, Kublai Khan, will build a wall, and make the Mongolians pay for it.

    48. doliwaq

      Nothing about his units? :(

    49. MonTAY Yellow23


    50. an aud

      쿠빌라이칸은 중국인이 아닌데

    51. Tom Eckert

      But the Game isn't work for PS4 Multiplayer!

    52. Lisa Wang

      so everyone is ok with the character design that is completely historically inaccurate huh

    53. Xavier García

      I wanna look to AMLO in Civ 6 :v

    54. Mr-Flights

      I wish they can come up with Argentina as a civilization

    55. OG_Sanchez45

      Y’all needa do Mexico

    56. TBIRD722000

      Let’s FUCKING GOOOOO!!!!!!

    57. Jennifer LePage

      Majaphahit, Kediri, and Singhasari will tremble before his wrath... Probably!

    58. MadKnight

      Chinese got massacred by Kublai. Are Chinese people okay with this? Even though Qing or Kublai's decedents ruled for a "long" time. Isn't it like Rome's ruler being double ruler for Carthage.

      1. lilith shopping

        Kublai was not known for massacre but benevolance and tolerance.

    59. Lich

      Hearing someone promote the triangular trade was a punch in the gut for a second. Then I remembered that there aren't slaves in civ 6.

    60. Samuel Cox

      Does anyone else find it ironic you can build the Great Wall and play as Kublai Khan? lol

    61. Werd Lert

      I don't like how much more powerful the trade ability seems on huge maps with lots of civs and how much less powerful on tiny maps with a few civs, not to mention duel.

    62. Danielthesiberiancat

      0:04 that crotch chop

    63. 뱁새가좋아

      사실 생각해보면 청나라나 원나라나 몽골국가이지 중국국가가 아님 ㅋㅋ

    64. Simão Ramalho

      This is no Civ game any more , i play Civ from the 1frst and now its Horrible , I played all over, get a new job

    65. Be chillin

      It would be cool if Aspyr would focus on a running game instead of delivering additional content when the game is not running anymore on Mac computers.since 2 months

    66. 갈치라떼TM

      훠훠훠 파락도 중국몽 함께하겠다

    67. J Dog

      Domination... always!

    68. Brady Norrish

      He looks REALLY good. Oh, yeah, I guess his abilities are also good.

    69. Steven c Gutierrez

      Civilization gameplay rules: "You can't rule two civilizations at once without mods." Kublei Khan: "Hold my Mongolian BBQ."

    70. Michael Elfire

      China, Mongolia, I will be emporer of the world!

    71. MVS

      Add *clap* Portugal *clap*

    72. Sollazzoso Spensieratello

      and still no portugal

    73. nathan alvarado

      I wish the II leaders would have their own themes

    74. Alexandru Sava

      Not touching this game until they fix the AI.

    75. でいむしょっく


    76. Lunarsong Sirohane

      Me: well, it seems the reasonable way to curb Mongolia power and expansion is to plunder their trade route and kill their envoys. Khwarizmi: Yeah, right. You try that.

    77. 첫눈별

      한국어 자막좀 수정해주세요, 뭐라는지 모르겠어요.

    78. Lunarsong Sirohane

      How historically accurate. Kubilai: I see Korean, I trade first, I declare war. Then next I go Japan too. Tokimune Hoojo: Laugh in Kamikaze.

    79. James Bond

      when does this release?

    80. Rising Sun

      Extra economic card will be awesome

    81. Flexipop T

      Wnat to do if you win deity all the time? Serious question.

    82. WooSung Choi

      His face is so stiff... what happened to those superb animations?

    83. Đức Nguyễn

      Not to mention he lost to Vietnam thrice while trting to invade it. Lol nice try buddy

    84. My 2 Sense

      Give a like if you think civilization 6 is going to have serious competition from the new game Humankind.

    85. ErwinTuddle

      I wish they would just release all this old ass content already. Do they think we are idiots?

      1. Bryce Plummer

        do you know anything about anything at all?

    86. Philip J Fry

      Chinese new weapon Wuhan virus.

    87. Wargriz Zero

      Glad to get another dual civ leader, but I was really hoping this new alt leader would be Washington or Lincoln before he was announced.

    88. Chris Hamilton

      Oh she can pronounce “guragain” correctly but she pronounces Byzantium as Beezantium. :-(

    89. 겨울고양이

      Goryeo(Korea) is not a colony of Mongolian Empire. It is an ally made through the marriage of Kublai's youngest daughter and the king of Goryeo. To understand this as a concept of empire and colonization, the relationship between European countries must be interpreted again.

      1. lilith shopping

        @겨울고양이 Samhan history fiction writers on the move.

      2. 겨울고양이

        Don't be fooled by China's political distortions and claims, please... Goryeo and Kublai even attacked Japan together as allies.

    90. Camren Davis

      What about the Goths?

    91. 팜천복

      the Korean subtitle is like shit

    92. Viscous Goo

      *Well, there's something I didn't know* - It's pronounced kubel-aye khan. Always said kublah khan.

    93. MHBudak

      I like the addition, but i also would love it is was not named china but Yuan

    94. Kiwi Ting

      No! I don't care about the game play! Making Kublai Khan an alternate leader of China is absurd! It's like making Victoria an alternate leader of India!

      1. Bryce Plummer

        @Kiwi Ting well he ruled china, so it still works.

      2. Kiwi Ting

        @Bryce Plummer I care about the game play, but on this issue my objection is not about the gameplay. Kublai Khan is a preposterous choice as an alternative leader even if this somehow improve the gameplay

      3. Bryce Plummer

        if you dont care about the gameplay why are you watching a video about a game?

    95. Jason Lee

      hey you don't know the history huh? Kubili Khan is NOT CHINA. MONGOLIA. COMPLETELY DIFFERENT RACE

      1. lilith shopping

        Is Catherine a Russian Leader? Is William an English Leader? Is Wiman a Joseon Leader? I'd like to see some consistant criteria from Samhan history si-fi writers.

      2. Bryce Plummer

        @Jason Lee oh then you're pretty coll actually. those fuckers pollute are seas and steal from our banks

      3. Jason Lee

        @Bryce Plummer and I am saying the fact

      4. Jason Lee

        @Bryce Plummer china. They destroy the order and peace

      5. Bryce Plummer

        @Jason Lee so do you hate china or mongolia

    96. Bruno Valério

      Any news regarding next gen PS5 update? Thanks.

    97. Jeffery Handerson

      One correction; Korea was a half-puppet state, not a annexed territory. The Koreans are touchy about that.

      1. Jaharyeong

        Korea was then Mongolia's Son-in-law Nation.

    98. Stefan Mangelov

      I would like to see Bulgaria in the game

    99. Ezekiel R Pajarillo

      I hope Philippines becomes an official nation.

    100. Matheus Omena

      I think more alternate leaders like him and Eleanor of Aquitaine should be created by the devs.