Resident Evil Village - 2nd Trailer

Resident Evil

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    Fear surrounds you in Resident Evil Village, unleashing a new chapter of survival horror on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC in 2021!

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    1. shadow Caster asd

      I wish clancy had returned. And chris is a goddamn traitor 😤

    2. Remy Wouters

      Yo that kinda looks like the battle pass

    3. Volerm

      Ethan "Crazy people follow me wherever I go" Winters

    4. Chris Redfield

      It looks like this is going to be the worst Resident evil in history? Since resident evil 7, the game is no longer the same, I started playing resident evil on playstation 1 and played them all, but each time the game is weaker in history, you only see graphics, but even worse is the price of 60 euros or 72 when this game at most should be worth about 20 euros a single player with a history and weak gameplay! I hope I'm mistaken but that's what looks like the worst resident evil in history !!!!!!

      1. Daniel Holoweckyj

        Wait a minute? I just responded to your EXACT same comment on Trailer 3. Are u seriously copy-pasting this stupidity? Bruh! Now that is sad.

    5. Toshiro Jaeger

      i want leon and chris together

    6. Cristopher Alexander Sanchez martinez

      if you are going to do a remake of residet evil 4, leave léon's hair like this like so they can see it

    7. Slayer AMV 夢

      HYPE do krl mano, so esperando! falta 1 mes drogs

    8. Zongti :]

      So hyped! Cant wait to see Ethan Chase his girl again 🤣

    9. Darshan Bhambhani

      This is literally just another version of the last trailer lol

    10. Princess Cortanna

      This is my dream video game. Set in a scary castle with beautiful graphics.. Im so excited!!!!!

    11. Matin Madadi

      Remember this game was about Zombies...

      1. Daniel Holoweckyj

        It wasn't really tho. It was always about bioweapons and monsters. Zombies are just a by-product. If the first RE game had 'werewolves' and this had zombies, you'd say "remember when this game had werewolves."

    12. dragonsinthefield

      VR, VR, VR !!!! Please.

    13. EdgeLordAlex

      I don’t think the chris that killed mia is the actual Chris red field I think that’s a clone

    14. Rose Kim

      MOMMY ❤❤❤❤❤

    15. Jeon Somi

      Are they still same person? Cuz they looks like Ethan and Mia omg

    16. Marangelie Román

      Deberían poner la opción de tercera persona 😭😭😭

    17. Илья Кочкин

      Дома как в россии )

    18. ReaperPL

      No Polish language in the game? As a fan of the series, I am disappointed because it is the first time in 14 years. I decided you wouldn't see a single cent from me. For me, Capcom ceased to matter. Unlike others, I am not going to ask you on my knees.

    19. Brennan

      Anybody else think this trailer is very disjointed and builds almost NO hype? It seemed like it just jumped to different genres and periods of history. It just looks like a generic horror game that is more jumpscare and action than actual horror. Compared to the the Biohazard trailers, this trailers is pretty underwhelming. Nothing I saw made me excited for this game, really. Not trying to shit on it, I loved Biohazard, but this just doesn't give me the same feeling as the Biohazard trailers did.

    20. Mon Parallèle Urbain

      I love resident evil so much I’m obsessed.

    21. sigurdtheblue

      Loki, windowshop away.

    22. Jacob Buckner

      Is that little girl in the animated scene Zoe?

    23. Killgrl P0werhead

      Never get pregnant by Satanists. Trust.

    24. Shahzeb Awan

      Ok how many people pre ordered the game 🤔

    25. Shahzeb Awan

      There is something fishy going on with mia

    26. Nikki_boagreis

      Ah another Resident Evil, it's coo

    27. Criss Strokes

      No zombie game could beat resident evil and evil within

    28. Sabrina Sanders


    29. Feenix

      Is the woman who does the voice over, the same one who played Maria in Silent Hill 2? Sure sounds like her.

    30. Alexandra K

      1:12 "...M-Mary!? Is that really yo-" Oh sorry, wrong horror game.

    31. Jamaica Flores

      ‘What r u buying’ ‘What r u selling’

    32. Caio Azevedo


    33. Mr_x 1992

      Looks very promising, I like it

    34. Fabian Yusem

      I'll be honest, maybe this isnt even mia. i mean, she saying "its just a local tale" seems kinda off, considering what the hell has happend in 7

    35. De biase Santino

      1:20 ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿

    36. Adam Krajek

      Resident Evil Village TTP

    37. Matthew

      First few resident evil games scared the shit out of me. Not sure why but zombies and I do not blend well. "Hey new RE coming out, no zombies" oh cool let me check it out....NOPE

    38. Charles English

      i wonder if he still has staples or scars on his hand

    39. Hisui Ryu

      Done watch this today after 1st trailer, 3rd Feb

    40. Melissa Rakovits

      I literally can't wait to explore the castle!! I am so pumped it is going to be released on PS4 as well.

    41. superjay14

      Is this a sequel to 7?

    42. Greg Bartlett

      This game is very demonic

    43. Mia Nur Laily

      What happen to Chris?

    44. One Sensitive Artist

      Damn merchant really let himself go, kinda wish they just stuck with his old design.

      1. One Sensitive Artist

        @sigurdtheblue He is not of man or of animal, he is only "Merchant"

      2. sigurdtheblue

        Did not even know if he was human before.

    45. YoungHutton

      The old woman, she kind of looks like a smaller face of the boss fight eveline. Illuminati confirmed?

    46. Piotrek Suwiński

      Wait wait is that Uncle Ruckus at the end?!

    47. Matthew W Jr. Hasch

      I’m sorry, is this RE4 or another Tim Burton movie? Because I saw a garbage looking village and animation that looks like The Corpse Bride. Seems like this game was fucking up before trailer #3 came out

    48. hardstyle4ever08

      Back 2 Code Veronica X and Resident Evil 4 Style. I love it and waited so long for it 🥰

    49. Video Nomad

      Was here

    50. Kermit's teatime

      Would you release the game in VR? It would be amazing.

    51. Bilal Khalid


    52. Jose Tan

      I'm gonna play this 1i in my ps4.

    53. Acesu

      Wtf keanue doing here. Is here to kill leon?

    54. Internet Search History

      Most people talking about the lady of the house, I'm here for that merchant. If its one thing I've missed, it's a good merchant.

    55. Mia Robledo

      A come back a resident evil 7 who remember that game

    56. Darrien Johnson2001

      Wonder if Chris is gonna be an antagonist in this game.

    57. blaze

      why is this game in hogwarts?

    58. Boss Boss

      I am on edge for this year. Cannot wait, who is with me.

    59. Huaman Villca


    60. Trip Six

      imagine a Witcher LIKE THIS!

    61. ircyk

      Wanted it to be chris or leon or jake, dont like ethan

    62. Ahmad Khan

      It seems that death is coming back , again . And it is more like death of hell .

    63. Bugsy Siegel

      Outlast 3

    64. Bugsy Siegel

      Y’all could have jus remake Outbreak Files #1&2

    65. Jacqy Chan

      I can't wait to watch no commentary gameplay on youtube since I'm too scared and poor, mostly poor, to buy the console and the game 😌

    66. WhatAreYouBuyen

      What are you buyen?

    67. Marachime

      bake him away, toys


      You do realise if you do make it only on ps5 and xbox series x barely ANYONE will be able to play it because barely anyone owns a ps5 or xsx due to scammers and scalpers making the product cost like $10k easily . So yup... re8 already a fail well done crapcom I found out you cancelled it on last gen because the system wasn't POWERFUL enough . Dude cut the crap if it can run re7 and re2 remake and re3 then it can run re8. We all know it was a marketing deal you made with Sony and Microsoft .

      1. Skully Fade

        @WOLFPACKLEADERZ it was meant for next gen but since not everyone has a ps5 or xboxsx


        @Skully Fade but they said it's gonna be bad compared to the current gen version

      3. Skully Fade

        It's on ps4 and xbox one too

    69. Yaesu Appa

      ya boy ethan just survived a horror house to get fucked over again

    70. Anti_Kristy

      Cant wait for Resident Evil: Sweet sIXteen

    71. Rose Kim


    72. Pepe the Frog

      Goddammit Ethan. Haven't you had enough in the last one?

    73. HulkVahkiin

      If they make my boy Chris a villain, I'mma be pissed as hell

    74. gxzy's axs

      so this is re4 village right?

    75. Dmitriy Prihodko

      Помню 1998 играл в первую часть , поразила меня . Как же они продвинулись за это время , респект 👍🏻

    76. WONGG


    77. Dave Herz

      Exclusive first person again? Why are you determined to exclude the classic fans who can't stand first person shooters?

      1. Paweł 1988


    78. more Skids.

      Hope it’s better than resi 6

    79. UFC

      Resident evil is the best game!!!!

    80. Caleb

      Do I understand this trailer? No. Will I buy it? Yes.

    81. Daniel malaquias

      1:27 look at Ethan's hand like it's mutated

    82. Vibhor Sethi

      *All the resident evil games that released in January and February went SUPERHIT.*

    83. Rose Kim

      Amazing 😍😍

    84. Ryzen Division


    85. TDewar1987

      Wonder why Mia is far away from the camera looking the other way in every depiction of her in the trailers...

    86. ChubbyBunni

      Sucks go back to the old game play

    87. Viridiana Gutierrez

      Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

    88. C. T.

      Mia best have given up with that creepy possession shtick. If she ain't I'm divorcing her in-game.

    89. Axerx9

      Outlast vibes

    90. AKIRA X3 Design & Gaming


    91. Charles Bean

      So.... CapCom got bored and read their comics for ideas or are we just going to turn one of our best Protagonist into an AntiHero or straight Villian? We also going to have some form of explaination for the weird transformations these people go through or are we about to go through some weird "Blood Moon has Risen, our People must FEAST!" bullshit? Are we also going to have an explanation as to why at least one of these Vampiric ladys is so damn tall? Or even Vampiric? Only reason I ask is because I get really bored and I look for explanations or clues in game so I can at least understand what the Hell is happening

      1. Charles Bean

        @Daniel Holoweckyj I will say now that I have my morning Cigarette, I do like The Duke and the Vampiric Ladys Design but just Jesus. It's too far fetched for the who suspenion of disbelief. That's what sucks, Wesker made up for his Matrix bs by just being an awesome villian with his only reason to be alive being destroy the world. That and he had hard on for Chris. I also am still sour about Chris just suddenly becoming a Anti Hero.

      2. Charles Bean

        @Daniel Holoweckyj I have played every single main story line game, mind you RE1 explained in detail near the end by describing the events of changing into a Zombie as to why the infected looked the way they do, that covers RE 0, 2, and 3. RE4 doesn't clearly explain until a file is found same as RE1 that the reason kids aren't around is because the Parasite kills them instantly. RE5 however uses a new Parasite AND The Plague from RE4 but due to it being Urobos for the most part the game devs don't explain why flash bangs kill the Parasites faster, they only explain through a cutscene how infection spread same as RE4. RE6 We have four fucking campaigns and I beat the entire fucking game because it is fun. Neo Umbrella uses the C Virus in China, J'avo are the main infected for the game, trauma to the body causes mutations that can increase their Combat ability. RE6 was literally Biowarfare to the extreme. Neo Umbrella and whatever Fake Ada name actually is were just trying to destroy the world out of sick fetish game. RE7 explaind everything through Cutscene amd Dialogue. There's no need to explain it fully because it's probably still fresh in your brain. But, a fucking tall lady, whos nails extend out in a needle fashion, is just stupid. RE4 was supposed to be supernatural in nature, Leon was supposed to kill fucking Ghost, but that's not Bio Warfare. Vampires do not equate to Bioweapons. We also have Vampiric Slaves in the game too, humans who were given juuuuuust enough of the Vampires juices so they only listen to that Vampire alone and never disobey, we also get Werewolves! Which again this equals out to Castle Vania with the amount of Vampire bs going on and it's exhausting for someone who does play these games from a very young age to witness my favorite Franchise go into a weird fucking corner.

      3. Daniel Holoweckyj

        Of course we're gonna get explanations in game? Have u not played an RE game before?

    92. Lucas Daniel

      eu vou poder jogar com o conde dracula ? vai ter vampiro ou só lobisomen mesmo ? coloca skin do Blade o caçador de vampiros ?

    93. SuperFlashs

      I hope this will be like RE7 because it was the one AND ONLY RE to actually made me fan of the Franchise!

    94. Duck Films

      Oh hey Ethan gets to fight real zombies now, neat.

    95. TJ Smith

      This would look so much better with more saturation in the colors but everything else is nice, cant wait

    96. rahmy ghoniem

      Does anyone knows who are those women who appears in the fortress?? Are they a vampires or what??

    97. Pat James Dan

      I see a lot of blokes are saying that the graphics are weak and the trailers aren't that scary. I agree. But it's Capcom. They want us to keep our expectations low like Resident Evil 7 and then blow us all away with the final product. Looks like they sure as hell know the meaning of, 'Keep your expectations low and you will never be disappointed'.

    98. Aleksandria

      "Chris, what the hell?!" SAME ETHAN SAME.

    99. Cannivelt

      This gives me heavy RE4 beta footage vibes.