100 LAYERS FOOD CHALLENGE || Giant VS Tiny Food For 24 Hours by 123 Go! FOOD

123 GO! FOOD

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    Looks like bigger is better when it comes to food.

    How many French fries could you eat? Let us know in the comments!

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    1. the group team

      I will eat 10000000000000000000000000000000

    2. Ollie Nowoski

      The economic leaf intriguingly blind because fog repressingly copy behind a makeshift quality. gigantic, overjoyed bolt

    3. Lucy Rankin

      U A B C D E F G H I

    4. Zaine Johnson

      I think I can eat 24 fries

    5. Desire' Lecker


    6. Marylou Cruz

      8491094 8.49m

    7. Ina Van Dyk


    8. Nathan

      3000000000000000000000000000900000000000 fries

    9. rachel fahy

      Roud to put hot sauce on someone's food

    10. Vuk go challenge

      How on earth she can eat that very smal burger?

      1. rachel fahy

        UR DUM

    11. Salathiel Anderson

      My favorite people ever

    12. linda fakhoury


    13. mr meep me

      I can eat 1million fries

    14. Ahmed Hussain

      I can eat 900000000 French fries

    15. Aldwin Neils

      123 go

    16. ejay padilla


    17. Lisa woods

      GOOD morning

    18. Lisa woods


    19. Keyshon Harvey


    20. Super saiyan fire godzilla Studios

      i can eat infinite fries bcs its yummy

    21. Simon Wong

      I hate her

    22. Budi Ajah

      Ko banak apat aya hhhhhhh

    23. Jc Forbes

      I want a 100 layer hit dogs or a pig in a blanket

    24. Veronica Moreno

      I love your videos 123Go Even the 123Go Animated Please give me a shout out please

    25. Ģàļàxý .jäké.

      when I see a stack French fries*EATTING MODE ON also me:Bites all the fries*

    26. Mia Ramos


    27. Mia Ramos

      I like the part where he’s grown a Gummy Bear plant

    28. Bryant Twins


    29. Bryant Twins


    30. Erebka Tsegaye


    31. Erebka Tsegaye


    32. Erebka Tsegaye

      I agree with Carmen

    33. ZipPlay 2Much


    34. Gladys Laurent

      20 Fries

    35. Najib Shakkour

      1235 Frase Lusitania fak faj

    36. Amiyah Chavda

      I can eat 525 million chips

      1. Wren E Trueworthy

        record yourself doing it then

    37. Unuu Unuu

      negen negiigaa huuraa

    38. mrs ali

      It is so funny when he ate spicy paparony

      1. Wren E Trueworthy


      2. Lachlan Rudolph


      3. Lachlan Rudolph


      4. Wren E Trueworthy

        i like spicy pepperoni

    39. nfs SUB-ZERO


    40. Nemo Asuncion

      No one love tht girl

    41. Varsha rana

      Skfv4thxj1stiDJfjCNNcSC kg SD kg DJhxhkg atj😉😆😃😍😊👩‍🚀😺☠️👻👾👺😰😰

    42. Lloyd S


    43. Lloyd S

      1 funny bair

    44. Lloyd S

      I love thess

    45. Azam Khan

      I like 123

    46. Rostina Opita

      that not a tiny chopstick but thats tooth pick

      1. Wren E Trueworthy

        @HUGO KH / 3C also you should've said "It's not chopstick it's chopsticks, "

      2. Wren E Trueworthy

        @HUGO KH / 3C It's*

      3. Darryl Dodge


      4. HUGO KH / 3C

        Is "Chopsticks" not Chopstick idiot

    47. Richa Araya

      Triggered insaan should roast this

      1. Ruchika Verma


    48. Muntasir Fuad

      Triggered insann will roast u noobs

    49. سعود قيمر


    50. سعود قيمر


    51. Umar M

      I could eat a 1000 french fries

      1. Wren E Trueworthy

        record yourself doing it

    52. Jericho Zamesa


    53. Baigalmaa Peljee


    54. Alli’s Animations

      iM sO sOoRy

    55. Bob Cuc


    56. LA - 06GR 929592 The Valleys Sr PS

      Am I the only one who can see the camera when they open the lids?

    57. Juan C. Romero

      You are solid it

    58. Jose Lopez

      This is

    59. Vanya Step

      tiny, small, big and giant food challenge

    60. Ryan Railroad

      I eat 33 French fries

      1. Wren E Trueworthy

        wow good

    61. Grace Brown


    62. Grace Brown

      I will like to do 100 layer of suton

    63. Asan Imer


    64. ام عمر


    65. Keeky Machika

      I also can

    66. Jemima Butto


    67. Heena Patel

      I did dislike your all video

    68. Heena Patel

      Your video are so stupid that I slap myself that why I watch this video

      1. Wren E Trueworthy

        i killed my self

      2. harikrishna m.r


    69. Alexa Cantu

      i could eat million mc chicken nuggets

      1. Wren E Trueworthy

        record yourself doing it

    70. Hidhay doubles

      My mouth is watering

    71. Hidhay doubles

      I can eat a trillions of fries

      1. Wren E Trueworthy

        record yourself doing it

    72. eeshum travels


    73. eeshum travels


    74. sleeweir


    75. vasudha kadam

      Wait a min that boy has no sense this girl also I mean he tried to push the burger down to make it smol I think these two have skip school

      1. Wren E Trueworthy

        @fairycIoudd ` i mean like alot say ways to skip school

      2. fairycIoudd `

        @Wren E Trueworthy THEY MAYBE FINISHED.

      3. Wren E Trueworthy

        all of them have skipped school

    76. Apoorva Sharma

      That gummy bear arm is really good

    77. Tap Games

      I can eat 123 to 150 fries

      1. Wren E Trueworthy

        i would get sick

    78. Paul Aldecoa

      Someone idk the name: the noodles are cute but i cant see them. Me: i can see them but not you👁👄👁

      1. Paul Aldecoa


      2. Wren E Trueworthy

        i can see too

    79. Carmen Coetzer

      The gummy sleeve is cool

    80. Nikhil Gowda

      I can't believe that there are tiny food like this

    81. wilfredo Catalbas

      123 hi

    82. Gacha Alex

      I’m mad bc they have none


        Folati spălat

      2. Emma Fogg

        None of what

    83. Ousmane Toure


    84. you 5 E

      Following 10th O🍫

    85. madamoon coolbaugh


    86. madamoon coolbaugh


    87. avirupchakraborty1

      Why did he ate a spicy 💯 layers of peporoni pizza 🍕

      1. mr meep me

        I eat humans

      2. Wren E Trueworthy

        im eating ruffles

      3. David Robinson

        I'm so hungry now

      4. David Robinson

        Thay were eating 💯🍕💯🍟💯🍔

      5. David Robinson

        I don't know

    88. avirupchakraborty1

      You need to plant a seed

    89. avirupchakraborty1

      A gummy bear tree

    90. Sean Ivan Agpaoa

      I like so a lot of food

    91. Jason Micheletto

      Hhhhjhhjhhh .

    92. Elizabeth Wheeler


    93. hanifa rahmani


    94. HUANG YIK HO黃奕皓


    95. Elizabeth Xia

      I can eat eight fries

      1. Wren E Trueworthy

        me too :)



    97. Holly Klein


    98. Tiko7


    99. محمد مجممي

      ف النساء تحب لكن الرجال لا تحب لذلك حلل الله وبركاته على وين راح اهزمك على وين