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    Season 5 is the season of BOUNTY HUNTERS! Today we'll be randomizing our lockers, and testing out them all out... we hope you enjoy!
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    1. McCreamy

      Gamers : “we need fortnite Gift Cards” Me : we easily get them from W W W. S E K U T . F U N

    2. Travis Houthoofd

      X2twins robbing a bank and 1v1 for freedom

    3. Pickle Man

      I didn’t know Kratos was a bounty hunter

    4. Viper Snipez

      The ais died first game btw

    5. Pam Van Dyke

      Do a Random monster challenge in fortnite guys im a fan i love the vid where you guy were bounty hunters

    6. Yogaraum einzigartig

      Epic name jani-910

    7. tselmeg telmen

      If you see this messege i wish you have a safe and great day

    8. Little Benny Beast Mode


    9. Ducko Clan FN


    10. Tim Huppert

      Kyle Reese, I see what you did there.

    11. Brody Patton

      Who here was just scrolling and found x2 twins and know watches them daily

    12. Gavin Smith

      We have a lot of kills lol

    13. Jennifer Gadbois


    14. Nina Rodrigue

      I like your videos so much

    15. Adiel Jackson


    16. Eric Wurslin

      I love you videos I love you videos

    17. Amanda Darby

      I’m new,hi

    18. Jose Garcia

      Does he know you can that’ll kill people with the electric thingamajig

    19. Liam Kennedy

      GO Predator

    20. evan3490 evan3490


    21. Ahmed Ibrahim

      Jesse acts like its his first snipe

    22. Omari Jones

      uvi ibivi

    23. Omari Jones


    24. Disco Shorts


    25. D boy Raptor

      U should do mando vs master shief and if master chief gets a scar kill he gets bonus points and if mando gets a kill with his amband sniper rifle he gets bonus points

    26. Tiffany Mason

      Fun fact predetar is not a bounty hunter

    27. Hunter Gregg

      I my god

    28. Marek 34

      I would want to battle you

    29. keith bensette

      Don't you heard the best you guys are the best

    30. CraftedOrange

      Jesse always wears yellow shirts 😂

    31. Unaisah Hussain

      Can give me some v bukes

    32. Unaisah Hussain

      Can you send me a friend request tomorrow morning my name is stormy-shadower

    33. Yasmina Lewis

      X2twins are the best and I'm my mom son Alex

    34. Swavsy

      Nice but better than nice

    35. Swavsy


    36. Swavsy


    37. Joaquin Blue Borges Cloud

      Jesse said we got to get to storm Jordan lol

    38. george kollaris

      Round one the bots died

    39. Jamie Guimaraes

      You guys are such amazing youtubers

    40. Jaffar Hussain


    41. Jaffar Hussain

      theyre to cracked

    42. Rachela Leo

      3:38 that was not a thunder pump it was a thunder tac Tiki be like: TACKY WAKY YEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAA

    43. Julio Gloria

      There was 6 people left

    44. Uzma Ameen

      Jordan is my faviourt but as jesse is taking my faviourt chapters I have no choice to like him more Moral:you can't compare twins

    45. blue! hcr2


    46. Kellie Nolan

      Imagine being in your game and then these guys start fighting you

    47. Daniel Perez

      Daniel thebes9

    48. The Thomas World

      Terminater is in steamy stacks

    49. Olly Askew

      Why do they say thunder pump but they aren't using a pump

      1. Greyson cooper


    50. Piotr Pawlik

      Jordan how long were you playing fortnite?

    51. sfyh guughj


    52. Ladislav Čarný


    53. Shailey Chauhan

      why is Jesse wearing PWR t shirt

    54. Tom Lander-Belfie

      can u do a challege where u have ti get a win for every skin in the game

    55. Megan DeSanty

      I am your Biggest fans can you friend me my user name is pro BCL

    56. Thosbrosbryandbren

      You said bad word!!! I am telling mommy

    57. Jeremiah_God_Jaxon


    58. Real Wickedmonster76

      Master chief isnt a bounty hunter

    59. Gabriel Akers

      Just join me and all you had to use is crater code Baylor Fight 2

    60. TGKids Gary


    61. Sxprxme DF

      Let me see how much subs I. Can get from this comment (writing this at 14 subs goal is 100)

    62. Rugers World


    63. Mister killer the KING

      How old are you

    64. tee dee

      C you are good

    65. Wyatt Eberst

      Ha your trash XD clan for life baby

    66. UA_TurboKing

      Wow mandalorian and predator are a good team really good

    67. Muhammad Waseem


    68. Ennis The G

      I have no skins in fortnite can u gift me a skin pls 🥺🥺🥺

    69. nicole selody


    70. potterhead

      x2twis are some times good on thunder pumb

    71. potterhead

      i think this is click bate

    72. potterhead

      well every one sub

    73. Quinn Hollandd

      The x2 twins are the 🐐 and they have awesome content

    74. Tech Reck

      I feel like predator should be the best bounty hunter in rarity wise on their list

    75. T Series

      “Prepare for trouble” “Jesse, James” (like if you understand)

      1. Lily Rodricks


    76. Harry Norris

      How do u get that pickaxe

    77. Opeyemi Olarewaju

      WHEN Jesse sniped someone he acted liked he wansn`t a professional

    78. Ibraim Afrah


    79. SS - 08GB 733038 SouthFields Village PS

      Jordan 'n' Jessy, I can do the video idea google form, but I can't put my name, because... *ahem* stranger danger, lol. So I just wanted to ask if I could do it without putting the email or name. Get back as soon as possible, I got a god video idea on the line

    80. Ibrahim Al Suleimani

      Hi x2 twens

    81. Scad Z

      They have aimbot

    82. Rani Ahmed-Lakew

      I’m always so confused who is Jesse and who is Jordan they both look and sound the same Ha ha😂😂

    83. Drizzy

      You copied tg plays

    84. Shonda Kinsley

      You do know that the preator is a sport killer and he kills people too just kill people

    85. Patrikas Pocius

      U are cracked at fortnite

    86. Aka jean Lol

      Yo they sound the same wow

    87. asH

      Jordan was looking for the invisible guy with Jesse when Jesse has a THERMAL SNIPER

      1. Brittany Smith


    88. JJBLITZS

      Do Madno Vs Predator For Mando Any Melee Kill with the sniper is a bonus 5 points For Predator If you sneak up someone while ur invisible and You kill them that's a bonus 5 points

    89. Guillermo Siller

      10:36 can someone tell what the name of that song is?

    90. I_leo

      John wick

    91. Simone Reid-Foster



      They copied typical gamer plays with the skins and all

    93. dd x

      The abstracted floor advantageously punish because patient effectively pour but a dark horse. naive, flaky sword

    94. Thérence Hivet-Rouquet

      I like the way they said the same thing at the exact time. PS: It’s at 4:20

    95. hasan fahad

      First video to watch

    96. Jake Mordoh

      Whoever is reading this: you are you you are loved you can change the world you are important You do you Don't let others decide who you truly are (Im also a small youtuber looking for your support)

    97. gamingwithjuju

      Do a shark loot only

    98. BZ Noiz

      Kratos isn’t a bounty hunter he hunts gods

    99. D O P E

      Umm the npc s died first game guys

    100. Sebastian Mateo