Ryan Day reviews Ohio State’s 2021 recruiting class | College Football Live

ESPN College Football

7 миӊ. көрүүлөр2

    Ohio State head coach Ryan Day joins College Football Live to discuss the Buckeyes signing the No. 1 overall recruit in ESPN 300, DE Jack Sawyer, marking the second consecutive year Ohio State has done so. Day reviews the overall recruiting class and the importance of having them on campus early so they can make an impact this upcoming fall.
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    1. Zachery James

      So glad that coach Day is coaching my lifelong team. Love that guy

    2. Brad James

      One recruit does not make a football team. Bama still has the better overall class. The Buckeyes won't get past Bama.

      1. Becky Black

        Remember 2 things. We signed most of our class in the early period and we have the coaches to develop them. We'll be just fine.

      2. Buckeyes and Lions boi

        @Griffen best 😂😂 yea its a blessing (Ohio State) and a curse (The Lions of course lol) so you know the feeling. May God bless you too

      3. Griffen best

        @Buckeyes and Lions boi we the few fans who like the lions and buckeyes. God bless you brother

      4. Buckeyes and Lions boi

        The rankings are pretty close though but you're right, some schools follow the rules and guidelines and others don't. I wish Ohio State could OVER SIGN every single year like bama. Don't know how they get away with it every year but they do so kudos to them i guess.

      5. Anthony Titone

        It really doesn’t matter Ohio State signed less guys bc they have less space what really matters is that both of their average recruit ranking r nearly equal