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36 миӊ. көрүүлөр13

    The Road to SI is a weekend-only event going on now in Rainbow Six Siege as we approach the biggest competition in Siege esports: The Six Invitational. Join the Ubisoft News team as they play on a new incarnation of the Stadium map and work on unlocking rewards through the Road to SI Battle Pass. All Operators are unlocked in this limited-time event, which means they'll still play Mira as often as possible.

    The Road to SI runs Thursdays through Mondays until February 22. There are 100 tiers and 135 rewards to unlock on the Road to SI Battle Pass; the Battle Pass is free for all players, and those looking to earn even more rewards can unlock the premium track for 1,200 R6 Credits. A portion of the revenue from the Battle Pass will go directly into the prize pool for the Six Invitational, so be sure to tune in once the tournament starts on February 9 to cheer on the best Siege teams in the world. Rainbow Six Siege is available now for Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Amazon Luna, Stadia, and PC, and is included in a Ubisoft+ subscription; more information at plus.ubisoft.com/.

    The Ubisoft News team keeps you up to date on the latest news and announcements from Ubisoft at news.ubisoft.com. Join Chris Watters and Youssef Maguid live every Wednesday and Friday at 10:00AM PT as they play the latest Ubisoft games, dive into the Ubisoft+ catalog, and showcase special in-game events.
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    1. SonOfAros K

      When he said he red dot for the 1.5x

    2. Ghost boi

      Hey Ubisoft can you bring back plane again plz

    3. Truta Soviético

      how to access is ?

    4. Ethan

      You sure make a new character the name is iron he have a bar always have fun trying to do suicide over his dad died he was saving her life had to be replaced by an with wide his ability can be used every 10 seconds and it will have 20 seconds to use around the jump on your eyelashes and also while hunt a60 fall damage but there will be 10 second cooldown he can use it three times the game

      1. Finn Kishel


    5. Stefan Ramirez

      can you add skin trading already

    6. Free 2 Move Parkour

      I'm looking for a proper team to run with. Good friends who love competitive gameplay. I hope to find that group this year!

      1. Free 2 Move Parkour

        @Magique Mann well I'm on Xbox maybe when I get my Xbox set up in my new place.

      2. Magique Mann

        Same, been looking since September of 2019 since they left me for Fortnite and Overwatch.

    7. Walker

      Thanks for making this game literally unplayable

    8. Xeno Xcalibur

      Can you guys bring cross progression between consoles to pc pls

      1. stella

        hell yeah

    9. Zharif Ni boss


    10. Fernando Ramirez

      This man doesn’t know that he can climb hatches

    11. Alex Vockrodt

      Can you guys please integrate a system that hides your gamertag from other players to prevent DDoS attacks as I have gotten a 24 hour ban from being doxed over and over again.

    12. Noah G Jobin

      Wish they didn’t cater to pro league just for money reasons

    13. Porky Pig

      Hey, just wanted to say thank you for releasing AC Valhalla with all the game breaking bugs and glitches. I can't finish the game, there is no workaround and I don't have internet. So thanks for stealing my money, I won't ever be buying any of your games again, and I'm telling everyone I know not to either. Your standards are garbage, and you're basically theives.

    14. Bugraalp Aslan



      Hey ubsoft, you forgot about Prince of Persia or what.

    16. Joshua J.

      Imagine if the last battle isnt a cinematic and its just voices lol

    17. epgamer

      I love how this Ubisoft actually makes memes. Automatically my favorite company.

    18. Yaki Clone

      You guys ❤️. I cannot get over how much i love AC odyssey. It is one of the best games ever made. Every aspect of it is so awesome. please Please make more games like that one.

    19. Sabit Selmani

      Cheaters are running riots on console with mnk.. Please clean the garbage first

    20. Dhruv singh

      Who have suscribed ubisoft for assassin's creed series .

    21. Kracy Monky

      When you get less likes than a person literally playing your game, relatable

    22. Relasly


      1. Josepay123


    23. V Cut

      Lemme guess. This is footage of people playing siege.

      1. ZchMiller

        I’m back and can confirm that it is footage of people playing siege

      2. Super MSIR

        Well duh it does say gameplay

    24. Raptor Pegasus

      Sometimes I have dreams about the times when Rainbow was a counter terrorism unit and not a sports league

      1. Sgt. Bagel

        @Isaac Campeau no, the games need to appeal to more people than just gun nerds. Not trying to be salty or annoying but, it's just an event, it doesn't even have any new purchase opportunities, in what world is that money-hungry? Also, I love the game and many others do too, so don't ruin it for us.

      2. SirToty

        It’s just an event

      3. Isaac Campeau

        Vegas 2 was the last great Ubisoft game and the story was mediocre at that

      4. Isaac Campeau

        Those days are over, they only care for money now.

    25. Matt South

      Cheaters are still ruining the game for Ranked AND Casual games! You guys are allowing you game to DIE a slow death and killing the chances of returning players.

      1. Moist Vibes

        Just quit the game I already did and I feel much better knowing I don't have to suffer from getting leaned spammed or crouched spam

    26. Hamancab

      İnstead of nerf make buffs. After every nerf game gettin less enjoyeble. I dont care what esport players want they are not your biggest income we are. Make game enyojable again and its so stupid nerfing with removing scopes.

      1. Moist Vibes

        I can't stand the game anymore, they're slowly changing my favorite maps and operators,I stopped playing and it probably will stay that way

      2. Armin Lutz

        That is the single dumbest thing ive heard for a while. Who the f says they dont buff things? Last patch they buffed buck, tried to buff kali (and failed miserably), buffed hard breach charges, buffed shields, buffed echo and removed annoying passives which basically helps the whole game. The only thing they nerfed are previous BUFFS that didnt work out well: the 1.5x on lesion which didnt exist befor and made him op, the 1.5x on mira which didnt exist befor and made her very strong, the angled grip on melusi which was introduced to buff ORYX and didnt need to be on melusi. The only thing they actually nerfed was ash and zofias destruction which totally makes sense when you look at their pick rate.

      3. Kurt Ambrose

        Yeah, I hate using Mira now

    27. GrandDaddyTre

      Hey check out my Siege content on my page and Sub while you’re there. Have a great 2021 everyone!

    28. Carson_Riot _Frost

      Last year's si map was 100x better

      1. Prince Vegeta


    29. Nicholas Proenza

      Undo Kali nerf.

    30. Wayne Pomilio

      Really cool event guys! My friends and I are really enjoying it. The only thing that i would add is that every time you re-add the map like after every week add a tiny easter egg for players to look for to keep things intresting and fresh. Other than that fantastic job!

      1. Carson_Riot _Frost

        Lol that won't ever happen

    31. Майкл Кил

      Upload something from Far Cry 6, all the hype I had to the game I just lost

      1. Moist Vibes

        The problem is they don't show any more gameplay anymore Like where the hell is any new trailer or gameplay for Fc6?

    32. Mementos

      release cinematics like last years SI

    33. Erik Mendoza

      When is the new season coming out?

      1. Mementos

        early march

      2. Erik Mendoza

        @Ionic oh okay sweet thank you man

      3. Ionic

        It's not for another month or two

    34. iwatchyt

      Petition for them to go back to releasing cinematics like the one they did for last years SI

      1. Sgt. Bagel

        Omg they said they would for the finale

      2. Udara Sankalpa

        Its expensive mate

    35. Chaotic Knight


    36. mrkhouryflash mrkhouryflash