Rock Picking? Or getting them rocks off?

Mike Mitchell

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    ** Alright, same day as the split bag video but we are going to hook up the rockpicker and head north to some land that needs it badly.
    ** Alot of people say they dislike rockpicking, but I don't understand why?.. Its stress free, it's enjoyable, it's a job you can do with out a care in the world! Especially, when there's grain bags to shovel! 🤣🤷
    ** Again, I really appreciate the interest and feed back that you guys give! You are awesome! 🙂
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    1. Ken Watkins

      Did I hear you right? 75 miles to the field? WOW! Have you considered a JCB Fastrac? You will love the roadability and speed.

    2. Sven Stoebis

      Wondering....with these long moves wouldn't a flatbed or lowboy make sense for moves like these(small tractor and implement)? I'm only guessing but the time savings?

    3. Anna Jamieson

      My first time watching your channel. So interesting. Love the humor. See you next time.

    4. Russ

      Hey Mike I got a Question. Can you do a Video with Ashton going around the Hockey Hall of Fame in Swift ?

    5. Lolek

      Jak dobrze ze u nas nie ma kamieni.

    6. matija špehar

      if u have time u could film when greasing the hydraulics and bearings if u know what i mean

    7. Liam Fanny

      Jesus no house around for miles and miles

    8. Jason Trosvig

      I work for Degelman Industries. I have built a few Rock Pickers but I haven’t seen one in action. 😎

    9. Nick Allred

      Dr Hook wrote a song about rock picking. It’s titled Get My Rocks Off.

    10. Gary Kenny


    11. Chris Huston

      Wish they would pick the leader and put him in the machine

    12. Brian Gold

      QUESTION No bigger than those rocks are could you not use your side by side to get them faster and funner

      1. Mike Mitchell

        Haha no, they weigh alot more than you would think

    13. MrFatdaz

      72 miles to the field?? Would a Lowloader not be handy?

    14. Minty Man

      I still remember the days when dad would send us out to the fields to go pick rocks and put them in the loader bucket. Hard work back then but now are viewed as the golden days.

    15. Calista

      Have you consider spacex starlinks?

    16. Blessings View Farm

      Why don’t you truck and trailer the tractor/rock picker to its destination?

    17. Cod Killer

      Is this a farm your family made or is it just a farm you work on?

      1. Dry Creek Cattle Co.

        Family farm. He’s part owner

    18. Rb bake

      We get case or two of beer an the field car or truck which ever still running from the harvest party an we start in one field an fill either the trunk up or ur feet area back seats floor an seat leave spot open for the cases of beer an keep doors open an idle through the fields

    19. Christopher Alton Carlson

      A rock pile. Nobody had to deal with those anymore. On the beach line of old lake Agassi I used a degelman, but generally the one with a big fork no moving with a chain, just hydraulics, because we had massive rocks. 2 local kids riding dirt bike next to a field my dad had just rented wrecked a dirt bike as a farmer previous had dumped rocks in the ditch, which used to be common practice. For payback the shoved dirt into the crankcase of his brand new Allis Chalmers 440. Thank god even back then warranties covered such things. I never saw the 440 as he traded it as soon as the 8550 came out, but it was a loud animal from what I understand. The 8550 took Stone Age 440 to Bronze Age. I would sure live to farm like you. I got acreage in CRP, 600 if you want in. It just take a lot of capital those first several years. Undoing what the CRP program had us do. Create wetlands by plugging ditches, planting rows of trees. Those wetlands have taken hold pretty good, lots of ditching would have to be done, some of it my dad took out from ranch, so biting countless rubble piles of old trees and lots of rockpiles. But it good land if it rains, which it didn’t in the 80s. And if Jimmy Carter would have sold grain to Russia. Those 2 thing’s bankrupted all the small time farmers, unless the had a big dairy farm or beef cattle or hogs to supplement income. Mostly they failed as well. My dad started in the early to mid 70s when wheat was near $7 a bushel and he could get 60 every year. He quit at just over $3 a bushel when drought was on and got barely 30 maybe 35 bushels. Hats off to farmers, people don’t understand you all gamble a lot every year. There is no way to guarantee that you won’t lose money in any particular year

    20. Ric Thompson

      And here when I was growing up my cousin's and me had to pick our rocks by hand on my grandfather's farm.

    21. DIY Guy

      Imagine if Mike had a Farm Sim map, you’d spend most of your time traveling to the fields lol. Is there any benefit to towing some of this stuff on a trailer so you can go faster and use less hours on these machines? Not even sure the economics of it just curious.

    22. Łukasz Mazur

      Better equipment would be: Husarya SCS-100

    23. braden lewis

      Why wouldn't you haul your tractor instead of driving 75 miles. Wear on your tires and fuel wouldn't be cheap

    24. William Allen

      Do you ever come across Meteorites?

    25. Wmpaul Minder

      But Mike that looks like Zacks millianial farmer rock picker.😀 75 miles to pick rocks hope it quataz or gold😀

      1. Mike Mitchell

        🤔 I guess he could have one I don't know.. Haha But Degelman is made is Saskatchewan, 🙂

    26. Creighton Demarest

      Do you have a mid point storage shed, so your not driving 100 miles towing equipment. Or, what is the mile radius of all your fields?. Just discovered your channel. The guys in England 🇬🇧that I watch would faint😢 seeing you driving 50' headers up the road🤣. They stuff 10' headers along hedgerow lanes, with traffic😮!! Cheers from Hillsboro, New Hampshire. We're "the granite state! All Rock..😷✌️🇺🇸👍

    27. Eric K

      It's good to hear the amount of time and effort it takes you to get us these great videos. We very much appreciate the effort, thank you. Please keep them coming.

    28. Not so Fancy Farming

      You call those rocks? Come to my farm and I’ll show you rocks 😭

    29. David Walker

      Back in the 80s when I was in jr high school I spent 2 entire days picking rocks out of a field for my uncle by hand and unloading them by hand and what a hot boring job that was I got so tired of looking at rocks

    30. claes mansson

      18 minutes before found a rock,ok,think will leave.

    31. Tom Peters

      Why do farmers plant the rocks if they have to get hunted out with the rock picker?

      1. Mike Mitchell

        @Tom Peters I did! 🤣

      2. Tom Peters

        @Mike Mitchell :) I thought you'd get a good laugh at that.

      3. Mike Mitchell

        Hahaha 🤣 we don't plant them

    32. shawn1979460

      I grew up across the highway from where you were picking rocks!

      1. Mike Mitchell

        Nice! That's awesome haha

    33. DEDBRD1977

      Do y'all have a way to gps mark your rocks ?

      1. Mike Mitchell

        No, it over load our gps systems.. We are talking thousands per field 😂

    34. Raul Ivan Tello Hernandez

      I need one

    35. Randy Zimmerman

      In the 1980's I lived in Kelowna and my neighbor still leased the family farm in Saskatchewan. He got a phone call telling him that someone had come onto the property and stole the rocks from the farm. There were many decades of rocks stacked in one place. He sent the offender a invoice and to avoid legal action they paid. It is hard to find gravel and rock in some parts of the province.

    36. TheDriverforever

      rubbish....wasted 30min

      1. Mike Mitchell

        So what you are saying is, you don't like rock picking? Haha 😂... Don't feel bad, most ppl don't either haha

    37. Ethan Albertson

      How many miles is the farthest field y’all have

      1. Mike Mitchell

        Technically 375 miles.. But the we ll road up to 100miles

    38. Randall Parker

      Watching this video reminded of one of our neighbors in Wyoming. He and his brother were working for a farming family driving rock harvesters. They were working a freshly opened area with hills and valleys and he came upon what he thought was a rock pile. He got out and saw that an area about 100 square meters on top of this higher hill was covered with what looked like tree branches and lava rocks. When he looked closer at them he realized that most of it was indeed fulgurite material from lightning. Being on top of the natural hill out in the middle of nowhere (kinda like Saskatchewan) it was probably many years of lightning strikes. They ended up leaving the "pile" because it was a foot or more deep. The landowner said in the last 100 years of his family in the area these fields had never been cultivated so no telling how many eons lightning had been striking the hills around there. They collected a bunch of the stuff and took it to a local college and they didn't want them... they had plenty of those samples already. That hill became the dumping ground for rock clearing in that area. Thanks Mike!

    39. Allen Walters

      Maybe a dumb question is there any corn grown around you? I figire your to far north but it seems to be creeping north more and more was curious thinking might be a niche market for you especially being close to the border at times

      1. Allen Walters

        Would you consider trying some curious if it would work for you having a market for it that is? Or trying a different crop just curious

      2. Mike Mitchell

        Not really any corn no

    40. BMW ///M

      All this area, shown in the film, is yours ? (without road of course).

      1. Mike Mitchell


    41. Millard Hayes

      That's crazy awesome

    42. Milan Dičér

      75 miles to the field? :-O

    43. Sudhakar Selvaraj


    44. Phil Hicks

      Just gonna say , mike you left your Wally lights on 🙈, that was such a funny video . Dead head , love it 😂😂😂😂

    45. David Appel

      New Wifi Service in CA ...Starlink is coming check into it?

    46. Zander Junge

      "Snow still inbound" lol. If only he knew what was coming!

    47. mcd5082

      Love the videos as always! Thank you

      1. Mike Mitchell

        Thankyou good sir 🙂

    48. J D

      How much work can you get done when you have to travel so far? I hope that's a fast tractor.

      1. Mike Mitchell

        Depends on how much work you have to do when you get there

    49. Ben Pattinson

      Is there a way of using your gps to drop a pin for when say the drill or protill sees or uncovers a rock that the guy in the rock picker could come and find??

    50. Emmo Emminghaus

      Growing Stones on your farm is a very revolutionary product sometimes :=)

    51. frowie101

      You should try to get Starlink I think it’s around y’all’s area

    52. Piet Oosterhof

      Three a kind.😉

    53. Alex Mikhael

      I woulda took the first one too... ummm the one on the left... wutever... cuz it looked like it had one less cutting of weeds under it!@!! lol wutever...

    54. James Byrne

      Yo Mike , often wonder why u don’t use a low bed transport truck to move machinery long distances rather than driving them ? I love when ask yourself and answer ur questions 😁 . The amount of times I’ve wondered about something and within seconds u ask & answer it 🤗 . Really gives a right old chuckle 😂😂👍🏻🍻

    55. Mint

      You're picking up lots of Dwayne Johnsons

    56. Horrligan

      Ouh thats an interesting landscape (at 6:30)! You or anybody else here know(s) how that was formed (geologically)?!

    57. Jarrett Fullerton

      Bird poop is acidic.. Hard on your paint man... You need some inside storage

      1. Jarrett Fullerton

        @Mike Mitchell makes sense. Love the videos Mike. Saving up for paetron :)

      2. Mike Mitchell

        Oh I know.. Its on the list, but so are more bins 😬 and we could use a couple more combines to speed the harvest up, and we need some semi truck's... 🤦 The list never ends

    58. Epic Farmer Warren

      I still pick rocks up by hand at my grandpas fields and let me tell you it sucks

      1. Mike Mitchell

        I bet it does!

    59. Stig Petersen

      Parts of Sweden they picked stones for 50+ years before they could farm even a small patch. Between some 1-2-3ha fields they got 2m high and 4m wide stone walls, how they picked some of the 5t stones with horses and thin pine logs, I dont understand. But I know their backs didnt last that long.

    60. Manjit Singh

      farm location & name

    61. Mike Sabbe

      Its kinda sketchy where i live to use this machine .Flanders fields Passchendaele full of WWI shells/bombs, some with mustard gas

    62. Claude Crisinel

      Hallo Mike from Switzerland. y have the question ? a mutch acres you work on your farm and mutch tons off graine you harvest,. salutations Claude.

    63. Matthew Ockendon

      You need a phone app so rocks can be marked when operations are done on field through out the year.

    64. arnie waldner

      Beautiful scenery mike 😃

    65. James Millson

      I gave you a like already just because you know, it’s one of your videos and that’s just what you do, but that deadhead reference was hilarious. 😂😂😂

      1. Mike Mitchell

        Ha! Thanks James, I appreciate that 😂🙂

    66. Steven Alush

      Wouldn’t it be easier and quicker just to put the machinery on a low loader and tow there? You must chew through those tractor tires like crazy

    67. scup !

      Hey Mike I am guessing u said it but I missed it.. is there shearbolts that u break while using that rock picker.. I have been looking at getting one but never used/pulled the trigger to buy one

    68. Lars Carlson

      I definitely have never but the pan down and then drive half way down the quarter and leave an 4 in cut in the ground

    69. Gary Nestibo

      Enjoy your talks & videos. Maybe you should have the picker behind the drills in spring!!!

      1. Mike Mitchell

        We do typically, yes

    70. oly o

      a drone and gps

    71. Dominik Piškorić

      Why u have cattle equipment balers and another stuff for cattle

      1. Mike Mitchell

        Used to have 400 or so head

    72. David Andrews

      75 mile journey to the field!

    73. Quadrider 500

      i´ve done this job 2 to 3 weeks at my time on a farm in saskatchewan

    74. Damon Ens

      I'm out by fort quapelle and I have been burying rock piles for 2 months with the excavator. I have many years of work ahead haha

    75. Erick F

      Have you tried signing up for space x Starlink for your ISP? I think they're accepting beta users up there

    76. De Cnijf Kris

      an American driving a Fendt. I get the principle but what happens when your field has been ploughed? Do you have to do that a second time?

      1. De Cnijf Kris

        @Dry Creek Cattle Co. whan I saw you sitting behind the wheel I said to myself that ain't no farmer that is a German.

      2. De Cnijf Kris

        @Dry Creek Cattle Co. farmer on the moon...

      3. De Cnijf Kris

        @Dry Creek Cattle Co. now we don't have that rocky soil. In Europe the more you'll get to the south the more rocky soil you'll get. Portugaln spain all rocky soil. The worse is to be found in Turkey.

      4. De Cnijf Kris

        @Dry Creek Cattle Co. i see you stop and are touching the wheel bearings to see if they do not overheat. Now suppose they get smoking hot after such a drive what would you do being alone on your lonesome ?

      5. De Cnijf Kris

        @Dry Creek Cattle Co. about your Fendt vario. Not chrap. Here in Belgium we have mainly John Deere. They do over 40 per cent of the market. Then comes Ford New Holland. Then the Germans with Fendt and Deutz. Nice Fendt vario.

    77. Henry Robinson

      What about mapping rocks when you're cutting? Save a lot of time riding around surely?

    78. David Mast

      Mike, that is a lot of running to upload a video so we can enjoy your work day. Thanks! It is Thanksgiving here USA.

    79. perry bateman

      Speedy Creek my home town. Love the videos Mike.

    80. Napalm182 Napier

      Mike mike mike still getting er done.

    81. Countryboy

      Thoughts on a Claas lexicon 8900? Combine

      1. Mike Mitchell

        Haven't tried one yet, but looking forward to it

    82. jason Is there more?

      It’s amazing how Mike can make a 32 minute video of rock picking entertaining. Love the videos.

    83. George W.

      You’re a rock star! Do you then periodically bring in a rock crusher and remove the piles?

    84. kory league

      You could be a year behind I wouldn't care. I appreciate the extra time and effort you put in. You vids are funny interesting and informative. I totally feel your pain about crappy service.

    85. Todd Rabideau

      “Sorry, I wanted to pick that by myself “. OMG😂....

      1. Anna Jamieson

        Privacy please. Lol. What a hoot, Mike.

    86. Hoss may work for your pot holes/sloughs 😁

    87. Todd Rabideau

      Only Mike can make a 75 mile tractor drive and “rock picking” interesting. LOL!!

    88. J Parr

      75 miles.. I think I’d load up and trailer the equipment

    89. Tim Lewis

      During the year when ever you spot a rock in the field can you use the satellites to mark them then get them in the autumn?

    90. Paul Rush

      Why would you "road" 75 miles? wouldn't it be much more effecient to simply load Tractor and machine and trailer and run it with a Truck?

      1. Mike Mitchell

        We currently only have a 50ton 8ft wide low boy for the trackhoe, and most equipment needs and 10ft plus full outs to 12 or 14ft wide. Now in this situation, it would have worked to haul it, but we currently didn't have any semi's free because we were cleaning and hauling grain. So by the time I mess around getting stuff lined up and hooked up, I could have been there by then. We drive stuff all the time, so it's second nature to us 🙂

    91. Bart van Dalen

      Mike, you have the gift to make every job enjoyable not only for yourself but for everyone watching. Keep up the great vids. Greets from some Dutch farmers

    92. Marcel W

      Glad you got your rocks off, the field Mike the field...😳😂😂😂👍👍😎

    93. byamrcn

      Okay so that's 72 billion minus eighteen, equals 71,999,999,982. Hope you've got a good warranty on those pickers!

    94. Jason Clark

      You like it because it reminds you of hockey you have allot of practice when you do a slap shot that’s why you can hit it like that. Love the videos and yes I was a hand rock picker in the days. Dad had me out there young to pickup small rocks and as I got bigger so did the rocks the we unloaded them by hand from a trailer.

    95. Man of Faith

      Mike intended to go edging but ended up getting his rocks off

    96. Ian

      75mi !!!!!!

    97. Jonathan Waldner

      Mike, why not use the drop pin when hooking up implements? I rarely had to climb out of the cab to pin an implement while I was operating fendt years ago.

    98. Bob Barss

      Have you thought of a landoll or similar trailer to haul tractor and rock picker to field. 75 miles seems like a lot of wear and tear on tires and wheel bearings, just curious

    99. Andrew Rodts

      You should see if SpaceX starlink is available in your area for faster internet

    100. Wayne Cressey