Scott Martin

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    I break down tournament fishing tactics and challenge the Landon Davis and his dad Stacy to a 2 v 1 the day after my 5th place finish on Lake Hartwell.

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    1. Foggy Bottom BBQ

      Man!! What a great day of fishing. Scott was a class act. We spent 9 hours on the water and my son/myself will always remember the experience. Scott, we appreciate you answering all our questions and helping us become better anglers. It will truly help the two of us in the upcoming tournament season. Our family appreciates the comments for our BBQ restaurants in East Atlanta area. We hope many of the viewers stop in. Let us know you saw the episode. Lastly, we have really enjoyed the channel this year for you, Andrew, Todd, and Bradley. Great content, education, and we are rooting you all on for the remainder of the season. Oh..and Billy too : ). He is hilarious.

      1. Rogbass

        Heading to Atlanta in January. Will be stopping by for sure. I made three racks of ribs after the video. Lol. But can’t wait to try your Cajun specialty.

    2. Emiliano Ortiz

      Hey i just got into bass fishing i live in houston texas. Any tips could help

    3. Aaron Davis

      If you like spotted bass a lot why dont you ever fish in California? Theres double digit spots here

      1. Scott Martin

        Want too bad

    4. Connor Hyde

      can you make a video in robbinsville

    5. Connor Hyde

      I love your videos

    6. Check Mate

      Foggy Bottoms Lake Murray..🔥

    7. Ziggy Blue

      Love the video! Fried ribs sounds like the best idea ever. If I’m ever close, I will be stopping by for sure.

    8. Rogbass

      Roland Martin with an exemption into elites. Scott about to get into the elites. THIS IS SETTING UP TO BE B.A.S.S . HISTORY. It’s so cool that I don’t want to get all goofy over it. Might jinx something. THIS IS IN THE BASS WORLD. ONE BIGGN TEAM. The Martins. together. Now you all see why I am here. Not Often in ones lifetime you can witness such cool history. These guys are athletes wether you believe that or not. This is going to be fun. And it gives something to talk about for Years with my kids and grandkids. So get on this channel. Subscribe and sit back and watch a true fishing family make fishing history in next few years. It just great innocent fun.

      1. Scott Martin

        I dream of that day..🙏🏼

    9. Jake Schisler

      I was one street over from your house fishing the ditches on Sunday morning

    10. Marvin Pippig

      Scott, great video and tips. Nice catches good job. Take care and God bless.

    11. FAoS Hxyper

      Ive actually never even caught a bass ive caught catfish,panfish,turtles but not a single bass mainyl cuz i have nothing for em

    12. Daniel Rieth

      3:14 is that a jerkbait with a chatter bill?

    13. Dunford Outdoors

      Awesome videos! He’s such an awesome guy to meet as well. I’ve had the chance to meet him at the past two bassmaster classics. It would be awesome to draw him as a boater for the central opens next year but hopefully, he’s qualified for the elites instead!

    14. Travis Craver

      Just got done with hartwell this weekend it was tough. I fish Friday no fish Sat rain all day sat fish a club tourenment . Waiting for the next one on lake wylie

      1. Travis Craver

        Where is your next tourenment at scott

      2. Scott Martin


    15. Charlie Fowler Jr

      Hey Mr. Martin, do you think you could check your DM’s on Instagram. I sent you a message from @cfowlerfishing a long time ago. Much love - Charlie

      1. Scott Martin

        Just checked it

    16. Pete Hodges

      Awesome! Love watching you utilize the livescope! What range do you run it at? 80ft? Also, just a "professional at getting lucky" lolol! What a guy.

      1. Scott Martin


    17. marc k

      It takes more then luck it takes skills and Knowledge and alot of information. It's all luck what a block head. Lol 😆 🤣 😂 😹

      1. marc k

        @Scott Martin keep up the great work and I pray to the good lord you get into the bassmasters brother thanks for alot of information and helping me catch alot of fish.

      2. marc k

        @Scott Martin you would think buy watching you're videos they would now that there's more to fishing then just luck. Lol wish people would think before they comment on things. Lol

      3. Scott Martin

        Some People..lol

    18. BRA Adventures


    19. The Flash HD

      Hey Scott love your videos. We was at the last tournament at hartwell I didn't get to met you but my dad did. Maybe next year, Your the man!!!

      1. Scott Martin

        Hope so:)

    20. wildlife explorers

      Awesome video Scott. Learn so much from watching your videos over the years . It's been great . I still remember the challenge videos you did against Randal Tharp and Jacob Wheeler . And the fishing tips you give are great . Can't wait to see you go to the bass masters classic

      1. wildlife explorers

        @Scott MartinYou are the Best fishing KGupr I've watched . Keep up the good work Scott

      2. Scott Martin

        That was a special one for sure

    21. JSL Outdoors

      Dude you're awesome and have been the inspiration to starting tournament fishing. I fished tournaments this year locally and fished 13th in points for this division. We get best out by everyone just catching bigger fish! Would be a dream to learn things from you on how to catch bigger fish! Keep the videos flowing man!

    22. nickclub

      Great vid! I want to hear more about those electronics! Is that the pan optics I keep hearing about?

    23. Jdawg Live

      Love watching your videos Scott 💯❤️ praying I will be on my way up soon 🙏🏽

    24. James Pisano

      Another great video! Check me out james_pisano_fishing on instagram. It would be so nice to see you and your dad fish the BASS together

      1. Scott Martin


    25. Robert Kent

      You drive a Chevy Psf! Get a Ford. You have not said what kind of reel you use. God bless ya brother.

    26. Brent Spencer

      Sharing to 613 BASS'n on Facebook for ya Scott! 🤘😎

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you Brent!

    27. Tharanx

      Hi Scott met you at the marina I think last week :)

    28. DG Mills

      Landon knows how to fish better than He can close out Your video Scott! 🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣😎😎😎👍👍👍

      1. Scott Martin


    29. og grinder

      Me watching Scott martin at 12AM on a school night smh

    30. OutdoorsTv With Evan

      I think he was scared to hit your camera at the end lol 😂 I know I would be

    31. APOFishing

      good fishing I am going to have to say that Hartwell is one of the lakes that I want to go and fish know.

    32. Sam Flores

      Lie lie lies Scott is just as bad as trump he lies and he believes what he says this guys a fraud

      1. Sam Flores

        @Capaci Will highlights these nuts..

      2. Capaci Will

        First of all nobody that you just mentioned lies. And you just disrespected two great men. Just cause you want biden that kidnaps children doesn't mean any of them are bad

    33. Creed Gabbard

      Can you take me fishing😂

    34. Fishing DohaR

      Great fight, good video! Your son did good💪🏾

    35. Jeffry Pierce

      Trying to spot a spot at the spot!! 😂

      1. Scott Martin


    36. Rogbass

      As usual. Another awesome video and bbq spot to hit in Atlanta. Thanks for the tips Scott and loving your energy level. Dude. Send some positive my way. Im gonna turn my grandson into a Hall of Fame BASS man. On a mission. But we need you in the elites and the Classic so we get more tips first. Lol. PAPOW 👊🏻

      1. Scott Martin

        Working hard..👊🏼

    37. bent rodguy

      i was watching the videos of the fish and those incredible epic strikes , i think if you had tried a nose hooked fluke , the hook up ratio would have been better, when those fish hit the hard baits, they sensed something was n't right , and didnt seem to come back as often, i have experienced this on lay and guntersville as well, and smith lake , which is a herring lake, coosa and tennesse only shad, but they do have skip jack on the tennesse which adds to the forage base, and they act very similar to blueback herring, since they are in fact in the herring family , river herring, anyway, another great helpful video, always thumbs up for sure!

    38. Tony Pascale

      Wish you would have posted this sooner...Foggy Bottom in Loganville, GA is literally 2 miles from my house...lol. They have awesome BBQ!

    39. Tom Anderson

      Fun to watch. Always disappointed when you put it on plane and no one is wearing pfd’s. People follow your example.

    40. Donald Touchton


    41. Philip Thomas

      Good on you Scott for what you do for them and for the sport 👍😃🇨🇦

    42. BLKfishingTV

      Grew up in Loganville! Small world!

    43. Tyler Durden

      badonkaDONK!!! NICE!

    44. Byron Hendrix Fishing

      My neck of the woods they are awesome 💪🏻both places are good which sometimes one is better than the other they have done real well keeping things tasting the same.

    45. FishingWithFred

      Awesome day

    46. The Slimson

      Anyone tell me what the bait was that Lane had he got the first fish on? Like a chatterbait head but its topwater

      1. Catchin Bass

        Probably Zara spook or spook jr

    47. NephilimXGodX YT

      that fish finders cheating lmao

    48. wesleybigham1

      Not sure when it was but I know you had a Birthday recently, cause was in one of your dads videos, so happy birthday dude. I want to be in your bass class lol

    49. Chris H

      Thanks again Scott. I'm so glad to be a part if this. You give everyone the same opportunity to learn. Thanks again to SMC, FAVOURITE RODS, GOOGAN BAITS, YAMAHA MOTORS AND MANY MORE. 👊BAM!

    50. Mike over cash

      Very cool love To drive fishing that Lake

    51. isaiah vanmaanen

      Hey Scott or anyone else what would you recommend for an affordable spinning rod

      1. isaiah vanmaanen

        Nicolas Lloyd Thank you I will check it out

      2. Nicolas Lloyd

        The Quantum accurist is a great combo

    52. Rowdy Broomstick

      Number one tip of the day buy yourself a Garmin with panoptic, if you know where the fish are at you can cast at them. Just like he said if you make a cast and miss by 20ft no good, but if you hit em the head your catching fish

    53. Jake Porter

      I'm 41, and remember the days when you actually had to catch fish, to know there was fish around. Finding "the spot" usually consisted of lining up the big oak tree with the blue boat canopy, ex... Im sure Scott remembers those days too.

      1. Kortni Bos

        I'm 30 and my family and I don't have the means to buy a nice fish finder we do but all our. Money goes to our needs and children's needs and wants so we come last 🤣 so we don't get to see where the fish are either and I was blown away that's cheating to me we always have to do our work to catch fish. I just think that's what pro fishing should be instead of seeing the fish .

      2. Bryce Cooks

        Love u scott Hillary's biggest fan too can u plz dm me @tuohybryd and ps it does take a pro to be good at fishing lol

      3. Scott Martin

        The old “triangulate” that how we used to do it..👍🏻

    54. Johnny Riggs

      Awesome stuff! How do you like your seaclear power harness Scott? Can you tell a big difference? Can’t wait to get mine!!

    55. Derrick Farley

      What are your thoughts on the whopper plopper?

    56. Reel Journey

      Bass Class is in session!

    57. Richie _k_68

      That was a cool little video two against one and they whooped YA !! 😂😂

      1. Richie _k_68

        Scott Martin : ✌🏼🍺🍺

      2. Scott Martin


    58. Rippin Lips Inc.

      Need those great electronics to find them bass!

    59. Devin Dobson

      I've been to foggy bottom. But those ribs sound phenomenal.

    60. B-RAD Fishing

      Those spots are mean! I love catching them! Thanks for the tips! Great Vid, dude!

    61. Michael Dillard

      Happy Belated birthday Scott

    62. Devin Dobson

      I hate spots they haveruined quite a few large mouth fisheries I have fished

    63. 865 Nick

      I wonder if Scott would reply to this comment

      1. Rogbass

        Nick. Your bored. Lol

      2. Hell ain't a bad place to be


    64. Beefhide Squad

      Can’t wait to see you at lake Cherokee and take the win

    65. Stephen Allen

      Of course, the day I had to choose between Lake Hartwell and Lake Marion was the day you fished Hartwell.

      1. NephilimXGodX YT

        born and raised on marion

    66. Chris Christ

      Do you ever take black people fishing ?

      1. Rogbass

        Ask Ronnie Green about the Martins

      2. Adam Smith

        This is a paid fishing school. I'm sure he,ll take anyone who can afford it. I know I can't.

      3. Rogbass

        Hello. I grew up watching Roland andScott Martin on tv. Getting great tips on fishing that truly has made the entire experience that much better. Take a look at their old videos and look at who these men are and their families. Roland Martin is pure American class. Taught his son well. This family as far I’m concerned are nothing but good honest Christians. I would not have watched these men over the years if I thought they where anything but just good American Christians. Check em out. And I’m sure you’ll see. But I like your challenge. Scott will probably get you in the boat. Cool people. Any way man. Stay healthy and fishing. And please stay on here. Scott will make history. Stay for the ride.

    67. Brock Johnson

      Dude I can’t believe how many tips we get watching the best! We appreciate u bro, thanks for sharing!

    68. James Blanton

      Scott can you do a video on when and what type of baits work best with spinning tackle

    69. Joey Phegley

      This is a great thing to watch and right close to my hometown

    70. Dr. MJC

      I hope you and your dad get a chance to fish together in the B.A.S.S.

    71. Brock Johnson

      Dude that amazing how you show the fish on the Panioptics! Show us more of that bro., thanks

    72. GoneFishing4Life

      love ur vids keep them up

    73. Brody Mike

      Love it

    74. Brock Johnson

      Ah yeah! Favorite show! Hey Scott bought your PlayStation 4 Sims Bass fishing game man! Off the HOOK! Got it for my step son man but hell I love it more!

    75. Grayson Dvornik

      Your a legend man keep it up

    76. Roddrick Canty

      Third comment Scott Martin

    77. elijah morris


    78. 2k Boss

      Let’s go

    79. Salt&Stream

      Your vids are amazing

    80. Ghost Gaming

      Love the video, keep at it 👑

    81. Grayson Dvornik

      Ever going to come to Wisconsin

    82. Ninno Marks


    83. Texas Fisherman

      I am first view first like and first Comment

    84. Kolby Baker

      Notification squadddddd

    85. Jeremy Eskew

      First 🎣🇺🇲👌👊👍