Is SpaceX's Raptor engine the king of rocket engines?

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    00:00 - Intro
    02:55 - Basic physics of rocket engines
    06:10 - Rocket engine cycles
    20:30 - Rocket fuel comparison
    30:40 - Raptor vs other rocket engines
    44:05 - Summary
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    SpaceX's new raptor engine is a methane fueled full flow staged combustion cycle engine and its so hard to develop, no engine like this has ever flown before!
    Now this topic can be really intimidating so in order to bring the Raptor engine into context, we’re going to do an overview of a few common types of rocket engine cycles then compare the Raptor to a few other common rocket engines, like SpaceX’s current work horse, the Merlin, The Space Shuttle’s RS-25, the RD-180, Blue Origin’s BE-4 and the F-1 engine.
    And if that’s not enough, not only is SpaceX using a crazy engine cycle, they’re also going to be using Liquid Methane as their fuel, again something that no orbital rocket has ever used! So we’ll also go over the unique characteristics of liquid methane as a rocket fuel and see if we can figure out why SpaceX went with Methane for the Raptor engine.
    We'll also break down and explain all the different engine cycle types so you know what the full flow staged combustion cycle is, how it works, and how it compares to the other cycles.
    So by the end of this video hopefully we’ll have the context to know why the raptor engine is special, how it compares to other rocket engines, why it’s using methane and hopefully find out if the Raptor engine will be the new king of rocket engines…
    Rocket engine renders by @MartianDays MartianDays
    F-1 Turbopump photo provided by Mike Jetzer/
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      Yes I realize I’m VERY uneducated, just very interested. If methane and LOX can share a very common tank shell due to the boiling temps being so similar, why can’t they just share one bigger tank, and thus use one turbine, lowering the overall weight of the fuel tanks and engine?

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      I believe the first planet to be colonized will be Ceres because it has plenty of water. Water is the most needed substance in high quantities of the materials found in space. I hope I'm wrong and that large quantities of water will be found in the permanently shadowed craters of the Moon. Mars should be treated like a National Park until we are absolutely, positively sure it is dead and always has been. But we are talking about the far, far future here. If we get fuel from Earth then methane is a good choice.

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      In 1967 , Soviet made 27 pcs of RD-270 and was tested it 27 time ( some of them even 3 time) so it is almost same number of Raptor engines...some 50 years after !

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    23. Phoenix

      to me, the F1 is and probably always will be king. it is still somewhat viable in diciplines noone even thought about when building it and lets face it: its a grandpa, that thing is over half a century old. Apollo 4 is closer to the end, no, even the start, of WW1 than it is to now. when that engine was built, the highest tech of computers were metal rings welded onto a wiregrid by hand, yet it can still keep up.

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      Hydrogen storage temperature isn't as big a deal as containment. The reason H2 needs to be kept cool is not to keep it liquid--that can be managed using pressurized tanks. The problem with hydrogen is that it's a very small molecule, the smallest multi-atom molecule. It tends to pass through ANY storage materials eventually. The rate of escape is dependent on pressure, and lowering the temperature lowers the pressure and thus the escape rate. Lowering the temperature to the boiling point of hydrogen would prevent escape, but that's prohibitively expensive even on Earth, except in the places where it's manufactured in large quantities. Larger molecules (like methane) can be contained indefinitely by a variety of materials without worrying about the temperature as much as the structural integrity of the container. Thrust-to-weight ratio of an engine usually doesn't matter much, because the weight of the engine is usually dwarfed by the weight of the fuel, usually by ten-to-one or more. What matters more are the thrust-to-SIZE ratio and the ISP. The engine size determines how many you can fit on the rocket's base, while the ISP helps determines available delta-v. Several of the other engines here are the endpoint of that line of reasoning, varying in thrust and reusability. It seems that SpaceX is betting that one engine design can meet all of their future needs. They need to be careful here; having 39 engines on one stage means 39 times as many points of failure. I don't know if they intend to build redundancy in by using more engines than needed by a stage and then running them at less that full power, so that any in-flight failures can be compensated for; but that seems like a cost that can be streamlined by designing a more reliable engine. Just the plumbing involved is a nightmare, as the Soviet engineers discovered when building the N1. SpaceX will be forced to design a new engine at some point in order to launch an all-up crewed Starship. Otherwise, several launches will be needed to assemble the ship in orbit by launching the uncrewed Starship, then the crew in a smaller launch, and finally the fuel.

    27. Paul Bogdanich

      The SLS engine is not an RS-25. The only thing they say about the designation is that it's "RS-25 optimized"). Anyway the SLS test burn turned in 452.3 ISP. That's a demonstrated ISP of 452.3. Say that again a demonstrated ISP of 452.3 for 8 minutes burn time. Makes the Raptor about look like a booger.

      1. Everyday Astronaut

        That’s 100% incorrect. The SLS is literally reusing space shuttle SSME’s (RS-25’s). Yes, it’s been slightly tweaked but it’s through and through an RS-25, they’re even manufacturing new ones called the RS-25E after the 16 shuttle left overs are used.

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