Thor’s Hammer vs Helmet!

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    1. Beast Reacts

      Don’t worry guys, Weddle will be paid for the words that our editor missed 👍👍

      1. Ibrahim Hussain

        wt fuc# man

      2. IAmArct1c moment

        ok ok

      3. Wolf Man

        / Jimmy

      4. Wolf Man

        Hi beast reacts

      5. MostlyMax


    2. Joseph Patrick Yorkus

      Make a ironman suit!!!

    3. Liam Wilber

      0:26 missed ine

    4. Matt johan Nj

      He say and in the hammet

    5. pandagirl #3

      They missed a few

    6. khayte Blais

      they tast diffrent

    7. The ThingKer

      8:20-8:26 three Ands

    8. Lean De Torres

      And and and and give me 400$

    9. LilPriceBoyz

      There were several “ands he missed”

    10. AceSpartan

      Mr.Beast just wants to give his money away

    11. Emmett Jeffery

      They missed like 3 ands.

    12. cwissant

      The difference between a cabbage and lettuce is lettuce has separate leaves and cabbage is all clumped together

    13. Fabricio Santiago Amador

      It would have been 16 he said he goes to your house "AND" breaks your toys. 0:26

    14. Dylan Plante

      Disappointed it wasn't 69 ft Also he said and at the start and they didn't notice 0:27

    15. tyler kid

      8:25 was a and

    16. Music Flex

      00:29 there is an and

    17. VR Times

      He said and loads and the editors didn’t notice

    18. Quixzy1015

      On 13 it was 16

    19. Evan Brown

      Cabbage man goes on to make a multimillion dollar company

    20. Armani Ramos

      line rider

    21. Pratham Kumar


    22. GrootGamer _HD

      The Editors forget soooo much and‘s

    23. God Of Legos

      The cabbage is the vegetable and the lettuce is the leaf

    24. Vhon Antonio

      9:04 and

    25. A Fabulous Skylanders Spyro

      What I wanna know is how they got Thor’s hammer from him, pretty sure man cuddles it like a teddy every night

    26. Bodegrandyt9 creations And yoyosofa10 he’s friend

      What is that

    27. Be amazed Cat

      1:21 its a car from czech

    28. TruKyle Sebastian

      He said and here 9:02

    29. Kiara and Sampson

      anyone else wondering where they can get a metal thor hammer

    30. Oscar Budd

      Both of them have many layers of leaves. However, cabbage is tougher and contains less water content than lettuce. Lettuce is known for being crunchy that is why it is added in salads or burgers. Cabbage leaves have a strong odor and taste, while lettuce leaves are odorless.

    31. Amy Gandolfi


    32. R Braz

      with my technology he should get double the money check urself

    33. Nicholas Gilio


    34. Lampy Gaming

      Difference? Ok Cabbage is green And lettuce is green

    35. Rocco Dellagatta

      They missed an and

    36. Lil_Ducky


    37. Luis Lopez

      3:16 voice cracks lmai

    38. Luis Lopez

      Scared to commit becuase its on 6.9 k

    39. Wolfie_Color Red

      Jimmy seemed so socially awkward to weddle or that’s just me.

    40. Python

      It’s so funny how Mr. Beast is trying his hardest to get him to say AND, even though he is spending thousands on it.

      1. Armin Dizdarevic

        Yeah AhhAahaha

    41. syrianboy991

      oh i take of what did i say

    42. syrianboy991

      they said 15 ands because they said 2 ands but you didn't listen

    43. UncommonWolf

      "So far there's glue and bottle caps AND syringes" 8:19

    44. UncommonWolf

      You missed an "and at 0:26

    45. Vertxs

      they missed the first and

    46. Declan Otterberg

      I eat healthy food

    47. The Nue Kid

      *Beast Hacks*

    48. 19RT

      My cabbages! It’s funny

    49. Muhammad Den

      Please 🥺🙏 😷 help

    50. Nick ur Nan

      Weddle said santa comes to ur house AND smashes ur toilet

    51. Meredith Howard

      The difference between cabbage and lettuce is that lettuce is delicious 🤤 and cabbage is 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮


      kill this love made from a violin me: WoW

    53. Jatin Kushwaha

      Why did the video *END*

    54. არა-normal

      9:04 he really said ,,and" but you didnot count it

    55. Tylers fun Channel

      5:43 omg

    56. Alex Asobu

      Lettuce is a leaf and cabbage is the SEVERED HEAD OF THE INNOCENT

    57. Noah Steadman

      0:27 He said it and they didn’t count it

    58. Ben Estes

      I totally miss Weddle now. He was a great part of these shows.

    59. Valter Berglin

      My cabbage corp 🥬!!!!!

    60. - sunny -


    61. Oisin Kelly

      Danm the editor missed so many words

    62. Michael Meehan

      The difference between cabbage and lettus is NOTHING

    63. Tayron63

      u missed 1 ''and''

    64. Team X1

      6900th comment yessir

    65. Wyn0t aid-en Golloogly

      Mjölnir has been broken but brought back from another universe

    66. Ember slayz

    67. Bacon_NoobGamer


    68. Jaidenrafa 1223


    69. Caleb Perry

      3:05 and you dip em there was an AND


      Thor was a paid actor

    71. Sox Gamin

      He goes to your house “and” he breaks your toys. AND COUNTER STAYS AT 0

    72. EsmeAnimates

      You missed one at 0:26 and 9:05

    73. Luis Hernandez

      0:26 he said and

    74. Jenna Covey

      0:27 he said "and"

    75. LJV2

      3:04 he missed one. Now he’s missing a hundred

    76. Sara Bacon

      The part where it said my cabbages I remember that from avatar

    77. Seven Central

      9:04 missed "and"

    78. That Idiot Laura

      Congrats you missed two and’s

    79. El Barto

      “Yeah he goes to your house and breaks your toys” you missed that one

    80. Mattnyr5

      you missed ands

    81. gaming stars


    82. nikhil david

      that guy isnt funny

    83. nikhil david


    84. Tara Majewski

      at the tart of every video nobody: jimmy : Can you step out of the room please Him: sure! jimmy alright i have a challenge

    85. Arnavpreet Sandhu

      You forgot to count the 1st *and* 0:27

    86. XxChik_PuppitxX ROBLOX

      in 27 secounds of the video he says he goes to your house and breaks your toys but you didnt count it

    87. varequ

      and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and now weres my money

    88. I love Adopt me

      O:25-0:30 He said AND BUT IT DINT COUNT

    89. Janette Vazquez

      Mr.Beast please comment on this

    90. Michleen Karkouh

      When he said santa will break his toys he said and word

    91. Arleen De Guzman

      In 0:27 he said and 😏

    92. •MaskedKid•

      Breads Are Good!(っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ.·´¯`(>▂

    93. Mr. Wolf


    94. Nick


    95. Ethan Caines

      Just play it in slow motion 0:19

      1. Nick

        he says and

    96. Not Your Average Lady

      Ya’ll missed soooo many “AND”s

    97. Chawin Thapanapong

      They missed the first and and smashed ur toy

    98. Jean Starnes

      The difference between lettuce and cabbage is that lettuce is lettuce while cabbage is cabbage

    99. bangpolice

      When he says its classical music playing, but it's just kpop.

      1. Abiola

        Exactly what I was thinking

    100. Noah Samuda

      So many missed "ands"