Milk Pump Trouble & 2nd Cutting Hay Harvest

10th Generation Dairyman

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    Had some trouble getting started with the milking and then mowing, raking, and chopping 4th cutting alfalfa.

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    1. Patty Rasta

      How long is a dairy cow viable to produce milk? And what happens when they are no longer viable? Do they get put down or do they go to a feed lot? Also is there a reason that the alfalfa is in a curve next to the corn?

    2. Patty Rasta

      Those cows are like are you kidding me you got me up and now all our milk is on the floor!

    3. Tammy Fletcher

      One of my favorite smells....freshly mowed hay! If you bale it makes your barn smell so good up in the loft.

    4. Gregory Shufelt


    5. cdmcl3

      another favorite video. tempo of an aircraft carrier flight deck. how the stones get where they cause damage is another mystery......

    6. Linh Gio


    7. Michael Vincent

      In my humble opinion your videos are doing a great deal to educate and form positive public opinion on the value of American farmers. We urban dwellers are in your debt. Thank you!

    8. Christopher D W

      Dont feel bad. Look at the bright side, it wasnt the bailer or your chopper..right? I was so tiny when dad put me in the tractor tugging loads to the silo, I could not reach the brakes every time and I slipped. Pulling away I hit the unloader on the wagon right into the dual extension that was left on for plowing. IT sheared the chain, the gearbox, the chute and all of the conveyor CLEAN off the wagon.. I didn't tell them til they had already loaded the wagon. He beat my skinny ass hard..with his leather Belt he MADE by hand.

    9. Christopher D W

      Unbelievable how far equipments come...Unreal. Talk about ( Is any of it paid off )

    10. DR smith

      Like the cow brush hope to see more .

    11. Mac Mcnamee

      Who or what controls the sprayer that sprays the grass into the trailer. It never hits the ground

    12. Jack Walker

      When do you sleep ?

    13. Chad Berning

      Great content

    14. matains88

      It's better to change both knives anyway. That slight difference in weight on each side of the disc can give trouble at 2000 rpm.

    15. Joseph Kaiser

      That was wild, when I was a kid it was way more labor intense. Being the kid my job was to stamp the siege down while loading, then when feeding pitch it down by hand. The filling was way different also. Very nice vlog. Thank you. Oh ya, This was back in the 1940s.

    16. jUsT a ViSiToR

      Does your family and your parents live at the farm?

    17. Art Miller

      Wish I knew where. I milked 200+ head on my uncle's farm in Michigan. 4 am and 4pm everyday. The fields were full off stones. Our tractors were an old Farmall Super M and an H. Work never ended but the most pleasurable and enjoyable time of my life. I sure miss it.

    18. Lorraine Matteson

      Tom Pemberton gave your site a plug and I watched so many of your videos now, gone back a year! Keep up the the great videos. Mountain Dew jokes funny too!

    19. Ben Nawa

      Do you grow your alfalfa throughout the year?

    20. Thomas Perez

      I enjoy your cool demeanor as you talk to us here in KGup land. You seem so cool calm and collected. How do you do it each day. I have mentioned it before but I will say it again, your a hard worker and I don't hear you complain. Very professional at such a young age. You have my vote for all you do. Tom in Minneapolis. 8/14/20

    21. Robert Jennings

      Who threw the concert brick?

    22. Jamie Quinn

      Hi 10th generation diagram I watch you ever day you are cool

      1. Jamie Quinn

        You are so cool 10th generation diagram

    23. Steve Adams

      Fresh cut hay and Mountain Dew! An unbeatable combination... You are rockin' it Eric!

    24. Dave Gongwer

      hey guy why don't you do something new and take us in for breakfast with you?

    25. Brian King Welding

      Your head tank seems kind of undersized for the amount of milking units you're running. That pump probably runs constantly. We didn't have a automatic electric pump but rather haff to open a valve manually in order to drain the head tanks. Our parlor had one big Pyrex head tanks (80lb cap) for every 2 milking units

    26. Jasmin Grahic

      That 's great that the cows are smart enough to get out of the way of what your doing.

    27. P

      So that's how mountain dew is made

    28. Punith Gowda

      Which country this is

    29. Gayle WATKINS

      Your farm is the largest operation I have seen. So interesting to watch. You're a hard working family. I am watching your previous videos too. Best wishes.

    30. gunga din

      Lot of leaf dust coming off the chopper and wagon dump first loads. No dust off the rack with the dew on Nice. We used to do lotus major hay, loved the yellow flowers We milked Grade C 60 years ago, for cheese factory

    31. Ronald Piper

      I wonder who is incontrol? Is the chopper have sertain things he does. And the wagon job? I can assume wagon is to match speed chopper controls shoot and so forth interesting

    32. Ronald Piper

      Give the pc of concrete to give to dad as a gift.

    33. john connor

      How come you dont have your own equipment? Doesnt the lease and hire cost more than buying your own machines( i mean over 5 or 10 years)

    34. irish man

      I wonder where that soda came from

    35. Saitama man

      Mountain dew should sponsor u ma boi u got some moves for a sponsorship

    36. Jake Wells

      Looks like the cows got to sleep in a little extra

    37. Scott Carr

      What brand of rake do you have?

    38. Luke Splettetoesser

      why not use a monkey wrench or adjustable wrench to bend the knifes

    39. Joar Folkestad

      thats a big tractor for that small mower

    40. MrShanester77

      Impressive operation🇺🇸

    41. Doug Williams

      You’ve got a big business. You work everyday?

    42. Edmar Dalago

      Isto que e tecnologia no leite

    43. Jacinthe Labrie

      Very interesting ,speed rake love it ,,,Darrell

    44. Suzanne Benz

      Such a long day! We surely appreciate our Farmers!!!!!!

    45. Dedra Kuhn

      5:45 lol I should plant some mountain dew too

    46. SamSpade

      I really miss dairy farming. Your videos bring back great memories from the 1970's & 80's. Thanks Eric. Well done.


      You should get a Milwaukee electric impact wrench they are really handy for changing blades I’ve found

      1. Someguy6571

        Agreed! Much better than busting off nuts with a regular ratchet!

    48. andrew sarles

      We just finished our first cutting over a week ago in Michigan!

    49. Zach T.

      I love seeing the cows use the brushes.


      bro i want to what kind of protin and strnght clacuklting food for a cow

    51. Bhaskar Param

      Wow wow wow

    52. Thomas Rose

      Isn’t that kinda dangerous working on that mower while the tractors running I understand that shutting the tractor on and off while repairing the blades might be a pain but what if the pto somehow engaged and you lost a finger or a arm or worse ?

    53. mark c

      Not sure if the bags are related to it, maybe, but Harvestore solos are notorious for side wall collapses from air pressure drops when lowering the contents

    54. 5x green tv

      them cows have the best life with the brush and all

    55. richard Kizzar

      Waiting for 2nd cutting on my farm

    56. Doc Portland

      Sask is going at it with these vids. Great work... Sask and 10thgen need to do a colab vid. You could do a Zoom colab vid...

    57. Big dog 1 B

      Shut that machine down when your out there alone working on it you never know bro work safe 💪😎

    58. PNW RC

      The joys of harvest season on the farm. I DON'T miss the chaos that was harvest time on the farm! I DO miss the farm life, & HATE the city life!

    59. Connor Alcorn

      you should run your equipment a couple of minutes after your done so it last longer

    60. The random AVS fan

      A JD with an electrical issue never could have imagined Lol love ur vids tho

    61. SSA official Ambre

      Dude which types of breed you used for milk ....

    62. Cathy Ellis

      I never knew so much was involved - very amazing!

    63. Lonnie Morgan

      how do you keep your cows from pooping in the milk parlor

    64. Nooce Miller

      Sorry your pump is giving you trouble. Your alfalfa looks great!

    65. Harriet Carpenter

      This question may sound dumb but am curious. How long does it take the machine to milk one 🐄 cow and what is the average amount u get at that time from a cow ? Thank you for ur answer. I appreciate u taking the time to answer me.

    66. flynn Woodhead

      What is your social medias

    67. Ann Mittelstadt

      Do you ever sings to your cows in the field, then they come running to ya?

    68. Janine Gagnon

      “What are ya lookin at?!” 🐄 🐮 ❤️

    69. Dan Finley

      Man I bet it smells so nice fresh cut alfalfa I wish there was a air freshener with that scent have a blessed day y’all

    70. Dan Finley

      Man awesome the alfalfa has a dew growing in the field nice 👍

    71. K Fisher

      What do you do if the auger on the blue silos break

    72. K Fisher

      We just finished first crop and ur on second 😮

    73. Marinus Verwey

      So, you mow about 5 times during the summer? Or more?

    74. Whelan_04

      You should have turned off the john deere when checking the mower the driveshaft could have turned on cant trust machines

    75. Patrick Redmond

      Have you ever considered buying your own chopper since you need it quite a bit during the year or does it not work out financially because in Ireland it's pretty expensive to get in contractors

    76. Jagroshan Singh

      Love from🇮🇳

    77. Gunnar Andre

      Hahahaha imagine you’re and SaskDutch kid’s cow’s know their the most popular cow’s of all the cow’s hahaha just me ok

    78. TheLittleAzn

      Yo that rock, you sure it’s not an astroid?

    79. William Collyer

      Lol you guys are on second cut, we just finished firsts

    80. Sammy Bundy

      Congrats on 200k

    81. Scott Klein

      Good work nice operation

    82. Jack Eisenhart

      I live in Mertztown Pennsylvania so I'm Close to you and we were driving out there and I think we passed by your farm

      1. Someguy6571

        I live in Morgantown PA! I drive past their place every day on my way to work at the old New Holland Concrete plant (now York Building Products). Stay safe out there!

    83. Ed Haight

      Do you run a distributor when you're filling the silos?

    84. K Ellwood

      Thanks for the great footage, liked the silo view too.

    85. Md. Sajidul Haque

      Is this your own family business, or just work here as a job?

    86. Travis Exe

      Hi cows 😁

    87. Jamie Mclean

      Thought its ur second cut of alfalfa silage

    88. onebigkaka

      My question. Is everything you grow and put the silo the food for your cattle

    89. Shif Mob


    90. Wayne Taylor


    91. Farms Hoffman

      Great awesome video Eric , second cut wow , we just started first in eastern Ontario Canada 🇨🇦

    92. rrrohan2288

      the floor in that joint is surprisingly clean

    93. Michael Exman

      i almost said a bitcoin hipnotic to watch my spelling sucks. love watching your show thanks for puting yourself out there.

    94. Abhishek SHARMA

      Nice bro

    95. C R

      When are you doing the pit silage

    96. Saad al-shammri

      118 videos enjoyed it all from 0 second to end ,, with almost 70 rewatching & still rewatching the rest You better not cut down my TREE & keep it for me 😢😢😢

    97. Olan Eby

      Right under the right hand door on ur johndeere. Is a positive and negative terminal. So u don't hav to run ur wires the whole way up to the battery.

    98. Olan Eby

      If u want more leverage for bending knives. We use a big adjustable rench

    99. Jacob Hayward

      I've come to realise I don't like milk as much as I thought I did. You guys put in to many hours. Don't forget to spend time with your wife and kids. Work to live not live to work.

    100. randy kline

      Hey what are you looking at? That’s funny too.they saying we see fresh food we hungry