I Gave People $1,000,000 But ONLY 1 Minute To Spend It!


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    1. MrBeast

      Subscribe right now and you might be picked to be in my next video! (its epic)

      1. Ronnie Cantuba


      2. Kris Dariel L. Taray

        Watching from philippines❤

      3. Toffee 1878

        I love you and I love you so much I love you and I love you so much I love you so I love you so much I love you so so much I love you so much I love love 💕

      4. Gador Bagaan

        But how can you help me here in the Philippines? Im your subscriber and im always looking your helping. And i hope you can help me too😁

      5. Try Hard Camper Noob

        you are seriously the coolest and nicest guy i know

    2. Ataur Rahaman

      Karl is my crush

    3. Ataur Rahaman

      Why is Chris's father a farmer

    4. TheFatal4Gaming

      I just subscribed cause I was given authorization (this is my brothers account) after watching for YEARS

    5. 191CO142 Sanjeev Kumar B C

      Supper !! 💕 Love you !! @ MrBeast ✨

    6. Boo

      Mrbeast is a legend

    7. Helmi Nawawi

      Mitch should just take the first car n drive to the Lamborghini tho

    8. Tushar Mondal

      🙏I want to need money I am a poor Indian , please help me 🙏 We are starving to death for covid 19 Please help me🙏🙏🙏

    9. Cassandra Singer

      everything i'd buy would be for my mum or my partner

    10. CryptoPlanet127

      I'd go on to my binance and invest the million there on crypto. Check out my twitter - username

    11. Joker jack

      MrBeast..keep it up

    12. Maha Devan


    13. Sasa Gonzales

      I sub to you jimmy

    14. increadeble you

      Please next is me

    15. Davis Kirui

      Mr Beast You need to visit Kenya 🇰🇪🇰🇪

    16. Alex Zagoren

      i subbed and liked every vid i've seen on your channel can i please have a chance to get stuff at gamestop

    17. MOI TO KILL

      So many zeros in each on this mans videos

    18. Alex Zagoren

      driving from store to store, passes a $10,000,000 mansion...

    19. Siyona Shukla Sharma ROLL NO 33 CLASS 7 B

      I just want Minecraft 😢

    20. Tanishq Chaudhari

      How many people think that mr beast should be the President

    21. no feelings

      Give me a channce i will grab all of your bucks

      1. no feelings

        @MrBeast t if you are real post a community saying code156789

      2. no feelings

        How can i beleive you are real

      3. MrBeast t

        W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P•M•E• +..1...2...2...3...2...1...5...8...0...2...3..,

    22. Nathan Zech

      If I could do this in Best Buy, I would update my new house with new electronics.

    23. arokia abisek


    24. NM Gaming

      I am from India

    25. ϻĦVҜ βЖ

      Imagine he just went outside and touched the plot

    26. Guthrie Chmielowski

      Visit Alaska and the city wasilla

      1. MrBeast t

        W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P•M•E• +..1...2...2...3...2...1...5...8...0...2...3

    27. The gamer

      Que Dios te bendiga y aceptalo en tu corazón

    28. Allysa Marie Atencio

      Mr. Beast is so kind and generous. could you please help people from other poor countries?


      Hi this msg please help me India fan please identify me


      i want to be in one plz

    31. Brian Salgado

      Keep up the good work

    32. Abhijit Saha

      Wish i could win some 😣

    33. Popi Liakounakou

      2 things never lie: memes and mr beast

    34. Owen McCoy


    35. Dj Trey Cash


    36. Kāhu Kura

      9:52 Are his hands ok?

    37. Deloso, Mark Kevin S.

      So much blessings thanks to all of you you give joy to the people around the world.. I hope I would be chosen too 🥺🥺🥺😍😍

    38. SmilingTrojan

      Imagine you’re just chilling in class and your teacher says ”Billy here is a PS4 controller”

    39. LND 17

      It hurts me to see how much money is being spent

    40. MTM GAMING

      I need 200usd please Studies

    41. cuhh ___


    42. Mda527_the_Pigman YT

      3:25 behind jimmy's arm I see the Head of Roblox Piggy

    43. J10X Power

      Do that to me....!!!!

    44. Colin Caitlin

      I love your vids

    45. Eve Sullivan

      Come to Canada please 😔

    46. kevin naun ortes salmeron

      que bonito lo que haces monito

    47. StockPositivityBeatsNegativity

      Come to the UK

    48. ryzydy 1988

      First time subscribe from Malaysian..

    49. dj greatxbx

      Do you think anyone tried to rob Mr.Beast during these vids

    50. Antonio Brawl stars

      jimmy there's no more stuff left I can't get anything :(


      Soon mr beast me next, But im from phils. Im far in your country😔...but still dreaming..

    52. Heshu and solin Gaming

      Mr Jimmy can they spend over 1m?

    53. lillambam

      i need a gaming computer because i onyl have a xbox

    54. William Moore


    55. shahrul syahmi

      I want 10,000.. plisss.. just kidding

    56. Gabrielle Petersen

      You can see goldfish wrapped as soon as Jimmy said “Everything here is kind of expensive

    57. Vil Taylor

      Wow give anything what they touch 🔥🔥

    58. Sweet ELLA

      I Subed Plzzz Chosse mE

    59. Sweet ELLA


    60. Darkness 720


    61. Jahzanti Forbes

      I’m subscribe

    62. Haley Treannie

      Man can I go to dodge dealership ship and do this lmaooo

    63. uy socheat


    64. Madison Touchette

      I would just transfer the money to my bank account

    65. Derp Derp

      Man i wish I would be in one of there videos 😢

    66. anwar Ali


    67. MRR D

      Carl's Spider-Verse poster - excellent taste

    68. Big Floofer_Wolf

      you make me wish this is me I would get a bunch of robux gift card and steam gift cards

    69. Magnus Andersson

      You are best

    70. Magnus Andersson


    71. DRACO

      What did just happened? At 9:53 look at his right hand!

    72. Tate

      Stockport Heaton Norris to Heaton more

    73. Tom Evans

      I love your vids :)

    74. Raiko Gaming

      I don't need anything only a iPhone 12😂😁😢😢

    75. Axzell Vaughn Lising

      I would literally just camp at the giftcard section if I was given $1,000,000

    76. dxnasy

      i actually just want a gaming pc and these ppl ar getting everything xDDD

    77. Miss Know-it-all

      Who else noticed the Diary of a Wimpy kid in the cart?

    78. Jex Shooter

      Why was the guy who won the Tesla was hand bleeding

    79. Jan Isbuga

      Go to a small shop and just buy the shop

    80. Rachel Honey

      God must be so proud

    81. Monster Legend

      MrBeast You need more Subscribe thrn PewDiePie

    82. Alfie Moore call of duty

      Is mitches hand ok

    83. Daniel Sikorski

      mr beast help's so many people it's awsome i love it

    84. ༺ KHALSA GAMING ༻

      PLZZ come in india 😭😭 just give me 500 ruppees

    85. HarveyTheBot

      Jimmy before he turned around: IT COSTED 80000 Jimmy after he turned around: Cries in pain

    86. Ryan Pinkihan Vlogs

      Hopefully I will be pick for the next challenge even if i'm in the philippines. New fan here sir. Bless you

    87. THE LEGEND

      Karl's tv gone away Karl: smile Karl's house gone away Karl: smile Karl's: become a homeless Karl: SMILE

    88. Boaz Donk

      12:38 now THAT was an pan sound

    89. 1TakeTyler

      mitch hands were gushing blood

    90. mr beast fan!

      best KGupr ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    91. joseph makumbe

      Mr beast is a goat

    92. Little MrBeast.

      MrBeast in 2069: Destroying Eiffel Tower and surprise France with a taller one..

      1. Bob Zimmer


    93. nasrin Gharib

      I have subscribe

    94. Eironnyohan Azodnem


    95. Brian Diffley

      Mitch should have gotten into a car drove it to the lambo and drove the lambo across the finish line

    96. Anthony

      Love the vids

    97. Samarth Vyas

      Where does he get all this money from in all the videos??


      I am Valencia from Namibia

    99. Joseph Olson

      I would have to be at the LEGO store

    100. P Gokul

      Bro why can you help poor neediest in your country