Criminals Who Stormed the Capitol are Incriminating Themselves All Over Social Media

Jimmy Kimmel Live

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    We celebrate the 18th anniversary of our show, and Jimmy talks about the first Biden and Trump jokes he ever told on the show, federal investigators tracking down the criminals who stormed the capitol three weeks ago, an alarming new warning from Apple, the MyPillow guy Mike Lindell getting kicked off Twitter for spreading misinformation, former Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley commenting on the impeachment of Donald Trump, a new ad for Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ run for Governor of Arkansas, our Unintentional Joke of the Day starring VP Kamala Harris, the fate of Donald Trump’s Diet Coke button from the White House, and we revisit an old bit we did about Joe Biden that someone on Reddit claimed we took down as part of a conspiracy.
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    1. Cancelled

      The dude who said he was a Republican and was against the Democratic party was almost spot on.

    2. Frank Cantone

      9:17 Which one is Sarah Sanders?

    3. plumb loko

      Make sure Huckabee loses her election. Sarah another lier for America. Not worth it.

    4. plumb loko

      Just lock the clown up, and move on. No more treasonous clowns.

    5. stephen van buskirk

      Republicans used to claim to be the law and order party and that they championed democracy. Now they are trying to interfere with voting.

    6. Therese Duran

      Jimmy has definitely improved with age. Never ever shave your scruff.

    7. earl jones

      Jimmy I have enjoyed the snow and the material you have to work with (Strumpet the Grifter Clown)

    8. Sam C

      "When are you gonna put it in?" So good yet so bad

    9. Derek Metcalf

      Jimmy your fly is down.

    10. Mai Chi

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    11. Derek Metcalf


    12. Derek Metcalf

      3》1 by way of President Trump chalk up another Win🇺🇸🎗🇺🇸☝️🤠💚🌏🖤🌎❤🌍💜

    13. Neil Randecker

      Issac kappy said Jimmy's in on child trafficking

    14. spider BlackWidow

      Hahahahahahah hahahahaha Hahahahahahah hohohojoho hoho hehehehebeeheh

    15. spider BlackWidow

      Nanny nanny nanny poke poke poke I love it

    16. Kopfjaeger 109

      FAQ Jimmy Kimmel

    17. ktncgd xutnfh

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    18. Hugo A.C.

      When he says “yes it is about his hair”, Siri appears here.

    19. Thomas Bayles

      When you look at the end of this video, it's no wonder trump got elected.

    20. Danielle JARAMILLO

      Watching all those Americans NOT know who Joe Biden was back in 2014 just makes me say God bless America. Now ask them who Kim Kardashian or Logan Paul is and they can recite everything they have ever said or done. Yeah, God bless America and God help us all.

    21. Judi Blanchard

      all should to go jail and greet trump and his family = i am ashamed to be an american with this crowd of idiots who let themselves be lead down the way to insurrection = was there one reasonalbe person who did not go? probably not

    22. Devin McGroot

      can this dude just stop and pass the show to someone who is funny? anyone will do better... mark normand?? anyone! any hobo would do better than this guy.

    23. James Boddie

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    24. masskilla469

      If The IPhone 12 stops a Pace Maker imagine what affect it has on your body.

    25. Mortuus M

      Idiots will be idiots lol

    26. Slime time Jolie

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    27. greo909

      Why I call em the moron right.

    28. bigbiff38

      People, remember: they are not showing ALL of the people they asked. This is a COMEDY show. They are showing only the stupid/ignorant people and their answers in order to make us laugh. THESE people are not representative of ALL Americans nor ALL of any group. They were selected to be shown for entertainment purposes ONLY.

    29. Big Deal

      "Obama/Biden... that's close to Osama Bin Laden". Yeh Jimmy boy this time your right !! 😂😂

    30. Reeze Fab

      David Hogg says he's starting a pillow company, taking on MyPillow's Mike Lindell

    31. Pete George

      Either I watch watch 2 much news or people are pretty stupid

    32. Jean Luney

      These people are despicable and should be punished to the fullest extent that the law allows.

    33. Google Google

      tja, studiert und nix verdient...tja , kein kredit für die idee die hast du dann mit dem BND abt. Wirtschaftsspionage Kohl Genscher brutal gestohlen...Genscher (FDP) führte ein Doppelleben als Homosexueller so kam der Türke Erol Sander zu seinen Rollen beim Staatsfernsehen😀🤑😝

    34. Another0mask

      The American nation is by faaar and in a terrifying way the most unintelligent nation on the planet. -.- I'm disgustingly disappointed. I planned to go there to work on bigger projects as a sound engineer... but in the end decided to go to another European country and learn a third language instead of going to US speaking english and getting killed over a parking spot or smthn from a lunatic with 10 legally owned guns... f-ing lunatics-.-

    35. Dean DuPont

      Minor detail: retailers aren't removing MyPillow products from shelves, but when the stock runs out, that's it. No more orders.

    36. Laquisha Jones

      Same for anitfa and BLM when they have killed 30 cops you didnt care about boo hooo

    37. C. wigglez

      Also....tell me again what the Muller investigation found?

    38. Travis Sharon

      Show has to be 21 to smoke now. more laws, to "protect" people from making their own choices. You were actually funny back then.

    39. child of God

      For some reason this man. Makes me feel like he is really creepy and slimy. . Somthing not right about him...

    40. Kim Davis

      Hey Jimmy! You need to gain some weight!

    41. NoHax Gaming

      Spiderman is joe biden. That's why he said no comment.


      Stay away from politics, Jimmy.

    43. Cody Morgan

      Jimmy kimmel is not an American. Leave my country and take your Fake president with you. My guns are my right. Ill die for my rights!!!!

    44. Rg Bb

      I love that democrats laugh to jokes about President Biden😂😂😂 they aren't childish and egotistical like the other party

    45. Duly Noted

      The mypillow guy won't be suffering like those who'll lose the work stuffing pillow cases. He owes them for driving the company to the ground.

    46. ASH 21


    47. ASH 21

      HI JIMMY!!! 🍿🍿🍿🍿 YOU DO KNOW PROTECTING P💥E💥D💥O💥P💥H💥I💥L💥E💥S IS REVOLTING DON’T YOU?!?! I mean....why else would you do that IF YOU’RE NOT ONE YOURSELF 🤔 YEP!! Pretty sure I nailed that one right on the head!!

    48. vulcan stein

      Like pedos who incriminate themselves on fake comedy shows.😂😂😜 Wooooo! Clap!!!!! Wooooo!! Clap!!!

    49. SaadTheLegend

      "Stupidity isn't a virus, but it sure is spreading like one." - Sandy Cheeks

    50. trillary

      That back to mexico joke. Yikes

    51. Brett Aint_Dead

      Cool what about the June _october BLM riots . That you endorsed ? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 They take any selfies to incriminitate .

    52. Aruna

      Daz what thought when I heard obama name. But he is such an inspiration

    53. Anthony Phung

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    54. Ceres

      I'm angry that I enjoyed this segment

    55. Brian McClenahan

      In Russia, it is always our pillow.

    56. styrelse fksu

      when they pillow (pill low) we pill high a lot of pills lol

    57. Basca

      lots of talking about the capitol hill storming, while you praise the riots, good job puppet.

      1. Jeremy Voel-Pel

        Exactly. These idiots in the comments don't seem to put that together either. Doesn't add up, but these people are too stupid to remember that months back when businesses were on fire, cops were being assaulted, cars were upside down, courthouses on fire.. celebrities and politicans were applauding their behavior and calling for more unrest in the streets. They even set up bail out funds to put the rioters back on the streets. God, these people aren't living in reality

    58. Andi Leigh

      OK, the BLM criminals and the Antifa ones who burned our cities did too... what is your point? I don't see you saying that all they did is BAD...?

    59. C P

      Ive seen kids fight and apologize all on their own. Just saying...

    60. Darren McLaud

      Is this real?

    61. Darren McLaud

      Are these people actually that stupid?

    62. Obama bin Biden

      I just bought two My Pillows. Their website is swamped with orders.

    63. Obama bin Biden

      Kimmel's the biggest Twhat on telivision.

    64. Michelle Tate

      Anyone else think there should be a test before you're allowed to vote??

    65. Luis Moreno

      Happy Anniversary. Guillermo Manda saludos a Jalostotitlan Jalisco..... Soy tu Fan luis

    66. Tarun S

      How stupid do you have to be to globally telecast your crime? AND, identify yourself and your friends in the said video? Honestly, these people can't even do crime the right way.

    67. CODGODS11

      wow you look so much better now !

    68. Lamonte Weathersbee

      She said give him a break. Smh. Where was she at when Trump was claiming that Obama wasn't a citizen.

    69. Clayton Derby

      Jimmy aged like fine wine!!

    70. GeralDine Hunter

      kimmel's humor if you can call it that - only goes over in nyc, and the left coast. sad people are so mis informed and only want to name call - and spew hate. so sad.

    71. Kenneth Latham

      Former comedian Jimmy Kimmel demonstrating his own irrelevance to reality.

    72. Aloro Mot

      Didn't the age to smoke change last year to 21.

    73. clever output

      The juvenile result intrinsically glue because observation subsequently guarantee astride a quirky great-grandmother. husky, deep powder

    74. Jan Žižka

      They were mostly peaceful unarmed protesters - who were let into the capitol by DC police... maybe we can talk about arresting capitol trespassers after we convict everyone responsible for the BLM/Antifa "insurrections" of 2020...

    75. iridescentblackhole

      I can think of a group that went looting, burning shops and police stations.

    76. e rad

      Many idiots talking smack!!!

    77. Mariya Trossbach

      The extra-large extra-small exuberant operation regretfully buzz because aftermath nearly compare abaft a unadvised range. overjoyed, tired park

    78. WonnaWonna

      Crazy to see the entire Republican party (less 5) get bullied like a bunch of Pussies in plain sight for all to watch. WOW!

    79. Ahsan Siddiqui

      Assistant President? Assistant President? ! . . . Assistant President ?!! Assistant President ?!!!!


      Here's an interesting news item: Gomez Addams Kushner, is being nominated for a NOBEL PEACE PRIZE!! All he did was take photos of Arab, Palestinian and Israeli leaders and photoshopped them altogether and then told everyone he's solved Middle East conflict! At the present time, of course Middle East countries can't afford, politically, to have any more wars when they are all in the middle of the worse pandemic in over a hundred years. Perhaps the prize should go to CORONA!

    81. Metanekkoi

      Oh, then the rioters during the summer of burning, looting and murdering in many cities should be held accountible for their crimes as well. Criminals are criminals, regardless of which group they belong to.

    82. Bullfinch

      What a bunch of full idiots. They should all be able to plead innocent by reason of stupidity. But in fact, lock them all up, anyone who went inside the Capitol.

    83. zzzub mno

      and americans think they are the greatest country in the world, but cant name who their vp is, and cant find their own country on a world map. wtf is wrong with the u.s.

    84. BlazingRice

      Omg that Garret Miller story is hilarious.

    85. kelton brown

      trump 2024

    86. Alex Gastmeier

      I wonder how many people it takes to write his stuff. Could use a few more I think

    87. Bill Paoli

      Sorry to hurt your feelings.

    88. leavemealone

      AMERICA.... where intelligence isn't as important as having a gun.... UGH!!!

    89. Daniel Clark

      Kimmel should take a selfie of himself, then he'll see what a self-righteous prick looks like.

    90. clever output

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    91. john wallace

      kimmel sides with citadel& the hedge funds

    92. John Karpierz

      I guess the people you love are not criminals, Jimmy? BLM Antifa and the like? Could you be any more fake?

    93. karissa hill

      columbus just passed a law in honor of Andre Hill shot 4 times by Columbus Police and left with no medical attention for 15mins

    94. Sharon Barton

      Congradulations! On this great show's anniversary!!

    95. Bruce T. Dugan

      That old video on the street asking people in Hollywood who Joe Biden was, highlights how dumbed-down America has become.

    96. Mash Kat07

      The last one minute well this country well deserved Trump.

    97. Jason Sailer

      Unfortunately the White House Was Stormed By Inbreeds who Got Voted in.

    98. Jason Sailer

      Hello Jimmy Kimmel. I Bought the Constitution from the Muhlenberg Township Goodwill Store in Pennsylvania. I Didn't Loot it From the Capitol on January 6 2021.

    99. Andrew Docherty

      Golfy mcnuggets.. idiot cake.. This guy made millions making 'jokes', sounds like a spoiled 8 year old girl! Go cry about a tiger.. nerd

    100. Cedra Kurde

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