No Life Shaq

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    1. Ineedmoney

      Geniuses don’t need to tell people they are a genius. People know it already.

    2. John Coltrane

      Shaq is too funny 😂😂

    3. sryre mhnmspaseis

      eminem will post a vid reacting to this as a responce to the diss

    4. Maria Primm

      Garbage. Garbage. Garbage! 🤢

    5. Maria Primm

      Im less than 30 seconds into the song itself and I'm already done. Boy BYE! 👋

    6. DoEsItMaddeR

      2nd video of yours I watched ever! I like yo swag. I get the 2+ mil subs now!

    7. Daniel Zajac jr

      Lol you got a problem fight me.

    8. Daniel Zajac jr

      No hook at all

    9. JohNNY BLAze

      Dam bro this shit is LAME, why you waisting our time with this garbage. I like your vids bruh but this kinda bullshit gotta go, but that's just my opinion (to each his own). Keep up the good work Shaq with the good content azz iz isn't

    10. Grim da beast88

      I’m done 😂😂😂 nick cannon did better but facts

    11. It's Just Logic

      Man some people are just delusional. 😂

    12. Todd Shade

      Instead AZ-IZZ he should go by NVR-WAZ

    13. Gmoney Miti!

      Eminem is not gonna respond at all.. it’s straight up trash

    14. PICKLEking

      U can have it😂😂

    15. Chris Dazle

      #Who is this guy?

    16. Zom Bee

      Dude got his comments turned off: 200 👍 & over 6k 👎 Smooth move genius! 🤣

    17. Manuel kelough

      ICP had the best diss on em I'm not a fan of course of Insain clown posse but at least em mentioned he heard thier diss and responded to it in I'm just marshall mathers lmao this guy is not very creative and he sounds like nick cannon lmao!!!!!!

    18. The World Of Fiction

      Look like he trying to like em azz, in that cover art

    19. Young Vamp

      His doing it clout lolllllll 😂😂

    20. Young Vamp

      😂😭 don’t make him diss Eminem

    21. Evo_Godly

      Bruh should we get another tombstone ready for this man when eminem spits one word and ends his career. It finna go like this, hey Em have you heard this diss track by AZ IZZ about you and he finna say "Who?" 🤣

    22. KCs Funhouse

      Em didn’t put his homies on??? What about D12? Royce?

    23. Jay Last name

      This dude is trash

    24. Mick Barnes

      Az izzzzzzzz gangster 😎🤣

    25. Patrick Terry

      This is embarrassing lol

    26. Thornberry's Garden

      Well you tried to react 😆 can't react to garbage music. Just throwing a bunch of random words that rhyme and don't make any sense at all

    27. Thornberry's Garden

      I'm with you. Can't listen any more of that trash

    28. Thornberry's Garden

      I've heard some bad rap, but this.... takes the whole cake and pie

    29. Thornberry's Garden

      Sounds like he is just dissing Em to publicize himself

    30. Thornberry's Garden

      Sounds like some elementary kid came up with the lyrics

    31. Thornberry's Garden

      RIP AZ IZZ!!! 😆🤣

    32. Thornberry's Garden

      Lol the first 1 min sounded like trash lol

    33. Ben Bruce


    34. Entrippy

      ppl without vids have more subs than that, hell they deserve more

    35. KillerFROST

      #Who Tf Is AZ IZZ!?

    36. Joseph Meilak

      The best diss track from bigbrother k rino is fuck eminiem and the other murder the mainstream k rino slaughtered him and murder the mainstream listen two k rino!

    37. Donicones

      He should change his name to Ass Izz

    38. Chad Lepine

      Your reactions always crack me up bro. Keep it up. Ayyeeee

    39. Jer Leh

      "You couldn't end Ja rule's career with this bro" Lmfao

    40. Psychopath Gamer

      Legend will always be legend

    41. Psychopath Gamer

      Em will never end

    42. Jason Mackenzie

      Conor McGregor said it best , " who the fook is that guy "? Lol and this my guy is 1 of those situations, take away the A and I outta this clowns name and that's what I'm of to do 8 mins into this zzzzzzzz , peace out shaq .

    43. Charlie Shaw

      Nah nah, I've seen a worse Eminem Diss track, it's called We Outchea by Fly Emcee

    44. BBlack6868 LiveTrading

      All I could take is about 45sec of this......better man than if you stayed longer......Next.

    45. James DK MOTO Malijan

      I'm not listening to some one who has a name that rhymes with jizz on it hahaha

    46. Vicky Gomez

      This man just jealous of Eminem's success

    47. Aurora Aliece


    48. Eddie Shamblin

      Eminem is just a hillbilly from Hazel Park prove me wrong

    49. Derrick Norman

      IZZ Az

    50. Eddie Shamblin

      Feminem that is all

    51. jcsadog

      Yes you got be lyrically inclined and not meaning leaning on a piano which is the only way az iz could be lyrically 😂🤪🤣😂🤪🤣⚰

    52. g brown


    53. Kolusii Biimai

      Most uselessssssssssss song i av ever heard .....dammm trashhh 🙄👎

    54. Ryokoji

      I always knew hiz AZZ was poppin molly once i started hearing this type of hippie shit

    55. True Coduit

      Shaq I had to go through an ad to see your reaction fam 😂😂😂😂 love it ems bodied

    56. Rogers life

      Lol totally ended ems carrier em couldn't even start this man's carrier to ruin it like mgk lmao

    57. Wrekkneyez

      just trynna get some clout 50 cent style by going at one the biggest but he waited till blonde Eminem was retired but he so trash Eminem’s mom could go bar for bar with her story raps

    58. Vinay Bhojak

      What kind of beat and music he is using lol my utensils are clinging

    59. BigDozer84

      I see that Lian Li strimer plus 24 pin cable!

    60. Stoneys Garage

      As is, what you put on something broken trying to sell it, you know it doesn't work or it's missing something but you trying to sell it just to get rid of it, AZ izz lmao

    61. Ravekho Vadeo

      Who's this dude

    62. Emrald99 - Games and More

      Eminem wouldn’t even dirty his hands on this is. The Stans will.

    63. C Ball

      all the love from down under brother buteven as a aussie who knows fuck all bout hip hop but this dude was getting pegged by mariah while nick is in the corner pulling his pud lol

    64. Daniel Bennerson

      Thank God you cut that shit!!!!! That dude is a goof weak as hell

    65. Keegan Bima

      All them subscribers probably his family some friends 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    66. Sean Bills

      O god IZZ ASS has done it again

    67. Jacob Wilson

      7:09 So wack, shaq stared at the camera for a good 30 seconds. Lmao 🤣🤣

    68. Jacob Wilson

      Where tf do yall get these badass intros bruh!?

    69. Pink socks

      Preach it Sir !!!

    70. larry

      Your video got more views than his

    71. Bo Utterman

      Even Eminem can't give this guy enough of a career to be worth a quarter of a bar.

    72. Rob Whisenant

      I could write a better rap track than this yeah azizz is azz

    73. Mexica Tiahui

      Doea this guy have a speech impedime? Just curious, is he from bother country and speaks with an accent i never heard of? Seems like he haves his lips stuck to his teeth when speaking.all i hear is shhh shhh shhh shhh ahen he cam seem speak 😂😂😂

    74. Kate Summers

      Oh my dear Molly! My brain has voluntarily vacated the premises. 🧠

    75. Reflect

      Az izz iz azz

    76. Lyrics Closet

      His lyrics are trash and he's got no flow!

    77. Matt K.

      Im offended by his use of the word "nigger."

    78. Micologist. DON GINSU

      😅😂😂😂😂😂😭😭 I can't find the Words Bro !!! I'm Floored ! The shit is toxic waste !!

    79. Afro Reynolds

      I couldn't make it through the whole video from laughing so hard at the commentary..#no life shaq 🙃😂😂

    80. John Her

      Where to is his words going I don't even see a pattern weak ass lines weak az name Lol

    81. Magdaleno Moreno

      He has AZ in his name 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    82. Danky Jay

      Your facial expressions kill me bro 🤣🤣🤣

    83. nickadrian pumihic

      I was trying to keep myself awake but this diss track made me sleep.

    84. Sibby

      🤣😂🤣😂he finished one career, his own and it didnt even started 😂🤣😂🤣 so in the end he still didnt finish a career🤣😂


      Your look at 7:20 says it all .. 😉

    86. Joe M

      Why does this dude talks like a he's losing his ability to talk? And about that azizz guy, man he sucks.

    87. Stephen Burris

      My brother you are fuckn hilarious. Thanks for the work my brother

    88. tasty lemons Chris

      took a shit today and the turd sounded better when it hit the water, come on guys!

    89. Mikey Bone

      new sub here loving your reactions you are too funny definley gonna check out some other uploads of yours keep em coming

    90. κικο

      if any of us ever recorded ourselves saying F u marshal and just uploaded it on youtube it would be a much better diss towards em

    91. Redmond Survivor

      I thought I'd explain a little about who Az Izz... is, seeing as I can't see any comments talking about it (maybe not many old-school Eminem heads here?). Az Izz was a member of the underground rap crew Outsidaz, who worked with D12 (and the Fugees) a bunch when starting out. Outsidaz' album The Bricks is actually a bit of an underrated classic. You might remember Eminem shouts them out on a few tracks on The Slim Shady LP. "Outsidaz, baby, and we suing the courts, cos we dope as fuck and only get a 2 in The Source." There was a bit of a falling out with Eminem and the group after Young Zee and Pacewon (both members of Outsidaz) had their verses cut from the track Amityville on The Marshall Mathers LP (Dr. Dre thought the album had too many features). But they later made up, and Eminem even shouted out Pacewon and Young Zee on the Shady XV album. Why Az Izz is butthurt at Eminem, though? I have no idea. He was never that good. Young Zee and Pacewon were actually dope rappers. Az Izz was just there. And Young Zee himself has called out Az Izz for talking shit in a recent interview.

    92. Derrick Bullington

      He can't stanz it

    93. Charles McLennan

      Bro shaq you should react to AK again. Its been awhile

    94. danni ragu

      Lol stop it

    95. Mark P.

      “Nick Cannon did better then you” I’m sleep bro

    96. reaper creeper

      from the 7:09 to 7:17 mark in this video you said it all without saying anything at all. this sucks. i mean this really sucks. fucking garbage. all just to get the name out there? fuck outta here. em hears this, why would he even waste the time to respond? seriously.

    97. Trent Woodard

      Eminem is the 🐐

    98. Ah'kell Whitfield

      nick cannon lmao

    99. White Boy Rick

      Ik why his name be az izz Someone tell him just because he learned how to jizz dosnt mean you can step to the king

    100. J R

      Bro I’m sorry I had to fast forward through the song, song was stinky wet Chinese restaurant dumpster garbage!!!!