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    Some Classic DDE Vlogs:
    YOU WON"T BELIEVE WHY THIS COP PULLS ME OVER! *Most Ridiculous Ticket In A Lamborghini*
    You WON"T BELIEVE WHY He Pulled Over!
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    Lamborghini Pulled Over By Oregon State Police

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    1. DailyDrivenExotics

      Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: ✅ ANDROID: ✅ PC: and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days

      1. Rydnorth


      2. Samantha Hernandez

        i love every single one of your videos

      3. Jj Tatas

        Can you get a mopar


        Do it ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️


        🤑🤑🤑Hey man buy a power full sper bike to collection 🔥🔥💥💢💢💯💯

    2. Kai The Imortal

      "ive been playing it for years" *is level 1*

    3. Brian

      What circle lights are those? I want them

    4. Rydnorth

      I love how he calls it a "Winter Beater" lol

    5. Don Ismael

      Damn just like im whatching Need For Speed

    6. silly sip


    7. Mica Ubillus


    8. saiba raja


    9. fabio oliveira

      “Raid shadow legends” 😂 you dick heads. 😂

    10. Chad Croom

      Anyone know the brand name of the lights on the front?

    11. Joe Is me

      Just send it and give it a wide body and the loudest exhaust you can just why not


      "Look at the back of a Maybach, look at all the room for activities" lmao yess Damon yes

    13. John Montag

      Rwd rally car..... doesn't look like a Lancia

    14. Melvin Jenkins Jr.

      Anybody else cringe hard af when he drilled into the Ferrari bumper?

    15. Richard Cahill

      Love the wrap

    16. Thomas A Camel

      The car looks great

    17. deputy Nico

      2:30 I love your editor

    18. Gary Gutier

      Fucking Raymond Rocks!.......... Dutchebag you couldn't even remove a shiftknob. Bwahahahahahaha Imma start a channel with Raymond and bash you DDE snapperheads constantly.

    19. Michael Brown

      It came out dope

    20. Erik N

      Dave driving a Volvo?

    21. Sc_ Angel

      Best video since corantine has started

    22. Ryan VanBeek

      fuckin ridiculous! you guys are killing it! absolutely killing it

    23. Dj Chris Roxx

      E P I C !

    24. Lumi Hyseni

      Jon Olsson did this years ago.

    25. Shawn / Burton


    26. Wedge Wankers

      had to turn off the audio...

    27. Abusive Wolf

      Couldn't watch a few videos as was traveling. N man I'm having such a blast watching em back to back . Killing it guys, love ur work !!! ❤❤

    28. ComeRide WivMe

      Yep defo winning with that 🏎🏎🏎❄️❄️❄️❄️

    29. Reef Kid Darian

      The Ferrari looks so clean when it drifts. But im still waiting for that wing.

    30. Garrett Bowman

      I love how he starts drilling holes in the front bumper of his Ferrari then I go oh wait it's getting a whole new body kit so it's perfectly fine.

    31. Ricmaniac

      honestly wonder how much raid shadowlegends paid them. Almost half the video was the ad =p

    32. Sean Walsh

      Damon and Dave have You ever thought of getting a Porsche 911 Gt2 RS or a 911 GT3 RS even tho you have a Lamborghini and a Ferrari?

    33. Jan Zajac

      Hey anyone can share the brand of air suction device and LED lights?

    34. Marc Reyes

      Damn y’all downgrade from sheepey race to 316 slow 😂😂

    35. Mark Cuevas

      Slasher in the game looks like gigan from the Godzilla franchise

    36. DarkSagan

      Ripping in the snow was badass. Loving those lights.

    37. Philippe Leng

      I love the drifting part

    38. Michael Lawson

      9:56 Im just wqiting for the cease and desist letter from ferrari lol

    39. Reston Ivan

      This was the journey begin First: The Lambo he made it into rally and got popular Second: The Ferrari he made it into rally car and so on..

    40. Collin Zito

      Do white lights on the Ferrari

    41. Joshua Lowe

      Winter beater?!?! Resale value out the window I guess. 🤣🤣🤣

    42. Fleury29Power

      You know you’re a true DDE fan when you watch all of Dave’s raid shadow legends ad

    43. Holy_travioli_reefs •

      Well fucking done !!!!!! Wow !!!!!!

    44. Saif Khan

      some need for speed loading screen type ish forreal 💯

    45. Victor Bouchot

      You need under glow

    46. Luis Roig

      Lord I work 50 hours a week and just turned 50 and still can't afford a sports car lol but I have fun watching you guys enjoy the cars.

    47. razis henry

      Why camouflaged? Why not some race car livery?

    48. esceti95

      Drilling front of Ferrari kinda hunt nglf🤷‍♂️

    49. Diamond Digger

      Wearing a Politically correct mask?? A virus is 0.06 microns in size.... Its like putting up Chicken wire cage for Mosquitoes...... Sorry first one I cant watch... Masks sucks...

    50. Joe Zen

      7:14 is that a replica of the need for speed undercover cover car in the back? ( i hope i made that make sense)

    51. Jacob R

      That back half was real life Forza

    52. Jaime Castro

      can you put the wheels that the old Ferrari had?

    53. morten lauritsen

      um65121597 | 63507657

    54. Dilly Bar

      a 3 minute ad... jesus

    55. Spencer 12

      Am I the only person who noticed they were watching step brothers in the the back of the maybach?

    56. chris adams

      how many time did you spin out lol

    57. Rbt112_Xds

      Dde buy a volvo

    58. King Lino

      best outro yet lolol

    59. inCognitoJay

      Adding the Raymond bit to the end bashing Daymon is hilarioussss! lmaooooo byeeee

    60. Walter Malvo

      I wish road Switzerland 🇨🇭 would let the snow on the road like this 😍

    61. Alex Day

      Raise the Ferrari since it’s your rally build, it doesn’t need to be so low.

    62. VRaziel

      HAHAHAHA the end of the video xD

    63. Eva Helen Sæternes

      Thank you you made me wanna drill holes in a frontbumper

    64. Tattooant22

      That end clip 😍🔥

    65. F. Adrian

      Get all-terrain tires

    66. Rahul Gupta

      8:46 That montage is amazing Jamie is such a great editor

    67. Dromos

      Lift the 358 and put mud terrains on it😳😳

    68. neto7

      So does anthony not own that shop in beverly hills anymore or what?

    69. Lil Fizz

      Let me get a car from the fleet

    70. Poke

      Imagine ferrari sending them a cease and desist on a side note, i dont think giving the car a wrap and adding a roof box and some lights makes it a rally car

    71. Garrett Roy

      It’s so funny seeing him drive it I’m I’m not trying to be rude but like it’s just funny

    72. Garrett Roy

      I’m 13 and I can drive a machine like that better than David and oh my gosh bro

    73. Captain Skater

      I'm pretty sure its mayBACK but that's just me

    74. Ahmed Lasania

      That looks so fun at night time on that track

    75. Silas

      man how i love raid shadow legends

    76. Gary fletcher

      i remember when you done your offroad lambo huracan, now Chris from B is for Build is doing it the right way, obviously you weren't gonna chop up a good car, so you did what you could, Chris was lucky enough to get given a shell, can't wait to see the finished product!!

    77. NightmaresBTW

      Hey! This video is sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends! Ok, skip skip skip!

    78. Emmanuel Popenco

      The dirty mayback like bro u have an experience car Clean it at least!!! What a disappointment 🤦‍♂️

    79. Anna Darby

      Raid Shadow Legends Game ID: um71163312 | 69294230 Hope I win this!!

    80. JoshE - Frags

      That's fucking sick.. Imagine trailing and drifting near to your winter beater with those light strips; it has an intense range of light which is absolutely perfect for winter!!

    81. Bobibo Billi

      This episode is so suffocating haaaaaaaa!

    82. Bobibo Billi

      Daily Masked Exotics

    83. Francisco Barrera

      It makes me remember when I use to play need for speed!!🏎

    84. Big Dog

      That wasn't damon driving in the snow

    85. Relentless Brawl Stars

      8:37 😂 Left Raymond hanging lol

    86. David Goden

      I’m late on this video but watching it now

    87. jesus rivas

      Out of all cars in the fleet why this one you guys own enough awd cars

    88. Logan Hilber

      When are we going to see Dave's new cut/tattoo

    89. Jon

      Raid.....and skip skip skip

    90. DroneWolf Media

      He went with the lights! Stradman would be proud! 🤜🤛 It looks great Damon. 💪

    91. AverageTokes

      Stradmans next video.... "Introducing my 430 Challenge, winter beater edition" lmao

    92. Jacob Durand

      The quality of these videos are insane. They in Canada but its Hollywood 💯💯

    93. Dan Smol

      We need the info back) With the whole squad

    94. she luvs nikts

      man what happen to the supra

    95. starky carrillo

      Looks super good sliding amazing Demon 👏👏👏👏👏

    96. Jagvir D

      Lift the 488 and put tracks on it!

    97. Jordan Rahman

      Help Vtuned get parts for his 720S

    98. heywoahboyz smith

      Sub to heywoahboyz

    99. Lillian Hutchidson

      East of my time

    100. Maquil Real

      you should put steelys on the ferrari beater hahaha