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    On today's show, the guys chat about Tom Cruise going ballistic on the set of Mission Impossible 7 and how he's trying to put the entire movie industry on his back, what cartoon character the guys think they are most alike, they break out the Teremana yet again, and cover a wide range of topics as they get you ready for the weekend. Plus, Nick adds a couple new Friday Bangerz to the list, and includes a couple of Christmas Songs for the occasion. Don't forget to subscribe to kgup.info and become a member of McAfee's Mafia to watch episodes on KGup. We appreciate you all, stay safe this weekend.
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    1. Nicholas Rogers

      Idk why these guys think screaming is entertaining. It's obnoxious.

    2. Gordon Nance

      Energy from da bois is classic

    3. JC Sports Cast

      Does Mansuri provide anything other than some random voices.. Toxic Table is the greatest

    4. Cameron Church

      Hands DAHN the most electrifying podcast on earth

    5. Elvis Rodriguez

      What song is that beat from ?

    6. StoneR21pkg


    7. Squirt Reynolds

      One of the most electric episodes

    8. Douglas Austin

      Dump Em Ahhht

    9. trolling THE trolls

      just so you know, when ppl use the club and you want to steal the car all you gotta do is cut the steering wheel and the club comes right off, a tip from nyc lol

    10. Tre Day

      Came back to this episode where TC is ripping into his crew, but it’s been so long I thought it is was Pat chewing someone out. 🤣🤣

    11. Zimmer Stone

      pimp this on The blood show

    12. Aye Aye Rawn

      Connors sunglasses tho! Anybody know details on those bad boys?

    13. Cameron Adamson

      Zito "Pulled a blood vessel there" LMFAO

      1. Cameron Adamson

        "Oh I pulled an armpit" hahahaha

    14. Tyler Bennett

      7:30 might be the most electric thing I've ever seen I've seen in my life.

    15. Robert Veitenheimer


    16. Jeffrey Navarro

      Pat with the bizzy is hysterical 😂😂

    17. ZAC BASS

      Don't count out Utah and the Mormon Mafia coming out of the promise land. Lol

    18. Phantomlord067

      I love that they block out the bong thats clearly visible in the reflection on the window lol

    19. Jared Watchorn

      Love the pods boys. Great listen

    20. PhxHDchiller

      Greatest show on earth. Keep it up boys!

    21. Underdog Fantasy Football Greats

      Happy birthday Schmit Head!!

    22. Ryan Krueger

      midwest is completely surrounded by water and canada. You guy's id get wrekt once winter happens.

    23. Rick Honig

      7:30 has some electricity.

    24. FLYiNG CASH TV

      why can’t they show the bong if it’s “cbd”?😂😂😂😂

    25. Johnny

      Any shot we have a Gorman comeback anytime?

    26. Jairo Alfaro

      Wtf man. Ive been missing tf out

    27. DrumKiller2

      Why is just called the Pod. That’s literally such a dumb name. Heartland Radio sounded cooler.

    28. randy sumrall

      I Fucking love Pat coming in with the bong! 🤣🤣

    29. Joe Erotic

      ESPN made their employees take pay cuts. Pat smokes the boys out every damn day.

    30. DeeDubious

      Its not like the blacked-out item in question wasnt being reflected on the window 😂

    31. Nicholas Simmons

      Pat smoking a black box 😤😤😤

    32. Andrew Smith

      Probably didn't notice the reflection of the bong in the window

    33. Bob Rogers

      50% of people that die in the woods die in the woods

    34. iam Bobbyking

      We are all part of the McAfee mafia.

    35. Drew Jardine

      THIS IS THE BEST PODCAST I HAVE SEEN! I have been watching pods since 2013 and this is next level man

    36. Schedule1ne315

      I’m going to plant my family crest on zitos plot

    37. Gecko Rob

      ya use mongoose to kill snakes and ruin the eco system just like its been done prior to humans. 👌🏻🤣

    38. Nolweez Dubs

      THANK U GUYS for putting these episodes on KGup.

    39. Bryan Robinson

      Hell yea boys HBD TY

    40. BA

      That is not cbd lmao y’all the best

    41. Brian Whipple

      I would get yoked by scrolling back far enough to find a picture of Zito yoked.

    42. BA Bosses

      the blurred out bong lmao

      1. d3sigN8t3dDruNk

        sponsor obligations man lmao

    43. Freddy Inferno2

      The blackout for the bong lmaoo

      1. Schedule1ne315

        I lost it when they also blacked out the reflection

      2. Sosa Miyagi


    44. Bob Marjle

      Petition to have a special with the boys playing zombies.

    45. Bob Marjle

      It takes all of us. Thank youuuuuu Tom.

    46. Dad Rifles

      This pod is becoming my 3rd favorite. Behind PMS and Hammer Dahn.

    47. Bret Mellott

      3 wins without a doubt boys

    48. Em Barrased.

      Sorry boys I'm cheap af and can't get the membership but thank you!!! For letting me stay a scumbag

    49. Dead eye23

      I love this pod man just a group bros chilling and making BANK off it, love you guys

      1. Schnell

        @Bob Marjle Any money made from da boys chilling and posting the videos on KGup is a W

      2. Dead eye23

        @Bob Marjle yea you're probably right but at some point I think they will

      3. Bob Marjle

        I don’t think they’re making much money off the pod.

    50. Michael Main

      When you live in Michigan you know exactly where that ice scraper is in the car at all times

      1. justin perrin

        We gotta keep it in our car for like 8 months out of the year here🤣 just used mine yesterday

    51. Jake Chaillier

      I can't believe I've been missing this.

      1. d3sigN8t3dDruNk

        I didnt know it even existed til last week and I watch the PMS every. single. day. I must live under a fucking rock. What a stooge lol

      2. Cole Adams

        No kidding brother. Me too.

      3. Michael Grant

        They didn't promote this line I thought. I've been waiting for this since heart land radio 2.0

      4. __187 __

        Me too ✋

      5. Charles Washington

        Facts. I gotta join the mafia

    52. Nick Guilbeau

      Fun fact, the comodo dragon spits venom on its prey, and tracks in until its weak enough to kill.

    53. Seth money

      We need more of this

    54. Biggus Dickuss

      Gotta black it out but in the reflection you see the big ass bong

    55. Charlie Gaines

      Happy Dirty 30 Ty

    56. pizzaguy

      Zeet is electric in these lmao

    57. robert donley

      Mcafee mafia and the boyssss... How u doin?! Keep it moving!!!

    58. N

      Boston Connor is God’s gift to mankind

      1. ControlledChaos1994

        It pains me to agree as a diehard Bills fan, but underrated comment right here. Dude’s an absolute blast

    59. Dan Lemon

      Shout the fuck out to the boys and pittsburgh pa!!! LETS GO

    60. bgriss49

      Thank youuuu pod

    61. George

      Its a great week the pod is now free lets go

    62. Gavin Thompson

      Boys, waaaay more spiders in the world than snakes you’d have to kill snakes

    63. Jesse Lund

      Gump's drunk off one shot of Rock piss...


      Nick the cap less stooge

    65. Nathan Roy

      More cbd let’s gooo

    66. Nathan Roy

      Let’s fucking go baby I love the boys I love the videos

    67. James Bond

      I will upvote all re-uploads to support the McAfee mafia in its global takeover.

    68. nasty bad

      Uploading old videos confusing the hell out of me I thought we had a new pod to watch ☹️

    69. Jeffrey Cavanaugh

      I still can't believe Alaskas favorite Christmas movie is Die Hard. Fucking metal.

      1. Beef Supreme

        It really is a Christmas movie, I’ve always said this lol

    70. bladetio4ify

      You guys are amazing I love listening to everyone in the haus. Feel like I'm part of the group thanks alot guys long time listener and follower.

    71. Jesse Smith

      NFL Draft expert Jason Pruett from DraftPlex is a draft wizard

    72. Tribleman247

      Lets go! But I will say, Zito is still wrong, a Komodo Dragon will fuck him up with literally one bite because they are excessively venomous, at one point it was thought they have bacteria that broke down tissue but they actually have extremely dangerous venom that results in necrosis

      1. Wraith Ghost

        It bites and waits for you to break down. It tracks you by the bite

    73. Luke Hunter


    74. Sean Tagga


    75. Eddie Guerrero Jr

      How you doin? Keep it movin!