BASSMASTER PROS Did NOT Expect ALL This - Team SMC Hits the Keys Ep.1

Scott Martin

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    I’ve dreamed about this trip for a long time and it finally time to put team SMC to the test..this series is gonna be action packed and full some crazy stuff.
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    1. Scott Martin

      The ending of this video was SUPER CRAZY! If we can get this video to 7,000 likes I will give away someone a Vice Versa hat or a Team SMC hat of your choosing! Be sure to share the video!

      1. Kenny Sampson

        @Scott Martin sent. Appreciate it.

      2. Scott Martin

      3. Ricky Ferguson

        It’s great to be young! I would have been crying like a baby if I fought that fish a hour 1/2! You must be so proud of your son!! That is great to be able to share that with him! Love your channel!!

      4. Owen Pearson

        Martin u know my uncle mark mcaig and my dad Steven Pearson who beat you at lake mill site

      5. Guitar Girl

        I love this video that was crazy!

    2. Kerry Parks

      Brahahahahahah! This is fun, but let's stick with fishing poles! Amen Brother! Tarpon! Tarpon! Tarpon! SHARK!!! YOU ARE HOLDING BAIT OVER SALT WATER, WHERE FREAKING SHARKS LIVE!


      Thats a Messer fish😂


      That gold fish looked like you Billy.😂

    5. Gauthier_Fishing

      That ship though is beautiful lol love the wrap on it

    6. Clapmando

      I cant imagine how much money the motorized reels cost. I went yellowfin tuna fishing and by the time I got the 100 pound tuna to the boat, I thought my arm was gonna fall off. Those motor reels would have been awesome.

    7. Oren Suess

      Scott Martin make another video with James and Trash Talk him this time

    8. Oren Suess

      Scott Lauren why don’t you just cut Pop in chains and make a video with him again I would like to see who wins this time

    9. Andy Garcia

      Number one Bassmaster fisher! 💯

    10. Sonny Morrison

      I think you need to go with Yamaha. Motor when you change 👍👍👍👍👍

    11. pyrex sluts

      yessir 😎 coronas

    12. Nic West

      does the captain not look like and sound like Bam Margera?

    13. Christopher Evans

      When is the Googan squad go out fishing with you? 😂🤣😂🤣😂

    14. Laura Scott

      Way to fight Reid!

    15. Donald Wolff

      Awesome video keep making killer content

    16. Davin Fisher

      You have to go down here in Louisiana and catch some cobia and dolphin

    17. Connor Pollock


    18. Jake Schisler

      Good job, Reed!

    19. J. Small

      Dudes beings bro’s can’t beat it

    20. Logan Ward

      I am a huge fan

    21. Bradley Knowles

      Whats going down on the SMC "Beer & Dinner" thats what i'm talking about...

    22. Bradley Knowles

      Lots of fun hauling them fish in like that on lite line & tackle. I got my PB yellow fin tuna a couple years ago at 167-lbs it was a toad & took everything I had in the fighting chair for 1hour 18min to drag him through the fish door. Instant sashimi getting cut up on the deck while its still kicking...

      1. Scott Martin

        That’s so awesome

    23. Larry Smith

      That was awesome;-) thanks for sharing!!!!!!!

    24. Amanda Cook

      What is your Pb largemouth?

    25. DGTrees2005

      Scott’s hair is a mix between a Chia Pet and one of the Hanson kids.

    26. BassGeek

      Those Tarpon are crazy.

    27. Tim Fontenot

      Epic outing guys. Love the vid and the crew 🍻🍻

    28. Greg Martin

      Is it me or does Reed look just like his grandpa Roland ? Billy ! we gots to go -)

    29. Garrett

      Where is Brandon?

    30. Jordan Anderson

      How much money to get your son to shave that fuzz on his chin? Lol

      1. Scott Martin

        I’ll ask him..he really needs some he may do it in the

    31. Jason Godfrey

      Dude you have to make some Team SMC stickers. That logo was sick!!!!

      1. Jason Godfrey

        Scott Martin yess!!!

      2. Scott Martin

        We will have them in the next drop

    32. Brian Sherrill

      I missed something... when did you get the Freeman wrapped? looks BADA$$!!!

      1. Brian Sherrill

        @Scott Martin Awesome! Can't wait to see more from SMC boys!

      2. Scott Martin

        Thanks Brian..SignZoo did it..👍🏻

    33. Brian Cunningham

      I miss Billy and Brandon's adventures

      1. Scott Martin

        Me too

    34. reaper2009rzr

      what a great set up !!! and billy is the man !

    35. Check Mate

      OMG... Sooooo Much Fun! My Fav. Is the too long debut of that Gorgeous Mane. Don't let ANY one tell ya different. That goes triple for the boys too. Reed your Finesse with that fish was the key. You really can't just rip em, Especially at the top, but fighting Every fish y'all catch I guess isn't feasible. AWESOME JOB Y'ALL. I'm on pins and Needles waiting for the next. Much💜. 🤜🤛🌋. Even Tomatoes wear Sunscreen. 😊

    36. Rusty Wells

      This is one of the best videos you have ever done Scott heck just do more like this and they will all be hits!

    37. Graham Bumpas

      That joint is the dream! love the vids keep em coming

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks Graham

    38. Piya Chetty

      Amazing video Scott great trip out with the guys love it wish to meet you one day when you come to south Africa 👍🇿🇦🎣🍾

    39. Kenny Witek

      Big pimpin Avenue 😂 those vise versa hats are awesome!

      1. Scott Martin

        👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼 thanks

    40. Sonny's Outdoors

      Can’t wait for part 2!

    41. Bobby Heitz

      Nice catch Reed.

    42. kvandy5989

      Trash talking James would of shit himself

      1. Scott Martin

        Yes he would lol

    43. textrophyman

      Sucks Billy's not around as much anymore.........Awesome vid!!!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks bro!

    44. JESSe leath

      man some of the beat content on youtube.

    45. Michael Peloso

      That was a great video !! Love Reed's fight at the end !! Awesome ! Cant wait for part two

    46. Nico posluszny

      Love the videos man keep up the good work. I wish one day I could come fishing with you

    47. David Hand

      How long is your Saltwater boat

      1. Scott Martin


    48. Tim Newby

      Billy is the best! Natural comedian. He makes your videos more entertaining. Love Billy gotta bass!

    49. Sonny Morrison

      Lots of fun great video you son stole the show 👍👍👍👍👍

      1. Sonny Morrison

        Not lucky enough to to win👍👍👍

      2. Scott Martin

        He was so excited


      Bro you have to take trash talkin James fishing somewhere serious and do a tourney again thoes videos are the funniest ones you got😂😂

      1. Connor Pollock

        Agree we love James we need more!!!!

    51. jdpram99

      What’s the reason for using a guide on your own boat?

      1. Scott Martin

        He is the captian for the boat and the boat is a charter business.. He is also a close friend and enjoy hanging out.. Last is I like learning everything I can especially from a experienced fisherman like Sam.

    52. Elite_Sniper1006

      Hey Scott, I live in Clewiston but I dont have a boat. Where are some good bank fishing locations that I could fish?.

    53. Donald Touchton

      Awesome 👊🏻👍🏻

    54. hewittjh58

      Always know it's going to be a good video when Billy shows up.

    55. Terry Kornegay

      Freaking awesome awesome dude that fight was insane on 20lbs T damn great job cus.

    56. Rod Kirk

      No masks????????

      1. Scott Martin

        Why is there so many ?

    57. Jackson Johnson

      I love the keys! Just got back yesterday!

    58. Edward Aki


    59. Edward Aki

      Awesome video again Mr. Martin you never disappoint. Man those mountains are some fisherman what a great lineage of fisherman in that family. Keep them coming Scott awesome video had us all pumped up🔥💥🤙🏼🙏🏼🇺🇸✌🏻👊🏼

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks bro

    60. linbooma1

      Good times brother wish I was there with y’all!!!!

      1. Scott Martin


    61. Bradley Hallman

      Thanks 🙏 to all The Boys! Awesome Epic Trip to the Keys with SMC! That Freeman is Sick.... How do we go back bass fishing? Can’t wait to see video #2!🔥 🔥

      1. Scott Martin

        Had a blast!! Video 2 is gonna be crazy

    62. Rod Ketelers

      What a fishing trip, having your sons and great friends; nothing better. God has truly blessed you.

    63. Douglas H

      That was a fu%#ing awesome video! Thank you sir!

    64. Chris H

      Thanks again for the icredible adventures of SMC!

    65. Saturday7x

      Great video! You’re killing it! Best fishing channel on KGup!

      1. Scott Martin


    66. Phillip Morgan

      Robbies is awesome! Went there last year!

    67. Scott Jewett

      WOW!!!! that sucks im not there but i love SMC!!!

    68. Carol Voetberg

      Good job great stuff

    69. Chip Hester

      I wanna aqua and gray SMC hat

    70. Patrick Connors

      Classic battle, sweet. Nice work Reed.

    71. lightlinefishing

      Do you have s vacation deal down their? Like 5 day stay with 2 to 3 day boat charter

      1. Scott Martin

    72. Luke Garcia

      @BradleyHallman throw the BFE buddy!!!! Hahahaha!!!

    73. Luke Garcia

      It's awesome to see my dude Bradley up in the SMC videos now! Makin moves bro!

    74. johnny saechao

      U guys having to much fun out there! Wish I was ur friend 🤓🤓👊 keep them videos coming Scott love them!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks Johnny

    75. BUBBA FORD


      1. Scott Martin


    76. Tony Summar

      Too much fun! Love to have a SMC hat! Bobby is so funny, need more Bobby! “Bobby’s got a bass”. Lol What happened to Brandon, is he still around? What to go Reese! Such an epoch ending!

      1. Scott Martin


    77. Mike Jones

      Awesome video! I hope one day I'll be fortunate enough to do stuff like this with my family and friends. Keep em coming Scott!!

    78. Photo Bob

      REED! Hell yes that was great.

    79. Leroy sosa

      That was one great videos. Thank you so much for this video watching all the way from Spain I really appreciate it much that was 110 simplified moment waiting for that fish not tuna look amazing time to have some sashimi little soy sauce and lemon maybe some wasabi God bless you and your family as well as the crew can't wait to see another video thank you so much peace out

      1. Scott Martin

        Those Blackfin are the best!!!

    80. tony jessen

      Looks like good times 😃👍👍

    81. Marius Fourie

      Nice tune man. On 20lb line. Thats fishing.

      1. Scott Martin

        Crazy fight

    82. Lucas Saraiva

      I was just in the Keys and it was great. I ended up feeding those Tarpon and it was a blast. We ended up passing your property on a sunset cruise and I didn’t even notice and my sister said that she saw your truck I didn’t believe it. Any way great videos.

      1. Scott Martin

        So crazy! Good times down here

    83. Larry Corley

      I like the videos with all the guys all the different personalities works well

    84. Arcs & Sparks Welding

      Great vid Scott. Go team SMC!

    85. stacy gowan

      Great job out there can't believe Billy catches a tuna in that float. Wow awesome

      1. stacy gowan

        We've been it is a good time.

      2. BillyGottaBass

        They got me bro!

    86. Michael Gurganious

      Man this was awesome. Been at least 12 years since I been back down to the keys. Sure miss my home town of Clewiston and being able to get down to the Keys.

    87. Tim Newby

      You guys are so hilarious 😂. Good friends and family!!

    88. JJ's favorite cousin Heinrichs

      Tell Hillary I said happy birthday

    89. Scott Collins

      The tarpon caught Billy.

    90. BigMouth380cal

      Best video of the day for me. Team SMC looks to be having the time of their life as well. Beautiful. All of it.

    91. Stacy Jackson

      Scott where can I get a hat like Reed has on that is a killer hat. Also if you charter a trip with the Vice Versa do you go?

      1. Scott Martin

        We do charter.. Hats will be available on the next Merch drop

    92. silly guy

      I faught a 90lb amberjack for 45 min one time. But i had a big deep sea rod

    93. Tina S

      At 4:59 Scott he can’t say he caught fish but he can say that they caught him!😆

      1. Scott Martin


    94. Jake Martin

      Love the videos! I would love to fish with you! Keep up the hard work! Love Mr goldfish 😂😂🐠👌🐟👍🐡🎣 You and Hillary are awesome! You should post Mr Goldfish's fish on Fish brain too lol.

    95. ONeills Outdoors

      Awesome video! y’all are crazy lol. what are you guys fishing in?

      1. Scott Martin

        The boat is a Freeman 42.

    96. Brittany

      Poor Billy. Great video

    97. Chuck Pippin

      Had an awesome time with awesome friends! Can’t wait to do it again! 👍🏻🔥🎣

    98. Lucas Jensen

      Hey love your vids keep making them

    99. Aidan Sibits

      Scott Martin is the man

    100. silly guy

      I've always got into an argument with my buddys about bass fishing. I think they just like to hate on whatever i like. But anyways, they always hate on bass fishing and my come back is that you can saltwater fish with a gold hook. Bass fishing takes skill and patients. I was in the dry tortugas on a fishing trip and we got into a school of king fish. After 20 straight hook ups i dropped a bare gold hook and got hooked up.

      1. silly guy

        @Kirinketsu enter a bass tournament and i guarantee you won't feel that way.

      2. Kirinketsu

        ...You can catch a Bass with a stick on a hook or a large hook also, most bites from a bass is due to territorial control and that natural predator instinct of attacking fleeing pray. "Bass fishing takes skill and patients" skill sure if by skill you mean knowing where the fish might be during the time of day and based on the weather, but that can be said with all fish even in saltwater. Patients no, if you catch fish from patients then that means you are fishing wrong. If you are waiting around until at the same location until the fish decides to bite which usually means a fish finally swam to the location you are fishing. Assuming it is not stocked if you are fishing in a river or creek you are going to catch Sunfish/Bluegill or many types of Bass before any other types of fish that take a lot more skill to catch, Bass are very easy to catch.

      3. FishinPA

        its different when you actually have to learn the fishery yourself instead of being dropped in on the Mecca...