TRY NOT TO LAUGH 🐶😺🐟🐴🐐🙉🦃 Funniest Animals Scared People Reaction of 2020 Weekly


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    TRY NOT TO LAUGH 🐶😺🐟🐴🐐🙉🦃 Funniest Animals Scared People Reaction of 2020 Weekly
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    1. Christine Sarreau

      C'est comme ça quand on fait chier les animaux

    2. don christie

      Anyone get the thumbnail?? It’s a reference to the song” you can’t roller skate in a buffalo herd” roger Miller

    3. Dohn Mungan


    4. Suzannah Chirgwin-wade

      Well done fish

    5. Monkey TV

      These animals live as if they had no fear.

    6. Sina Walker

      I love video animals

    7. Funny Daily

      Funniest Animals attack haha

    8. MarmaLagga

      How to make your kids afraid of animals!

    9. Max Mustermann

      Ловля кара. Приманка

    10. Louise Esme

      This video is really funny if you're 5 years old or are educationally sub-normal

    11. Holly B

      So annoying to see people approach animals then scream .

    12. Olgha Ivanovna

      Beati pauperes spiritu

    13. wildflynn

      These people stole our content and made huge amounts of money from it wildflynn 6:00 to 6:15

    14. Galaxy Riders

      1:40 those legs

    15. margarita kobbel


    16. Felicia Jenkins

      You can tell when they're going to spit😂😂yet they don't move

    17. Imaginashawn Imaginashawn

      video is pretty short when you fast forward through all the skinny screens.

    18. ッzynyx

      Hey that's not swair

    19. Hayri Ağgül

      5.08 what is this 🤣😂😂

    20. Marlena Forbes-Reidy

      Lol ! Some people getting a bit of their own medicine back from nature.

    21. Janice Foundas

      Poor animals!

    22. شهاب المتحمس

      If I was there my reaction is only Running and scrolling 😂😂😍😅🤣🤣🤣🤣

    23. Aslan

      4-22!!! ))))))))))

    24. Rheya Arulampalam

      5:13 was that dora??!!!?!??!?!

    25. Equine Evelyn

      i swear half of these are just animal abuse! like come on you can do better

    26. Bayrak Bayrak


    27. Al

      1:14 - Those deer are obviously homophobic.

    28. absolute ward

      Not funny at all.

    29. Robert Green

      Tourists. .how do the animals do it? Love spitting llamas.

    30. Poop Scoop

      It's crazy how grown women these days still act like they do when they were little girls

    31. Crazy Not Cool

      People are crazy, and I love it

    32. Sticky Fingers

      Never seen so many adults screaming like a baby

    33. bach5861

      Brave Americans.

    34. T A

      4:24 oh my

    35. Janet Yurkin

      These people are idiots. They’re on the wrong side of the cages. They should be looking out instead of in. These idiots that have food in their cars deserve to have their cars destroyed.

    36. Irene Schmid

      Сборище чокнутых 🙄...

    37. Valkyrie's Way

      The guy scared of a doe was just about the dumbest thing I've ever seen.

      1. Zechariah Drinka

        like yea

    38. Zlatko Nolevski


    39. Henning Diesel

      Animals are really disgusting.

    40. Epic Life

      Don't mess with animals

    41. GEK2007RUS

      6:34 my favorite car back there

    42. Kristelle Friis

      Some people seem to believe all animals are pets. They are so disrespectful, they only get what they were asking for.

      1. Sylvain Leopard

        Some tourists should be in a zoo and the animals outside..

    43. Lloyd Kennedy

      The fresh bubble micrencephaly settle because apparel centrally breathe pro a modern shoulder. shallow, cloistered consonant

      1. Jaciara silva de oliveira Silva


    44. Emmanuel antwi


    45. Walid Albalooshi

      I love monkeys soo much they are soo cute like the dog's and cats 🐈🦮🐒😍

    46. Edward Schmitt

      5:17 that poor little girl.

    47. Flavia Fontana


    48. Alexgacha 07


    49. Aynur Ismayılova


    50. Igor B

      Nice Funniest Animals Scared People Reactions. They are amazing entertainment.

      1. Eric G

        @Gerald Campetella Highbury

      2. Gerald Campetella

        It never ceases to amaze me, when people freak out, just because a wild animal just acts the part of being what they are,WILD.

    51. Levi Oscar

      The one when the man gets the Pelican by the wing is horrible

    52. rothis anastasopoulos

      χαχαχα παρα πολυ αστειο 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️

    53. M M B

      hi see my videos its great

    54. Ricardo Cheret

      3:35 😂

    55. Алексей Щербаков

      Americano ibiots

    56. 心太郎


    57. John K

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    59. tamam knk sen bilirsin zorlama

      maymuna asla iyilik yapma o iyilik sana kötülük olarak döner.

    60. luke yaz

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    61. Kevin Underdown

      How pathetic, the people I mean.

    62. Fe Maranda

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    63. celso manalo

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    64. Tamra Brown

      That girl with the cow is such a baby

    65. Lacrosse Wonders

      I don't think Shaun is married anymore

    66. picoecaiman

      cuando los padres inexpertos e irresponsables pasean a los niños pequeños al lado de una fiera , estas la ven como una presa facil porque esa es su habilidad para cazar , siempre buscan las presas pequeñas porque son mas faciles , cuidado padres no expongan a sus niños cerca de ninguna fiera , cuidenlas y protejanlas por favor .

    67. Jose Montano

      That laugh at 6:10 had me crying! 😂 😂

      1. Esme Weasley

        Thats meeeeeeeee lol

    68. Silvia Riemenschneider

      Just imagine the calf ended up in you food looked like that kid at 1:05. Sorry for you, suffering.

    69. Livvy Li’s Vlog

      I actually had a moment when I was in a swan lake feeding swans but some Swans went out of the lake and was coming near me for more bread

    70. Bob Smoot

      Didn't even have the click bait title page pic in it at all. I dislike liars.

    71. Blanca Mancia

      Lindo video !, que animales tan simpátiicos !

    72. Melissa Harvey

      I love when the animals teen the kids I do not like when kids scream

    73. Melissa Harvey

      Shut up

    74. Ana Lugo

      Hola amigas vean videos de aquí son bueno pásela bien cuidesen y cuiden su familia bonito 2021 a todas

    75. lyle swavel

      Them drive through animal parks are destructive to your cars

    76. MEGAMM76


    77. T G

      we not gonna talk about that kid 0:57

    78. Khalifa Gamer

      The hurt cheek presumably excuse because desert totally bump until a wise estimate. entertaining, vagabond tsunami

    79. maya melissa

      Hi no no no no

    80. Andreas König


    81. Moonmoon Pati

      These videos say that animals do love humans.... They just expect love from us.. Pls don't hurt animals..

    82. Adali Padron

      Sing it part

    83. Kate Carlisle

      There was a case recently where a camel bit a man's head of.....😳

    84. Dean B

      Somebody put Gabby in the trunk.

    85. Jack Oberhansly

      For some reason the Chinese torests in yellow stone where we live think that bison are big friendly cows that like to be pet let me tell you they think your a weird creep that likes to have your ribs broken if you ever see a bison get out of there there not nice

    86. Itzmannu 22

      Lamba always spits

    87. oOcorridosOo TM

      1:26 bruh that kangaroo was like what's poppin homie you want these hands? 😂😂

      1. TONY.3K

        "Catch me outside" Kango ?

    88. Ana Lúcia Dos santos

      o famosa paulinho desdoidor

    89. Beckie Morahan

      MF Doom

    90. Jorrma Ollila

      Don't people know that llamas spit?

    91. Ocean Martin

      I think the kids are smarter than their parents! Dad," it's ok, he won't hurt you..." Kid:" but Dad, he bit me and spit in my face and I am screaming for help!" ( as animal bites kid strapped in a car seat with no way out of animals reach as parents laugh their butts off.)

    92. Schmtz

      1:27 haha what is that

    93. Ingolf Lorenz

      Jede Menge Deppen im Safaripark

    94. Nicole Corry

      I did not laugh

    95. Rod Sheppard


    96. Sone McClanahan

      Nashville bomber

    97. Alan Brent Hermann


    98. Heiksns

      Kreischende Leute mit Null Tierverständnis, empathiefreie Idioten die einfach feste mit der Kamera draufhalten. Und massigTiere die vorgeführt und gefoppt werden 😞 wenig schöne Momente. Eher traurig

    99. MR MOoLA

      0:55 future feminazi Karen

    100. King brand Don