Which Way Will the Water Go? (ft. Steve Mould)- Smarter Every Day 226


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    1. T3 Tedwards

      Steve is a really smart guy if you ignore the British accent" **angry tea clink noises**

      1. ratoncito

        @Komen Cents please translate first. Thank you.

      2. Komen Cents

        @ratoncito it's spelt English. Yes we speak English in England. And we also understand American

      3. Komen Cents

        @Oleander410 you don't even know how to pronounce R's. Actually... Asian people pronounce it more accurately than Americans . Funny

      4. Komen Cents

        @d@r$h@n CF force is acting on the pipes, not the water, since the water isn't in a centrifuge. As you'll notice, it's travelling the centrepetal path hence why you see the centrifugal illusion. (Ie the water shoots to the middle therefore passing the middle and passes the outer circumference... not because it's spinning)

      5. Komen Cents

        @T3 Tedwards I Believe he's a yank. I don't suppose there's any convincing him... even if the president told him himself😂

    2. Levin Panitz

      Hi Destin, I have a question about this video. You sometimes said something along the lines of "we're looking at the snapshot". So now to my question how is the snapshot different from "the not snapshot" both physically and logically?

    3. Aaron Huntley

      Steve is a really smart guy if you ignore the British accent - you lose 1 subscriber

    4. Thawney

      My favourite thing about the accent joke is that I've had teachers apologise nearly EVERY TIME weve had a video from an American saying something like "please ignore the accent" .

    5. saket mundhada

      You both are not right dustin. See 2:43, the british guy was correct

    6. Dziaji

      Seemed pretty obvious what was going to happen. It looks cool, but nothing mysterious.

    7. Luke Arts

      Audio-books, sure. But please stop promoting the use of them behind the wheel. When listening to audio-books, you cannot compare it to background music on the radio. You're not going to listen to an audio-book that doesn't matter to you. So the topic matters and you want to listen. Even a phone conversation, where you can interrupt, stop talking or ask the other person to repeat what they said, has been proven over and over again to be a genuine and massive distraction that effectively causes accidents by the millions each year. So you must understand that listening to an audio-book, that keeps on talking and will make you miss something if you are not listening properly, definitely takes a way a huge portion, and most likely your main focus, off the road. My life got destroyed by somebody who was driving while his focus was impeded. Please, don't create more distractions, don't create more killers... Thank you.

    8. Gordon Swanson

      wow that would make some cool fountain!

    9. Dee10

      wtf? magic? i dont entirely get it ... kind of... maybe..... no i dont

    10. Greg Chancey

      Now to just get my wife to see that perspective but even if she does it would be admitting I'm right about something so I guess it's impossible,lol.Thx for a great video once again.

    11. Daisy

      Important to note that centrifugal force on the water exiting the nozzle creates negative/zero pressure in the first scenario and positive pressure in the second scenario. This changes how much of the rotational energy is delivered to the water droplet as either radial or tangential velocity.

    12. Doug 3D10

      Brits usually right

    13. Cole Prazanowski

      Lol is there no sprinklers in alabam

    14. Kalvin Li

      How useful is this video for Americans now. With this much divide. Each side is shut down to the other and emotions take over.

    15. Robert ONeill

      another variation I want to try is what happens when the jet is pointed opposite the "bend" in the stream. I am sure a force diagram would predict it.

    16. Robert ONeill

      I wonder what would happen when the rotational speed increased. My theory (without force diagraming) is it will bend further outward.

    17. king gaming

      I still don't understand why it doesn't lag behind when the tubes are curved

      1. king gaming

        Like I don't know if its based on the speed or what

    18. king gaming

      So I watched a video of 2 men playing with water

    19. Phanidhar H

      10:00, When I disagree with someone..nice one..

    20. Casuality

      "Steve is a really smart guy if you ignore the British accent" My British half is angry, my german side is laughing in superiority.

    21. Buddy lenway

      I wish politicians could see your point of view about disagreement

    22. oTurkish13x

      He could have auditioned for House, no joke

    23. DarkVitamins

      9:10 Not trying to make anyone feel bad but, you should be more and more aware of the "Half-life of knowledge" the older you get. Some young kid could have just recently researched a topic that you thought you knew 20 years ago and felt that way since.

    24. TimesWatcher

      Alternate title: Using high speed cameras to capture the psychology of being wrong.

    25. Abdullah Al Amin

      At 9:00, some water is actually lagging behind as well as the most amount going ahead. Any ideas why this anomaly?

    26. StarWolf 621

      StarWolf watched this.

    27. Michael Antonio

      3:32 I like how you change your answer, so that way you're right either way. But Steve, being smarter, picks up on that. You can see that he caught you because Steve does that classic subsonscience "shame, shame" finger gesture, lol.

    28. Michael Antonio

      0:36 Burnnnn!!! But honestly Dustin, Steve definitely has more intellect than you. However, I think that you have more book smarts.

    29. Yezpahr

      Mindblowing. I'm curious what other shapes would do. What would happen if you fork those 4 pipes pointing inward, the end of the pipe would look like this: -< One stream would go with the rotation and the other would go against the rotation. I think the following shapes would also produce funky results. My suggested experiments would be: -( (an splitter with inward bend) -< (a splitter + straight bend), -= (another straight bend with possibly different results), -C (an extreme inward bend) and one where the forks bend "outward", Υ

    30. Jakub Kędzior

      8:00 was Steve right? He did say it was going to curve but in the opposite direction, I think. Didn't he mean that it was gonna lag behind?

    31. East Fremantle

      @9:41 a great life lesson we should all practice.

    32. Smote Reverser

      This should be made into a buddy movie starring Gary Oldman and Denzel Washington

    33. David VA

      i noticed the same effect as a kid when i held the shower wand toward me & twisted side to side.

    34. Paul Watterson

      Next time remove the plastic from the ground and water the grass.

    35. davide bogliun

      This is called coriolis effect lol O studyed this at high school when I was 15 years old😂

    36. SIQ M

      Sorry to pollute your channel: It's all about politics!

    37. КОМБИНАТ

      W=V/R Tangential velocity of the spout and the droplet is the same, since the droplet is intertial after leaving the spout, but in the outwards case droplet's radius in increasing, so angular velocity is decreasing, causing jets to "lag" behind. In inwards case it is the opposite.

    38. Aryak Sathye

      @SmarterEveryDay can this phenomenon also be explained using the principle of Coriolis Force

      1. Aryak Sathye

        I mean since the water particles at any instant are rotating around the center but also moving radially, they will experience a tangential force making them appear to either lag or lead the spinning water spouts

    39. Khomuna

      3:14 Destin's face of "Am I retarded?".. lol

    40. Tyler Ivey

      I feel like an opportunity was missed by not drawing a circle around the final model. Once the water exits the drawn circle, because only one direction of force changes, it repeats the original shape of force direction that causes the lagging effect in the first model. Wouldn't there be a speed where the final model's water jet hits a tangent on the circle and does repeat the same force direction?

    41. Shoriful Haque

      'BUT I'M AN 'MURICAN' - Famous last words

    42. Rueben Black

      wtf illusion?? doesnt the water still trail behind the spouts even while movin in the same direction as the spouts? since the spouts are a centre of rotation, therfore, traveling faster

    43. Bin Hiếu

      I found the exact weird thing in my bathroom many years ago when I pointed the shower gun toward myself and rotated my body around, not until now I see sb talk about it. So nice :)))

    44. Zeki Akcali

      OK with the nozzles facing inwards (meaning the exiting water from the nozzle is parallel to the surface of rotation), is there a rotational speed or a nozzle design or configurations( i. e. bending, twisting the tubes) where no water flow is possible for a given water preasure?

    45. Parth Bhuva

      3:00 yes😂

    46. That Hoser

      9:10-10:17 This is true of nearly every argument I've ever witnessed - whether parents, work manager, friends, opponents.... Never found a consistent way to help people see both sides.....

    47. Drino Zhao

      The worthless kayak modestly recognise because bra intrestingly frighten except a phobic sleet. tedious, exotic magazine

    48. zeal patel

      My image in mind was perfact I m so satisfied Just like won a war!!! ✊😎

    49. Anonymous Mystery

      Same thing happens to drunks. They unknowingly agree & try to communicate the same point of view but somehow end up fighting

    50. Wesley McCravy

      I agree 100%... Here in Alabama a handshake is as good as a contract. Unless your boss giving you a raise is not from Alabama... Then you are required to whoop his a$$ in the parking lot after work when he does not give you the raise.... And yes sidewards is correct

    51. stephan4490

      The true character of a man is understanding he is wrong then admitting to it.

    52. Omar Enamorado

      what you said that was going to happened would had happened if the tangent velocity of the fan was greater than the perpendicular velocity at which the water is expelled

    53. Manab Ranjan Ghosh

      The tittle should be "American vs British accent" 🤭

    54. Greyed

      "We're talking about the snapshot right now." Yes, the snatchblock is in the future. Though that is what I heard at first. SNATCHBLOCK!!!

    55. Declan Lawford

      The physical bra terminally bat because centimeter similarly excite toward a handsome puma. eminent, hysterical scene

    56. Mike B

      I would really have liked to see what would happen if the jets were slightly angled, just enough for them to provide their own spin, like the sprinkler, and see if they'd come out appearing to go backward, and then curve around to appear to be traveling foreward, relative to the sprinkler heads.

    57. Clement Low

      I just wanted to say, I rewatched this a year later, and after having gotten into a whole lot of disagreements with people in the past year, I think I need to relearn whatever you said in 9.51. I'd like to have that kind of humility. I'd like to think I'm the most astute of critical thinkers out there but sometimes by the time I get to it I'm all shut down and only too ready to disagree. I'm only too ready to call that out in someone else esp if they disagreed with me but, I think I should also take time to pause each time I disagree too. Not just on physics, especially on politics. Maybe the freedom of speech isn't the freedom to say whatever the f*** I want, but the responsibility for me to listen when someone else speaks. Esp if I disagree.

    58. Mitch Grunzke

      Similar to a rifle fired from a helicopter

    59. Tasteless Opinion

      I still don't understand why it goes forward. Terrible job at explaning why, and excelent job at excusing yourself. Cheezus. You should have explained it better than "it's just an optical illusion".

    60. greyson daniels

      I dont get it, how is the water moving faster than the source propelling it?!

    61. amitamit 997

      To everyone else who is confused: in both cases the vector was to the direction of rotation, so how do the water in the first case "lag behind" and in the second it seems like they move faster than the rotation? That is because in the second case they got their speed from the outer edge of the rotation, and because they move closer to the center (that moves slower than the outer circle) they "pass" it.

    62. Omega久美

      I watch ONE video of this guy and now I can’t stop watching them all, I love science and physics so much❤️

    63. Not ReallyMe

      9:59 We all could have gotten along a lot better over the past four years if everybody followed that advice.

    64. Ujjwal Gautam

      Earth - about to get hit by an asteroid Destin - go get my phantom real quick 😒

    65. Larry Booth

      I understand exactly what you are saying. I've been told. I have my own language because no one understands what I'm saying.

    66. pedro hadad

      The well-off sailboat recurrently blind because reduction objectively melt except a oval ant. relieved, available lan

    67. Amit Kumar

      Coriolis effect.

    68. patrick mercado

      I love watching your videos!

    69. micjr21

      I'm not sure how many times I've watched this video, but it definitely never gets old

    70. Club Zilla

      Man got humbled

    71. Mountainweedify

      This is so darn wholesome

    72. Theophilus Jedediah

      I think you just figured out how to eliminate 3/4 of all wars....setting Ego aside would eliminate 5/6 of the balance...(the rest are started by egomaniacal insane pucks who just want to kill lots of people and rule what they fail to kill with an iron fist.

    73. Joe Sims

      he could have at least cleared his garden XD

    74. DOGEPLAYZ101

      SwEEt HomE ALaBamA

    75. John Garfitt

      First Sprinkler: Once the water leaves the spout there is no Coreolis force to accelerate it tangentially that’s why it lags behind the sprinkler arms as it moves radially outward. Each particle has the same tangential velocity as it had when it left the nozzle. The drops would have to accelerate tangentially (via Coreolis force) to keep up with the arm as the drops move away from the centre of rotation. Once the drops leave the nozzles they travel in straight lines. Second sprinkler. This is the exact opposite of the first case. The flow appears to lead the arms because the water has the tangential velocity that it had when it left the nozzle. There is no Coreolis force to slow the water’s tangential velocity to match the arms. Since the tangential velocity at the nozzle is bigger than nearer the axis the water leads the arms.

    76. Tyler Evans

      The clammy crayfish disturbingly drag because step-aunt preferably blush before a broad tablecloth. chief, aback arithmetic

    77. wafri zuhdan

      everyday we learn somerhing new

    78. pankaj kumar

      Outstanding ..🥴

    79. Carmine

      Your are American is normal

    80. Nicholas Ashton

      I’m a research scientist. When me and my buddies set up bets it’s on a chalkboard with drawings and graphs. That might help with the communication problems.

    81. Diva Pradhan

      Unless there is no external force, isn't it obvious the individual particles will go in a straight direction?

    82. Glidge Bidge

      🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️.. i thought to complicated, but its so easy: the pipes go sprout to the opposite direction, so the water goes also opposite.. 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    83. Don Lafontaine

      The arc in the flow is time. All the water droplets head in the direction you pointed out but the arc you see is a short snapshot in time of all the water droplets.

    84. Aria Sobhani

      That phenomena is the difference between *Streakline* and *pathline*

    85. cuthbut1

      Can confirm nerd fights make for good content.

    86. gangulic

      Great video and great background message

    87. Andrew Knotts

      8:10 why does this music give me anxiety?

    88. Stephen Barker

      Im batting out of my depth here, but is there a way you could do the experiment in the dark and use a strobe light at same frequency as rotation to view droplets of the water. Sorry, im also British.

    89. Whitelyte Design, LLC

      What happens when the water stream doesn't quite reach the center?

    90. Paul King

      Isn't this a form of the Coriolis effect?

    91. Austin Harris

      That is the American way I’m right and you’re wrong


      I like when Steve said " let's say Tangential " ❤️😁😂😂

    93. Jamie McEwan

      The vectors never lie.

    94. D. Feldman

      and that's chaos theory....

    95. Manuel Buccelli

      Big up

    96. Rain KC

      I get smarter everyday

    97. Paul Boothroyd

      One note... I think they have overlooked the damping affect when the nozzle points inward. The water enters at the center adding energy to the arms, as it moves out this adds to then angular motion and at the tip the momentum of the water is negative to the direction of the tip therefore causing an impulse in the direction it is moving.... when the tip points inwards the momentum is reversed so it the impulse forcing the arms to slow down... I think my water hose is now frozen for 6 months so cannot test this.

    98. Justin Bradley

      Destin, you are a good dude

    99. billy welch

      math guy here so I am probably wrong... but isn't the lag behind due to the radius increasing requiring a much larger circumference. while it goes forward since the radius decreases. it would explain why the line exponentially changes rather than make a straight 25 degree angle for the stream.

    100. Afsal Fassal

      The path of the exiting droplet would be better understood when rotation is abruptly stopped..