7 Minutes to Mars: NASA's Perseverance Rover Attempts Most Dangerous Landing Yet

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

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    All landings on Mars are difficult, but NASA's Perseverance rover is attempting to touch down in the most challenging terrain on Mars ever targeted.
    The intense entry, descent, and landing phase, known as EDL, begins when the spacecraft reaches the top of the Martian atmosphere. Engineers have referred to the time it takes to land on Mars as the "seven minutes of terror."
    The landing sequence is complex and targeting a location like Jezero Crater on Mars is only possible because of new landing technologies known as Range Trigger and Terrain-Relative Navigation.
    The Perseverance rover is set to land on the surface of Mars on February 18, 2021.
    For more information about Perseverance, visit mars.nasa.gov/perseverance
    Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

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      It's been 1 month now since Perseverance landed my reaction was like "Wish Percy lands safely on that dangerous attempt" And it successfully did it

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      Title:7 Minutes to Mars Video:3 minutes

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      Nice try. Almost looks like CGI. 🍿

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      Wow,amazing.Congratulations team nasa for this great successful mission and best of luck for future plans.

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      NASA hitting their media diversity quota harder than Coca-Cola. :) #NASA #BeLessWhite

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      Totally AWESOME!! I was so happy to find out Perserverance landed safely. Does anyone know the music used in the background of this video? I would love to hear it as a track on its own. Thank you in advance!


      Nice production.

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      Lol Faked Mars landing ! 🥱 It's Easy to fool 20 year olds FUNNY there are no 50 60 70 80 year olds in the mission ... The 20 year olds have been working on this since in the womb ! 🤣

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      It would be extremely interesting to learn what the JPL team learned from the Curiosity rover landing, that was possible to develop effective elements into the Perseverance landing and rover vehicle.

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      Now we think about time travel machines 🤔🤔🤔its possible but how. How we can go on star in minimum time😊😊sorry for my weak English 😂😁😁


      congratulations perseverance!

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      Moon landing was fake it took place in a studio, mars landing is even worse than just fake it takes place somewhere in Arizona dessert forget about location mars

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      Congratulations it's actually help us to find the answer for earth if we actually able to found life on mars,

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      Why was there dust blown about when this landed on mars but when they first went to the moon same type of dust not same but type yet not a grain moved funny that

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      Man! That was a lot of work put into Perseverance, Best one yet!

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      it is like the small automatic vacum cleaner in my kitchen but on mars !

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      There is nothing there. No water... No air.. No life. I predict that about 2 weeks after the first people land there they are going to look at eachother and say "Dear God, what have we done.

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      I don't believe it. It's like a movie scene. Sorry it doesn't have any credibility.

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      Why Perseverance is a "she" and not a "he" or an "it"? What defines the gender of a rover? 😁

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      First time I've ever slowed down a video...these engineers talk fast when they're excited

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        @Arnuld Klabyu do u have proof

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        They talk fast when they're lying

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      Thats great nasa is the best i love planet and science

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      Mars: please humans dont bring wars n diseases to our home.. Humans: Ah hahahaha haha

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      They should send it to mars north pole

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      landing in safely was already an amazing job, salute to all earth's brilliant minds.

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      Fil-Am engineers had greatly contributed their knowledge for the successful achievements of Perseverance rover Congratulations to all teams and may you continue to achieve more for the future of mankind

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      300,000,000 miles? lol cmon!!

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      Kok ada kamera yg memvideo siap duluan di mars ..keren

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      Man! That was a lot of work put into Perseverance, Best one yet!

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      Is there a Spanish language version of this video?

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      The flat earth is real

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        NASA have so many pictures but NASA don't have clips while perseverance rover explore the surface of the red planet.

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      They constantly wonder if life ever existed on mars yet they never send a probe at the poles, the only place on the planet with snow/ice

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        This is so cool! I love the sky crane video @t

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      Kindly don't allow any religion to this massive success of human kind, its all our 0.000001 success only, still long way to search

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      Fake news! And real news: look here: “Mars Perseverance Rover Landing Debunked”

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        @A random hamster Quite the opposite Eric Dubay never tires of proving that NASA only produces lies and unfortunately there are still thousands of brainwashed sheep who refuse to accept that everything is false, everything is done on a computer! wake up sheep!



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      NASA have so many pictures but NASA don't have clips while perseverance rover explore the surface of the red planet.

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        Racist Spotted.

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        Ah, the classic asians


      So this is what they call a progressive video? A white-male-free footage so it won't be threatening to viewers 😂

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      Congratulated Nasa. From Bangladesh

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      No white men were ever working on this project, ever. Only women and ethnic minorities. That's right.

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        @zabijca or those are just the people who worked on it...

      2. zabijca

        @Dr Mantis Toboggan It clearly mattered for people who made this video. Reminded my Spacex events. In early vids where space workers chanting USA! USA! after successful start/landing you'll struggle to see even one woman, (diversity both racial and gender craze wasn't nearly as strong as it is now) yet when came to live interviews before manned start they put in the front of the camera probably every woman or someone from racial minority they could find there.

      3. Dr Mantis Toboggan

        Does it matter what skin color or gender the people working on this have? Shouldn't it just matter that they are good at their job?

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      Will human life be immortal for life or human would still die on mars planet? Is mars not vulnerable to the heartquake and tsunami that we are facing on earth?

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      Grabe! Amazing, lahat Ng creations Ni Lord God! 😇

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      AMAZING ACHIEVEMENT...........