GAME MASTER SECRET Reveal while Camping at 3AM - Matt and Rebecca

Matt and Rebecca

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    First, Matt and Rebecca realized he trapped us while sneaking into escape room for game master master secret. Next, Rebecca Zamolo tried Sneaking Into VAMPIRE Masquerade Ball In Real Life. Finally the Game Master Network were in an extreme hide and seek battle royale in game master escape room. Now in order to get the next radio frequency the squad fo the game master network must camp overnight in the enchanted area and wait until 3am to get the secret message. Paige is hypnotized so hopefully we can get her back soon too. We can't let her go missing. While we wait we play a challenge of never have I ever. We find out secrets about Maddies crush. Rebecca talks about her ex an Matt gets jealous. Rick Noah won't do a face reveal though. Matt wins and they use the ghost app to help the squad escape. Do you think Matt and Rebecca will find the message at 3am or are they wrong. Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021.
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    About Matt and Rebecca:
    Hey we are Matt Slays and Rebecca Zamolo. We have been married for 3 plus years and are starting a family of our own. We mainly vlog but mix in challenges, DIY's, experiments as well. Make sure to subscribe and be a part of our family as we love connecting with you the most.

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    1. Matt and Rebecca

      What do you think we will find at 3am?

      1. Sutharat Maceroni


      2. Angelee Grant

        A g

      3. Angelee Grant


      4. Sheryl Petersen


      5. xl-_XEWO -xl

        𝙎𝙘ary noises

    2. Stephanie McLaughlin

      Mat was scared 😱

    3. Safan Shahrier


    4. Jennifer Jules

      What is your phone it’s going inside the lobby as of right now open

    5. yiz L


    6. yiz L

      I know I think it’s really really really secret

    7. may lee vue


    8. Yates Girls

      who is your guy's camera man sense Daniel is a hacker now

    9. Car Phone


    10. Becca Robinson

      Rick roha likes maddie

    11. KHO KER YING Moe


    12. Annemarie Mitchell

      Rick Noah Matt is scared

    13. Abraham Villalobos

      I think it means go back to where it begin

    14. Aleah Panopio

      I like ricknoah

    15. Just here for fun

      My biggest fear is swimming

    16. Hardy Splicer


      1. Hardy Splicer

        Pool 14268

    17. Ema Sekulova

      Maddie is Ryan hypnotize

    18. Isabella Speer

      What if the Queen of gems is Kingpin

    19. Isabella Speer

      Maybe pick lock the door that's looking your house

    20. Yeymi Rivera


    21. Sebastian Navarrete


    22. Miss Jonesss

      Happy birthday pdg

    23. SPoKie DoKie

      Somewhere around big Bear

    24. Abdul Rasid


    25. Chloe Senter

      maddie sent page home

    26. Marrisa Satina


    27. Amelia-Jane Gadd

      It's funny when Rick Noah went (Mamamama

    28. Michelle Kish

      Use the red light



    30. Sutharat Maceroni


    31. Hello !!!

      Maybe the locked door is connected to the addict

    32. Hilda Martinez

      Maddie there is no ghost there matt is srcaying you maddie

    33. Hilda Martinez

      Matt is scard

    34. Nellenna beau longalong


    35. Luis Spielman

      King pin secret 🤫🤫🤫

    36. Punam Mistry


    37. Thanya Bartholome

      Hi I love 🧋

    38. MaryAlice Collins

      That was really freaky when the tent shake😖

    39. MaryAlice Collins

      I can't swim either 🤣

    40. Unicorn carpet

      Rebecca matt is chiting on you

    41. Unicorn carpet

      I seen RZ

    42. corgi moore

      Use the device

    43. game master network

      Paige was taking off her wig and she didn't look hypnotized but then she went hypnotized again

    44. Dashawna Murphy

      As a kid

    45. Dashawna Murphy

      He read taps of kinpin

    46. Dashawna Murphy

      Daniel reads tas

    47. Remi Webber

      RemiKaylynnwebber and then I'll be home in a few minutes late yyy

    48. Giuliana Messer

      Is rz twin in the locked room

    49. Sydney-Rose Henty


    50. لتين المكتومي

      Matt is scared

    51. لتين المكتومي

      I think behind the lock door there is a garage

    52. Jessica Mongey

      a box whith a key inside

    53. Ryujin暗鬱だ


    54. Yaretzi morales


    55. Mia Trapala


    56. Annabella Hemminger


    57. pwinemehm 15


    58. amber perez

      I love you Becky tomorrow your news channel I like it so much I love you Rebecca zamolo I like your videos every single day every single day when I get off of school I watch

    59. Hana FadySKShibataAlnajjar

      All the secret's hold's inside the locked door. TO:DANIEL LOVE YOU 😍❤🧡🧡💛❤💚💙💜🤎🖤💖💗💓💕❣

    60. Savannah Utley

      hit her

    61. Joneil Allen


    62. Joneil Allen


    63. Ashley Rios


    64. RujulaRutvij Reddys

      Happy birthday paj

    65. Rylin Scharff

      daniel,you said to comment if we saw RZ twin she used twin telepathy with recbecca but that it. i mean i have to catch up so she might come up later.

    66. Leah Veck

      Rebecca happy birthday

      1. Leah Veck

        Oh I did know that

    67. Itz_emy_duhh Rodriguez

      Ryan is hipnotized he has the doll tattoo on his neck

    68. ismaeel almomani

      Happy birthday paige

    69. SteveM

      Maddies so dramatic she makes all the videos so bbad I wish they kick her off the vlog

    70. Gelnar Alsaidi

      I threw a glass at

    71. Fruit _Cub

      Is no 1 going to realize that Matt is encouraging rick naoh in this 1Video to kiss Maddie

    72. Adriane Jefferson

      There biggest fear

    73. Soni Ansari


    74. Soni Ansari


    75. Bro and sis Duo

      Rick Noah Matt’s a little scared 😂

    76. Mawaeyah Kromah


    77. Jahselle Banner

      Love you Maddie and rebeca

    78. Federico sanchez


    79. Ceasia Jennings

      Maddie your crush is hypnotized he does like you

    80. Celine Fransawi

      Rick Noah Matt is alitall scared

    81. Celine Fransawi

      I have a feeling that kingpin is the queen of gems

    82. Pat Watson

      To help Paige check her neck like everyone else because they all that chips on there neck when they were hypnotized

    83. kylie uhles

      I have went camping and a dog or a raccoon

    84. Ashish Arya

      Ahhaha rebbecca maddie matt is scared sorry matt.......

    85. lil cat-A

      Matt is scared of ghosts

    86. Zainab Dawjee

      Th slicked door is the rhs in the locked door

    87. simon barcessat


    88. simon barcessat

      Mr x might be bassed

    89. nathan streu

      The doll mark looks like, a lol doll also i think page was not himatized in the car king pin is doing it to everyone! WACH out.

    90. JustLizzy22

      Rick Matt a lil scared

    91. WONG ZI YAN Moe

      When you guys are taking your wig off he is still knocking her head at your camera 📷

    92. WONG ZI YAN Moe

      Is really paige hypmitized

    93. AW 1147

      What is your biggest fear Rebbeca

      1. AW 1147


    94. AW 1147

      Who’s that

    95. Maia Lim


    96. AW 1147

      Is paige ok

    97. AW 1147


    98. AW 1147

      Is it safe

    99. Maia Lim


    100. Lexus Turner

      Ryan still like you Maddie he is Hypnotized he has a doll