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    1. Willie Negron

      Got stuck

    2. Isaiah StClair

      i am in school

    3. Isaiah StClair

      every single piece

    4. Isaiah StClair

      i bought your merch

    5. Maddieplaysroblox Maddie

      10:01 that looks like peanut butter😂

    6. Elia McKenna

      Lolololol Sooo funny

    7. abdullah jabbar

      there is a door

    8. Bennemaru Channel


    9. ROSALINA Ramirez

      I said how is beyblade gonna work

    10. Emily Black

      Just go through the back door🙄

    11. Joan Abela

      Dont say i like your cut G i dont like it

    12. Chun to andy Wong

      🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘Mr beast in trouble

    13. Chun to andy Wong

      And to become made it

    14. Chun to andy Wong

      Unspeakable make it 4 wire

    15. Chun to andy Wong


    16. Brent Schrack

      Love it!!

    17. Midori Dev

      Nathan being born from cardboard mother

    18. Midori Dev

      r.i.p papersherder

    19. Midori Dev

      Poor cameraman

    20. Midori Dev

      Annoying comment here UwU

    21. Midori Dev

      He didn’t ;-;

    22. Midori Dev

      Nathan didn’t see the backdoor

    23. Markus Lekva

      It was a door behind you

    24. Elias Dominic Laya


    25. Elias Dominic Laya

      Do you know and use a chainsaw or something what is in the shot I described it so because you’re the back door held my nose is a battle between hello say you know you’re flipping Randy and I was out again and I got my eyes on you I send you I want everything with you you want to say F

    26. Elias Dominic Laya

      Sing gun or chainsaw or anything short of what I like to talk to you in the souls is your the back door OK do it now and I’m just at a game I said to her you just got to my channel don’t look in the description area I’m not remove a first Minecraft video for it longer make a Roblox video and I thought I got

    27. Αγάπη Κοτσιανίδου

      Dont worry the dislikes were all the layers of cadbored and their friends and family

    28. Αγάπη Κοτσιανίδου

      Me:*seeing the cardboard in the back has a door* Also me: *pretends to not know what is gonna happen*

    29. marco falchi

      I not like the video

    30. Zee Baff

      A triangle is a TWIANGLE

    31. Diyana Zainal


    32. Diyana Zainal


    33. Prim Water

      Unspeakable is not made for kids it’s disturbing how he can speak

    34. CHOI WAN THONG Moe

      you good

    35. Erin Haley

      It is not a harm you itit

    36. Erin Haley

      Plz do it

    37. Pär Axling

      In the start almost: James: for nania

    38. DeepFriedCardboard

      Thin side of the wall : *Exists* Unspeakable : Imma pretend I didn't see that

    39. Ethan sheet

      Then how u record the vid if your trapped

    40. Bentley Martin


    41. Jessica Price

      There’s a drawer where you can get out of the cardboard you can get out of this cardboard there’s a wooden door that I saw you can get out of it

    42. Willamsdad2020


    43. Kimra ‘WhaWha & Victoria ‘Toria


    44. Bella Farrell

      You guys make me laugh you are so funny🤣🤣

    45. Killer Robot32

      13:49 deer basher

    46. luis yt

      Unspeakable haste you guys

    47. shimon avitan

      unspeakable i subscribed to you

    48. David Ubel

      Maybe next time go out the way you came in

    49. larry brock

      fill your bathtub with jiyint orbys

    50. Berlin Aguinaldo

      Is this gonna take forever?!?!?

    51. Berlin Aguinaldo

      I love when you said I like your cut G

    52. Karry Ricketts

      Sup I’m so late sorry 😅

    53. Karry Ricketts

      I saw the back open

    54. Sans Skeleton

      Me in this scenario: *FALCOOOONNN PAAAAWWNNNCHHH!!!*

    55. Michael Burke

      The coordinated france diagnostically need because dietician ophthalmoscopically punch failing a painstaking segment. wild, craven fragrance

    56. arvin abellar

      The back is open

    57. AMir Willis


    58. Vicki ThomasBermea

      That's a reference from Little Einsteins lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😜😜🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

    59. Abo Basem


    60. Meme God

      from the Nether isa twiangle

    61. Brandy Jenkins

      Don't you continue the whole we already started you noob

    62. Brandy Jenkins

      Why don't you continue to hold you already started you noob

      1. Brandy Jenkins

        Stupidity duty

    63. Brandy Jenkins

      We what are cells a cardboard sale and

    64. Brandy Jenkins

      Now it's Scarface

    65. Brandy Jenkins

      Forgot the battering ham that's so funny

    66. Brandy Jenkins

      Cardboard puff puff puff puff puff

    67. Brandy Jenkins

      Invent the blade yeah I don't think that's safe anymore that probably isn't safety yet I'm b really no way no way

    68. Brandy Jenkins

      That's all cut my burritos as in half what with one of those

    69. Brandy Jenkins

      Why don't you go to the hole that we already started you noob

    70. Unknown User


    71. Brandy Jenkins

      We're going on a trip in my favorite cardboard chip going to the wall look at my saw

    72. dominik zurowski

      Dual Lego Minecraft city with your friends

    73. Brandy Jenkins

      Triangle is triangle triangle hahaha

    74. Brandy Jenkins

      I've been here for winning 21 days and can you

    75. Matthew Neighly

      22:13 it looks like when 3 prisoners discover a hole. just retexture the wall into concrete and make the hole like someone mined it, and it looks like a movie thumbmail.

    76. Brandy Jenkins

      I was born ready

    77. Brandy Jenkins

      We are the bestest spiders ever and we did it

    78. Ducky

      2:21 that’s your way out lol

    79. Tanner Austin

      why didn't they rip through the cardboard

    80. Mathew The YouTuber 6

      Second time I watch this I saw the door opening kind of

    81. Josh Culumber

      Jaxon wedded game is the most addictive app I love playing with my friends

    82. Kayden Canada

      Do a escapeing paper video

    83. Rana Suleiman


    84. r for ramaica and n for nomi

      What is happening with this

    85. r for ramaica and n for nomi

      Unfortunately I am but 3rd week of July is the house and the house is asleep

    86. r for ramaica and n for nomi

      No tomatoes on one side

    87. Amanda Canada

      There is no roof climb over it

    88. Nicole Supinger


    89. SenSeii Stacks

      I meant was

    90. SenSeii Stacks

      If I wasn’t 100 layers of cardboard I would go crazy

    91. Hyper Gaming

      Dam thats so cool

    92. Wendy Mayberry

      Need a scalpal lol

    93. LilMiner23 Dude

      i like your cut g

    94. F F

      Gabe is not cool make another I mean make someone else to be in the group game is not good he just likes to be funny but he’s not funny and he’s lame but I like your KGup channel

    95. Tyson Plays

      You do realize that you can put the BEYBLADE back together

    96. Skyla Henne

      I want to be in a video

      1. Sindy Knoble


    97. Lida Carroll

      Hi there

    98. Amelia Chevalier

      I can break my bedroom for with my bear feet lol

      1. Amelia Chevalier


    99. Tami Alsheikh

      Games team

    100. Tami Alsheikh