RESCUING a Bird From NEAR DEATH - Road to the Classic Ep. 11 Sam Rayburn

Scott Martin

42 миӊ. көрүүлөр2

    We stopped practicing to save a bird from a fishing line mess and Billy gets emotional
    The Awesome house we stayed in: lakehouselovesamrayburn/
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      Help, Im stuck! Thanks step bros.

    2. Eddie Harper

      Billy and the bird. :')

    3. Tim H

      Stop making Billy touch you!! :) 😆 🤣

    4. Gordon Fordyce

      "Its a duck! Y'all have to get so specific?" - man that cracked me up hahaha!!:D Well done Gents for saving that poor bird though and keep the awesome videos coming. Great to see you back in the saddle Scott!

    5. Hillbilly Tarzan

      I’ve had to save a duck and a pigeon from someone’s laziness when it come to discarding used fishing line. Don’t know how often my trolling motor has had to be cleaned out

    6. bigbadbri08

      Well at least your dads pumping out videos

    7. Vincent Crusco

      Scott we need something new from you...whether you finish in the money or out of the money you’re still the man!

    8. Reed Jr

      Whats the deallll bro whats the point of havin the film crew go everywhere wit you it you gonna slack on the uploads hahaha but come on now should be uploadin daily wit that film crew. Man you lettin them boys run all ova your ass son. Get at it bro come on now

    9. Ryon Wilson

      Buck Branch mmmm tasty

    10. Breandan Angley

      “I hooked him so hard I killed him” had me in tears

      1. Scott Martin


    11. BassRod&Reel

      Hope to be someone like u one day

    12. BassRod&Reel

      I just started loving fishing and now mlf and u and a couple other people help me learn a lot of stuff

      1. Scott Martin

        I’m so glad I can help! Good luck, catch some big fish!

    13. Brandon Mueller

      U bass. 🤣 im diein

    14. Thomas Jr Rodriguez

      Day 19: Still no scotty tackle box winners :/

    15. Lloyd Rush

      Bringing the shark rod going wobble wobble in the pads cuts to next scene, spinning rod 🤣

    16. Eric Stowe

      Well done fellas

      1. Eric Stowe

        Sitting at work feeling sorry for myself bc it's Saturday.....then i see my comment gets a reaction from my favorite bassmaster......well damn!

    17. Earl Dail

      1 mile faster bet you miss the ETEC I love mine.

    18. Mason Oleniczak

      Scott Martin is going to win.

    19. guthrey51

      Is that a Ubass on one of them schooling crawdads 🤣

      1. Scott Martin


    20. DBigs70

      How long you been working out? About a Love it.

    21. DominicR 27049

      I’m so up set Because someone stole my fishing pole and I love fishing and I’m only 11 years old and someone stole it from me

    22. BASS WARZ

      Cool u guys saving that bird...or duck hahah love your vids Scott hoping u male the classic and win it

      1. BASS WARZ

        @Scott Martin me too Scott Go get em!

      2. Scott Martin

        Thanks, me too!!

    23. Reelin’ with Christian

      Who won the rod giveaway or where did you announce

    24. Jeffrey Bates

      Billy knows how to shop! 👍

    25. Dbars19

      yay, i missed these kind of videos

    26. hertzer2000

      Billy, you rascal!

      1. Scott Martin


    27. Donald Touchton

      Enjoying it thanks.!👊🏻💯

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you!!

    28. Grant Manrique

      Great thing yall did !!

    29. Just fishin Just livin

      Team SMC gonna bring it home!!

    30. John Fristoe

      Billy is my hero

    31. Kade Green

      My pick is Masayuki Matsushita. He’s got a real shot at winning this thing. Lol

    32. OMG MOTO

      " what do you got... a U bass?" baahaaa!!

    33. Bryson White

      Feels a bite-Doesn't set the hook😂😂Nice video Scott. Love to see you fishing and helping animals!

    34. Drag Smooth Fishing TV

      Thank you Billy and Scott for Saving the Bird 👌👍👍👍🍺🍺🍺🎣🎣🎣 That’s good Karma 🙏😎 Awesome video 👏😎

      1. Scott Martin


    35. Texas Fishing

      Crazy to think you were right next to my lake house man big fan you gotta try the stump near tackle addict great place to eat

    36. Haelee Modisett

      Rayburns my home lake! Kind of disappointed in all the trot lines that are out of the water. Even in the main lake they are bad! But its dropping everyday. It’s tough out there right now..

    37. Chantel Conte

      Iove the video's scott

    38. THE Afterlife channel

      Good good video👍❤

    39. Falkenroth

      Great Egret

    40. Chris Edington

      8:26😂 Billy “what happen man? I think I had two and one came off” you dudes crack me up. I think I could spend all day on the water with you two and never pick up a rod and have a blast. Love the videos man!!

    41. Phil Thompson

      Ha I just want to hang out with you guys. I have never targeted bass except for striper. I’d love to fish with you guys though. Stuck in Cali because of my military commitment. Need to get to Florida for sure.

    42. DGTrees2005

      Scott- “ We have got to get serious” camera breaks to Billy opening a honey bun...

    43. Robert Lawson

      Saw you when you drove through Colmesneil, TX . Good luck this season!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks Robert!

    44. Sammy Mitchell

      Great job guys on saving that bird!! Love your channel! Bait cast net some shad for that bird... they eat a ton of shad!

      1. Scott Martin


    45. Larry Stolzman

      Scott: I admire anyone who works to stay fit. At 70 my wife and I try to walk about 1.25 miles per day. Not a huge distance, but it keeps us active. When you did the 2 minute plank it reminded me of my 10 year old grand daughter and my 12 year old grandson. They both have black belts in Karate and are in amazing shape. They held a “plank” contest at Karate. They competed against their entire class. They were both awarded 1st place when the contest was called a draw after 10 minutes. They weren’t even breathing hard. Obviously they take after their grandfather.😱 Stay fit so we can continue to enjoy your channel. God Bless!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks larry

    46. James Curcio

      Always wanted to be a pro like you

      1. Scott Martin


    47. Jessie Mayes

      The Yamaha on the side of the SMC hat is 👌🏼

      1. Scott Martin


    48. SmackinBass

      I Messaged you on Instagram

      1. Scott Martin

        I’ll check that out

    49. Cornfed !!!!

      Scott martin you got this did you fix your headlight on the battle wagon I emailed you and called the marina and the lady said she was gonna text ya?

      1. Scott Martin

        We did thank you!

    50. TN Tarpon

      Can I get a “BRING BRANDON BACK!!!”

    51. C WhY

      He said ubass😂🤣

    52. ed beckley

      All right you need to focus on fishing ! Seriously quit playin' around if you finish that bad in a few more tournaments you will be running a Tohatsu next year ! ? ! or maybe even a Yanmar diesel ! WE spend good money buying what you promote and we need some damn results man ! Life is short and fast and you've got a couple major goals to achieve still, so get out there and leave the cameras in the truck and catch some quality fish ! Most of our lives suck right now and all we can do is live a dream through you !!!

    53. Tim Newby

      Billy caught a bass!!!

    54. WhiteBird

      Upshaw is going to win.

    55. 5.0 f150

      I have the favorite big sexy med heavy that i bought 5 months ago and I love it. It fishes better then my black ice.

    56. Thatboyrick25

      Love the fishing video scott ❤️

    57. Justin Rolfe

      Y'all are awesome Billy and Scott saving the wild life

    58. BradySchran17

      “Oh god I just threw up again”🤣


      What chesty are you using?

      1. Scott Martin


    60. Tim Holahan

      Hey Scott what setup you using for your drop shot rod by favorite thanks

      1. Scott Martin


    61. EliteGB

      Loving the energy!!! Awesome seeing everybody amped up and ready to go! Its time freakin to go! Lets shake this 2020 funk we got on us my friend! I got a good feeling your going to get a little something this year I feel it my friend. Do what you do Scott. Be rooting for you.....advertisements and all lets go!😉🙏

    62. Shenanigan King

      Scott Martin for the win


      Schooling Crawdads 😂


      Billy once again representing for the Carolinas! What an awesome dude!

    65. John R

      Hopefully you guys found the bigger ones somewhere . Good luck

    66. Clapmando

      Billy and Scott together crack me up.

    67. Hank Williams

      Scott's hero had big bass at the BASSMASTER OPEN on Rayburn

    68. Roland Mcclendon

      My pick for sam Rayburn 2020 bassmasster winner is today castldine

    69. Country Girl Fishing

      I was there wanted to say hi but you were in a conversation with some other guys so I didn't want to bother you ..... Got some pictures of your weigh in though....

      1. Scott Martin

        Dang hopefully next time

      2. Country Girl Fishing

        The guy from

    70. Aztec Anglers

      Awesome job boys saving that bird. Well done, good Karma coming your way !

    71. Cliff

      If i we're there i would WIN it. Lol. God Bless from Texas.

    72. Martin Gomez

      sup yall. ,have missed lots of videos. what happended to Brandon

    73. Bruce Thivierge

      Schooling crawdads 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    74. Chris351971

      Did the same a few weeks ago on my home lake. Poor bird had it wrapped around it beak and was being pulling under by the current glad i came along as he wasn't to far from giving up.

    75. Butcher Trucking LLC

      You're good men Scott and Billy.

    76. Dang Son

      Matsushita wins

    77. Adam Smith

      Nice job saving the Egret boys. He,s a fish eater. I once rescued a huge white pelican from a trot line. It was a little sketchy . They have about a 6 foot wingspan.

    78. Jake Martin

      Loving yet another video🎣👍. Scott my hero😂🐟👌. Like always keep up the hard work and tight linz 🤙🎣🐡!

    79. {TRUMP NATION}

      Oh gotta love the Joe Biden ad when your watching a KGupr you know I's a Trump supporter lol

    80. Cards11

      I took my wife crappie fishing and it was her first time and she casted and the bobber hit a bird flying and the bird got all tangled up in her line it was quite the ordeal lol

    81. DW B

      How's the electronics working with that new harness?

    82. Cody Finn

      Another good video. The guys your running with are trying to get to your level on youtube. They are doing a good job. Enjoy watching you and the other guys videos. I'm headed to Rayburn Wednesday. I hope I have better luck than ya'll had. Temperature is supposed to drop into the 80's. So hopefully that's enough to get em going. My wife loves fishing the jig and I like the frog and jig. So hopefully they start biting. Good luck to all of you in the next one. I can tell ya'll have a lot of fun.

    83. Kevin Smith

      Hilary would have been on them , she’s a beast ..

    84. Nicky Landry

      My moneys on Todd

    85. John Hancock

      Billy holding his ears and not wanting to look at the injured bird.🤣

    86. Sallzy 1

      Billy where’s the beard haha jesus you look like a different guy until you talk

    87. Scott Collins

      Billy saved a bird.

    88. Chris Margarum

      Is that the new matanium scott, looks nice. I have to wait till January to get all my new gear for the season , I'm going to try out the new hex casing, summit casting, and the rush casting rods from favorite, and a few daiwa elite, I love them rods I have one already, gotta get matanium, and the aldebaran, and a daiwa elite sv pitch and flip, I been dying to try that out, have fun bro, knock em dead mr Martin.

    89. TxFish

      Most people in the comments clearly don't even follow fishing, they just watch youtube. People, stop saying he is going to win....The tournament was over yesterday and he finished 86th.

    90. wildlife explorers

      Great to see focused once again. Your definitely winning this tournament. Great to video ,can't wait for more.

    91. Chris Margarum

      What do you got a u bass.... lmao

    92. Richie _k_68

      You might win the tournament but you never know like you said maybe Billy caught a bass will ..✌🏼🎣🎣

    93. Cameron Casteel

      Billy not fishing tournament any longer? Where's Brandon at these days? He no longer filming for you?

    94. Kevin flabouyfishing

      I've had to do this on my home lake luckily I found the bird soon after getting tangled up

    95. Andrew Phoa

      Your good deed saving that bird will give you good luck in the tourney!!! Go get em Scott!!

    96. Tom Cieri Jr.

      Great job for helping the Egret. Most people would look the other way....👍

      1. Adam Smith

        Nice job identifying the bird.

    97. Chris H

      You got it all day every day brother! Loved the signature one handed fish release

    98. Dylan Mclemore

      i just went by sam rayburn

    99. John Smith

      Can you share the name of the tackle shop you where at ?

    100. Zac Pearson

      I’ll put you on something: gooseberry zoom lizards they are fire

      1. kohen kindgren