racist buzzfeed

D'Angelo Wallace

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    1. D'Angelo Wallace

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      1. Ohsole Meeeo

        if fun was meant for white people i must have super fun sitting here with a crippling depression severe social phobia and suicidal thoughts. damn im having sooo much fun. oh and also fuck history im more intressted to know where the hell we are going than were we been. its better to not cling onto the past if i did that id gladly slice and dice myself out of existance. nuke this planet out of existance would an appropriate action as the human race is a planet destroying virus.

      2. Johnny Sins

        Only weak brainwashed sheeple care about racism.

      3. H

        “I’m not smart” just bc u don’t know a couple things doesn’t mean ur dumb, ur just specifically lacking in knowledge of those things, and this applies to everyone

      4. BigTurqouise Pencil

        You should DEFINITELY name the county!!! Mate, that could improve so many people's lives. Think about black people who have to live in that county. I know you don't want the heat but you could use your platform for more in this way. If you want 'white privilege' for everyone then you can surely see how you can help here?

      5. Sovereign Royalty

        Generous you have been!🤣👌🏽👑

    2. Motivated

      Wait, isn't Buzzfeed already racist?

    3. George's Reviews

      yea you dont like cut yet using their video to make one of your own, , lets see what so you calll that??

    4. Claire Barwick

      I like your hoodie & you 🙂 they could just joke answer to avoid the question like “dancing” idk this question is definitely loaded

    5. Hanni C

      ok but at 10:53 i genuinely thought he said "nazis in your food" xD

    6. Ania Janiec

      I know I'm late to the party, but if we stay in the fun video mood like it was intended if white person would say black people are superior in seasoning their chicken - would it be stereotypical and racist thing to say? 🧐 Not starting drama, just want your take on this! 🙂

    7. Hayley A. Burke

      this channel is so out of pocket even the guessing naughty toys one imagine getting an offer "hey gather up your most "naughty items" and your mother and fly to our studios" like I'm sorry what do these emails and offers that attract people to participate look like that they can keep churning out all of this comment.

    8. Crimskey Official


    9. Bruno the Existor

      they asked a question and the people in the video gave answers that weren't really answers to the question because it was such a stupid question

    10. sarah_tree

      btw this is very serious but OH MY GOSH I LOVE YOUR FIT

    11. kiwiidayy

      Glad to see that it had 12k likes & 248k dislikes

    12. Kitty Unfiltered

      White people: 1% are racist. Black people: 1% are racist. Everyone at Cut that had anything to do with the creation of this video: 99% are racist. The other 1% honestly didn't have a clue what the other 99% were up to.

    13. knux1991

      Out of all the racist things on KGup, this is the stuff you go after. Really tackling the hard hitting issues. Maybe once you graduate high school you can see what's actually going down out here

      1. Ly dye

        He can post whatever he wants dude

    14. Simya Rembert

      bro, the first 10 people said something stupid like "not seasoning food, loving their pets too much", etc, and the rest of the video is black people speaking about real issues when it comes to white superiority/privilege. now we're mixing stupid white stereotypes with actual social issues, and it seems to be weakening the voices that are actually speaking their mind when it comes to these social issues. of course, they put the stupid white stereotypes at the beginning of the video so that everyone can watch 3 seconds of it and write an ignorant comment. this is literally a setup for us black folk. not only is this a trash question to ask a POC, but it was also a trash presentation of the question and quite frankly a trash video. i hope everyone in these comments has a wonderful day.

    15. JNCressey

      It feels like the question "What exactly are white people superior at?" would be better aimed at being said sarcastically and putting white supremacists on the spot.

    16. Michael Sheftall

      complains about racism, then is racist

    17. Anthony Gaiman

      15:25 my man looks like a god damn dandelion

    18. Cute BTS

      I had no idea that "Folx" was anything more than a spelling error until I scrolled down to the comments. I'm ☠️

    19. Aaryan Bhandari

      D Angelo is the only reason I still have faith in future of KGup as a platform

    20. melanie

      I personally prefer long form content! Especially yours!

    21. Ante Lukac

      Why is Lil Tecca reacting to videos?!

    22. Anthony

      Y'all need to come to the south. Everybody can cook down here, dont matter the skin color. 🤠

    23. Anthony

      3:06 he says this while wearing cat ears 👀

    24. Mandy

      Is it wrong that when things get really cringe in the things D'Angelo cover, I just zone out on his beautiful visage? Nope. Nope. Nope. These videos are informative and therapeutic, simultaneously.

    25. Ariadna Gaytan

      I think the "smelling funky" part could relate to the Spaniards smelling badly when they arrived to Mesoamerica

    26. y es

      the weirdest part is that cut owns hiho, a kids channel. kinda sus lol

    27. simmerissa

      Simulation glitched at 4:13


      I am biracial. My father is black and my mother is white. As someone who sees both sides, it disturbs me how videos like this further divide races and say that all white people are white supremacists who hate blacks. I'm not trying to lighten the fact that blacks have faced a lot of discrimination because of their skin, but I don't believe that blaming all white people is the answer. True racists should definitely be called out and punished for their actions, but our society seems to have a mentality that all whites are racist. I don't believe this to be true because of my parents. My mother loves me, my siblings, and my father very much, and is proud to have an African American man as her husband.

    29. noob2243

      _"...Talking about and to their dogs and cats all the time, naming them 'sons/daughters', letting them get on your counter tops"_ Umm, that seems weirdly specific and especially more common with white middle-aged women - "Karens", if you will - but okay, Cut, you do you

    30. Carson Kay

      I liked some of their videos of having people guess, like, what tattoos people have or what pets they think a stranger has. Their videos taking a group of people and having them move along a spectrum to show their opinions. But their framing in videos like this is pretty insidious.

    31. Jon

      the white people question seems like such an awkward twisted weird ass question

    32. Rainy Fund

      I think that best answer to this question that I could think of (keep in mind I'm white so I can only say this from a place where I have the privilege to be ignorant of my privileges) is to weaponize white privilege against poc and black people. This is even from antiracist people and lgbtq people who have certain oppressions, we have gotten very good, as a group, at using our privilege in a way that allows us to even weaponize our own oppressions to take advantage of other people in a way that's based in white supremacy. We can be racist, but hide it under the veil of progressivism. This isn't even a liberal problem, even in leftist spaces, we use our whiteness to get away with things that poc and black people just couldnt. (Sorry if this is a little hard to read it's like midnight and I'm literally choking and also my phone lit on fire and my house is on fire and I have to finish this comment so I can stop drop and roll)

    33. Skull Gamer

      I never heard about white ppl over talking about their pets. I’ve heard of white getting their pets fancy and shit, but I’ve never heard about over talking about their pets. I mean, I would like to see someone’s pet, and I don’t mind hearing about their pets, but what I get kinda get uncomfortable about is when someone talks “expertly” about domestic animals, and Idk shit. So is that kinda the problem, or am I just not getting it? I’m not American, so I’m not an American stereotype expert

    34. Sc4r4byte

      DW: "I just said racist a lot of times in a row... does this video have ads on it?" Me: *looks down* ...yup, Michaels Canada got you on lock.

    35. Wasa Bee

      Is that a bear with spongebob??? Amazing

    36. PRAWNII

      What is the song 1:19? It's so relaxing.

    37. GoldenFox 911

      Gonna be honest, I clicked this video due to you cat ear headphones.... But I like how you say "stupid" so I'ma subscribe!

    38. Nathan SP

      I don't even know why these fucking questions need to even be asked. Is this all these shitasses worry about is some small minority of people are who are racist that live in some bum fuck places here in the states? For people who wanna worry about someone else feeling/thinking they're superior; sure as hell wanna think they're superior or bring race into every bloody thing.

    39. Whitney Rideout

      Im white and use fresh herbs AND dried seasoning on everything so screw you racists!

    40. Adolfo Garza Chaires

      "they keep talking mostly about their pets" what? seriously what does that mean ? seriously ? who the fuck made this questions, they're awful this people don't even know what to say about it cus they know the answer is going to be bad because it's made to be like thay

    41. Onyekachi Koroma

      No offence but, my mom always used to tell me i smelled “white” whenever i came home from a white friend’s house. Idk do white people really smell funky? 🤔

    42. Quinn Speir

      As a white Jew, this video made me uncomfortable.

    43. Nikolas Slead

      This is so annoying like .... exactly like D'angelo said they're bringing up super important and valid issues and discussions and putting it in a video with mayonaise and complaints that are.... still valid but don't belong in the same conversation.

    44. Allyson Fountain

      I just want to point out, as a regular cut video-watcher, this is exactly how they edit every video with the ‘slope’ editing and bunching similar answers next to each other and gradually going from light-hearted to more intense at the end. i think the editors were very ignorant and should have taken the content in this video into more consideration with this way of editing and how it would present.

    45. The Big Bea

      WHat Are WhITe PeoPle sUPeRior aT Me white and a moron: N.O.T.H.I.N.G

    46. Alexander Post

      The reason why white people (except Southern Europeans, thank you) historically didn't use spices in their cooking was that they used them as an extremely valuable currency that holds up extremely well. Also only the nobility usually had it at all.

    47. Beatrix Lozach

      Half of my family is French, the other half is Southern- I avoided the white girl no seasoning curse thank goodness lol

    48. ThePope Of the Church of Tea

      I would say the Mongolians are the best conquerors.

    49. David Liu

      21:26 **flashbacks to the Quartering video**

    50. Jamilah ki

      D'Angelo, the way you broke down the problems with this video was so amazing to me. I am constantly impressed by your ability to dissect complex issues/topics in a way that's easy for us to understand in a super tactful way. Keep being the best person on KGup :)

    51. StreetPunk Streams

      This autoplayed after Jarvis Johnson and I was very confused for like 2 seconds.

    52. Teresa Margit

      I kinda think it's hard to single out race in this instances. Like with some of these examples, like being able to be more free and have fun, I kept thinking that it doesn't really apply to white women. We get raped and murdered too. We live with that fear too. But yeah, I think it's also interesting that a lot of people associate "white" with "racist" or "white supremacist" but I guess that depends on the experiences you've made in your life. If every white person you've ever met had been racist, you're just going to assume that all white people are racist. I get where they're coming from. I just think that even in the white race, there are certain "levels" of privilege that shouldn't be ignored...

    53. WhatReallyMatters

      The average white person is upholding white supremacy though, if they aren't activity combating against it.

    54. Hank Wimbleton

      I hate that people basically see White People as inherently racist isn't codifying all people of a skin color as evil basically the same thing? I'm not even going to get into the semantics of Racism isn't it morally questionable to stereotype people back? Wouldn't that engender more hate? It's like fighting fire with gasoline and expecting it to not get bigger.

    55. Banina

      if I got the question ''what are black people superior at'' I would probably talk about the warmth in most African cultures and their colourfulness & sprinting. I get that it's a weird question to get but I don't necessarily think it's a racist question? Sure, it automatically goes to some cultural stereotypes, but I just don't get it. Maybe I'm just privileged, maybe I'm too European I don't know. This isn't hate just wanted to add on.

    56. laura

      "folks" is already a gender-neutral term...why spell it with an x? i'm honestly baffled

    57. Bawpwar, The Green

      Some of this feels like a direct attack. Given that I am a White Male.

    58. Amber Baker

      Why cant we be equal. Each person is an individual, with skin colored just part of the individual. Being black or being white isn't the only feature of a person, each person is more than skin color.

    59. Long Dong McStrong

      When someone says "bLaCk PeOpLe CaN't Be RaCiSt" I always point them to Hopsin and the backlash on his Happy Ending

    60. Long Dong McStrong

      "600.000 views :O" fun fact

    61. Richard Villagomez

      unrelated but I LOVE THE HOODIE WHERE CAN I GET IT

    62. Christopher Fox

      I think a good amount of the people comments you're upset about are about CUT not the people. And there are people that actually believe black people can't be racist no matter what they say.

    63. Oz

      Mmm buzzfeed profiting off of reactionaries and racial division 🤤🤤🤤🤤

    64. Rebekah Loves

      Me sitting here being proud of the fact that my cooking has the approval of my black friends lol WELCOME TO FLAVOR TOWN

    65. Mila


    66. impofstpete727

      Look at the dislikes on that video. 248K, damn.

    67. Tatumtots

      White people UNDERESTIMATE a black person's oppression to the same degree black people OVERESTIMATE a white person's privilege.

    68. Paper Cut

      I heard the question and me as a white person already felt like shit. And the farther through I knew it wasn’t me they where discribing. I’m not someone who discriminates people of color. Yet I still feel like shit. I hurts to know that’s what people think of me and my race in a general sense. Now I understand what people of color feel like when they are put into category’s. I respect all of there answers but I think they really picked the wrong way of asking it causing almost everyone to talk about the people who discriminate them.

    69. MrDapperGent

      Why do I get this vague feeling that for when the video start to slope toward more heavy topics they change the question up to be more specific but do not show this. Why does pizza do better as a format of food. Vs Why does X owner of pizza chain think their pizza is superior to all others.

    70. Space Beagle

      Anybody can be racist, its a universal concept. It wouldn't be racist to call out racism, but saying "Blank people are the only blank" is racist.

    71. VampCaff

      Snip! i love it! i want to see you re-edit these cut videos.

    72. Kwhite Winter

      I have no dog in this fight about slavery. All I know 8s I feel like a lot of ppl with bml are trying to keep us separated and we all need to be joined together to fix it all

    73. Emily Smith

      pause at 12:47 he looks just like her LOL

    74. Ferbidin

      I only just saw the like/dislike ratio on cuts' video. Not suprised.

    75. Desiree Michele

      What are white people better at? Nope nothing we were faster and more aggressive colonizing that's it really.

    76. Adams Bikses

      19:20 lmfao those recomendations look exactly like mine

    77. KayRix

      I feel like they do that in other videos as well. In their videos where strangers have to pick who gets 1000$, they always take the worst, most toxic and sometimes a bit racist people of color and, by a weird coincidence I guess, the white people get out first and they’re seen as the victim. In almost every single video, the POC are painted as the bad guys (not saying the white people are never in the wrong either, it’s hard to make ourselves a good idea of someone when those are heavily edited and probably scripted as well). And those get HELLA views and a bunch of KGuprs reacting to them. That’s weird. It’s really suspicious. I mean, shock value is a huge marketing point for companies, but using racism as a selling tactic (against any ethnicity, it doesn’t matter), especially during those times, is another level of shitty.

    78. Johnny Sins

      Only weak brainwashed sheeple care about racism.

      1. Oz

        🥶kinda hard to ignore racism when it MEASURABLY affects your life every day

    79. kcarter02

      I really don’t get the spice thing! Lol i thought it was just a Midwestern thing. I live in the south. Spice is a way of life down here 🤣🤣

    80. Sunny Sky

      You don’t believe in reverse racism...you don’t right ? 🤨

    81. picasew

      "White people are better at having fun" Me who literally wants to kill myself half the time: *becomes happy*

    82. CookieTheLite

      lemme answer that question real quick: Being racist

    83. Morgana l’Abeille

      "It's okay to be white" is a white supremacist dogwhistle

      1. Oz

        What’s an alternative? White people shouldn’t have shame or guilt for their race, they should have it for their complicity to the system they benefit from that hurts people of color. It’s unfair to criticize someone for something they cannot change and shouldn’t attempt to change.

    84. maggot infested bodybag

      its completely on the company, they are trying to make them look bad and so then racist white people will watch it and use it to excuse their own racism. i dont blame the people in the video, and a lot of what they said was right. but looking at the dislikes its just gonna give people fuel to possibly attack and harass them online. and like you said, a video with serious topics such as slavery also shouldnt be put in a video with silly music, it makes it look like a joke

      1. Sunny Sky

        Racism against u white ain’t a thing I hope you know this cause it’s actually insulting.

    85. Gergő Kun

      Woke people: Say that America is racialy divided. Also woke people: Make racialy dividing media.

    86. Gergő Kun

      I swear i dont intend this as an insult but when i only saw the tumbnail i tought you were a girl. XD

    87. Muharem Redzic

      a black guy with pink kitten ears attacked to his headphones and matching glasses talking about racism - 2021

    88. Peachy Deitz

      Hey, I think KGup is removing some of your subscribers. I’ve been subscribed since the Tati video and I was wondering why I haven’t gotten any noti’s for awhile and so I checked on this video and it said I wasn’t subscribed anymore

      1. Peachy Deitz

        @Harley Hurricane oof, thanks for the kind heads up. I figured it may have been my fault, but I know a few other KGuprs are switching channels because of KGup is aggressively shadow banning, and I wanted to make sure. But thanks again for the heads up! I appreciate your kindness!

      2. Harley Hurricane

        Hey! Just letting you know that the Tati video and this video are on different channels! I don't know if KGup's removing subscribers (although honestly, it's pretty probable), but just thought I'd mention it to you! 😊

    89. Will C.

      BuzzFeed hates white people!

    90. Pingus Man

      no one SHOULD be superior to anyone were all human

      1. Pingus Man

        im not all lives matter btw

    91. Noah G

      His voice is already cool, he’ll sound awesome when older. Why the hell is “folx” spelled like that?

    92. TheBodyguard13

      Worst thing about the "woke" and "tolerant" comment is not one of those people in the video were framed as tolerant or woke. They were only framed as black, regardless of everything else. That fool is literally implying that being black makes you woke and tolerant which is just as racist as saying a person who is black is probably lazy (a stereotype I don't agree with that comes from the "welfare queens" lie spread by I think it was Reagan?)

    93. glridgel7

      Not D'Angelo Not All White People-ing for the entire first half of this video...

    94. Ali Abawa

      Whites need to educate whites, or just educate themselves before asking their black & POC friends n coworkers stupid questions. It's not that hard... And yeah the media tries to divide everybody all the time. The history is deep, so you need to make space to talk about it if you want to learn. I hate this cut video

    95. Ali Abawa

      I like this video a lot

    96. lewid019

      Wow. The comment section is troubling to say the least. First the part about saying its the afeicans fault for them being here is trash. What about after? A lot of the issues black americans have stem from after slavery. Another about africa being poor and everyone is leaving and black should return is trash as well. The last time i checked middle easterns, Eastern europeans and heck europeans are all fleeing their homelands. Lets talk about that. And telling someone they should go back to africa because they voiced out about their mistreatment is trash. The next time i hear some white amerixan complain taxes and the government I'll make sure to tell them...if you dont like it go back to europe.😤

    97. daniella nunez


    98. vomiting forever

      Cut and jubilee are essentially the same thing, except cut tries to be more "edgy"

    99. snakysalamander

      ‘White people don’t season their food’. Me, a white Latina: White is a colour not a culture. 🌶🌶🌶

    100. William Wallace

      Black Americans clearly haven't eaten good European food made by... white people. Crap food needs more seasoning than good food.