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    1. No


    2. Brittany Klunejko

      “In 1976” Harry pats josh 🤣🤣

    3. Taylor Swann

      The quixotic argentina objectively knit because spruce continuously join aside a stormy celeste. noisy, jobless chime

    4. Connor Perkins

      i have never seen someone with worse luck than JJ. dear god man that was sad.

    5. Jakhurst14

      Does anyone know what ksi trainers are called cause they bang🔥

    6. HiR4N_

      Im not even 30s in and my first thought is: "Tobi looks like he's god. Is god Black? Is that real?"



    8. bryce hammer


    9. 박선경

      The lumpy suede nomenclaturally colour because sweatshirt histopathologically clip before a finicky oil. gorgeous, alike niece

    10. Hq Lives

      The dry catsup likely attack because hospital untypically rush aboard a irate head. majestic, optimal craftsman

    11. Yurgirlsimp4me Alvarez

      1:18 did anyone else find it wholesome that jj was the only one who wanted to be with vikk and hugged him

    12. Carlotta Capocci


    13. Husain Saleh

      What we realy came for 23:00

    14. Anthony Rodriguez

      JJ hugging Vik is the best part of the video

    15. _Cal The Ewok_

      I see Simon’s rocking the shoes Tobi got him

    16. LL GG

      22:20 Josh has been watching Chris Smoove

    17. Nick Donati

      Vik and JJ got shafted by those questions 🤣

    18. Catch Generics

      Harry is looking jacked ngl

    19. lolrusureaboutthat

      Since when was Fafinga banana in Arabic?? Is my whole life a lie?!

    20. The VK way

      I don’t get this game 😭

    21. sauces the God

      Who tf is keeping the diamond play button ... I wanna see that fight

    22. Miles Williams

      After a while they just start calling each other dumbasses and start yelling lmaoo

    23. Aryan Grover

      The minority was defined by different groups in the following ways : N.G. Ranga, a socialist who had been a leader of the peasant movement, stated that the term minorities be interpreted in economic terms. He emphasised that the real minorities were the poor and the downtrodden i.e., the masses of this country. These include tribal people and poor villagers who are exploited by moneylenders, zamindars, malguzar and other people. Jaipal Singh, an Adibasi, stated that tribes were not a numerical minority but they needed protection. They have been disgracefully treated and neglected for the last 6,000 years. They have been perceived as primitive and backward. Dakshayani Velayudhan from Madras refused to believe that seventy million Harijans were to be considered as a minority but their social disabilities should be removed. J. Nagappa from Madras pointed out that numerically the Depressed Castes were not a minority. They formed between 20 and 25 per cent of the total population. They suffered due to their systematic marginalisation.

    24. William Codrington

      54:37. JJ's face

    25. Damienplays 999

      WE DID IT!!!! We reached 10 million subscribers now the sidemen won't quit KGup, well done everyone #LordSidemen4Ever

    26. AngryBear Papo

      Honestly the worst in the group is Ethan he should be canceled

    27. Latifa Dos Santos

      29:41 The.

    28. Latifa Dos Santos

      29:20 revolutionary

    29. Amianna Thomas

      Btw saying Bioluminescence isn't the answer... It's Bioluminescence plankton.... ☹️so chillax Vicky boy 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    30. AngryBear Papo

      Only they know who winning 😂

    31. gallis vibe


    32. Ibuki Mioda

      Tobi wearing a suit is funny.

    33. Thomas Klaverdijk

      Even tho I like Ethan he is such a sore winner Harry did way more push-ups before his form was sloppy Harry won period

    34. Reverb Chetties

      “yeah bro look to the lord” best line of the year


      The fact that they usually only use their own money as a sponsor shows how unselfish they are

    36. joe dalziel

      Eiii sidemen 10mil

      1. A MYsteRY

        FINALLY🥳🥳 now its guaranteed they wont stop making lit content

    37. Mae Murray

      9:48 lol Harry is becoming Arab lol

    38. Kitr0

      I just realised 0:17 “Knowledge…Six idiots=KSI😮 I know this comment is ridiculous but still

    39. jake campos

      1:08:00 did I hear a chicken?

    40. Asha Susskind

      50:22 thats what NZ people clal them selvs

    41. Cassius

      26:24 absolutely hilarious reaction

    42. Abu bakar Hussain


    43. Timothy Ong

      Simon saying look to the lord an winnin got me dying gang🤪🤣

    44. Adam Younis

      Please play blake jack

    45. George Zodeh

      The look to the lord is something else

    46. gracie king

      for someone who has an extreme prefernce for women, can i just say that tobi looking reaaaaal fiiiiiine omg 👀😍

    47. Braydon B

      i could watch jj and simon do the boxing thing for hours

    48. Damienplays 999


    49. Lee Richardson

      Come on now why have we not got them to 10 mill SUBSCRIBE RN OR ELSE lol

    50. Mikoy Fernandez

      Simon owning JJ twice has to be one of his finest moments in Sidemen history

    51. CH4oTiC RaCoOn

      Anyone notice when they are counting jj back up vikk struggles to count upwards with his fingers 😂😂

    52. Alija 1234

      I really want anotherrrr sidemen Monopoly!!!!

    53. Mae Murray

      Is no one going to talk about JJ hugging VIK that was truly a lovely sight

    54. Noar Hamza

      00000hhyunubgjguymbyhnjhubyjybhgynbuybjtggyhgbj6ygyub6yg5bh6fvh5tyfvrftvgfvhtbhgtygtyhbygjyuduhesyujxcsfnuyhjndchyucdeuhhuxdunjyhdunhjxxhucrxshumdxumhuun7jhdnh ynhj7hujdhn7uescxfcuhjn7esfeef7bu4r5ugb46uhbu7cbjg473cr4crjrse47r4escseedhsreejh4desresuhsefr6rezdhh7t zhyjbdbnysenbudenhjyeb u6enhyjrresrrcnybjescrnresnnjyefnjhyejyrsnrcerjynhcjynhfrenjyrnyuhenyjdjybnrengte mmmmm mmmm nnnnn m m

    55. Arvid Ernlund Karlsson

      The camera quality is insane

    56. Hasan Salim


    57. Billi

      Tobi looks incredibly handsome in this

    58. Jose Hueso

      Does anyone know what pants they are wearing?

    59. darek klich

      16:40 lol, Ethan lost to Harry and got mad even though Harry was doing proper push ups. he's so fit and all but lost to a guy who's working out like once every month :D

    60. CrayCray Mose


    61. KapX Kai

      Simon is in JJ’s head!! 😱😱😱😱

    62. Alex gareau

      When harry talk i hear " we need a right wing c'mon!"

    63. hannah Sandy

      The right people won 🤭

    64. Fostie Dave

      Gangs after 20min😎

    65. Anisa Afsar

      Simon in shadow boxing is BOMB

    66. Sinister

      Anybody notice Simon wearing the shoes tobi bought him for his birthday

    67. cammy a

      Simon and JJ’s shadow boxing was so cool omg

    68. fear

      I love how Simon is wearing the shoes Tobi bought for him

    69. Olliesnipes

      10:40mystery mystery

    70. Anisa Afsar

      11.50 never seen ROCK PAPER SCISSORS turn so serious

    71. Yeet 00

      Is it just me or does Toby look like hes wearing a pastor suit (kinda)

    72. musiclover

      Tbh the google and Brazil questions were quite easy

    73. JellyBOB

      I’ve never understood why people don’t stay till the end of the video lmao

    74. Crusty Dinsor

      2:59 up de tofis

    75. yolo dank

      1:08:00 did I hear a chicken?

    76. GG_ OliRas

      Harry's jokes are the best🤣🤣😂😂

    77. kieren moonsamy

      I see them sneakers Simon hint hint Tobi

    78. Connor Whitenton

      The Maldives is directly south of India

    79. Rajvir Bola

      The way KSI laughs every time he does the timer for josh and Harry 😂😂😂😂

    80. Rajvir Bola

      Harry is literally Joey from friends 😂😂

    81. JellyBOB

      Vik: *Has to do a 5 second challenge Also Vik: The guy who in the 5 second challenge vid couldn’t make 5 red things XD

    82. Mr. HEAVEN Sir. Church

      The pain levels was about as of saving a football with both firming it. 59:55

    83. Vishal Ramlogan


      1. Nandini S

        I swearrr

    84. omar alhomsi

      Love how the just say a Arabic word normally

    85. Sahib Virk

      Feb 14 2005 my birthday

    86. Reem Reem

      banana in Arabic is MOUZ wth is Fafinga!!!

    87. ImLuxious

      I got the same creps as big josher

    88. Mia Cackett

      Omg- Tell Me Why Tobi is So FIT like bruhhhh

    89. Asef Haque

      29:15 29:40

    90. nightwing2101

      If I was jj Harry would have caught the meanest punch to the face for that ball hit 😂😂

    91. teddy gevaux

      Who else would've chosen 'apple juice' for the discount code???

    92. Asef Haque

      Love how there is one smart person and one dumb one each team lol (in no way tryna offend anyone)

    93. Nikhil Palempalli

      These idiots dont explain the rules to golden balls but explain the rules to trivial pursuit

    94. BT BLAZER


    95. Raza Tahiri

      Nike please sponsor The Sidemen

    96. 黃l

      1:12 highlight of vik’s life

    97. Chloe Lepage

      JJ hugging Vik is the best part of the video

    98. Room

      Ethan and Harry: *Push Ups* Simon and Josh: *Cheering on Ethan and Harry* JJ and Vik: *Watching*

      1. TheVMbros

        Yes, that is indeed what happened.

    99. Locker-Room Dwarf


    100. Fitness Pal

      9:48 lol Harry is becoming Arab lol