Steve Sarkisian is excited about future of Longhorns’ program | College Football Live

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7 миӊ. көрүүлөр2

    Steve Sarkisian breaks down his team’s progress in recruiting and development since he’s been hired as head coach with the Texas Longhorns.
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    1. Manny C

      Great play calling and he uses the defenses abilities against them. Can't wait to see his play schemes! I think even the water boys will be better with Sark at the helm!!!

    2. Willie Lapier

      Hook em horns Steve sarkisians I'm a big texas longhorn fan i can wait till next football season looking forward to watching you next football season i live in piedmont Alabama good luck hook em

    3. Brett K

      I would not get to excited until we see what he can do first give him like two seasons if can only top 8 or 9 wins in two years then really nothing special. Texas is still below Oklahoma and WAAAYYY below BAMA. See if they can take care of Oklahoma and win 10 plus games in one of his first two seasons. Then maybe potential to not just make playoffs but win it!

    4. Chance Wilson

      I hope they do well I’m tired of getting my hopes up every year.

    5. Kyzor-Sosay

      Appreciate what you did for Bama.Good luck in Austin,Coach.

    6. Jay Jordan

      Sark is already making a difference. I promise you they'll stay in the top 25 every year as long as he's coach.

    7. Diane Fiske-Foy

      Good luck with the Longhorns Coach Sark! Roll Tide 🐘🏈🌊❤️‼️

    8. Masta Katz

      I’m so excited for the horns. Ready to get rolling! Hookem

    9. David Miles

      Hope Texas does well, it would be Great to see Texas football be very competitive again.

    10. Toby Gilliland

      Can't wait to see the Horns get back to prominence! No reason with the right Coaches and all the in state talent to be competitive year in and out for the National Championship

    11. Peter Keigwin

      🤘🏻⬇️ Sarkisian gone in 4!

      1. Rodney G

        @QDOM He is an OU or Aggy troll.

      2. QDOM

        I don’t get the hate for him? Your life that miserable? Lol

      3. Chris Funk


      4. Peter Keigwin

        @Eric C if he succeeds I will. I want Texas to stay average

      5. Eric C

        Drink UP!

    12. Harry Wang

      Sark’s demeanor looks like someone with a chip on his shoulder who wants to prove something.....maybe Texas did hire the right coach...hook’em 🤘

    13. Cream City Boy


    14. Hamada Potter

      Haha! Golly what else can he say besides a great future!?

      1. Hamada Potter

        @Gio many more comments from you and I’m going to phone the the American Academy of natural sciences and let them know I’ve found the missing link. Thank you for your service.

      2. Gio

        @Hamada Potter Your funny kid. I’ll give you that but this decorated combat veteran isn’t impressed with any kind of word to suggest your smart. If anything insulting other fans isn’t doing you any favors. Have a good day kid.

      3. Hamada Potter

        @Gio well weak comments are better than your useless comments. Btw did you happen to look up the meaning of platitude? You can use it now and fake intelligence.

      4. Gio

        @Hamada Potter Lol I’m not amused by your weak comments. But thanks for commenting kid. Keep learning.

      5. Hamada Potter

        @Gio man, you seem like some kind of a..hole. Take it easy sometime somewhere someone is really going to clean your clock.

    15. Sam Sam


    16. Jing Qi

      Texas will be fun to watch!

    17. Gus Garza

      This is just the beginning. Wait & see what's coming up in the next few years! Go Hook'em!!

    18. CaptainIcy

      Excited to see how they do next season!

      1. Texas FC

        I hope Casey Thompson can step up