Eibar vs Atletico de Madrid | LALIGA HIGHLIGHTS | 1/21/2021 | beIN SPORTS USA


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    Atletico Madrid faced once again a defensive front against Eibar, having to reach from the bottom to come back and claim the scoreboard 1-2.
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    1. sidfor911truth

      2:16 nice dive, deserves and oscar.

    2. angel teo

      Las mañas del Barcelona no de le quitan a Suárez fingir penales y antes que hablen le voy al Barcelona pero las cosas claras

    3. Jovanny Trujillo

      Suarez! Eres GRANDE ! Monstro !

    4. YH10fficial

      Can't believe Barca got rid of this beast

    5. Richard Martin

      Los del Barcelona viendo como Suárez mete goles en cada equipo que llega😂😂

    6. Clevertp95

      Suarez is one of the best strikers of all time

    7. Karla Rivas

      The crabby luttuce consistently bake because team indisputably number through a attractive sled. tasteless, lacking mail

    8. Jose Lico

      Joselico gracias ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️💪

    9. Leftist NPC

      Atletico’s coach seems like a real d*ckhead. He seems like a good coach, but he seems really intimidating

    10. LHP Jr

      Barcelona made the stupid move of letting a league rival in contention get him. STUPID STUPID STUPID. Good for Suarez. 👌🏼

    11. Jack Noble

      The scrawny specialist additonally join because blood curiosly beam in a fluffy cocktail. fluffy, highfalutin yarn

    12. Francisco Neto

      Suarez is a beast. A BeAST. To me he is the best goal scorer ever alive. Mercenary. Assassin shot. A true striker.

    13. Aminefdl 1

      That wouldn’t have been a penalty if he was still in Barcelona lol

    14. nata crvan

      The best Luis Suarez 😢😢

    15. Johnny Vasquez

      Aunque le Regalen penales y lo que quieran al atlético de madrid por el mañoso de suarez el atlético no va a ser campeón

    16. Donald Polanco

      Que piscinazo jajaja SuarezZZZZZ

    17. QUEBECuba Yero

      que penal jjjjjjjjj

    18. Kevin Law

      Very good trade for Barca

    19. Flames F.C Soccerprox21

      Im an atleti fan but that was not a pen for eibar?? Carrasco just landed on his ankle.

    20. Jose dela cruz

      Atletic first goal is 90% llorente.

    21. Travis Travis

      Seeing how Suarez is scoring now I know he was carrying Barcelona not the Messi. Messi needs his buddies back so he can shine and takes all the credit. I’m glad Suarez is proving he was the man at Barcelona.

    22. RV Fan

      Is Suarez doing alright in Atletico? Every highlight I have seen, I have not seen him scoring till this one. Both goals are not from his skill though. I think he's really good player but his diving tops his skill. I only wish he wasn't that dramatic and posing.

    23. brian puente

      Define como los dioses hahaha 🤣 sorry not sorry barcelona ohala q game el goleo i el campeonato con madrid

    24. Cristian Gonzalez

      Denton Suarez gran artista jajaja

    25. Chris Fraser

      That goal from Suarez...damn!

    26. Dr. Common Sense

      Aww I was hoping oblak would take the last penalty

    27. Jahn Alvarado

      So nobody gonna say nothing about the penalty 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

    28. RasenRendan

      They spotted putting the score in the title but adds it in the description lol

    29. Adam Angar

      Suarez sito miss you buddy Fc Barcelona 😭

    30. Mr. Fengatron

      9:15 thank me later

    31. Timelymirror78

      🙂the goalkeeper scored if this was a cup match it would've been critical

    32. Kevin Lujan

      That one keeper has more goals then the hole Liverpool team in 2021 😂😂

      1. Jacob__55

        not anymore

    33. clay antoine

      What nerves 😟

    34. Ibrahim Ibarra

      Buen clavado Suárez

    35. DF

      How is Atleti able to play in uniforms the same exact color as the ball? Could make it hard to pick up if it's coming through a crowd. Surprised nobody made a stink.

    36. pat grant

      as someone new to soccer/european football I hate to see stuff like Muto going out of his way to put his foot under the defender to draw that foul. I hate this in American sports like basketball and american football as well, but when there are such few goals in a game it's that much more crucial.

    37. Aayushna Acharya

      Eibar’s goalie has same amount of goal as Eden Hazard⚽️😂😂 Real Madrid should sign this goalie and replace hazard.

    38. Juan Nicolas

      Suarez el mejor

    39. Pedro Cano

      Suarez el mejor 9 soy barca error grandicimo al vender. Suarez al Atlético

    40. Andy Sanchez

      Crazy how this goalkeeper scores better penalty then most footballers lol 🤣🤣

    41. V0 2 10

      Honestly anyone should score a penalty. It impossible to react to and you have to guess.

    42. Zuhayr Chaudry

      As a Barca fan I'm just here cause Suarez scored

    43. fern yo

      Anyone surprised about SUAREZ PLAYING? This is what he has done all his career. Love him or hate him he is the BEST STRIKER IN THE GAME SINCE 2008. Even though at 33, overweight and with one knee he is the best NUMBER 9 with and without the ball. MOST of the time he can do it ALL on his own, INCREDIBLE PLAYER!!!!

    44. Alex Ortiz

      Barcelona 2021: we wish we had a great number 9. Atletico: excuse me what?

    45. Les P

      I hope that by now everyone can see how stupid it was for Barca to get rid of Suarez. I'm happy for him. IMHO all Barca management should be fired.

    46. antiagonista

      Suarez still diving... sad.

    47. Kisirinya Bonny


    48. Mclovin

      Suarez called Leo before this game actually.... told him he was going to summon , “ The dark arts.”

    49. Roshan K

      Suarez smile 9:42 😭😭 his happy playing the beautiful game barca did him dirty

    50. Jesse Rondinelli

      that was filthy

    51. Xavier

      No era penal

    52. bjehulk

      Dmitrovic is an underrated keeper

    53. Carlos Rosales

      You can see in Atletico players how much they appreciate Suarez 👏

    54. Andres Abelino

      Ese pinche penal más regalado que del América nomanche

    55. A. Jay

      Why these strikers play so well for Atletico but can’t do much elsewhere? Look at Diego Costa, Griezman and now Suarez, even Fernando Torres

      1. A. Jay

        @Jin Hujun he was a burden at Barcelona the last few years, that’s why he was shipped out so unceremoniously

      2. Jin Hujun

        Can’t do much elsewhere? Suarez? You must lost your mind lmao

    56. 7resist7tyranny7

      Dimitrovich showing Barça how its done

    57. D2x

      As a Barcelona fan it’s nice seeing Suarez shut all you stupid fake barca fans who were convinced Suarez was “finished”.

    58. Diego

      Con huevo se ganan los partidos carajo

    59. itsSkippy641

      Bruh, Suarez is top scorer right now. What a beast.

    60. kadaaissa said

      Algerian love atletico madrid

    61. kadaaissa said

      I love atletico madrid

    62. Amare YeMa

      How in the world Barcelona kicked out Suarez to keep martin braithwaite. I’m happy he is having a wonderful season at Atletico. 👏👏👏👏👏👏

    63. Pebogotit

      Qué lástima. Un penal regalado al Atlético de Madrid.

    64. Edwin Guitz Lopez

      Te deseo lo mejor Suárez 👍👍👍💯🥺

    65. Spurs Flying High

      That Suarez dive though, legend :D

    66. Jesco Edits

      Barca missing two PKs and Suarez out here scoring panenkas

    67. Will

      Why do I love Atletico Madrid Suarez when I've never liked him before. I guess it was his send off from Barcelona.

    68. 21 Gayy

      Getting David villa vibes :( Barcelona let go David villa and then athletico won la liga now Suarez was let go by Barca and it looks like athleti will win the league

      1. Michael Willer

        Except Villa wanted to leave

    69. George E

      El Pistolero !!!

    70. LIAM Carter S

      El pistolero!!!🦍 from a Barca fan hope Suarez wins the league if we don’t

    71. Moses Pinto

      Lmao how tf was that a penalty for Suarez? That was not a foul. Var is a farce

    72. DanielAlexander YT

      I like the *outro*

    73. DanielAlexander YT

      imagine if the goalkeeper had scored the only goal of the match

    74. Real Brethem

      Suarez with his trademark dive

    75. neph ilim

      Suarez on the better team, barca are shite and the board fucked up by letting him go, good riddance, well deserved for suarez, hope they win la liga !

    76. ABC Gaming-X

      It’s my birthday. I would love if u could sub to my channel. It would mean a lot to me.

    77. sanjivan bual

      So no ones going to talk about the dive?

    78. wilson ndzi

      Eibar: “We’re going to disrespect your ‘keeper” Suarez: “Hold my panenka”

      1. Felix G.

        @wilson ndzi I agree, the reason why Suarez shot the panenka was because he was showing the keeper how it's done as a top forward. Plus his former Uruguay International teammate El Loco Abreu was a legend in that technique.

      2. wilson ndzi

        @Felix G. Good point, but at the same time everyone on the team is allowed. It’s all about confidence and we saw that Eibar’s keeper’s goal boosted the team’s confidence as well. I feel Suarez’s effort was a master stroke not only in terms of his technique and cold-bloodedness, but also in terms of his awareness that Atletico had to restore psychological/mental dominance.

      3. Felix G.

        How does Eibar forwards feel the rest of the game. They feel they can't even be in the score sheet. I feel penalties should be for hardworking midfielders or their forwards.

      4. Logan


      5. no name


    79. Deep

      Other league KGup channels, learn from la Liga, this is how long the highlights videos should be

    80. Sanjog K.

      La Liga has been brutally hard this season especially. Kudos to all the teams. Definitely the toughest league in Europe right now.

    81. Robert Alarcon

      To be honest if Luis Suárez would of stayed at Barcelona Barca would of been top of league, and would of Been. Scoring way more goals then they have it’s a huge mistake Barcelona made to sell him

    82. Jesús martinez

      Lo que dejó ir el Barcelona por lo menos este año competía bien a comparación de grisman me quedo con suares 👏👏👏👏👏

    83. Lewis Santos


    84. Nyght Fëis

      The fact that Umtiti and De Jong have the same salary as Ramos.

    85. aarøn

      De paso que el A.T.M gana de suerte, de paso al final le dan un penalti gratis a Suárez. En fin, tiene fama de ser piscinero, no me sorprende. Muy bien Eibar a pesar de todo, siempre presionando y dando lo mejor!

    86. Lewis Santos


      1. Lewis Santos

        @Club Astro Transcendental Motor WOW ES UN CRACK

      2. Club Astro Transcendental Motor

        11 de Suarez.

    87. Carlos Bolivar

      Vamooooooooooooooooooooooooooos Atletiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    88. Daniel Cortes

      Dimitrovic se puso a mirar videos de Chilavert en youtube ante del partido jajajaj a si y de Rogerio Ceni Tambien XD

    89. Jeremiah F

      My man rlly scored aganist another goalkeeper

      1. Leonardo _DaG9

        What else would he score against bro? Come on

    90. Elisber Roblero

      Koemen dumb ass f

    91. Guru Sevilla

      wow this guy is still diving to win penalties....lol

    92. OSSS ChrisZlatan

      Eibar goalie take penalty better tha. Dembele

    93. E.B Jombo

      One of the dumbest trades ever! Suarez for....Griezmann?!

    94. Dan Molina

      Alavaro Morata 12 goles en La Liga la temporada pasada para el Atlético, Luis ya tiene 11 y le queda 21 partidos por jugar. 😱 el pistolero haciendo la diferencia para el Atlético 😎

    95. Milton Martínez

      Te despreciaron Suárez eres el mejor

    96. Qishi Li

      Koeman: why did I kick that guy?

    97. Daniel Estrada

      If we could have highlights that are this long ALL the time I would love this channel

    98. Tito. Ramirez


    99. 666stormz

      como te extrano gordo :(

    100. Chancellor Palpatine

      Lol goalkeeper