when BTS' lives spiral out of control (try not to laugh)


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    wooow so much content coming up / already out! there are gonna be lots more videos coming up, bare with me, I'm kinda slow... :D
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    1. Rameen shakil


    2. christian chim chim

      Namjoom: *picks up and eats the entire fortune cookie without opening it* Japanese reporter: *what the fuck just happened*


      When i saw that south korea has 51.78 million pepole i was shocked bc Egypt has 100million pepole in it🙃🔫

    4. Aarchi Nanda

      Tae's hand are prettier than my entire future🥺💜

    5. Aarchi Nanda

      Tae is JinEus💜🤓

    6. Viki

      5.13 namjoon : why tf are u laughing jk: starts clapping and laugh so hard

    7. Kim Mayer

      4:16 all armys at home: Mum can you help me i have a node in my arms because of this carackheads! :)

    8. Natasha Kung

      Is that intro something from BTS or did the KGupr make it?? New fan girl haha

    9. kartik markan

      plz army go to 100 Asian Heartthrobs 2021 on google and vote for bts

    10. Toprak Gülören

      Suga and mandarin. BİG LOVE

    11. Banaja Nayak

      I always forget that I don't have to laugh........but unfortunately I'm laughing so hard😂that I can't control myself

    12. Bangtan ARMY

      The "BE" in the background be like am I a joke to you😂😂

    13. Yina Lee

      Armys *start to smile in a second*

    14. Anagha Latkar


    15. phoebs 711

      4:36 sksksjsk how serious it gets and then the DENIEEEEED

    16. jungkookies

      Yongkimin oppa is backkkkkkkk

    17. Sepia Roy

      Bts = Chaos I ❤️ them so much.

    18. Dimple Kohli

      4:27 the way all of them were trying to do it like tae it's so cute

    19. Blue

      i forgot it was try not to laugh :D

    20. AliceAlicee

      I have never won in these challenges 😹✊🏻

    21. jr. jaemin

      “I fOrGoT tO rEaD tHe tItLe” -sarcasm🤡

    22. Eba D.

      tell me that Tae is not sitting on a balloon!!!!!

    23. 30_Riddhi_ 9D

      3:48 im dead😭😭😭😂

    24. matcha obsessed

      lmao tae chocking on strawberry

    25. Saloni Singh

      I love your intro!!


      The thumbnail 🤣👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 #PRIYANKANAYAK

    27. Goldblatt

      anyone know where the intro sound is from? I cant find the same audio of bts saying the fanchant

    28. Manikuntala Roy

      Heyyyy armies 1365244

    29. Straw berry

      7:44 - 7:45 Jhopes pose 😭🤚🏼

    30. Angel Thapa

      I HOPE HTS (William and Bently) get a chance to meet BTS.

    31. Stand and love


    32. Calvin M

      RM: 5 year old jimin or 5 jimins Jk: 5 jimins because it would be more fun Jk's mind 5 jimins because more of them to make fun of cuz of their hight😈😈😈

    33. Namjoon’s Driver License has no jams

      0:44 we were about to witness another Rrrrrrap MonstAa joke

    34. Maria _

      Idk why but their laughter in sync is just enjoyable to me 5:10

    35. Houda Aulokh


    36. Emery Williams

      Just waiting to see how many army show up to a concert with unpacked plastic as pouches. Lol

    37. Jenza Kim

      Every #try_not_to_laugh video of BTS is always #TRY_TO_LAUGH_HARD for me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    38. HELLO

      I heard youngki as monkey *monkey Min*

    39. Sophia Mergen

      What happened with Yoongi and blood?

    40. Jomnang A. Koysomboon

      When Jimin said “ To the most handsome guy in the world.... V!” Jin POV : No the most handsome guy is me✋🏻 pls help ☠️🤣

    41. KatnissGranger9209

      We all know why Jungkook picked 5 Jimins 😉

    42. Moarmy._.68

      Thumbnail is so me

    43. Handmade Drawing

      if “ aim so done” was a person that’s exactly our president joon

    44. Divine Steven

      The iconic Jimin in the intro

    45. Blarmy 8

      It looks like jimin and jk are holding hands a lot of the time lol weird? Or not

    46. Neptune Nightcore

      6:09 i mean hes not wrong

    47. ckefnjsfn yea

      Hi youngki made me laugh so hard all along with yoongi raising his hand and saying youngki min himself

    48. Dannia Kim

      Army's: "Marry Me, Suga" Suga in old days: "Bring the documents" Now many years past... Suga: No Army's related me: *Inserts a J-hope smiling while crying pic* Hey KOOKIESTAETAES I really love ur videos and it really tells the real them. Thank u really I wish you will make more videos like this.😁

    49. EgoListic

      It's been an hour and I still can't do the hand thing that V does at 4:24

    50. namjin andtheir Fivesons

      Has Yoongi done more to his face( other than tooth pulling)??? Doesn't he know you can't improve perfection???

    51. 爱ɪᴍᴀɢɪɴᴀʀʏ ᴅᴀʏ ᴅʀᴇᴀᴍs

      not even 1 minute into the video and i was already wheezing💀

    52. 육군kerìàa

      at 4:50 when jin, tae, and jimin grabbed a fortune it was in sync. They do things in sync and it amazes me 😂

    53. Camille A

      when taehyung casually wipes his drool on jin's $900 sweatshirt thats some rich boy shit right there

    54. Ihuoma Okonkwo

      2:44 Jk was rebooting

    55. OMG garduna

      4:31 nonononononoooo😨😨

    56. yepdodamath

      That was cute most handsome guy...V please hand it to... My family does funny stuff like that.

    57. yepdodamath

      not fair! i forgot not to laugh at "a b c d e f V!" smart, Tae!

    58. • Paolina •

      5:07 Namjoon is like a dad for Taehyung 🥰 it’s soooo cute ! 😭🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    59. Mackenzie Smith

      Suga is literally me his mood always be like wtf is going on here😑

    60. Hera Adelheid A. solis

      V: abcdefghijklmnopqrstu V imnida

    61. Cya Yukšel

      0:03 oh cool finally they got the fanchat right hmm...What abt rm??🤔😂

    62. lea cunderlik

      Literally just bunch of kids annoying eachother for 8 minutes

    63. nisa The mona lisa

      They are literally a mood. 👁👄👁🙌

    64. BTS World

      Don’t mind me just putting where I have to stop it then watch in again 2:12

    65. ily سُـلَافتٌنْ

      I really enjoy your videos but the background music is kinda irritating

    66. Bangtan Noonas

      They're a mess! Hahahaha.. Love them so much!

    67. bangtan boys

      1:27 Jimin : we got breaking news . We hit 70 million hearts . The korean population Suga : but it's only 51 I armys : are we a joke to you 😭😭

    68. Houria

      3:31 Jk here was teasing Jimin hahahaha

    69. Houria

      2:00 was they drank ?

    70. Dharshini

      BTS: world wide super starts Also BTS: cAn YOu DO thIs ???

    71. BABY REVII

      not mee using that intro to summon bts

    72. Sarah Irwin

      0:32 Why is he shoving his knuckles up his nose?

    73. 하루haruchi

      The only live that Jungkook ever noticed my commentㅜㅜ cringe

    74. Joy Rivas

      I didnt read the title I lost without realizing

    75. Rishita P Saraf

      Jhope is me in the back munching all the time uninterested anytime

    76. Afrodite SBA

      2:23 i can do it!! Btw stan bts and stream film out

    77. Racquel Robinson

      Jin's laughing face is a WorldWide treasure.

    78. Giselle Quiroz

      OK am not gonna lie when Jimin said Eeeeeee it was much funnier than Jin's dad jokes but am just saying don't hate on me tho because i love the members equally OK well thins was wired but good night/day😁

    79. Zoey

      1:08 literally me when there’s the whole family eating diner I just grab sum and leave 🤝💀

    80. sugacrush

      "Jimin looks like a meerkat watching for danger" 😂😂😂 it's so true

    81. Marsh and Mellow


    82. sanity

      i’m crying so hard rn, hobi said you could use the plastic wrap on the album as a bag if you unpack it well 7:40


      At 6:13 i lost it.!💜💜

    84. ariana glover

      so wait during their shows, the fans are shouting out their names???? I was so confused on what they were saying

    85. Sirisha Laviti

      5:20 V and Jin 😂😂

    86. Imtiyaz ahmad

      2:15 Imagine if this happens in award shows in Korea Artist of the year ***** Please hand it to BTS *****----angryyyy

    87. Mikey idknow

      I laughed because Tae choked on a strawberry.... 2min later i choked on my tea .-.

    88. Fatima Sayad

      Poor V But his so cute when jimin said "the most handsome guy in the world'

    89. Nim Phary


    90. rain sang1

      ngl when tae introduced himself saying abcd that was smart😭

    91. Anastasia Jovanka

      Wait this is a try not to laugh : >



    93. Reinaldo Alvarez


    94. Haset Melaku

      Not me trynna copy every single move they do at 4:12

    95. daaa

      ,i think that bts is the only group now which members are always so authentic and natural together, they literaly like a family who can talk about everything. it's not only about there work, albums, perfomances and small talks. it looks like they forget that they are on vlive and just spend their time talking and actually enjoying it. their reactions, actions and the way they talk say everything, you can feel their sincerity

    96. Ar Yan

      Ilove when v was choake and bts start to worry so cute🥺😭

    97. Keisha Elaine Hernandez

      Btw love the intro


      4:36 suga's face 😂💜

    99. Stephanie Musengi

      I´m done

    100. A road on which namjoon will drive his car

      2:04 Dont tell me "YoU diDnt nOticEd SUGA taKinG tHaT dAmN SnAcK" Y he's so cute🥺🥺💜