MY CHEAPEST BIKE EVER! - $600 Budget Build Cost! - Part's List and Prices


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    MY CHEAPEST BIKE EVER! - $600 Budget Build Cost! - Part's List and Prices
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    So here is the final video for the 2004 Kawasaki ZX6r budget build, How much did it cost!? Well I broke out the pen and paper to document all the costs, after adding up buying engine oil, coolant, stunt parts, oem parts, and other misc. stuff I was really surprised on the final total build cost! I know these breakdown videos can get kind of boring so I added in throwback build footage and riding footage to spice it up a little. Hope you guys enjoy!
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    Hello! my name is Mike, I'm a 24 year old MotoVlogger riding in Florida.
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    BIKE: 2015 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R (636)
    Jacket/Pants - Publicenemy Stuntlife
    Gloves - AlpineStar Brawlers
    - GoPro Hero 4 Silver (1080P 60fps superview)
    - Sam Ash GoPro Mic lavalier

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    1. mrcla55yguy

      “I can’t get a different pipe... I hope I like it”😂😂that was hilarious. Great vid. I love the cost/acquiring/modification breakdown and the notebook lol

    2. A Youtuber

      Street legal it

    3. Kameron Hammett

      I'll take it 😁

    4. paul van der linde

      please come build with me in south africa

    5. Damia N

      I will follow your steps on exact Bike

    6. Lucii 666

      The music is amazinggggg

    7. DTOM _1776

      Does anyone know how to acquire red forks like that? So dope!

    8. ZXRider

      Lmfao I now own this bike

    9. Josh Link

      SLAPPed that bike together... EPIC!!!

    10. riderzinc

      Use toilet cleaner for cleaning exhaust headers, they come up like new, We use harpic power plus 10 in the uk, contains hydrochloric acid so any toilet cleaner with that in will work, brush it on thick and let it sit for 10 mins then rinse

      1. Dankwheelie

        Thanks for the tip!

    11. Peter

      some ppl brag about how nice there expensive shit is, real mechanics build it cheap

    12. Kevin Geiger

      Yo this build is a fucking hustle. Much respect.

    13. Money

      What’s the lever under your clutch and why?

    14. BVDP

      600 dollar for that bike Wheb u live in the netherlands like me you already know thats impossibble

    15. Joshua Medearis

      When you say budget build I think you are building a motorcycle not fixing one up. Bit of a let down, but nice video none the less.

    16. FRUSTRATED Gamer X

      I have to buy it

    17. patrick hogewoning

      So what ended up being the reason the bike wouldnt run ?

    18. Ray

      From where?and what size front/rear sprocket and chain would you recommend me putting on a 08 gsxr600?

    19. FreZ

      Is this Bike 2 or 4 stroke

    20. skeetuschrist

      that color scheme on the bike is TIGHT AS FUCK

    21. lilwulf84able

      Where can i buy those gloves

    22. Trinidad Sanchez

      Dank you forgot the red frame glasses In the build price

    23. one off

      Is a stunt bike a good idea for a beginner?

    24. one off

      @2:29 Nike Lunar force 1 duck boots!!

    25. Kevin weatherly


    26. Schizoo zl

      Nice bujet build

    27. watchu say!

      Who Remember that some guy was on upon this dude in a gas station If you remember this link :D

    28. I’m Trolling

      Is that Dank, sitting in the chair?

    29. Vizzionz ツ

      You crazy

    30. Hockeyplayer9k

      make a vid denting that tank some more

    31. killakylo 1 man army

      bro u gotta do a vid on the swingarm i know its finished but show us how u modded it to fit

    32. thomas ginez

      hey dank big fan i am working on buying a bike but just don't know what to get in fl...

    33. RzKisKami


    34. Scotty Junior

      Hey bro, I've been watching your videos pretty much since you started your KGup and I've always loved motorcycles and always wanted to start a channel for myself. I am like one of your biggest fans no homo lmao. But anyways I need some advice. Ik you probably won't read this or at least for a while, but I live in Indiana, I'm 16 and I really want a motorcycle. I was thinking about maybe a R1 or R6 because I frickin love Yamahas but I also love Kawasaki and Honda. Do you t hink you could help me choose a bike to start off? Money isn't a problem but what I need advice on is whether I should buy a truck first or not. My aunt and uncle don't want me getting a motorcycle first just for the reason of the whether we have up here. What do you think?

    35. demonoidowns

      stunting out my f4i and was wondering whats a good size sprocket to still keep as a daily i was told -1 in front 52 rear what do you think?

    36. 愛シUKirituے

      Save for Brasil❤ Brasil Like you❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    37. dasdasdas

      İ love you MİKE ! İ not a thief but i steal your heart :)

    38. moto hooligan

      Post ur crash compilation!

    39. MOTO CRAZY

      This is getting old! How many times can you watch him wheelie. He's also so lame at it. Same old same old dank. Do something new. Something risky something that wants us to subscribe back to you. And get off the cheap budget bikes and gromms. Boring as sh*t!!!****

    40. Saga Moto

      Looks good

    41. KING513JAMES

      Jus picked up a 02 f4i that I'm gonna do a stunt build on ... where should I order my parts from ??? I appreciate any advice

    42. Sergey Brody

      Great job bro

    43. PILOT ONE

      Much love dank. Good inspiration to the biker community!!!?

    44. Country boy fresh vlogs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      u still need to take the other bike out a lot

    45. Gustavo Gamer

      Hello brazill

    46. Jordan oliver

      Hey man I just bought a 2004 YZR600r. What kind of sub cage can I put on it or what kind of frame sliders could I use. Any info would help thanks Mike.

    47. madbomer72

      Best I can do is tree fiddy

    48. Danish Dezembro

      Wait is the *$600* include the *Bike* itself?? Sorry I didn't really understand English tbh 😂😅

    49. 9000

      That color😍

    50. JUSTnMOTO

      I'm digging that single small ass piece of tank padding dank lmao

    51. JUSTnMOTO


    52. bryan mendoza


    53. Anthony Ivy

      @Dankwheelie great build dude. Really like the stunt cage. Exhaust sounds dope to

    54. SimplySailent

      I need those kind of bikes

    55. Kentucky Nightrider

      Love that color red. I’m wanting to switch my forks over to the red eventually. My main focus right now is to get a valve clearance and shim job done. Bike just rolled over 27k miles. Kawasaki 👌🏻

    56. Austin Rowe

      Hey dank how can I find a bike like that for that price in Eastern nc

    57. Macca

      Dank got that nice white skin tone not rasitist he just has nice skin must used lotion alot

    58. Arnold Alisir

      Clean as f wheelie gang 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾🗣

    59. Ronaldo Mason

      But that back tire thooooo

    60. Rex Jonez

      I bought an 07 cbr600rr for two hundred after parts and labor I'm only in for 1200. But I got lucky

    61. FloridaMan

      What knee protectors do you use? Also nice job with the bike. Im trying to get a budget bike in oklahoma.

    62. JC1000RR

      I bought a non-running 04' gixxer 1000 for $850, did oil change, oil filter, air filter, new spark plugs, new brakes & fluid, new battery and tires. Spended about $430 and still have the bike running smooth with 27k Miles

    63. Cash Holt

      Sick as fuck

    64. Malik Actar 592

      R the dirt bike bars better than the oem flipped

    65. Chocolate Tampon

      4:56 how the fuck did he do that? One handed by himself and gently put it in like wow... To me that was the highlight of the video lol

    66. Static Vapour

      That's so dope

    67. half mile

      Hey youtube!!

    68. Lennard

      Can you Build a 2 Stroke stuntbike ( for example the Suzuki Gt 500/350/750

    69. King of Kings


    70. Oscar Iniguez

      definitely need me a budget build. Thanks for sharing 🤘🏼🤙🏼

    71. Taduuu

      I got my bike for 20€ and its working like chainsaw so we nailed it on wall in garage :D

    72. ALL CLUTCH

      Thats good news on the overall cost. I just got a clean titled 07 zx6r for $300.!! It already runs needing forks front rim and stunt parts.

      1. Guero ESR

        I stunt an 07 that i bought for 1,000 If you need any advice or help, HMU on instagram @guero_esr

    73. Justabiker.

      Nice bike looks sick🔥🔥🔥🔥

    74. KulaFachi

      Bike looks dank!

    75. lil baby

      What cc is it?

    76. Joey G

      Nice bike for not much cash.✌✌!!

    77. Cranky F4i

      Intro made me want to hear songs with moto revs and burnouts!

    78. Master Giant

      Where is the original dank

    79. Michelle Pendry

      Hey Best KGup ever I love watching your video is cool and I love you’re Wheelies. 😎❤️😍💗💗💗🤩

    80. Rambo

      well it looks like your wrist is better now...

    81. David Ambra

      I’ve got two stock foot pegs if you need them I’m in palm harbor

    82. Champions Studios

      How many bikes do you have

    83. Nifa Cb

      Hi 'im from indonesia Me fans you am like bikers and video you 👍

    84. Chris__stunts

      Thats awesome bro! You did good! I just got those 1fngr gloves as well. I love them so far. Plan on buying more soon as they come out with another pair!

    85. Downshift

      Boys is it time to just stunt out the rc 390 or better off waiting for the upgrade? 2 years till I can ride non LAMS approved Fcuk the Aussie system! Keep it dank fellas 👌

      1. The Chess Savage

        Nocturn QuakeR wait for upgrade. It’s worth it.

    86. Garry Seinfeld

      I've been wanting to do this for a long time and now I think I might just do it! Been Gromin around all summer.

    87. Roaring Pistons

      Hey dankwheelie, I'm getting a bike in few months. However I don't know if I should get a stock f4i or 636 (which you can rarely find) and turn it into a stuntbike or buy an already built one?

      1. F4Eazy_Ryan

        RoaringPistons whatever is more your taste. The 03/04 has more power but the F4i is gonna take that beating. Best stunt bike to this day. Bog can be fixed easily. But it’s up to you

      2. Roaring Pistons

        I heard that the f4i is strong but bugs a lot, so I will go with an 03-04 636

      3. F4Eazy_Ryan

        I’m just telling you from experience too. Tryna save you the headache. If it’s stunted out You have no idea what they did to that bike or what they put it through. F4is are tanks anyway but it’s your money in the end. Don’t buy a clapper 😂

      4. F4Eazy_Ryan

        RoaringPistons I’m doing it right now. Just depends how much you wanna do to the bike and how much you can get a freshie for

      5. Roaring Pistons

        @F4Eazy_Ryan it's gonna be an expensive one then...

    88. angel Castro

      Yoo Dank what kind of gloves are those that look like a bandanatheir dope af....

      1. Henry F

        Angle Castro 1fngr

    89. Brandon716

      I worked for that trucking company in your intro bro

    90. Jet N

      Dude in the background talking and making noise, stfu

    91. wyskwalker

      Does stunt army just sell stunt parts or build stunt bikes too?

      1. wyskwalker

        @Dankwheelie oh nice are they from Florida?

      2. Dankwheelie

        wyskgaming makes stunt parts but the owner is an awesome rider as well and just built a new bike.

    92. Antony Dj Music

      Cool proyect dog

    93. wyskwalker

      You look like your trading your old bike for your budget build

    94. Joshua Delahoussaye

      Wtf is up with that audio lol

      1. Joshua Delahoussaye

        @Mike Wilhelmson did I comment my honest opinion and question? yes. Did I flame or freak out? No. Snowflake somewhere else pls.

      2. Mike Wilhelmson

        Kiddin me dude. That's what you have to say on this stunt bike video?

    95. Joey Blaze

      wat the hell is that music

      1. WayneOYB -

        Dankwheelie 😂😂😂😂

      2. Dankwheelie

        Joey Blaze my salesman/commercial music

    96. Nate Webb

      That's cheep. Wish I. Had a shop to work out of. Sike bike yo. Sick.

    97. Joseph G

      Great vid brother..🤙🏻

    98. Krishn Patel


    99. arsenis sarkisov

      The bike is sick

    100. zach zacharias

      This is sweet