My TOP Lures for February Bass Fishing

Wheeler Fishing

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    My February Bass Fishing Lure Selection. Cold Water, Muddy water, clear water, whatever it is I am ready to face the conditions at all times and I figured I'd share some of my KEY bait selections for the month of February with you guys. What did I miss? If there is anything in your tackle box that you think I am severely lacking in, let me know in the comments.
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    1. Wheeler Fishing

      Magellan Pro Hoodie

      1. Alan Malik

        @Matthew Dennis Awesome! Took about 10 mins but it worked!!

      2. thomas thompson

        How about some Old Hickory Lake fishing videos brother. I’m a newer bass fisher and I’m scared of Priest Lake but I know Old Hickory Lake. Any videos on Old Hickory? Please upload man. Thanks.

      3. Phillip Freeman

        AFTCO copy

      4. Ricky Yanez THE SOUTH TEXAN

        My fiancée gave me the same one you are wearing, I love it! Saludos amigo wheeler!

    2. Jennifer Hackworth

      Thank you for sharing! Hopefully the more I watch your videos I’ll be able to get some dingers and then finally start fishing tournaments with my boyfriend. 🤣

    3. Jer-bear

    4. Ken lynn

      Don’t forget the DT6

    5. Ken lynn

      Thanks for mentioning Indiana, thinking what should I start with this spring great information to start with . You da man

    6. dirtleg chaser

      yall need to be watching a video on your vs youre.

    7. Jack o'Lantern

      Wait, are you from Indiana? Would be awesome, hoosier fisherman seem to be a rarity

    8. Ryu Hawj

      So you're just making this stuff up? Not even proven.

    9. Jack Kropp

      What are those green little boxes in the thumbnail

    10. Sean

      Hey Jacob, it's awesome seeing all the seasonal stuff...but what do you keep in the boat ALL YEAR? What do you take no matter what season it is, what the water temperature is, what the water clarity is, etc.?

    11. Wyatt Smith

      One every month?

    12. Gerald Boyd

      AAAAHHH DING!!!!!!!!! Great video Jacob love the excitement that you bring when talking fishing. Great content and stellar ideas on putting tackle together for specific trips. Keep them coming

    13. Charles Mayberry

      Weres the super cold water bait after shad kill

    14. Austin Iselt

      Hey Jacob have you used the 6th sense plastics

    15. David Kirk

      As he looks in his box....he says.... This guy right here.... ...sounds familar....

    16. basssin_Dylan

      anyone else think the name of that trap bait was called spring rain lol im like hmmm thats cool

    17. LuckyCraft

      i better see some of these baits at Lake Palestine

    18. Rodney Hanbaum

      Great stuff Wheels, best of luck to you

    19. Racerxv6 Valvoline

      JW, just sub'd. love the run down on the water color

    20. Shay Pippitt

      boat tour

    21. ObsessedFishing

      11:50 KVD Grand Lake

    22. Uri Orlov

      Thanks for the good info!

    23. jody wight

      what reel gear ratio on your crank baits in winter to pre spawn or do you use the same gear ratio all year long what gear ratio

    24. jody wight

      do you throw jerkbaits in feburary

    25. Dang Huynh

      Thank you so much .

    26. Keith Schultz

      Did you rig the trailer on your spinner paddle tail up on purpose? When I am not getting bit on my keitec I change to a paddle tail up and the bite is on.

    27. Richard DeMello

      Will be nice and warm when you get to the Harris Chain here in Fl.

    28. Tim Jolly

      You fishing the MLF BIG 5 on okeechobee

    29. C Dub


    30. Tim Schreiber

      WEC are good ones too!

    31. Don G

      Great video. Lots of choices and a little surprising you didn’t pick a Jerkbait. Good luck this year!

      1. Wheeler Fishing

        That’s is definitely one I forgot about during this video. I would definitely be adding that


    33. Tance Kehoe

      You grew up in Indiana, as have I, where they say is one of the harder states to bass fish. What do you think is the hardest state to catch bass?

      1. TT Bassing

        I say Canada

    34. Koby Murrell

      Question about what wedding band you are wearing?

    35. Gaige Mentusky

      how’d you become a pro ?

    36. mike speiran

      Great video and perfect timing as we have a high school tourney (THSBA) in 16 days! You've given me some great ideas - thank you!

    37. Rome Branson

      Glad to see that someone still throws a spinner bait. That’s my first choice in muddy water

      1. basssin_Dylan

        me too i like a colorado blk an blue skirt until the grass gets up there then yuh know what im throwing

      2. 1kandrew

        Best ever

      3. Richard DeMello

        Best lure period.

    38. Lone Star Cast


    39. Fishin' with Fin I caught a tarpon snook and peacock bass on the same lure

    40. Fishin' with Fin I caught a tarpon snook and peacock bass on the same lure

    41. Humberto Lomeli

      Having everything perfectly organized, but the overwhelming amount of tackle makes you confused on what to pick or what you're looking for... I say those are Goals AF.

    42. Brier Hardy

      Hey @Jacob Wheeler what brand of 3in flukes were those

    43. Nick

      Need 2 more 3700 boxes

    44. Dwyne Guitreau

      Thanks for the tips

    45. Perry Rushing

      I think I could win a MLF World Championship with the last bait you through out there... Good job on this video!

    46. Terry Buckner

      When you say water temperature are you referring to surface temperature or a certain depth

    47. T M

      Hey Wheeler, when’s that Percy priest video coming out. 😂

      1. thomas thompson

        Yeah Wheeler do some Priest and Old Hickory videos man for us middle Tn guys. Please Sir

    48. White Iverson

      whos out here in Florida??

    49. That southern Farm boy

      Will you do a March one please

    50. Jimmy Welch

      I wish I had that much tackle!

    51. Brenden Grant

      Hey Jacob: Great content as always. With Evinrude’s parent company announcing they will be stoping production of Evinrude outboards what will be your boat and motor combo for 2021? Good luck with the new season stay safe and thanks...🎣🤔😎🐝

    52. Cody Sullivan

      That intro 👍👍

    53. Jesse Nance

      Hey Jacob it’s Jeese we talked on zoom a couple days with Dave and you I appreciate it so much means the world I’ll for sure send you pics

      1. Wheeler Fishing

        Good talking with you buddy! Good luck this season and definitely keep me updated

    54. Fishing Freak

      Watch Jacob totally not fish these baits

      1. Wheeler Fishing

        😂 I’ll be fishing these at some point this month for dang sure!

    55. Sandy Cohen

      Dagg Jacob I'm watching this with a fishing buddy, and I said to him dagg JW is going crazy with trying to nail down baits and he said to me that I am crazy ER by far .

      1. Sandy Cohen

        @Wheeler Fishing I was commenting to my buddy how excited you get with sharing your experience with baits , which I could listen to you for hours. But I drive him nuts doing the same thing. Like for every bait there is a perfect follow up bait but you have to narrow it down, . I really like how your mind works, and my buddy says we are like minded. He loves fishing but he will tie on one bait and won't change it unless he looses it somehow. BTW is there any way I can buy one of your old Wheeler tournament shirts.

      2. Wheeler Fishing

        Do what? Lol

    56. Luke Staples

      Right on! thanks 4 the info son... hey what temp would u start throwing the jerk bait around?

    57. the iron fisherman

      I love the videos man im a huge fan keep up the great work

    58. Mark Goss

      Best part was the erratic shaking of the baits trying to separate them 😂🤣😂

    59. Thomas VanHouten

      You ever try putting little rubber bands on your trebles so your baits are easier to get out?

    60. Proud Dad

      What boxes are you using to store your soft plastics?

    61. Tyler Beaty

      Just ordered the hoodie! Thank you for the link!

      1. Tyler Beaty

        @Wheeler Fishing just came in today! And it’s the best hoodie I’ve ever bought!

      2. Wheeler Fishing

        Absolutely! Let me know how you like it

    62. Zac Pearson

      I live in florida and have found a lot of numbers in offshore grass but none over 2.5 lbs. How do I target the bigger bass in the area after I get my 5 bag?

    63. Chris Mash

      Great tips, thanks.

    64. hardknoxs

      Sweet, Thanks!

    65. Pete Cook

      J dubb I'm headed to Lanier in 2 weeks give me a bone bro, something for my back pocket

    66. Jonathan Green

      "They bite him!" "They bite the snot outa him!" Lol😂😂😂

    67. Ben Malone

      You should do one of these the first of every month! Be safe and good luck

    68. MIbassCraze

      I don’t think them are going to work in Michigan. What color teardrop you using tho.

    69. Dan Weaver

      I bought a new boat and need lots of fishing gear what do pros do with their old gear would you sell?

    70. Troy Harper

      Thank You for the info and tips #HometownGuy 🔥🔥💯 keepem comin JWheels and Good Luck buddy 🎣🎣🎣👍💯

    71. Foggy Bottom BBQ

      Your a riot. Funny with how giddy you get. Good stuff, thanks for sharing

    72. Matt Alan

      Jacob - what are your thoughts on the chatterbait in dirty cold water? I’ve had some success in 40 degree water with it

    73. EpIcNaChO

      Man I was on a super long skunk streak. I could not get those spots to bite at all. I watched your deep fishing video and used the same techniques. Broke the skunk! Was awesome

    74. Chiefdixon

      I just picked up one of Ott’s new square bills. More of a Shad color.

    75. Benjamin VanHesteren

      There goes the vmc mooneyes on tw😕

    76. Joe Taylor

      Love you Jacob Wheeler!! My favorite pro!!!!! Been binge watching your 2019 MLF tour!!!! The time Mike and them pulled up on you in the boomerang Lake was funny! You smoked them boys!! I yo-yo'd an orange/yellow belly googan trap today and caught a couple tanks about 20 ft deep! Post front magic!

    77. Adam Estepp

      On that spinner bait do you add a trailer hook or leave just main hook ?? Thanks jacob.

    78. Lanny Seals

      You are one of my favorite anglers and I have a great appreciation for the knowledge and tip's you share with us, definitely going to put some of these techniques to use on the water next trip! Ding

    79. Brady Talbott

      I caught my pb today one day after my birthday and it was 8 pounds one a rattletrap

    80. Brandon Elliott

      I used to catch the heck out of them on spinner baits and rattle traps in the spring and have gotten away from them for some reason.

    81. GreenPig Hunter


    82. Marlon deere

      Thanks we all need this. So many lures so little time..

    83. Derrick House

      cole slaw colored spinnerbait! I love it!

    84. Rick Stanaford

      Thanks so much! You are a wealth of knowledge to me! Really enjoy watching!!!

    85. MW Fisherman

      Let’s goooooo!!!! Another video!!!

    86. Stephen Chaffin

      Awesome video, thanks a lot dude!👊

    87. Bob Hale

      Wheel.. man I use to have a favorite and a 2nd fave I'd be ok with. Now I got You., MDJ.,DC., Ott., Edwin , and now I don't care who the heck wins as long as it's one of yall :0) All the best for 2021.

      1. Chris Szymczak

        @Bob Hale yeah wheeler is defiantly my favorite I also really like DC

      2. Bob Hale

        @Chris Szymczak KVD is a straight up legend, but their bonds are straight up real :0)

      3. Wheeler Fishing

        Thank you brother! We are going to try to start 2021 with a 🛎

      4. Chris Szymczak

        What about vandam

    88. Troy Roach

      Great tips man. Thanks from Fishers, IN

    89. Keith DuBose Outdoors

      Good spread. Good luck

    90. bryan turner

      U might be a little misguided. Jesus 1st popularity overrated.

    91. bryan turner

      I know you're a professional but for the love of the average person why show 30k worth of baits. You will never use 1 10th. They will just sit there. Next year they will be worthless. Ask god what is necessary

      1. Table Rock Kid

        Bryan - you the lure police?

      2. Sam Gaither

        @robert carr right i was thinking that. Dudes just jealous.

      3. robert carr

        He just dropped a video on suggestions on who to give $ 20,000 of gear and tackle to ...

    92. TheRecon1a

      J Wheels with a vid Dude's mind is like 3 steps ahead of his mouth.. ALWAYS thinking ahead! Much respect to you...and GL in Red Crest hope to meet you and DC at the RC on the Stine...its only 90 minute drive from DFW.

    93. David

      Do you need grass in order to throw the lipless or can you just reel it in while not ticking anything?

      1. Wheeler Fishing

        You don’t need grass for a lipless. I use it a lot on hard bottom flat areas and shallow bays and pockets with bait fish around

    94. cooperaaronfishing

      Your awesome such a inspiration to me!! My dream is to be fishing against y’all one day!

    95. Kelly Moore

      Pure Gold!

    96. Ernie Sanders

      Go get them JW. Have a great time.

    97. Baird Fishing

      Thanks so much Jacob 🎣

    98. George Gray

      Thank you for the great info!!!

    99. victor swinson

      Jacob we need a jerk bait fishing video please

    100. Hoosier Fat Bassin

      From another Indiana kid thank you sir, I’m watching these guys throw top water frogs and buzzbaits while I’m staring at ice. On your spinnerbait do you always flip your trailer with the tail side up?? Different action maybe?