Pokémon Players Cup II: VG Grand Finals

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    Watch Wolfe battle Davide in the VG Grand Finals of the Pokémon Players Cup II!

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    1. Local Critic

      Asian broad is cute.

    2. Jim Zafirakis

      Dynamax should be banned

    3. Sounds

      They should have the announcer from pokemon stadium 2 commentate over the next vgc

    4. Dan-jc84

      yeah but the wolf guy uses hacked pkmn doesnt he?

      1. Some person Against cheating

        @Obvious Lunch vgc doesn’t enforce their rules so even if he use cheated Pokémon they would just cover it up and that has been proven. Like for example: Ray Rizzo use a dream ball aegislash at an event in gen 6 100% hacked and he didn’t get disqualified of banned but he gets hired by TPCi. so even if Verlis calls out people for cheating even if he was there at the tournament calling wolfey a cheater I doubt anything will happen also I proven that his kyogre is hacked the trainer OT gives it away mya is a anagram for may and may is another hacking website like the .com so Wolfey cheated end of story.

      2. Obvious Lunch

        You really think tournaments would let him play if he did use hacked pokemon? he doesnt ffs

      3. Some person Against cheating

        Yes he does wolfey is a proven cheater and people just can’t accept that these days

    5. Sicário

      That dude looks exactly like Shroud

    6. Marcelo Y.

      Bicho burro!! Como uma anta que nem esse Davide Carrer chega numa final? Mereceu ser humilhado mesmo pelo tanto de jogada merda que fez...

    7. GodHatesHipster

      why is shroud playing pokemon?

    8. Pika Poo

      Thumbnail looks like mugshots ...I'd be happy as heck to be able to do this 💯 I'd have the biggest cheesiest smile 😁

    9. Cj Cabitin

      What pokemon game did they used?

    10. Oof Z24

      I commited a huge sin. I didn't believe in Wolfey.

    11. gold

      wolfe looks like shroud in the thumbnail

    12. John Frankster

      Bringing a venusaur to matchup with Incineroar, Galarian Moltres, & torkoal, you gonna have a bad time.

    13. NoobMeiser

      wolfe stomped davide, that guys team comp was absolute garbage

    14. Bucs Fan

      Cringe sleep team deserves to get destroyed by luck

    15. giggitygiggitygigism

      What the heck lol i expected a bunch of kids to be playing pokemons not some bodies dad and uncle ahahah

    16. Zachariah Howell

      Dang love the suspense of the game 3 Will O' Wisp + Max Vocalith play at 28:00. 15% of the time Wolfe loses there. I wondered if there's a better play - he pulls up the switch menu & I wonder if he's gonna swap Coal -> Moltres to read the Quake & waste a turn of Dynamax. But I guess what does Moltres do after that? Or what if Gigas uses Max Strike? Anyway, he makes the play & wins!! So cool. ...on a less cool note I don't know why Davide brought Torkoal to so many games, but especially the last one. Can Urshifu solo a Coalossal?

    17. ShinyHaunter05 :

      Love to see him still using cheated mons

      1. Some person Against cheating

        Me too

    18. Yes Sir

      Davide looks likes someone who study’s the game and calculates damage before he does anything, but wolfey looks like and does just has the knowledge of game sense

    19. Tale of a Bunny

      I really wish we could have seen a world in which set 1 game 2 Venasaur wasn't burned out of the game. Maybe even a world where the sleeping powder landed. I'd like to see how it would have played out.

    20. andrew izquierdo

      That was a dominating performance good job wolfe

    21. Nelson Cruz

      If it ain’t broke , just flare blitz

    22. Madalena Rodrigues

      Regigigases body was ready Amazing

    23. vikas oggu

      What is the name of this game?

    24. Carlos Guillen Mendoza

      Legendarios es de gays 👍

    25. The roblox Squad


    26. Kid Genius

      Wolfe just DENIED that Regigigas the whole time LMAO

    27. zantheus

      Comparing the player’s past rankings One had CHAMPION after everything and the other had FINALIST as their best

    28. Armand Du Preez

      What Pokémon game is this

    29. bob2000and10

      This male commentator is an absolute degenerate, jesus no commentator would be better than him.

    30. TheReal YUNGDOPELORD

      Regigigas weak af

    31. LOKITYZ

      Holy shit, I didn't even know there was a competitive Pokemon scene. How would competitive Pokemon even work? It relies on a rock-paper-scissors type of gameplay with the elements and all that.

    32. Ultimate Hope

      Seeing how fucked Davide was at the end of the final round was so funny. I feel really bad for him, but I’ve never seen anyone that laughably screwed before in a Pokémon match

    33. Jamie

      Oh wow that's a toxic comment section

    34. CooLeR22 G

      Name of the game please!😊

    35. E P

      Wolfey be like "lmao glhf kid"

    36. Zach Eastwood

      Real life Pokemon rivals

    37. A glass cup

      But, seriously, he should have changed the starting formation, and left Venusaur for later use. It's too vulnerble against the other's team. And that Regigigas combination with Weezing is also bad, 'cuz Weezing cannot even stall long enough to help with Neutrolising Gas.

    38. A glass cup

      That Venusaur's miss of Sleep Powder is unfortunate. :v Maybe a Wide Lens would help.

    39. Heber G

      Wolfe is goated man

    40. Colfenor

      People really have fun watching this?

    41. World+Savior

      Finally two speakers who know what they're talking about

    42. Fission

      Why does Wolfe glick look like Shroud lmao 😂

    43. Blackdragon Salvox

      It's Davide not David orcodio

    44. Daniel Koutroupis

      Wolfey was just brilliant just a treat too watch match

    45. Evan Burns

      I am going to be one of the positive comments and say I enjoyed this and look forward to seeing how the players cups 3 and 4 play out.

    46. John Paul Raguindin

      Coalossal and rillaboom are going to win players cup 1,2, and 3? Guess it’s time to play another game. 😁

    47. Nedveds Leftleg

      This tournament was so fixed lol

    48. Jacob Schroeder

      I feel like Wolfe decided a few weeks before this that he won, that's how he played

    49. Krau28

      Davide will probably be 10 times better than I’ll ever be but he made me mad/sad? This set

    50. XMiner3Xtreme

      Without the crit, that venusaur was through. Flare blitz in the sun always ohkos venusaur

    51. Emher Armani

      Tf did I jst watch

    52. Rovic Abejuro

      Pokemon is really lovely

    53. RivalPeterson

      Wolfey the goat

    54. Maulana Bayu Kusuma

      Play on nintendo?

    55. Ray R

      Double battles are so boring to watch. Reminds me why I don't bother watching vgc.

    56. Sweetlin Dinaharan

      Happy birthday wolfie

    57. Okay M8

      If there’s a players cup 1 and a players cup 3 then how come only the grand finals with Wolfey is in my feed? He’s really not all that...

    58. scotti dont

      Link to their first fight anyone?

    59. Best Game

      what game is this?

    60. Alexander Batterbee

      Stop tryna win with gimmicks 😭🤷‍♂️

    61. Joseph Lopez

      Didn’t know shroud played Pokémon

    62. Ian Christainson

      You know the main reason I don't like watching sports is cuz the announcers talk about nothing for half an hour. I don't care about going out there and having fun and doing a good job I'm more interested in the intricacies. having a seagull find a french fry in the first 5 minutes is not what I like.

    63. Taco Online

      Honestly: this thumbnail would scare my kids away from pokemon...

    64. Ash Pearce

      hey im a long time pokemon player thinking to compete in the tournament. havent played sword and shield in atleast a year is there anything i should be aware of?

      1. Justinian 42

        Hyper Offense is good, Speed Control is a WHOLE LOR MORE BUSTED, Incineroar is the same, and Regieleki is gud.

    65. Ian

      that ending was brutal

    66. RedBunn

      i can imagine Verlisify makes another "Hackusation" of the winner is cheating lmao


      Tbh in the second game, when he used yawn on dragapult, he could have predicted switch and used earth power and colossal one shot


      Sleep powder works like, when you want it to land it doesn't and when you are not very sure, it lands😂

      1. Danmar Develos


    69. Mazike

      Sorry for this rant in advance.😑 After reading through multiple comments, I thought I should make something clear. Glick didn't cheat and it is highly unlikely that he ever has at a competitive level. Many, if not all, tournaments are hosted by the Pokemon Company itself. I'm sure it would have been revealed if someone has cheated. Also, the way Wolfe has been accused of cheated, by Verlisify, wouldn't affect the outcome of tournament or make a difference in any way. Sorry if this feels overzealous.😅 I just thought I'd throw that out there.🤗

    70. Lik Ghdd

      Why did wolfy win the first round ?

    71. Etally Brookz

      What game is this

    72. Veni Vidi Vici

      Is this the same lady that does the voice for GDQ?

    73. Rosalba Rojas Guzman

      Maybe that Venusaur need whide lents to not miss the sleep powder

    74. Derva Kommt von hinten

      why does noone here have a legendary?

    75. Derva Kommt von hinten

      14:10 and thats why pokemon doesnt really work as a competitive game. attack misses, then you get a burn, then you get some high rolls on dmg against you. sure it takes skill to build a good team, but when you are playing someone on your level its not about whos better. its about who is more lucky. just throw a coin tbh

      1. Justinian 42

        @Derva Kommt von hinten Sorry for the multiple comments, but also the players cup was VGC rule series 7 before legends were allowed(series 8)

      2. Justinian 42

        @Derva Kommt von hinten Ofc I know about rolls but what I mean is that strategy takes center stage and Rng doesn't mean it's a bad game and it's up to preference. You said you hate poker and several skilled players have mentioned that Pokemon is a mix of Strategy and Poker. So it's all up to preference. :)

      3. Derva Kommt von hinten

        @Justinian 42 hmmm, did i miss something? the vgc rules allow one legendary per team o.O EVERYTHING in pokemon is rng. every move aside from fixed dmg moves have a range. at least half the moves used dont have 100% accuracy, status effects are almost never 100% accuracy. i would enjoy this much more if it were a more reliable game. but i guess thats just preference. this preference of mine is also the reason why i hate gambling and dont even like skillful gambling like poker, even though ive been pretty good at it the few times i played it. i love strategy, and every rng takes away from the strategy aspect and gives it to the luck aspect of a game.

      4. Justinian 42

        Besides Pokemon's meta calls aren't always rolls.

      5. Justinian 42

        80% for sleep powder. Also, no one has a legend because they are banned in this series.

    76. Jacek Brzeziński

      Finals? Using legends? Big bullshit

      1. Justinian 42

        Legends? I spy with my little eye, no Zacians, and no Zamazentas. I mean there are Uber Legends(yes we are using singles terminology because I don't care) and not so broken legendaries. So yeah. Also, Incineroar laughs in best mon in VGC without being legendary.

    77. Robert Holland

      I never understood why vgc never catered to single battles as well


        Cuz single battles take so much time and doubles are much more complex and restricted. Singles are not much restricted

    78. Zacaria

      Did Adam really just say Weezing isn't a bulky Mon?

    79. Faug Gaming

      How to participate and play this tournament tell me

    80. IT Klapa


    81. Alex

      Dude are they happy to play or are they forced? Hahah

    82. Rider541

      I wish they would ban legendaries. It would make it so much more entertaining...oh and figure out a way to ensure pokemon are legit not hacked

      1. Justinian 42

        @Rider541 Online Relationship goals. Well, imma be the third wheel and post my refutation every single time I see that comment. :)

      2. Rider541

        @Some person Against cheating Just so your aware when i site this comment when talking to people in referring to you as a buddy of mine lol damn!

      3. Some person Against cheating

        Wolfey has use cheated Pokémon in the past and if anything suspicious is happening it’s far more likely he is still cheating again there proof that Wolfe has use hacked and very suspicious Pokémon this is all the hacked Pokémon he has use and very suspicious Pokémon he had use dream ball Raichu that had egg moves that can only be obtain by breeding and males can’t pass down their balls in gen 6 and the event is force to be male and it didn’t had any egg moves so a 100% hacked Pokémon right there and also they kyogre he use in his 2016 team is clearly hacked and I can prove it the kyogre was caught in a dive ball and had zero attack IV well you probably wondering how is that proof well most of the vgc players had a similar kyogre to the one Wolfey use had zero attackIV and catch in a dive ball with the trainer name may and may I search it up and it’s another hacking website and also what is wolfey kyogre trainer name it’s mya and anagram for may so they kyogre illegitimate and the cherish ball Raichu has very low odds of existing cause the Raichu had no guaranteed IV and no guaranteed nature and hyper training became a thing in gen 7 not gen 6 and also mints came in gen 8 so this Raichu had very low odds of existing and also the moltres so let’s say 15 of his fans hunting this moltres in 50 days cause most of his fans supports hacking so most of them don’t play legit also crown tundra came out in oct 22 and player cup 2 started in dec 13 do that 50 days getting this moltres and it takes 2 mins for a soft reset and each of his fans have 5 hours of getting this moltres cause they have 8 hours of sleep follow by 10 hours of going to school or doing their jobs or whatever that leaves 5 hours of hunting this moltres follow by a 1/16^3 chance is the odds of getting zero attack IV follow by a (1/28)/100 chance of getting a Pokémon with a mark and with mark charm a (1/28)/3/100 chance with the mark charm so if we do the math here 15 times 5 divid by 50 divid by 2 multiple by a 1/16^3 chance multiple by a (1/28)3/100 chance the odds of this moltres existing without mark charm is 0.00000006539481% and with mark charm it’s a 0.000000196184431% chance which is still very low odds also the reason why it’s gentle nature is most hackers pro hack and just hack in a 3IV and make it look like it’s wild caught even tho it’s still a cheated Pokémon and most .com are wrong natures and it isn’t alpharad moltres alpharad didn’t use a master ball on his moltres and also the rayquaza in his 2016 team was 6IV which is still a very suspicious Pokémon along with the moltres and Highly likely doesn’t me impossible but highly likely doesn’t mean possible either anyone can go hack a full team competitive Pokémon that has very low odds of existing if you cannot 100% confirmed that Pokémon origins then that Pokémon is going to be hacked and also there is an insane pkhex community that is giving the top players hacked Pokémon. And verlis also talks about the incineroar cause it’s a very suspicious Pokémon and it’s highly likely hacked because this will be one of the easy Pokémon to make all you do is use 26 hp up 14 on special defense and then you use 12 on iron and it’s done however that will give you 118 in defense but the incineroar was 508 not 510ev which don’t count for much and the incineroar would have a white ev breakdown not a yellow one the reason why it has a yellow ev breakdown cause someone hit copy and put it into a hacking program not having 2 pointless evs mean is probably hack yes because you hit the export button on Pokémon showdown and Pokémon showdown doesn’t give you those extra two EVs so it’s very suspicious and yes I know and verlis know feathers are a thing but once again depending on how many competitive Pokémon you are making with those kind of ev spreads you going to run out of feathers it takes time to get the feathers and also depending on how many competitive Pokémon you are making inside of Pokémon sword and shield you will experience fugitive you will not be able to make those Pokémon again and verlis and I have experience this you will be tired and also wolfey fans also can experience fugitive and yes I know the extra two ev don’t matter but you are going to pick them up while training ev naturally like that so that a very suspicious Pokémon right there so yeah Wolfey already has been proven to have use cheated Pokémon

    83. Prem Gamer


    84. Professor Who

      I'll put any legendary to shame with my "regular" teams.

    85. The Shining Umbreon

      didnt know tom green played pokemon

      1. Frank IDKmyFam

        🤣 hacks pokemon and hacks real people faces lol

    86. Robert Tallent

      What game is this

    87. Yunichiro x

      Please game freak stop allowing legendaries

      1. Nom Nom Nom


    88. Seppuku Daily

      Dang that was hard to watch lol

    89. Matthew Barr

      Why these grown men trying to look so tough when they're playing game made for 10 year olds?

      1. Justinian 42

        @Matthew BarrWolfe's a fun guy but tbf these look like mug shots.

      2. Lap

        @Matthew Barr I guess you got a point there lol, I haven't seen it anywhere else

      3. Matthew Barr

        @Lap dude I'm not the only one, look at the comments. Pokemon's a happy game so shouldn't they be smiling?

      4. Lap


    90. Constantine Firme

      Rosemary is such an awesome commentator! Love it!

    91. humane centipede

      That facial hair is infuriating

    92. Nick M

      Wolfe is super impressive.

    93. Des Protegido

      I would like to see Adam Dorricott's posters on the back of his room

    94. banette guy

      So uh.... I thought only galarian weezing could have neutralizing gas, can kantonian weezing get that now?

    95. Sir Barker

      Why aren't there separate age groups??? Should a 10yr old boxer face a 30yr old boxer??? Pokemon thinks so

      1. Justinian 42

        There are seperate age groups.

    96. Mega Battle Zero

      Both are wayy too old to be playing and need to get lives

    97. Jose Pineda

      Wolfe just looks like he is tired of his mom forcing him to play Pokémon at these competitions lol.

    98. heliopyre

      how come Max Quake didn't ohko Incineroar?

      1. Julián Rodríguez

        Because it had its attack dropped

    99. Ren The Villain

      Tag is trash

    100. Eli Herrera

      Choke me, Wolfey UwU