"Immortal Machine" | Dystopian Animated Short Film (2021)

Dead Sound

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    Created by David James Armsby.
    "You think you understand? All the lies? All the needless atrocities?...
    No. There is reason, and I want to show you..."
    Deep in the heart of Autodale lives their Mayor. As old as the town itself, a once great inventor, now a gangly and decaying but undying thing which the townsfolk have long forgotten, but continue to echo his machine-obsessed beliefs.
    This film follows Autodale's Exceptional Woman as she journey's deep down the rabbit hole of the Mayor's Immortal Machine.

    This film was one of the most challenging and taxing projects of my life. The film covers a subject matter that is extremely difficult to pull off from an artistic and technical standpoint. Nothing about the setting, characters or structure of this film was easy to do. That's actually the reason I've put off tackling the heart of Autodale and the Matriarch for so long. I knew to pull it off successfully would require a tremendous amount of time, effort and artistic know-how which I didn't feel confident I could do.
    It wasn't until after finishing my previous and longest animated short film, "Friendly Shadow", that I finally felt that I was at the skill level required for this gigantic project.
    I'm not in love with all of it, but overall I think it definitely succeeded. This film is extremely ambitious and grand and I'm extremely proud of the result. I really hope you guys like it too! :D

    Voice Actors:
    Adrienne Cox - "Exceptional Woman", "Hive", "The Matriarch".
    David Armsby - "The Mayor"
    Original Music composed by Rayshaun Thompson and Cameron Moody.
    PART 1: kgup.info/get/nqSCq4Cuf3yCmos/video
    PART 2: kgup.info/get/XqmEaqDVhaiGpmo/video
    PART 3: kgup.info/get/ZpyLfWW6fnuNZ6U/video
    This is the seventh film in the Autodale Animated Series. Here's the full playlist!:


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    1. Jimmy_H

      Всем привет,с вами точно не Дима,но я надеюсь скоро выйдет разбор от него.Как обычно с кучей неожиданных скримеров.

    2. Carl Martin

      Ugly soup anyone?

    3. I know Yoongi's Genius Lab password

      3:36 *My dumb ass* : *GrOoT !?*

    4. Arjun Kadiwar

      Maybe in the old world everyone was infected and killed but then the goddess cured all of them and made illusions of "pretty people" and "ugly" and "ugly's" are real people but "prettys" are just illusions, and the guy in feed the freaks was a freak. A person from the old world?

    5. Arjun Kadiwar

      .It was actually sad the goddess meant to protect autodale ended up killing more than she protects.

    6. KeyFrame11


    7. lem⃨σภ

      My friend: what’s your favourite show? Me: well..

    8. Francisco Moran

      This looks like the very beginning of how the Matrix was created

    9. Raezores

      I hated how they keep putting her on the hot seat like they are different personalities and she's not allowed to cry or be weak or something..

    10. Raezores

      Yo you guys should drop dead.. I've had enough existential crisises to understand that we all go through this every day but we don't realize it cuz we're so distracted.

    11. Raezores

      This is basically not the truth but it kind of is.. You do this really shows you the fire that exists in reality..

    12. Elongated_Musket

      2hr film sponsored by Disney when

    13. Rolf the Idiot

      Wait... 3:12 096?????

    14. SeSSioN

      I had to search for this! Why isn't KGup recommending this!

    15. Nept00n1

      Thx for the nightmares!

    16. GabrielX24 _

      New netflix series

    17. Klein

      Oh my God it’s all connected. Mother Nature from Mother of nature and Professor Crown from redone

    18. Manda Panda

      ok i’ve been watching these for so long now but i feel like high rise investigation was a little bit inspired by this

    19. Style Snivy

      Will any new colours be used for anything I wonder

    20. Miro Cloud

      Why does this give me coviv 19 vibes 😭

    21. Erik Sins

      You should make the girl that left Autodale in "Friendly Shadow" come back and help free Autodale's citizens or something like that. That would be awesome. Better yet, you should write a book or a series of novels about this. This is just too good. It is insanely dark and terrifying but I found it beautiful how the shadow helped the little girl escape out of empathy knowing that, had he brought the girl back from the sewers, she would either be experimented on or die. Not to mention her mother would also be taken away and killed because of her suffering state after her husband died. There's also more to the freaks than we thought. They are intelligent, and feel emotion as well. Damn, this is just too awesome!

    22. Kanedsodas

      I thought this came out like 4 months ago

    23. Trisha Sarah

      This is a such amazing work of art and I respect you for this

    24. Trisha Sarah

      Sir can I make a suggestion? Can you add subtitles so its easier to understand?

    25. The Blank Space

      Is this the ending? Or only the beginning

    26. DuraikenGatewae

      And the old man demonstrates the process called "Indoctrination." How you make real monsters, and dress them up. Make them look 'pretty.' And burn down everything else. If you look at Autodale and don't think about the how and why of it, you're... kind of missing the point. Though, honest truth is, it's less painful to miss the point of this series than it is to understand and think about that point. Because this series is reflecting what our world is like at its worst. And no, it ain't pretty. :Irony Strikes:

    27. elegance _

      what happened to the mayor's daughter? did she become one of the torso-machine-ladies? she was cured of the disease, but what happened after? and how did the tree lady become so humanlike? lots of questions and lots of answers.

    28. George Hackett

      So, I think I get most of it. Autodale keeps the tree lady alive so she can protect its citizens from the plague. What I don't understand is why they only feed the abnormal ones to her. Why the ugly ones? Is there something about being different that makes you more nutritious?

    29. George Hackett

      What I don't understand is, if the plague creates Freaks, and Autodale was created to keep out the plague, then how does Hive not know about the Freaks? does this mean the Freaks are separate from the plague? A form of evolution, maybe, influenced over millenia? After all, they don't explicitly say how long Autodale's been up and running.

    30. Creator -Exe Mila


    31. KoT

      Прикольный фильм, удачи автору!

    32. Zero

      Was the "necessary" worth it? Cause if it isn't, it is better to go gentle into the good night.

    33. _No Name_

      Oh so they have to keep killing people to keep the goddess alive??

    34. Snizzy Gaming

      I like how she’s not scared of this creepy ruler with his guts showing, freaky feet, and some skull mask looking thing

    35. Snizzy Gaming

      This is so scary that it’s actually entertaining to watch. And to think this might be our society in another millennium..interesting

    36. Emmanuel United Church, Ottawa, Canada

      MORE PLEASE !!

    37. Mike Mul

      Ars Lingua Mundi Artis Gratius Populos Gratius and How!!!

    38. Meme Corp.


    39. Mashed POTATO

      Why that machine has a BIG Nipple

    40. Mutiara Nur Rahmah

      Ok ok quick question, how many voices that you have, Mr. Armsby?

    41. Maya E

      "You think you understand? All the lies? All the needless atrocities?...

    42. Mase4200

      Is this the end I absolutely loved this and still have a few questions is this the whole story?

      1. BlackCover95

        Until David Armsby makes more videos, this is the last. Until then, we’ll just have to subsist on his playlist. (Link in the description.)

    43. Mase4200

      Is this the end I absolutely loved this and still have a few questions is this the whole story?

    44. Dora

      The mayor's pupils getting bigger and smaller is such a cool detail

    45. N.S.A C.I.A joint effort

      Cyberpunk 1977

    46. Kieren Shan

      I wish this had captions actually- the auto captions are often inaccurate and there were several parts that no matter how much I replayed it I wasn't sure what was being said...

    47. Donut Dragon

      dang this poor world

    48. Ghost

      This channel is really underrated like wow this is some good stuff

    49. Habitual Resistor

      I would love to see more on the "Friendly Shadow".

    50. Habitual Resistor

      Wow. I just finished the whole story, and I have to say, this is the best animated series on youtube. There are others I totally love, but this really is the best in my opinion. Bravo

    51. angry and confused Teen

      This is what I think is happening we destroyed the planet and the goddess is nature so to keep the human race alive they must commit mass murder to keep the goddess alive and humans they must become murderers to stay alive

    52. Сосуд из Бездны

      Somebody do a subtitles, please. Think about deaf people.

    53. Violet Bilodeau

      Can't wait for the next episode! Masterpiece.

    54. Chocolate Pancakes • Edible

      1:03 *C L A P C L A P C L A P*

    55. Bradley Lopez

      This doesn’t have enough views, the amount of detail is crazy considering its just one person doing the animation.

    56. Jelly Jr.

      It’s like they were ravaged by a nuke

    57. ItzEva_1075

      I am now officially scared-

    58. Bob Bobinski

      I wonder if this is going to be a thing where we just keep learning more about this town and never come to a conclusion, or will there actually be an ending.

    59. Sondash360

      This is definitely one of the best works of yours, that being said please don't stress yourself too much. A short like this made by a one man army is already an achievement on itself. All the work you put in your shorts is stunning, so don't be afraid to ask for help if something's too laborious. Really, amazing work David.

    60. galactic doggo

      This storyline should be in a game

    61. Ancientstorm

      Awwww shit he said my name!

    62. Max smith

      this reminds me of the movie 9

    63. Benjamin Connor

      So, it was Cyberdemons all along. Fantastic Job.


      Perfect nightmare fuel

    65. nun mem

      The movie should end at 2:46

    66. PC KILLER

      Cool video but more detail would have made a huge difference.

    67. imnoturgod

      dang autodale be looking like damn citadel with the combine and everything

    68. La caja de Pandora

      Holy shit, Walter White has come a long way...

    69. Aaliyah

      3:18 “hey vsauce Micheal here”

    70. Colby

      Absolutely gorgeous.

    71. smiley satanson

      i still dont get it

    72. idoitsandwich

      Please make this into a game!!!!

    73. SCP Foundation

      So everything has to be perfect and the people that are called ugly are basically smart and they are said to the goddess so this this blows my mind oh my god this dream from the dream SMP live here ? Also this is perfect This is the most interesting thing that has come out of 2021 for the most part

    74. thanosshould snaprn

      Idk if this is some kinda series or what but whew this is getting hella interesting

    75. Jade Techna

      3:30 Remember the film “Mother of Nature”? This “thing” kinda looks like it with the sticks in the shoulder’s and all 3:36 And you can kinda see some horn/ear like things on the head like Mother Nature in the film But it looks like a skull instead- Just a similarity tho

    76. Samuel Lopez

      Jesus is coming

    77. Barbora Krátká

      In what program do you create your story?

    78. Kobe One

      10:36 The leaves floated down, compared to the usual reversed gravity.

    79. Aux Navy

      2:40 Rule 34 pls

    80. Lord Cypher

      This has a very WH40k vibe with the sacrifices needed to keep humanity alive. Both keep a literal god/goddess alive which in turn protects humanity from Chaos/Disease.

    81. Geoff Zuo

      You know, this just feels like abzu, and I loved that game

    82. ThePatrioticDog

      Netflix you now

    83. Jackson Brown

      The liquid keeping her alive seems to trigger all the sorrow fed from those who gave their limited lives to. She cries out from the injection. Does she know this is a futile solution?

    84. galdrick millard

      S'il vous plaît faites des sous-titres en français ☹️

    85. Bilal Aslam

      I think the best part of this series is there are no "good" or "bad" guys, and no insidious ideology that they are justifying the atrocities in the name of. Rather, the Mayor is choosing the only viable option to prevent the end of human existence itself - he recognizes there are no good choices, that the outside world is too corrupted, diseased, and broken to ever fix. All he can do is continue to sustain what is left of human's miserable existence by creating a reality where individuals can live as happily deluded as possible. But in the end, the Mayor knows that it is all for nought, and even he will succumb to fate.

    86. Haywire - Hatred

      The best film to date :D

    87. Arrigo !

      this serie was great

    88. 2Hostage2

      A strong story :O Nice ^^

    89. Maurice Vivet

      Can you add a French subtitle please

    90. korvasxeno

      what happened to the little girl who got healed?

    91. Savannah Chapman

      So are all the hive members people who saw through the lies? Or is the middle girl the first to do that and those in the hive are from before the city was finalized? Also, are all hive members female? I saw some that looked male but only heard female voices, especially the duo that are wrapped together.

      1. BlackCover95

        •No, just the first one was the one to see through it all. •The others were specifically collected by her, assimilated to be a giant think tank. •There are indeed make Hive members (the Friendly Shadow used to be in the Hive), but they all share the Exceptional Woman’s voice.

    92. Chocoboy

      is...is the mother of nature dead? are there more then one of her? dave said that the world of the great rat and terrible hound and the world of autodale are the same, and in that story, the rat has a sculpture of the mother of nature, so is the mother of nature dead, or did she do this?

      1. Chocoboy

        @BlackCover95 i posted this literally 2 hours befote David said against it.

      2. BlackCover95

        “Mother of Nature” is not canon. Proof: kgup.info/get/ZpyLfWW6fnuNZ6U/video

    93. P E A R B E A R

      The wailing of the matriarch sends shivers down my spine

    94. Emily L

      so... it's not as black and white as it seems.

    95. Jacciswacc

      “Don’t be happy about your achievements, be happy that you lived to see them.”

    96. Surtu

      The fascinating bit is that the goddess isn't really being kept alive by him to protect the people, the people are being kept alive by him and in a tightly controlled system to use as fuel to try and keep alive the goddess. So they're told lies so at least the ones that haven't been harvested yet are happy, but none of it means anything its all just to hide that they're fuel. Simultaneously the goddess clearly doesn't want this at all and it even causes her pain; she wants to heal them. But she doesn't hate him despite what he's doing and how it hurts her. So complex.

    97. xxRIVERxx Mountain

      omg its so amazing I've waited so long for the next animation to come out ITS JUST SO AMAZING

    98. Katy-Cat Weeaboo

      Am I the only one drawing a connection between The Withering Goddess and The Mother of Nature?

    99. [Deleted Account]

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    100. Cushla Skipper