Gonzaga's locker room, court celebration footage | 2021 Final Four

March Madness

51 миӊ. көрүүлөр10

    Watch all of the moments after Jalen Suggs hit the game-winner against UCLA. Gonzaga looks to defend its perfect season on Monday against Baylor. Courtesy Gonzaga University.
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    1. Caleb Crawford

      One of the greatest college basketball and NCAA Tournament games I have ever seen. What a classic and what a team. One more win and perfection is complete.

      1. Brooks Coleman

        Have I got news for you lol

      2. go psu


      3. Jacob Harrison

        @AntIsGoated YT so your a loony conspiracy theorist? Even mick Cronin said it was a well officiated game. Cmon man

      4. jeffrey RA

        @AntIsGoated YT BS!! Stop being a hater!! It was a game of the ages. Win or lose, everyone can hold their head up high.

      5. MrMashman93

        @AntIsGoated YT rigged? Oh you’re one of those fans. I’m a Kentucky fan by the way and I’ve never felt any game was rigged. Come on man.

    2. Wyatt Rochner

      This is March madness is a nutshell

    3. Mental Mind

      And this is why you don't celebrate until you WIN IT ALL ... Not when you hit a game-winning shot in overtime in the Final Four round ...

    4. YaT1100



      00:30 to 00:45 had me dying 🤣

    6. Deborah Thatcher

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    7. Matt R

      Who’s here after they were murdered by Baylor?

    8. Redjay Tve

      This aged well

    9. crimjqt83


    10. dannygitmo

      They celebrated too early, they choked against Baylor from the opening tip.

      1. crimjqt83


    11. John Varner

      And then they got blown out by Baylor. No one will remember

    12. Johnny Chang

      I’m glad Baylor won . I don’t hate gu

    13. The Chosen One

      Gonzaga lost the championship game as soon as they started celebrating the way they did in the locker room. Complete cringe, especially when you haven't won anything.

      1. James Pinheiro


    14. Jacob Wang

      Could the Zags' Road to New Orleans include 6 games (in regular AND postseason) in Northern California, where 4 conference rivals are based AND next year's West Regionals will take place?

    15. jc dova

      Blown out!!!! Blown out by Baylor. Should of lost to UCLA but that just made it sweeter. A little different than playing small North West teams.

    16. Torality


    17. Joshua LaPointe

      Masks..? Social distancing...? More proof pandemic is a scam. This is normal behavior. Enjoy yourselves boys. Great game.

    18. Matt Kiebach

      The 23 dislikes are UCLA fans!

    19. e dubb77

      I fancy you.....put that on a t shirt letsssss goooooo

    20. Hondo. Freaking. McKee.

      Sometimes ....... the Hail Mary goes.

    21. Tunak Tunak Tun

      Suggs is fosho a top 3 pick. I still have Cade going over him, however, him and mobely each have cases in their favor for goin number 2

    22. Ryan McDowell

      SICK’EM BEARS!!!!!

    23. Stephen D

      My god I hope they win it all.

    24. Amaris Hyatt

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    25. Cynthia Leveille

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    26. OzarkHiker

      I FANCY YOU!!!

    27. Parlay Life

      Gonzaga - 4. Buy it down a 1/2 point at -120. Enjoy your PROFITS 💸

    28. Luke Mendez

      ucla beats any other team with this performance

    29. Jay Mamaril


    30. Kdubb815

      Bruin fan here: you survived us Gonzaga, the kings are back, sleep well, we’ll be taking the titles again next year.

    31. David Jarrah

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    32. J-Dogg Wong

      Refs robbed UCLA on that no call on Riley’s dunk!

      1. Arman Bedrosian

        I’m a UCLA fan but search up bbalbreakdown and he goes over the call on Riley with a pro ref and it was a correct no call

    33. TheSportsGuru

      That botched sticker placement is totally permissable. He used up all his accuracy on the shot.

    34. Heavy Kevy Stunnaham...

      You know you got 1 more game??

    35. Juan Espinosa

      As a big time Gonzaga fan, you got to give to UCLA, they got a great squad. It was such an intense ,nail biting game ! I was at the edge of my seat, screaming at my tv, a nervous wreck,,but so glad my Zags came out on top,,i had faith,, whewwww !

    36. Hated By Society

      Even the nba finals can’t get you this hyped up

    37. AceBachelorCool

      Coach Few, Don't ever do a hand stand in the Locker room UNTIL you've Won it all! AceBachelorCool

      1. William Stinson

        Your salty tears are duly noted, buttercup.

      2. Brittany M

        @AceBachelorCool just proud of them getting there. Win or lose.

      3. AceBachelorCool

        @Brittany M True, and he'll have same result as 2017.

      4. Brittany M

        Nahhh few can do whatever he pleases.

    38. AceBachelorCool


    39. Tianna Elizebeth


    40. Matthew Jay Evans

      Greatest. Final Four National Semis Game. Ever....Period. End of Story

    41. Boogie Ondown

      Pretty sure this clip just went to every future Gonzaga recruit.

    42. Carmello's Own

      There were no losers in that game, just a winner. One of the best college games ever. Cool coach.

      1. Carmen Harlan

        UCLA won at losing so they won something

      2. Carmello's Own

        @Frank Gallagher I was speaking metaphorically, because both teams played a perfect game, it just came down to the last possession. FYI, I live in ZAGS country and was working on the broadcast.

      3. Frank Gallagher

        Ah, no? Last time I checked UCLA lost

    43. Epic Gamer 22

      if they lose im gonna laugh so much

      1. Brittany M

        @Epic Gamer 22 I would rather see a 31-1 than not making it to the finals at all...everyone has their own idea of what is funny I guess.

      2. Epic Gamer 22

        I just think it would be funny seeing 31-1 and the game they lost was the championship

      3. Brittany M

        Why? Who cares. Atleast they made it and did it in history making fashion. Win or lose they had a once in a lifetime season.

      4. Phifty nic

        Typical UCLA fan

    44. GrubWarp

      Needs more fans

    45. timothy ivory

      They coach litty😂😂

    46. PAOTPY

      Go zags

    47. Wildin Lara

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    48. loutheglue

      This is why we all played. This camaraderie. Like musicians on stage. Great game , one of my best ever. Hope they keep it going........

    49. Travel with Alex Wong


    50. Andrew Brown

      they going to have a hard time beating Baylor

    51. Andrew Brown

      they were expected to win by double digit

    52. Ronald Brightman

      Amazing game! I have never screamed so loud in my life! And to think next years team could be even better.

    53. Jarrod Moran

      Suggs 50 foot shot: PERFECT Suggs stickers from point blank: Crooked

      1. Heavy Kevy Stunnaham...

        Nembhard made the 1st one. So he had the opportunity to make that one. Covid threw everybody off!

    54. Trinidad Jonell

      Katharine McPhee

    55. Jack Lord

      Kids, if you score with that many seconds on the clock, never, never do what UCLA did, you immediately press and never do what #34 did, hold his hands up, didn't try to block the shot and didn't take the charge. What is wrong with basketball today?

      1. William Stinson

        Gonzaga was also in the bonus. Any foul would have put them at the free throw line for the 1 and 1. Suggs is nearly 90% from the line.

      2. Jeremy Evans

        It's because of their prep. UCLA's coach said post game that the biggest thing he emphasized to his team before this game was getting back on defense, because gonzaga was so fast and loved bringing the ball up. That's why after every play, you see all UCLA players with their head down just busting back on defense. I think they that end was a wild sequence, and they instinctively ran back instead of realizing that there was on only 3 seconds left on the clock. Coach even said he tried yelling at his players to press but it was too late.

    56. Jonathan

      The coach doing the handstand cracks me up 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    57. Ans Hakim

      That's crazy

    58. Gus Guerra

      Bruin fan with a broken heart but much respect for Gonzaga

      1. CHS Celebrity

        You can’t be mad at UCLA

      2. Hondo. Freaking. McKee.

        UCLA gave everything. They maxed-out. I'm a Zag fan and am ecstatic they survived, but it's hard to see a team play right to it's potential like the Bruins did and not win the game.

      3. dj manning

        2006 adam morrison face down crying don't feel bad one bit

    59. Julian Wooten

      If you rearrange the letters in “depression” you get “I pressed on.” Don’t ever give up. Your breakthrough is almost here.

      1. Afree Cann

        Or peds is on, r_ight?1

    60. Julian Wooten

      This is why no matter what the Supreme Court or anyone says the NCAA will endure forever. You don't get moments like this anywhere else.

    61. Jim Doe

      That was the best college game I can remember, and I've been watching the tournament for decades

      1. Andrew Petri

        uva Purdue was better

    62. Saba Shariq

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    63. Yxngn

      Those tears of joy should let you know how passionate j suggs is for the game of basketball. For the love of the game !

      1. Let me sleep in peace

        Seriously. Even if you aren't rooting for the Zags you will always appreciate a hard and passionate competitor!

    64. Mason Friedel

      You should do a Top 10 2021 NCAA tournament games

    65. yzell g

      can anyone tell me who from gonzaga has declared for the draft plz??

      1. Phifty nic

        @AntIsGoated YT I think timmie will eventually. He’s only a sophomore. And Joel too he’s a junior but he’s been playing amazing this tournament and shooting a very high percentage from 3. Kispert is in a slump but he has potential to be a solid nba player

      2. AntIsGoated YT

        Mane the only I see really doin big things in the league is Suggs

      3. yzell g

        @Your Casino Experience Past. Present, and Future. thank you for that, i appreicate it alot

      4. Your Casino Experience Past. Present, and Future.

        Kispert is in because he is a senior. The others normally declare after the tournament. They try to determine where they might get selected, then decide and declare or choose to stay.

    66. BE C

      This was such a major one Shining Moment. Moments like this is why I love college basketball.

    67. Crazy Juice

      I wish them good luck tomorrow

    68. dwain20111

      This is so dope, can’t wait for tomorrow’s game

    69. Chris L

      Mark Few could've left to go to any school in the country, but he stayed to lead the Zags. Pride over money.

      1. Jennifer Wise

        He can stay at Gonzaga 4 life and boosters make sure the $$ is very good.

    70. Justin Degler

      What a legend

    71. Mr-Alex Knight

      Just beat baylor or all for nothing.

    72. Stew From BK

      He gotta cap it off with a NCAA championship

    73. AntIsGoated YT

      I feel like this was game rigged and just not right, UCLA played better and really one the game but when u go against the refs you can’t win and I’ll explain why but the game is all about Money💰💰 these days!! :/

      1. Juan Espinosa

        If anything ,UCLA was the team getting all the breaks ,they had way less fouls than Gonzaga, and rhey kept hacking Timme everytime he had a lay up and no fouls called. It was so lop sided and Zags still pulled it off.

      2. Capo King

        There’s always that someone talking about a game being rigged and blaming the refs 😂

      3. Zach Johnson

        @AntIsGoated YT They've been getting a lot of recruits because of their success and guys like Ja Morant, James Wiseman, and now Jalen Suggs who have shown you can be a top recruit, choose a small school, and still get drafted in the 1st round.

      4. MrYeet

        @AntIsGoated YT refs helped UCLA not calling blatant fouls in the paint

      5. AntIsGoated YT

        @Zach Johnson well Gonzaga is getting a lot of recruits and been said as a new up coming 5 stars school maybe they won’t them to win because there new

    74. CashoutKid23

      Brought a smile to man 💯🙏

    75. Yippee Ki Yay Mr. Falcon

      "I fancy you!"

    76. MrMashman93

      So much better than the NBA. This is why I love college basketball and have for 45 years and I know it’s changing with the transfer portal and all plus guys don’t stay as long but I don’t care.

      1. Matthew Jay Evans

        @Juan Espinosa I read that there is renewed interest in bringing the Sonics back. Now that the Kraken are coming to town, it may pave the way for them to bring pro basketball back to Seattle too. We'll see.

      2. Juan Espinosa

        100% right,,i would much rather watch college basketball than the NBA,, I love the fact that these guys are giving it their all, and not pick and choose when they decide to be injured, so they can rest a few games . Plus lost total interest when we lost our Seattle Super Sonics.

      3. Mark Pagtama

        So you like exploiting young talented guys huh

      4. Matthew Jay Evans

        Amen and TRIPLE HALLEUJLAH to that!!! College Basketball will ALWAYS be better.

    77. UFC GOAT

      They got lucky Baylor’s gonna end their dreams 🖕🏻

      1. UFC GOAT

        @MostNaturalMedia you said what? 🤣🖕🏻

      2. Juan Espinosa

        Everybody tries to deny Gonzaga,s true talents, much respect to Baylor. But Baylor hasn,t played a team like Gonzaga .It,s going to be a great game ,can,t wait.

      3. Capo King

        F U 🖕🏼#GoZags!

      4. AntIsGoated YT

        @Superdog1038 look at the call at the end of the fourth quarter timme feet wasn’t even sets and he moved right into Juzang and it’s a charge? With no hesitation? And not also that the blocks on Suggs when you went back to it Suggs hit hes hand

      5. Superdog1038

        @AntIsGoated YT any proof Gonzaga cheated? And beside they wouldn't have the money to cheat they a small school I don't understand why you think they cheated

    78. Steven Cuffee

      This game has gone into history. It was so incredibly amazing 👏

    79. Caiden Clair

      i was first

    80. Ethan Smith

      Best time of the year

    81. 横山太郎