Welcome To Brawlhalla - Animated Short


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    Welcome to Brawlhalla! www.brawlhalla.com/play
    Double Plus Productions:
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    1. Jesse Davis

      You see? It's not the legends that're toxic. It's the players.

    2. ade budas


    3. Evan Darby

      If the game had a intro when you first start it this would be it

    4. Mendigo Do Inferno

      Hattori ???????????????????

    5. IIZH1II

      magyar 1:00

    6. Chronicle Àqua

      fait is bae I had to say it

    7. NikNoMobile

      É um trailer tão incrível que faço questão de ver e rever de novo... Pra chegar na próxima semana e fazer a mesma coisa.

    8. ツPast


      1. KashOutSeric


    9. 1conquers

      My man wusang stopped artemis and orion like he wasn't even trying.

    10. Ray Emmanuel Tingson

      1:00 magyar is in the bottom-left corner (their armor at least)

    11. ABloodyGenuis

      Can we make a welcome to mallhalla short for April first?

    12. RealDaBaby123

      imagine campaign brawlhalla lol

    13. Hexenox

      Orion and Artemis thoughhh

    14. Daily Doni

      I love how teros just get abducted by Lord vraxx

    15. Muchamp

      i like orion is just doing sigs and heavy attacks in this, very accurate to ranked brawhalla

    16. MeLeV


    17. Marco Alberto Torres Peregrina

      por que la hitbox es una maldita bola joder

    18. anime waifu

      And imagine they put this very time you opened that game that would be a treat

    19. TTV_Lone WOLF

      I love the part where like there's just characters we're working together and that's how you know those characters are like know each other

    20. SkyFallPrime

      They gotta make the narrator a playable champion and when you pick him, he says "Me"

    21. Beserra

      im going to read the lore now :)

    22. Harisanker

      damn bro, this is so sick that its contagious

    23. Masehume Motloenya

      I have brawlhalla

    24. rainbow sans the comic

      I play your game calld brawlhalla i love it

    25. Lunar

      I just realized Magyar is on the bottom left of the croud

    26. Cameron Thomas

      Brawlhalla anime?

    27. Mosshead Hunter


    28. Hirochim .K

      Adorei, super emocionante ❤❤❤ Gostei muito da parte do wu shang

    29. NotYeet

      tbh i kinda forgot abt the game

    30. Revive

      anyone else realise that MAGYAR IS LITERALLY IN THE STADIUM (1:00 CHECK BOTTOM LEFT)

    31. Sievert

      smooth ah animation

    32. S.T 048 brawlhalla, montages y mas

      The Best animaron in the world😂

    33. John Shillingford

      This would be funny big bother style like show, where they has to vote someone off.

    34. Angello'S Studio

      magyar bottom left 1:01

    35. francovilla Il

      this game got so far T-T

    36. Flepical

      Loved the wu shang bit

    37. Wacky Lrdz

      1:00 magyar release

    38. Arrow Velocity

      1:00 beast boy???

    39. Porcupine Fish

      I love how magyar is in this

    40. Owen Hall

      This gave me chills...

    41. Kresna Plays

      To this day, I still use Artemis and Orion just because of that scene.

    42. SaltShaker

      u sure this isn't a leak for a series in 2022 I would watch that

    43. Sergio Jose

      Did anyone knew that Artemis love Orion in Greek god and that was why they were fighting

      1. AMadRipZ

        Well in Brawlhalla Artemis whole purpose is to kill Orion, so yeah kinda different than the material source

    44. Dony Gaming Tv

      If this is for new players, then why d ok I have this in my phone recommended then my nitendo switch?

    45. DemomanGamingTF2

      Isaiah’s got the guitar skills

    46. Mptvsouza

      1:00 magyar helmet in the left

    47. Jops

      Help me to join brawlhalla community: @

    48. Andrew Scalia

      Lul is this that one smash rip off?

    49. Abdllah Raphel

      kinda disappointed that Petra didn't apear..i main Petra what about u guys?

    50. Hamza Salman

      Where is rayman?

    51. Moddn

      Im sad that rayman isn't in this

    52. La Team gta

      where are queen nai and gnash dude ?

    53. Lil Cudi

      Oh ZA ZEBI IL EST OÙ VAL??!!

    54. Vas

      Is that Magyar

    55. ImJUST RxCk1ess

      This will make a really cool cartoon

    56. Alx Larra

      Can you add that at the end of the season according to how many points there are achieved in competitive games that give you a few mammoth coins pls???

      1. Alx Larra


    57. ECHO Plays

      So lit 🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯

    58. katmanduYT

      Where is koji

    59. LennerXP

      Como esa intro este en el juego me lo descargo ahora xdd

    60. GR0ZA_

      0:37 they are actually spamming sigs and wu shang is trying not to join them

    61. Omar Elshiekh

      1:01 hi Magyar

    62. TheShadøwScrub

      Where is main girl yumiko?

    63. Illia Sharovarov

      I wish if Brawlhalla was a movie

    64. Esteban HV


    65. Joel Mendez

      0:28 see how Fait's surprised even though she didn't hear the horn? if you read the lore behind her, you'll know that she get visions about the future! I now realize that during that WHOLE scene, she was using her "future vision"! Nice Brawlhalla B)

    66. Andrew Early

      orion and artemis epicly fighting and wu shang stops them

    67. The oof is real

      Intro to sig spam hell

    68. Ezric Knox

      0:55 mako is behide Teros

    69. Krispy_88

      this is sick, i also like the scene when my main fight with orion 😁

    70. 1978Rahmi

      this is super smash bros rip off

    71. Comrade JOJO

      teros looks chonky

    72. BeartheGod

      That should be the opening for the game

    73. Pedy_Monster

      What About Barraza? What About My Main?! :(

    74. Der_AlphaBieber

      That an awesome little trailer i love it

    75. Gentleman


    76. Nathan Mills

      holy crap magyar is in the bottom left corner at 1:00

    77. Big Jigz47

      Can we please get a story mode in 2021?

    78. genisis

      WHERE IS HATTORI!!!!!!!!!!

    79. CPU BOT


    80. Bautista González de Azcuénaga

      Where the fuck is cross

    81. ImNotFaze

      You just see Magyar Chilling 1:00

    82. The Malcah TwinZ

      GUYS PAUSE AT 1:00, you can see Magyar on the bottom left

    83. young Balla

      If this was a cartoon ill watch like crazy look fire



    85. Panda MilkShake

      My dear Cassidy ain't here 😭

    86. FireFoxk

      0:20 Imagine Yumiko had that fox form ingame as a hammer down/side sig

    87. HashTAG0093

      Everybody loves the animation

    88. LaWaPenka CTM

      magyar down in the left 1:00

    89. Wycliffe odidi

      1:16 giving me some Rivals of Aether vibes.

    90. Francisco Carrillo

      Wheres magyar?

    91. Ryan

      We need a brawlhalla cartoon, I would watch the hell out of it

    92. muhamad rafli ramadhan

      why my wu shang dont float

    93. GT. Playz

      I wouldn’t even be mad if this got a TV show 🌀

    94. jaky

      The animation is so good.

    95. Engineer Gaming

      0:52 Volkov vibing in the corner

    96. jude wishwajith

      Can you make it happen cartoon serious please please please 😊

    97. iTzFoxGaming HD

      I love it.

    98. JoaKiller


    99. David Roberts

      I think I saw jeuyan scarlet in the background