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    The Quiet Revolution is here. Introducing GMC Hummer EV, the world’s first all-electric supertruck. Reserve yours now.

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    1. Pro_ WolfTheGamer

      Tesla Minecraft truck or a Luxury Electric Hummer Now the hummer is my dream truck

    2. Jay Sampson

      If I were rich I would own one of these. Just cause. LoL

    3. Leonardo Ureña Rodriguez


    4. Aidyn Boothby

      I was just waiting for the guy in the hummer ev to stick up the middle finger at the driver in the at4 as like a in your face but he didn’t

    5. ashan dilentha

      Price will be ?

    6. Saif Imam

      CyberTruck exists. Hummer EV: I am gonna destroy CyberTruck's whole career.

    7. Nicholle Christine Edwards

      Sweet 16 for my son- 💋💋💋👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    8. James Dean

      Not even lying I saw this ad at McDonald's

    9. Armando Valladares

      THOR Likes this. Merica'!!!

    10. rafalmietek

      You will hummer'd t-rex..... pure trx....

    11. Walter Viga

      A LOT of these improvements are because of Artificial Intelligence figuring out the most efficient ways of engineering it all. Sick.

    12. AUZI TMS

      Wow.. welcome hummer, glad to have you back

    13. Ramsey Bolton

      Is that Paul George's voice??

    14. TheRamsa

      semplicemente epico.

    15. Roger Nadeau

      Not a HUMMER it's a GMC hummer ® model

      1. Terraza

        It's a HUMMER under GMC brand.

    16. Devon Ferguson


    17. João Vitor


    18. Venus Rising 369

      This Commercial is more like a documentary, saw a few seconds of it on TV and never forgot - I have NEVER googled a Truck until now. Y’all have outdone yourselves - kudos 👏🏾 ❤️

    19. Nunyo Bidness

      This would’ve been MUCH better with the original Led Zeppelin version.

    20. Shamayel Khan

      RIP Cybertruck.

    21. twoeagle86

      A mechanic worse nightmare...

    22. Antonio Gates

      Soon to be copy by Chyna and will make the company go broke

    23. Frickin' CC deVille

      Very nice

    24. Mateo Rios

      When Hummer is Still Badass even being Ecological

    25. ali ali

      After 6 months you will hear voices from below After a year, a message appears that there is an engine malfunction After 15 months, the engine will fail After 18 months, the air conditioner failed After 19 months the gearbox breaks After 20 months, you will dump it in the garbage This is how American cars have become Top cars in stupidity, breakdowns and shoddy industry Advice ... no one buys American cars

      1. Terraza

        I have no doubt it won't receive a recall. But it's an EV, even with the extra features it is still very simple overall compared to an internal combustion engine.

    26. Birch Bay home

      LOL...I wouldnt even touch that POS. Just like the new Jeep truck which I have seen three already broken down on the side of the


      I Am Really Impress With Ad

    28. قناة MP

      فاشل تصميم الهمر الجديد 👎👎 هيكله الجديد فاشل الي صممه القديم هيبه .

    29. Cruise Control

      You can thank Tesla for all of this.

    30. Blake Wixom

      Imagine being too afraid to put a scratch in the floor of your bed, this isn't a truck, It's a luxury SUV with cargo space

    31. Glip Klopsyiop

      So awesome

    32. GM. General motors

      Love it well worth of 125 thousand

    33. mustansir taher

      yeah Hummer is back

    34. Love Like a Hurricane

      does this have solar recharge?

    35. Camila Juarez

      Looks like it

    36. SULTAN

      This is Fire!!!!!

    37. Miguel Ovalle

      Is that lebron talking

    38. Jim Ballard

      This thing is so heavy and it still runs on fossil fuel . Natural gas and coal fired power generation to charge the batteries . The earth was too warm for human life for millions of years until the jungles put all that carbon in the ground in layers of oil coal and gas . If you have a vehicle that burns alcohol from corn , this is 'above ground' energy . the carbon comes from the air and goes back to the air . Even a wood fired steam powered vehicle is carbon neutral . Its not complicated , you don't need fossil fuel and you don't need 1000hp heavy vehicle that runs on coal fired electricity to show your friends that you failed science in college .

    39. Bruce Wayne

      Murica baby yee yee

    40. N R

      electric hummer with autopilot, that doesn't sound dangerous at all, lol

    41. Daniel Galvan-Hernandez

      4 wheel steering 😮

    42. dog

      Electric cars are good in theory but they just don't work out in real life

    43. Tesoros Enterrados

      Wow 😮

    44. Sir Taylor

      It's not as dramatic as they make it out to be. It's a car. Period.

    45. Mar'Taja Jackson


    46. Renault Freak

      My worst fear are becoming true

    47. Cory Allen

      6 months from now there will be a recall from them catching on fire.

      1. A M


    48. K.Prashan Sandanuwan.

      Hummer wish you.....

    49. V

      Nice, fast and many features.... Working man, need not apply... $100,000+....expect to see more, non-driving, city yuppies, from Silicone Valley running you off the road! Here I thought I would only have to worry about Range Rovers and Infiniti SUVs!

    50. L N P

      pls tell the price

      1. L N P

        @GMC thank you

      2. GMC

        The starting MSRP varies by trim. For more information, please view the GMC Hummer EV trim details at If you have any additional questions, please email with the subject headline "ATTN: L N P GMC KGup" to get in touch with our customer care team.

    51. mohr cowbell

      Jesus. This is the highlight of 2020.

    52. Just_P_B

      1:09 Coughing Coughing Cybertruck Coughing 😂 Okay, I like the truck and the competition is good. 🙂 To be completely honest, if I was buying a truck I would prefer the Hummer ev. 😅

    53. Ceci Shaw

      Wait...they spent all this money on a CGI add but didn’t build an actually working prototype? Classic GM move.

      1. Ceci Shaw

        @A M they sure didn't. do your research

      2. A M

        They did, the majority of the people in the comments don't do research

    54. Chelo Chelini

      Great music 😋😋😋😋😋

    55. Anna Staverud

      F**k Face podcast brought me here. Had to check it out.

    56. Dribbling squids DS

      Rip Tesla truck

    57. Dart_Q8

      what is the warranty for this truck? since there is no engine

    58. Slava Kozlovskii

      0:45 "Simulated vehicle shown throughout" I was so excited until I saw this line.. 😞

      1. Terraza

        Ayy it's okay, production begins 2021

    59. MrRooXs

      Built in Detroit, wow. I want one.

    60. stripemaster9

      Does it play Led Zeppelin when it moves to scare soccer moms?

    61. Hu Mu

      This is for James Charles. If I am seated in this vehicle, I can't help screaming "Hi, sisters!"

    62. bike lover

      TESLS...OK BYE

    63. soundslikebroken

      Green-washing at its best! Uber-excessive, unnecessary use of materials... most will still charge from coal-fired plants... F*ck this D U M M E R (too). *middle-finger*

    64. seezoos

      What not to love about this car!!! omg it is the full package!

    65. Davin Sanota

      can you please do some electric hummer but you can do it with honda or audi but I don't know if they will help you make it anyway


      Tesla cybertruck who?

    67. Desirable Jodie

      Simulated vehicle. hahaha.

    68. Robert Muir

      Made in China.

    69. Alexis Javier Sanchez

      There’s something fishy about this. I say recall in 3 years. Wish everyone the best 😎💯

      1. Terraza

        My Hybrid Prius got recalled 😭😭😭

    70. GreensAndBeansGaming

      yay! Another toy for millionaires!

    71. ZSСАR

      A super truck powered by batteries? 🤣

    72. Rhishab Dahal

      It may be expensive, but the Hummer’s a Hummer, and no one can get away with that.

    73. __칸델라

      I will buy this new hummer on my girl friend birthday

    74. Brett Paster

      Unless you are tesla fan boy why would you pick a cyber truck over this

    75. toby kight

      And also how fast is it

    76. toby kight

      How much is it I want it pls

    77. Julio Serna

      I've been told it's already dripping oil and having electrical problems...

    78. Василий Беляев

      Finally a worthy opponent for UAZ, Niva, ZIL and GAZ 66

    79. M. Cowen Audio

      This is super well made, does anyone know who made this Ad for them?

    80. Joe Ringo

      The only successful thing GM got out of the nikola scandal apparently was the dude who did all the photoshop and video editing. You need to do ALOT better than just a simulation video after getting involved with that train wreck

    81. jCentricity JC

      Commercial is awesome truck is insane. Electric car innovation will continue to push the envelope and get cheaper. Gas cars will soon be a thing of the past

    82. Raku Ichijo


    83. Jay Hildebran

      I'm getting one and just jamming ZEPPELIN ALWAYS

    84. Jay Hildebran

      So we need to work on the texting and driving law. Wasn't me.

    85. Comment King


    86. Michael Madison & Reese

      Its all good til the lithium battery explodes

    87. Mickey L

      Arnold entered the chat))

    88. Ben van Zweeden

      What's that song called?

    89. Sahil choudhary

      Loved that sonic boom....

    90. satoru kendai

      It will be weird for me to see it in europe's roads with all the compact cars lol

    91. Brian S.

      Not having a trunk is one of the pain in the butts I've always hated air trucks. Problem solved with this one with a front trunk under the hood. I've never wanted a vehicle so bad. I might have to pick up a side hustle.

    92. Truth's Knight_0777


    93. ray gun.

      Looks good now. But in the long run when it comes to some failures with that all new engineering on this truck, hopefully the company stands liable for, not let the customers pay for the new engineering failures.

    94. xld balisong flipper


    95. Vivek Jawale

      Thor ragnorok music copied

    96. billy blaa

      Wat a machine..

    97. denon powaz

      I like the crab walk

    98. Christopher Hill

      The quiet revolution? Ok go one asked for this.

    99. MartiniquePrestigeCars

      V8 sound system

    100. Jamal Beckhams

      Wow thanks for the new snowflake truck 👍