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    Bad Kid Mirah & Jerry discuss their relationship.

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    1. Mckenna Long

      Me they are cute together 💙💖

    2. Itss Officialkeyy

      Y’all always hitting ppl mad hard 💀💀

    3. samaria sapp

      that BOY VOICE DEEP AF .

    4. רחל אברהם


    5. Trinity Golder

      Fun fact:) Mirah real name it (Tamirah)

    6. Jazzmon Howard

      jaylzr v n

    7. Destiny Fillingame

      im dying laughing i love kam energy

    8. Flossy Makombe

      me Jesus did that for love and honest do create love

    9. DeAriya Weaver

      yall should say your intro then its mk fam

    10. renegade. maya

      "You in a whole wig" bro😭 this video has me in tears

    11. officially K&A

      that head push was aggressive geesh is he ok😅😅🤣🤣

    12. Trace Ragas

      Why jerry keep messing with his hair 😏

    13. Butterzz Channel


    14. Mariauna Mccoy

      why you do him like thatt

    15. Shaanti

      “June 3?”😂 June 3rd😂😂

    16. The Life Of Aareyona

      Yayyyyy we at 300k y'all should celebrate!!

    17. Ndiah Hall

      She really smacked the AirPod out his ear that took me outtt😭🤣💀

    18. life with jeah Logan


    19. Blue n Red

      its funny how kam knock jerry on side of his

    20. Lay Lay

      “She wearing a wig”😂🤍

    21. Jonell Gayton

      Meee they a good couple

    22. Amerrie Smith

      She nocked the air pod out his head🤣🤣

    23. ELO ON TOP

      Why is yo phone down mirah

    24. Joe Bell

      Why kam hit him in the head like that 😂😂

    25. maliah Froggy

      Jerry and Mirah are sooo cute together and when df did Jerrys voice get like that ?

    26. Clinton Mcwhirter


    27. Nobody Bruh


    28. tt

      So one with bad kid Tyler and kam

    29. LilE CLUTCH

      jerry shook his head at the last question

    30. Khamiya Chase


    31. Shala Fisher

      There are a cute couple

    32. Shani Kiely

      I honestly did not know that Jerry’s voice was so deep

    33. Lil_ princess lil_savge

      I love Mariah and Jerry they is cute couple

    34. imagine.being_briieee

      Yall should prank mac again and at like boys with the other badkid girls that was very much funny.

    35. Gaming With Zii

      Kam so funny she slapped fye from Jerry Bru!! 😭😭😭😭😂😂 then she went off on him , when he said she a hater 😭😭😭😭😂😂 LOVE YALL 🥰💖

    36. Versie Powell

      Mirahhhhh why u do him like dat

    37. theyenvy. jayy

      Jerry look 10 but sound 20😭

      1. Ja’Miyah Ashmore

        you a girl but look like a man

    38. Delrese Ballard


    39. Asaini Smith

      How do you the question is what do you think is heaven a relationship with somebody

    40. Brianna Romero

      Norah needa stop hitting him Bc like I could tell he uncomfortable and he don’t like when she be hitting him Edit: she to rough with him

    41. kabaree Boler


    42. Steph's Clubhouse

      It’s voice pretty deep for its age

      1. Ja’Miyah Ashmore

        He going through puberty dummy .

    43. World with dajha _ boo

      Kam is a whole mood

    44. Ariona Gholson Channel


    45. That_Kid_ Justin

      Kam hit his head soo hard AirPods went flying 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂💀💀😂😂😂😂

    46. Life with Jas

      Jerry was about to cry but they a good couple

    47. Yung kei

      me mac XD XD

    48. Harry Webb

      They ain’t even together lmao

    49. Aniyaa Corner

      when mirah and Kam hit Jerry head I died😂

    50. Sun Flower

      Ew why jerry said it like that jerryAH

    51. david jonkour

      Why Kam smack jerry so hard his world came out on lol

    52. kendall anderson

      they just be abusing jerry lmaoo

    53. Shanniya’s Journey

      Jerry is blushing

    54. Riah Funimates

      I think Kam jealous of the relationship

      1. Cheyenne Bae

        How? 💀 niggas just anything now huh? 😭😭

    55. jessyia english

      mirah:hater jerry:big hater kam: slaps jerry jerry airpod came out LOL!!

    56. Jabien Parker


    57. DaHarrah Glover

      Oh yeah and the difference a good night or good morning

    58. DaHarrah Glover

      Good night my friend Cam and funnymike

    59. DaHarrah Glover

      Y'all my favorite KGupr I will never get off for you finding Mike I love you too but you're the famous rapper my brother's think you're not the famous rapper

    60. NKT Nation

      3:20 mirah: “u don’t have friendsssssssssss✌🏽✊🏽✌🏽✊🏽” 😭😭✋🏽

    61. tyneicia wilkins


    62. Melani Garay

      you guys are not friends because you were texting at funny makes House they spell the tea

    63. willwood100

      He dill with my attitude sometimes *sometimes *skibidi

    64. katrina horne


    65. katrina horne

      Moran cuts mirah

    66. Valerie Manjarrez

      He sound like way older than Mirah smhhhhh

    67. Lorisopretty56 56

      Jerry older Lmaoo she 13 Nd he 14 😭🥲

    68. Yannajadaa1 C

      Kam was funny throughout the whole video 😭😭😭

    69. Life with Caycay

      I like her personalityyyy😑

    70. Adorxlila

      Stop child abuse on jerry 🤣🤣🤣🤣


      omfg kam funny asf

    72. shamira bailey

      Y is he chowing that gum like that

    73. Shamarr Polite

      I like mirah

    74. Naliyah Harvey

      when will mac post another vid

    75. PRETTYGIRL _takiaa

      We love y’all

    76. Trapp Godd

      Y’all gotta chill on bro he still sky 🤣

    77. Brode Nanitelamio


    78. Angelina Medina

      Dude kam makes the videos so much better she’s so funny😭😭😭

    79. Jayleen Nedelec

      Lol Jerry’s voice deep asf 😍😭

    80. Angel Savage

      I neva heard jerry talk so much😂😭

    81. Im The Real Tammy gonna

      Jerry so timid and shy. It’s ok baby just be yourself 😭😂❤️

    82. John Williams

      She said g37 ugly she gotta go

    83. Makai Pearman


    84. Layy Rose

      he needs stop playing with his mfk hair 😭

      1. Breighann Hartfield

        Fr lmaoo🤣

    85. Xxking Jr

      13:40 she knocked the air pods out of him 😂😂

    86. kayla 2xx


    87. KYRA Redwine

      It funny when she said he cute but in her head she said he ulg

    88. Kya Squad

      Jerry 14

    89. Zainab B

      man ya'll is cute

    90. Roblox__breezz

      If U see this god loves u💕💕

    91. Stacy

      Jesus died for our sins, and lived the life we couldn’t. Anyone who truly accepts him as Lord and savior, will be saved. Repent & Live for Him, he loves you💕.

      1. Lynette Edwards

        Yes AMEN 🙏

      2. weirdos_ aesthetics

        Thank you

      3. Stacy

        @Sheep OfGOD2.0 I am happy for you and I will pray for you! ❤️

      4. EmariDaProdigy

        Amen and may God Bless you as well as everyone watching 🙏🏾🙌🏾

      5. Sheep OfGOD2.0

        AMEN! I am going through The Journey Of Getting Closer To GOD! Please Pray for me.

    92. Majorette Girls

      Jerry 4:40 kam 😂😂 6:23 mirah😂😂😂 im dead 8:12

    93. Majorette Girls

      Not mirah had me weak and dead 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 7:22

    94. Majorette Girls

      Hahahaah 🤣🤣😂 5:38 mirah had me weak

    95. NFG CLIZY



      mirah really

    97. Mariah Goins-Martin

      Y’all can tell jerry was crying Kinda when cam starts asking what happened and why they decided to become friends instead😭 his eyes where watering however you say it

    98. 2raw chey

      mirah be having me too dead😂😭

    99. luh em

      kam exposing the truth “no thats cap” “some of the folks you do tik toks with cant dance either” 🤣

    100. luh em

      “You in a whole wig” 😂😂😂😂