With A Song In Her Heart, Melania Trump Returns To New York

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    First Lady Melania Trump returns to A Late Show with a song about all the things she looks forward to doing after she and her husband hand over the keys to the White House. On an unrelated note, we'd like to thank Laura Benanti for her service to a grateful nation. #Benania #LauraBenanti #MelaniaTrump
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    1. Gary Vincelli


    2. Gary Vincelli


    3. Ramon arredondo jr

      Melinda has nothing to do. I believe her.

    4. 03 AI

      She's hot😂

    5. Ame Kaoua

      People are obsessed WTF clowns everywhere 🤡 litterally 😂

    6. Christer Albäck

      I feel like Melania is not really worthy of such a high class parody as this.

    7. J.A.M

      Cringe.... c’mon Stephen...

    8. DeoMor

      Splendid Broadway performance and spot on with the melania characterization. Bravo!

    9. I A H

      Bravo Laura Benanti. I hope I spelled that right. I've enjoyed her work! Must say She's much prettier than the real malaria!

    10. Kelly Watson

      Major starkid twisted vibes

    11. Estelle Evert

      djt damaged the USA in almost uncountable ways...so many needless deaths, financial recession leading to depress, disgracing the reputation and needed American values....and, of course, he closed down Broadway. Maybe minor to some people, but a huge creative outlet to admirers of Theatre and live performances. In many ways, Broadway shows are essential to the essence of New Youk city. It will return when the "trump virus" is defeated and contained. Like the pundits say, "Everything trump touches, dies" With him golfing in FL, Americans will have a chance for a better healthier life.

    12. melanie gamble

      Colburn and the left SUCK

    13. ludmilla roman

      you will be obsessed with them for the rest of your lives. Anything to keep from celebrating how you "won" and to keep from having to miss living free and enjoying civil liberties. Your president has dementia and his veep couldn't muster 3 percent in the primaries. But you ignore him and haven't spent even a second paying any attention to the guy who rescued you from the fascist dictator who occupies your every spare occasion enjoying 'comedy.'

    14. Alison Hanna

      YAAS, QUEEN!!! God, I love Laura Benanti!

    15. Leomoon101

      I just realized how much I missed Broadway and dancing!

    16. Geo fedo

      It’s very disgusting , nasty . I think Melania Trump , she is good person, intelligent, classy and smart Lady.

    17. Janet Hall

      She can't divorce - there's nothing left to claim but together they can live off their debts

    18. Coletha Albert

      I am glad Melinoma is gone. The radical surgery worked. Now chemo/impeachment is mandatory.

    19. Seetiyan

      This is freaking amazing. I am torn between contempt for the Trumps and admiration for Laura Benanti.

    20. Sharon Williams

      LMFAO!! She is funny 😄 😆 🤣 😂

    21. Paul Chao

      OMG!!!!! That was FANTASTIC!!!! watched it about 3 times!!!!!!

    22. Sparky Nutters

      Lol genius 🤣🔥

    23. Shawn Shomo

      I’m about to die laughing😂😂😂😂😂

    24. Tracey Whiting

      Wow, This talk show host has removed our freedom of speech. Anything I didn’t agree with, has been removed from these comments. One comment remained-and that comment was, that Late Night talk shows, have gone down the radical road. Filled with such one sided hatred. All of them have caved to the liberal agenda. They can’t even make fun of both sides, of the aisle. Boring and controlled, by the media.

    25. Sweet Hard-Biceps

      Of course she sees herself as a victim. Her husband is Donald Trump. She struck the fuck out on the trophy wife game.

    26. kayla johnson

      LOVE MELANIA. NOT TRUMP #FREEMELANIA. she should come to canada and write a book.

    27. Cindy Hodges

      What's the movie called??

    28. Azymight

      i think she is born in slovenia

    29. mastermonarch

      A Broadway show nice 😃

    30. Protiti Khan

      We might hate Melania but we love Laura with all of our hearts! 💕

    31. C Marq

      So ... how many months for the divorce? Any guesses?

    32. Zuraida Zu

      You make money by telling lies about Melania, are you any different to the person you make fun about?

    33. Terry Lynch

      Does anyone actually watch this guy?

      1. Terry Lynch

        @Kay Harrison No I didn’t you’re wrong

      2. Kay Harrison

        You just did.

    34. Chinkasuyaro


    35. Casey Simon

      ....next bachelorette...? 🤷‍♂️

    36. Aaron

      Stephen Colbert underrated I swear

    37. Niko Lyjkkå

      nyc best city? Bwahahaha (laughs in switzerland, particulary Winterthur)

    38. Randy Leifer

      Complements to the production team..... the Melania bit it is very well done.

    39. Desperadox

      On an unrelated note, I'd like to thank Laura Benanti too.

    40. tess dean

      what the left should be proud of BLM marxist who burned down cites ---" free abortion abroad". boys get to take over girl scholarships in sports :free open border --the loss of thousands of jobs---cancel culture and the freedom of speech ---the party of :unity"unless you disagree with them. they have "protest" that killed 19 people in one month and got a clothing line out of it. wow you guys are sooo progressive

    41. Steve Okoniewski

      No mask. Not cool.

    42. Diego Funes

      How the heck a clip of a TV show can be better than some movies. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️👏👏👏

    43. Lisa Pisa


    44. Riley Reid

      The royal romanian similarly dam because drain immuhistochemically grin round a substantial tub. mean, melted fireman

    45. Sarah Fry

      The sincere monday pharmacologically return because distance cytochemically rot absent a witty chocolate. resolute, gabby home

    46. socrappyicoulddie

      Damn, what started as a funny bit in her first interview on the show ended up as a full on musical 😂

    47. Mary Smith

      The tiresome cord ostensibly press because chinese chiefly please astride a purple nation. secret, hateful dinner

    48. Gabe Lazar

      She's not the greatest Melania but an AMAZING SINGER WOW!

    49. 0BucketMask0

      I hate melania as much as the everyone else, but I can't help but think that going from rags to riches with a man who hates everything about you but your figure, and then in the end he incited a an insurrection. She probably couldn't speak out about anything without a divorce and go back to being poor again. She's awful, but I think we should stick to making fun of her as a person rather than shifting blame from trump to her. Just stick to her own undesirable traits. She may be a bitch, but she isn't her husband.

    50. destrieyoung

      You wish you were that beautiful

    51. Disclari Rodriguez

      The four frail fine orly pump because chill unintentionally drag including a lean occupation. scarce, chemical rutabaga

    52. Yusuf Jamal

      Steve u look great in Blazer...Plz wear those

    53. Jack Scratch

      Loved the Christmas feel to the music.

    54. Jack Scratch

      Damn, that was really REALLY good! Ms. Benanti is an amazing performer. I hope much success for her.

    55. Allison Roberts

      Oh, how I hope the 3rd wife was watching! The NYC feeling goes double for you in Georgia. 😉

    56. Robert Sears

      Laura Benanti was brilliant in this video. An amazing musical arrangement, spot on camera work, the actors nailed it and backed up Laura SO very well. I work in film, and would have been honoured to work on this production! Holy smokes, the woman can sing :)

    57. Robert Sears

      Hello to John Baptiste! The man is so likeable, he's talented, and he's always stylin' Sharp dresser :)

    58. Atherton X

      Laura Benant has a beautiful voice. However, I think it was too cruel, those lyrics. Please remember, Mrs Trump did do a lot of good work. Sure she made some mistakes, yet we all do. She was the classiest first lady and bought beauty and glamor to the White House. Furthermore, she is a great mum to her son. And will she divorce her husband? Never.

    59. LakiniR9

      Wow...The look is pretty perfect! Lol especially @6:50

    60. jchubb72

      My only regret-we never got to see Alec Baldwin’s Trump with Laura’s Melania.

    61. Micky Maus

      America is broke!

    62. Rick Lalonde

      She was far better than the original....by light-years.

    63. mc123 mc456

      John's fingers are ridiculously long, perfect for piano playing.

    64. Alec Kelsey

      And she can sing! Fake Melania is awesome ❤

    65. Jennifer Vera

      Don’t like this guy. He’s creepy.

    66. Reni Istikasari

      I think I get obsessed to this Melania song,, I keep come back, can't help my self😭

    67. Micquan Dawson

      4:57 The look that lady gave her lmao 😂

    68. Carlos Da Costa

      Shameful.... the delusion that will lead to humanity's demise continues. Does anyone believe this is actual footage of her?

      1. Barry Short

        No. Why? Do you?

    69. roz t

      Once again, the video could end as soon as John Batist smiles after playing piano, and I would be completely satisfied and moved with simply that! He is awesome!!!

    70. Yvonne Yvonne

      Back again. I don't think I'll ever get tired of watching this video. It warms my little musical- loving heart. The way she hits those ending notes was pure fire. Laura Benanti is truly a national treasure.

    71. Lore Bazemore

      I love Jon B.

    72. Paula Bird


    73. bricksandhammers

      Well, that was amazing

    74. hawkiowan

      Spectacular! Everything SHE never was. Laura Benanti, YOU are a national treasure!

    75. Davy van Oss

      dayum that girl has serious opera potential!!! dat song was totally anoying, but what a voice!!! encore!!

    76. Thomas-Andreas Weigl

      I JUST WISH TO ALL INVOLVED In the AMAZING PARODY WHAT YOU WISHED UPON HER and HER HUSBAND only it might pan out a little differently... and at least she is not some BROKE BAD SINGING NO MORE EXISTING BROADWAY WANNABE ACTRESS now you all SUPERSTARS go sit on your golden toilet 🚽 & cry yourself a river for a better tomorrow! SHAMEFUL ACT

    77. Christopher

      Wow .. Laura Benanti can really sing!

    78. Miles Peckover

      This is fucking insane. Top fucking dollar. Hats off to all involved.

    79. Buddythunder1

      Way to go Laura, out with a bang!

    80. Mike Willams

      1.8k without a sense of humor here🤣😂😂🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😅

    81. Our Hammy

      The Left is consumed by hatred. Thus void of humor.

    82. Kelli V

      Going into my Keep Forever folder I low key think Melania’s putting this in her folder too! Of course she’s laughing...all the way to the Bank 🏦

    83. Jim Cambell

      For the life of me I don't see how this guy has a following? His mommy or daddy are connected to someone in "Hollow Wood," certainly must be the answer.

    84. Albert Miller

      Typical Colbert bull the man has no class.

    85. Lawrence Nodarse

      The Late Show needs to find a way to keep Laura Benanti doing regular visits as Melania. Please please please please please.

    86. Katia Strophe


    87. belle nice

      If someone else should have this woman's accent...her husband trump would be insulting that person every second

    88. willvrb2

      From the people who are all about "healing".

    89. Lewis Dixon

      S.K.I.N Waste of time watching you.

    90. Oliver B. Endoriel

      Haha fantastic what a pleasure

    91. Hans Solos

      bye, felicia !!! 🖕🖕🖕

    92. Hans Solos

      johm baptiste speaks so ghetto 🤣🤣🤣 dude, speak properly, please.

    93. Larry Singleton

      This is sick. As in our Sick Society. And here's the problem. I'll tell you exactly what it is. Nobody READS. We live in a country that no longer values reading or knowledge. Here's some help. Go READ FrontPage Magazine, Gatestone Institute, Jihad Watch and Imprimis-Hillsdale College. Or stay stupid.

    94. Larry Singleton

      What a bunch of scumbags. I grew up surrounded by the Greatest Generation when the actors who went to defend their country in World War II were still alive. We've gone from the Greatest Generation to this generation of moral degenerates and complete idiots. Hard to believe how stupid and willfully uninformed people are. Too stupid and too lazy to look past the sick bullshit, study the issues and READ.

    95. Brother Matha


    96. Mimimi2008 McArthur

      Lol this is good 😌

    97. Kevin McGuire

      You can see the whole history of Laura Benanti here on KGup, from her own appearance as a guest when "Thank you for having me Stephen" Colbert mentioned she had more than a passing resemblance to Melania.

    98. rabbitfishtv

      Song interrupted by a 14 second obligatory ad, so I stopped watching.

    99. Léon Pluymaekers

      RuPaul's Drag Race winner Aquaria, should have recreated her Snatch Game impression of Melania. "Any hole is a goal." Fantastic job!!!

    100. J

      Is this a parody of an existing song? If so, what is the song...I kept humming the tune for days