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    1. NELK

      Tell the editors to stop drinking and get the videos up on fkn time boys

      1. Austin Park

        You guys are becoming sellouts.

      2. Rusty pranks

        @Riley Mcintyre Quality

      3. Domen Zupan


      4. Myles Kantor

        @Gee Gee Yo iiiiiiiiikioo Ok well I’ll Ikiiii Oink I Iii iomorning initially was Io Kll

      5. Zack Reneau

        @Gee Gee hijiiijiiji

    2. Brian Gonzales

      This is the wholesome Nelk content I've been waiting for.

    3. Brian Gonzales

      Such a goddamn banger boys Uncle Dana is the goat

    4. Deadites

      How the fuck is Kyle 27

    5. Fuch Head

      Covid is government terrorism

    6. Yusuf Zaman

      Habib is great!

    7. LxU Fazetrap

      Sick fackung vid bro’s

    8. Devan Howell

      Here me out aight, YES THEORY COLAB

    9. RelykThe3rd

      18:14 "It's hot for no reason" Bro ur literally in the fucking desert

    10. Maurer Flooring

      I literally just watched my cat skin a mouse and leave it on my back patio. Trust me nature is way more fucked

    11. Aimz


    12. Copen


    13. JCNofficial

      pilot not even wearing his mask properly... people don't care about 'helping others', people love to feel powerful

    14. Joseph Dussault

      Why wasn’t Jesse in this

    15. Nickolas Pierro

      go get dog

    16. General Pudstriker69

      I love khabib he’s awesome

    17. Gerardo Arias

      Steve is just missing the popcorn ears

    18. OG MilkBone

      Bruh that guy on the plane wasn’t playing

    19. Entrex

      2020 people thing that this kind of mask will secure them from the flu so cringe

    20. Gio

      Here’s me checking NELKS channel to see if the YMCA with Trump videos up yet..

    21. Golden

      Go buy dog -Khabib

    22. Eduardo ochoa

      chris looks like brock lesner lmao 😂

    23. Carson Lederer

      Why they eats like that

    24. Jack Matthews

      Dana is such a G

    25. Alex Szurkus

      Where is the shirt at 0:20 in the drop?

    26. Opochtli

      Very beautiful

    27. Cage Englander

      "get a dog"

    28. rory macpherson

      I think. You need buy Dog. 😂😂😂

    29. Chris Caldarola

      Wat a dream

    30. Rishi Srinivasan

      Dana is the new SeatGeek

    31. Phoenix Mink

      Wow. They really met Justin Gathje and Khabib

    32. Solax

      Don't Nelk go around saying fuck the virus and partying all the time? Then they have the nuts to sell masks? The fuck.

    33. Dobbels Hugo

      Salim looked like he was going to shit himself when habibi stoop up

    34. Andrew Humphreys II 777

      Plants house house plants planted

    35. Andrew Humphreys II 777


    36. Andrew Humphreys II 777


    37. Andrew Humphreys II 777


    38. Andrew Humphreys II 777


    39. Andrew Humphreys II 777


    40. Andrew Humphreys II 777

      Coffee, no coffee suggar

    41. Andrew Humphreys II 777

      Nos cartrige s

    42. Andrew Humphreys II 777

      No clipper butane dust offf

    43. Connor Fewlass

      "you have to buy dog" 🤣🤣

    44. Donnavon Tabor

      Bro u guys need to chill out.

    45. Allan Reyna

      The music at 18:25 when they get to the “isis territory” is funny af and movie like editing

    46. M L

      You guys should not be afraid of covid. Smoking kills twice as many people every year.

      1. M L

        @Oren Turnbough Smoking kills 500K people every year

      2. Oren Turnbough

        Covid has been around for 1 year and grows everyday

    47. Ripo

      Steve downed a whole bottle of whiskey and still gets shots and coronas lol

    48. TeAbAg

      Huge respect for Steve tipping the workers

    49. abse egga

      Yo come to Africa

    50. Light Toyz


    51. michael gershenzon

      thats enough

    52. Richard Hard

      I also love the fact that Dana White as it just one of the fucking guys. He's been that way this whole time he never got that I'm so rich and popular mentality he's just a regular dude who happens to have a lot of money

    53. Richard Hard

      Yo honestly you guys are the most Savage KGuprs bro.. I love how you are the same people through and through. The fact that Kyle's rocking the Celtics Jersey is even better

    54. shay kearns

      So funny !


      bro it just amazes me how much money you could be making off of youtube but yt are pussy's

    56. June

      how the hell did salim get a black eye?

    57. Dustin Congello

      I need these days you guys are going to get kidnapped or murdered thinking everything is a prank you're going to get let into a hotel room for a cell one day and auctioned off to the highest bidder are picked off one-by-one I'm not saying this cuz I want that to happen to you guys but thinking everything is a prank and going along with certain things while being such a public figure is now you guys got a deal with the UFC you're not small-time no more don't want to find countries and having your guard so down could be very scary and dangerous I suggest making sure your security is up to the task. Be safe and keep doing your thing. I'm very entertained by it

    58. Lorraine Heath

      Why do I feel bad for the camel guy cause he doesn’t know what you guys are talking about

    59. GVM Management

      go stream "No Fear" by Lar Flee and 1Takedaytona on all streaming platforms open.spotify.com/album/0ku9apkpF7APppj2Xl6syd

    60. Gabriel Berkowitz

      Man thinks he has COVID and pulls down his mask 🤦‍♂️

    61. Noah Miene

      Just imagine in that pic wit Steve and the 2 girls he did the 2 in the pink and 1 in the stink

    62. TenThumbs Productions

      The Aussie that had a drink right after the fight I saw him on another video and he pissed the bed. Had I known he was chilling with Steve it would’ve made a lot more sense Hahahaha

      1. Ace Arlo


    63. Daderid

      Wtf happend to salim who hit him?🤣

    64. cake pie

      Who punched salim lmaoooo

    65. Xx_Saint420_xX

      anyone else notice salim's face at the end of the video?

    66. Jacob Lewis

      Bro I pack hawgs and watch nelk all day.

    67. nic burch

      tell Salim to chill out with the xans

    68. Cherra Acosta

      What happens to salims face at the end he had a black eye 29:00

    69. Riverside Texan

      Dana can invite these guys over but can't even pay his fighters right.

    70. Landon

      hamod hamod hamod hamoda habibi hamod hamoda habibi

    71. Landon


    72. G Bones

      Khabib is cool yall just choked that lol

    73. Angel Sandate

      Steve can be Danas son lmao

    74. The Flyers

      Can Anyone Tell Me What Glasses Steve’s Wearing Appreciate It

    75. official stretch TM

      kgup.info/get/iq92fY6WqIWXrm4/video 😵😲

    76. Ian Fester

      i love how everyone thinks there is one champ and it’s mcgregor😂

      1. Gio

        Loved this Type of NELK, Steve, Salim and Kyle just enjoying life

    77. bubba da beast

      I watched that fight live shit was crazy dawg

    78. Under Rated

      Beheaded by isis I’m gone

    79. Brian Longoria-Silva

      Where’s Jessie😑🤬

    80. NLM Dae

      steve if finna kill himself and he was still drinking after he chugged the whiskey he's finna have a massive hangover

    81. Matias Norten

      If this isnt goals then idk what tf is

    82. khai swervoo

      "6:18" Iam really happy to announce to you that the very best team I never regret working with they are very great *p y p t o l m o n . x y z* අනුගාමිකයන් ඇති කර ගැනීමට හොඳ ක්‍රමයක

    83. Vilmer Nyberg

      For some reason I only get ads on how to stop porn addiction when I watch NELK

    84. Ahmed Boussarssar

      Muslims need to wake up and ban this from our countries honestly. IDK if that guy Salim is a Muslim or not. But if he is he's a sorry excuse of a Muslim. The UAE is really caving in to the libtard worlds demands. Its no wonder why we're in such a messed up state. The prophet didnt lie.

    85. Sylis Williams

      Salim just chillin' with his whole eye fucked up. I'm dead.

    86. Chase Harris

      What happened to salon?

    87. Daniel whitehurst


    88. Gregory Campbell

      24:09 Partying with Laura Sanko, standing in the background, would be the highlight of the trip. She's so fkn fine! 😍

    89. Omi Ahadi

      Fack my life

    90. Gregory Campbell

      Gotta imagine, that was a huge honor for khabib.

      1. rohan reddy

        @C get woooshed

      2. Andrew Russell

        C you virgin Issa joke

      3. C

        Lmfao. Are you fried? You mean it was a huge honor for the Nelk kids to meet khabib?

    91. Tyler Johnson

      Dude Dana white knows how to treat his friends. How cool would b to get to hang out with Dana white and meet Trump.

    92. Aadain Zehri

      Cant play cool on khabib😂

    93. JHAWKllN


    94. DROzSKi ROx

      damn..a day in the life with the NELK BOYZ ..LET ME GET IN THE ACTION/ EXPERIENCE .!!

    95. J

      broooo, the guy on the plane yelling at steve didn't even have his mask covering his nose. What a jackwagon

      1. Luis UA6

        For real

    96. Violence Of Action

      Young legends

    97. Sam Skyrider

      You guys hire back 9-0 or what boys?!

    98. Cblokk Studios

      Nelk unseen Footage kgup.info/get/fICMm26qoHxlpaU/video

    99. Adrian


    100. MensoMusic

      Let’s gooo 🔥🔥