3 True Ding-Dong Ditch Horror Stories

Mr. Nightmare

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    Here are three more ding-dong ditch horror stories, 1 including video footage. In one of these stories, the protagonist of the story is actually a victim of being ding-dong ditched, instead of being the instigator.
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    If you want to send a personal TRUE story of yours, please send it through email: mrnightmareinbox@gmail.com
    Anything with poorly structured sentences and grammar will not be read, so please just make them neat and understandable. Please also state how you would like your name to be credited in a video.

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    1. Ava Camus

      teenagers: **ring a man’s doorbell 15 times** the man: *and i took that personally*

    2. Evan Morrison

      I heard of this one kid that goes to the middle school next to my high school was ding dong ditching and the guy caught up and punched him in the head😂

    3. caitlyn

      all fun and games until there's actual video proof.

    4. Devin Willis

      Is story 2 and story 3 connected it seems like its possible

    5. Mathew Miller

      I don’t remember where I heard/read it, but there was a similar ding dong/break in story awhile back of someone ding dong ditching as a distraction so someone else could sneak in a back door or window and when the police showed up they found the person under the bed with a knife. Maybe those doorbell cameras are a good idea to see if the person ditching is a kid or not.

    6. haha :p

      Ding dong ditch? Wtf, never even heard of something stupid like that. I swear, white kids these days. Smh.

    7. boboo36

      The 1 story is stupid kids they deserve to get chased - you fuck with the wrong house ! Lol

    8. Marium

      I'm sorry but the 2nd one seems like a fanfic 😭😂✋🏽✋🏽✋🏽 the names are literally of a boyband 💀💀💀💀💀 cncowners 🥰

    9. chris ketchem

      7:57 why is the car still running?

    10. Justin world tv

      7:58 why did u do this me nightmare WHY!!!

    11. Ethan Clark

      Does someone know the video title of the video where a Russian guy makes a creature that spits acid with human sperm and a chicken egg. I want to show it to my friend. It's from like 4 years ago or something

    12. FormulaVase3806

      I don't understand what the people in the first video would really expect?

    13. SSBucci

      “It was very late in the night, I had been in bed for hours. That’s all you need to know.” No, please do tell me more.

    14. Gryffindor Geek Girl

      Anyone else Jumped out of their skin in the second story when that hand came out?

    15. Punjabi Gaming Stories

      There is no evidence that the guy in the first episode was going to kidnap the kid. Maybe he was just gonna take him to the police station.

    16. rich dude

      all the videos scare me and i get scared as frick but i still watch them

    17. Victoria S.

      I just listen to these videos in the background while I have other tabs open, so when I heard "video" I FLEW back to KGup

    18. Alex Mercer the [PROTOTYPE]

      1:31 That bass tho

    19. JJSOCOOLAWEE twitch

      My scary ding dong ditch story is that me and my friend ding dong ditched a old mans house and the 5th day he ran after me and my friend with a bat

    20. PoL ImI

      I honestly don't understand how Americans live like this. The only thing separating you from the outside world is a thing piece of glass and that shitty excuse for a wall.

    21. Zo Rome

      Nah cuz the kids in the 1st story deserved what ever was coming to them

    22. Ethan Urbina

      stories - don't ring more than 4 times -let people have privacy in wall -pss hey u lock your garage

    23. RoshaanFN

      5:10 omg look on the bush that was hillioures

    24. RoshaanFN

      5:10 omg i was so scared look at the bush their is a mans face

    25. Link

      "Theres this certain hour of a night where you get disturbed by any natural noise around you" (paraphrasing) Me, when my box of pretzels fell over last night:

    26. BETO zayas

      7:58 my soul left my body 😂😂😂

    27. Jorge Torres

      Who's Down To Ding Dong Ditch

    28. RaceRed5.0Stang

      First story: Should of just continued to watch the Saints vs Vikings game.

    29. Austin Thompson

      In my opinion it goes the dark somuit than mr nightmare

    30. big drip

      why would u ding dong ditch the same house over and over? do it once and run to the next house

    31. Clarissa Rojas

      9:17 the someone knocked on my door at the same time and I freaked out

    32. SHE Kriptic

      We walked around town Trying to find a perfect house ? To ding dong ditch or rob lmao

    33. I’m all alone

      Last story is y u always keep a strap aint nobody gon Fucc wit u den

    34. Jrsmatt

      Yeaaah. I kind of wish the homeowner from the first story would have succeeded in getting the kid and beating the shit out of him.

    35. JMLSnail

      "I grabbed one of my baseball bats from my closet" how many do you own "one of my" makes me uncomfortable

    36. Djordje Prodanovic


    37. GMD Xlippy

      Man the hand jumpscared me in class 7:58

    38. Fearsome_StarWars SWTprofan

      I remember kids playing ding dong ditch at a camp that apparently had a ghost lmao. The kids messing around were so good that we couldn’t hear their footsteps.

    39. Elexale

      Sometimes I’m glad the notifications don’t work because then when I finally get one- I see that I haven’t watched about 5 of them in a row so I can binge. Tbh though I’ve watched all of his video about 10 times each

    40. Yoyo Chbihi


    41. Algot Bachmeier

      Fuuck, that first story is extremely similar to what happened to me once when I was younger, although the crazy man that chased me and my friends actually ran over one of my girl friends* but she was not hurt. I sprinted up a hill and escaped and after she got back up on her feet she also sprinted the hell out of there. To this day I never go to that block where he lives.

    42. Apollo creed plays

      These are fictional right?

    43. Justice Mike

      My soul left my body at 7:57

    44. Jsc1jake

      Ding dong ditching is pretty annoying though to be honest, I have some neighbors that had parties pretty often before the pandemic and all that and this one time I think it was a family gathering and I could hear kids screaming and playing like they usually do when I took my dogs out to pee. About an hour later I hear a knock at the door and predictably, no one was there, I said loudly enough for anyone hiding around me "Very funny" because it was so obvious it was those kids from the house next door that it was hilarious they thought anyone would think it wasn't them, no one came back to ding dong ditch again but at least it gave me a funny experience.

    45. Young@Heart


    46. Manitoba

      LOL! Imagine story #3 was just the rebuttal for story #1?

    47. Anna cruz

      I love these story's, I'm really happy that i found Mr.Nightmare i really love them thank you for making these videos Mr. Nightmare

    48. KANTAPAT Game

      I was never raised to do or tolerate pranks. So anyone do is completely in the wrong.

    49. Eli

      Not y’all continuously going to the same house 💀💀

    50. Chi11y Vib'n

      The hand got me haha

    51. JoeY1304


    52. Holly Warren

      That third story though: 'All I know is that any kids ringing at that time of night, are real sons of bitches!' LMAO I don't know if it was his tone or inflection during that part, but it cracked me up! I was picturing some crusty Ron Swanson type saying it.

    53. Chloe

      Who kidnaps a kid for pulling a harmless prank LOL

    54. Dwight LaRock


    55. Natalie O’Toole

      I mean I wouldn't get out of my house and try to kill those idiots, but I'd open the door and scream at them to stay the hell away from my house or I'd be calling the cops.

    56. SilentVinyl

      ~ Prayer to Shin'nai ~ Shin'nai-san's guardians are... One, snake, two, monkey, three, crow, four, spider. Five, prepare for the feast when the evening mists arrive. Six, the badger runs along late with nare as a fix. Seven, the corrupt yomibito rise to oppose the mountain. Eight, death of the damned yomibito is the mandate. Nine, one soul per day now to bind. Ten, the mists rise away again.

    57. Ocean Eyed Demon

      Am I the only one who thought the first story is the epitome of Ocean’s 8 but with teenagers and ding dong ditch?? That’s like the first thing I thought of

    58. Treegonaut


    59. Dizzy Unbound

      Do people actually think these are all real?

    60. Saul Hernandez

      The actually got me lol

    61. Dipper Pines


    62. Mackenzie Reece

      I haven’t watched this guy in so long

    63. sorryinadvance

      7:58 please that startled the absolute shit out of me

    64. KatsukiBakugousWaifu

      Wh- why did I read the thumbnail as 'Ding Dong Bi**h'- what's wrong with meh- I had to look at the thumbnail for one minute straight to see if it was right-

    65. Sans Theawesomekid

      Woah this story is TRUE WOW! 2:17

    66. Sans Theawesomekid

      Woah This story is TRUE WOW! 2:17

    67. Yvette Mendez

      Moral of the story don’t be fuckin annoying

    68. Tony Pajunen

      The first one isn't that scary... it seems half the people in the comments were disappointed the kid got away that second night

    69. Tyler Murphy

      When they said “they must’ve been some real sons of bitches” had me rolling 🤣

    70. Nick Fish

      This man sent in video evidence. I like it

    71. Rando Youtuber

      Who else nearly peed themselves at the jumpscare in Story 2-? Because I swear I nearly screamed and peed myself at 2 am with my family asleep 😩

    72. A duck with a YouTube channel

      11:16 “I wanted to be anywhere but in my house at that moment” I mean, I think it’d be worse if you went into the shed.

    73. A duck with a YouTube channel

      4:46 Little shit can’t even Ding Dong Ditch right.

    74. Joseph Parenti

      gotta love he doesnt rly credit the source of his music

    75. Dripressed Spider

      There was a bad odour- I think we all know where this is going

    76. Mrmce Cheese

      7:58 FUCK YOU

    77. GHOST

      Things to not do while getting chased split up

    78. Jose Medcini

      Once did ding dong ditch and the homeowner started blasting the bushes and that was the last time

    79. Jake _

      a gun could’ve solved all these issues lmao but the first one they would’ve been in the wrong

    80. Space Ruski

      Jesus Christ, I mean I understand the home owners are mad but they’re really prepared to attack a teen or young adult over a ding dong ditch

    81. George T. Joseph

      "most kids who play ding dong ditch are around the age 10-14" me being 15: ¯\_( ͡👁️ ͜ʖ ͡👁️)_/¯

    82. Cheems

      I would scared too if Peter Griffin tried putting me in his car

    83. Skittle Pack

      i remember in 5th grade me and my bsf was playing ding dong ditch ( we live in the hood ) nd some man came outside with a big gun and we ran into an ally than into her house my friend was crying nd i had to run home passed his house alone

    84. Shemekia Stephens

      I wouldn't do that if I was I would have a gun on me cause people out there you can not trust and before I shoot the person I will call the police just saying 🤷‍♀️

    85. Joey Menees

      90 percent of comments: YALL SRSLY WENT BACK TO THAT DANG “ h o u s e”

    86. Vegan donut


    87. Vegan donut


      1. Cheems

        I'll help

    88. john patterson

      2:21 what did the man say? I couldnt hear it well?👉👈

      1. Cheems

        Where are you going

    89. tyler

      Mr nightmare can you make your own related to the story that isn't yours

    90. Ramo

      This is why people hate kids!!!! lol.

    91. an innocent multi stan

      the first two isn't scary, they are just stupid

    92. SL QUACKS

      I miss these videos with the real videos with it I love them

    93. Erron Black

      8:37 yeeaah my cousin has called me at 2am to get on modern warfare before.

    94. Car lover 23

      Story:hand comes from wall Me:slightly jumps

    95. Ethan Dohr

      I would only do this to people I know. Even though it’s not a fun I would choose that over the possibility of someone trying to kill me

    96. MyLag JesusLag

      Me: Watching Peacefully Ads: Here I come

    97. Avery Gault

      The video was scary but what did you do with the video

    98. Toxic Teacup

      Everybody gangsta til' he shows the video 😳

      1. Cheems

        @Toxic Teacup exactly how it sounds I fucking charged off a cliff

      2. Toxic Teacup

        @Cheems banzai charge off a clip tf does that mean? 😂

      3. Cheems

        @Toxic Teacup you heard me

      4. Toxic Teacup

        @Cheems wut-

      5. Cheems

        Your channel makes want to banzai charge off a cliff

    99. Lwazi Themba

      Lol the first two stories sound like they deserved their traumatic experiences. I mean story 1 went back, story 2 broke into someone's home

    100. Blueberry

      I always watch this at 3: am and guess what a few weeks ago some guy broke in i hit him with my baseball bat