Botez Sisters VS BLINDFOLDED GM Hikaru Nakamura Blitz Match


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    1. MIKE 876

      Hikura is just that good

    2. Feitan Ryodan

      How does Nakamura know the plays that Bootez makes? Is he supposed to say his movements or is it that Nakamura guesses the movements of Bootez ??? If so, it is amazingóo. Please someone explain to me

    3. Erick Aky

      Can't believe that he is also listening music in the background :D

    4. Aung Thiha Aung

      premove in blindfold.

    5. Andrew Cavallo

      Stockfish in the blindfold

    6. Ielts Baba

      7:51 she could take the rook with pawn. why she resigned?

    7. Tom Boguess

      5:49 Do you have Bishop takes D5, he takes back with his bishop, then Bishop b4 to skewer

    8. Jachin Choi

      The mans beat 2 masters with a blindfold. The mans isnt even a genius with genius level iq hes average. he just buil,t different

    9. Allen

      Who won the second game? Sorry I dont know chess.

    10. John Rick Dimayuga

      this is the reason why GM is a so-called living butcher

    11. El Okim

      Sleepy drunk blindfolded and half naked. Any time baby 😂😂😂

    12. Sakib Tanvir

      Hikaru tries to stare at the ceiling even when he is blindfolded

    13. Soundmasters

      is he seeing the opponent's moves or not?

    14. KnoxG

      Can someone tell me what is going on? I mean dis they hear each other and how can nakamura sees the board? Ahh so canfused

    15. Chicky Black

      For anyone wondering why she resigned (7:55) The white pawn takes the rook, then the other black rook goes to b1 and after the king moves to h2, the rook simply goes to h1 and game over.

    16. bilth84

      These people deserve the title: the loudest people on the internet. That would be on the Guinness world records, if ya ask me.

    17. Blok 420

      WOW... thats all i say

    18. Heat Pete

      How the hell do you play chess blind folded and win? I can take 5 min turns and still lose. Then again I am not an ultimate super chess master -_-

    19. Stay Safe


    20. Diego Santiago


    21. Tech roBOT

      14:06 Alex 's face

    22. dDawid

      shh tata 25 de secunde

    23. Alex

      Can you play bughouse sometime? That's a fun game play and watch

    24. Jacob Dees

      Are there different ranks for women chess players as opposed to men?

    25. Shilpa Prajapati

      18:30 Obviously this kind of reactions are expected, whenever a man plays blindfolded with two beautiful girls... 😉

    26. Mirko Margaira

      the mic quality is so bad :(

    27. Rob

      Andrea never forgets to cake her makeup on for these videos

    28. Luke Wexler

      11:11 , ok sshh

    29. extra

      she look mad

    30. Chris

      God he's so rude every time he talks to them lol.

    31. Dan caraman

      Tata, 25 de secunde. Everyone liked that

    32. Viplav Thakur

      Plz tell me someone what's this song in background?

    33. Ndronikus Ri

      lol, child's play. I will only be impressed when he can play without listening 🎧 to his opponents moves. Now that's what I call real GM.

    34. Eric Bryden Jr

      Whatever about the blind fold. Either looking down the nose or using a see through blind fold. I'm guessing concidering the way he has to tilt his head it's looking down the nose. Im just saying cut it out with the blindfolds you are not fooling me. I'm calling BS on all blindfold chess.

    35. Hahny


    36. Luay Abuhani

      I don’t mind playing blindfold with these girls but not chess

    37. Zack Sherry

      Hey Andrea i need a girlfriend for my girlfriend!

    38. Aleko B.

      How does he know how much time he has left

    39. kurniaji h

      Fiuhh almost 😁

    40. Kiki Gunawan

      if you married her. the chance for you cheating safely only about 1%.

    41. alrc

      So cute that Alex screams for Andrea too. I know my siblings would just laugh at me

    42. PM CHESS

      Wow... Cute girl

    43. ellazar yuel

      Hikaru is cheating,he can see the ceiling.

    44. Arni88

      This is not fair. Normaly he is 3000 and 2400 when blindfolded and Im 2000 and 0 when blindfolded

    45. Tom Cushing

      I spent 18 minutes and didn't get to see the ending?? Wtf?

    46. Kaoukabi Jaouad

      the second game could have been more interesting if she played a little bit faster

    47. Phoenix Quirino

      "Lee sin of Chess"

    48. ToxicBTD

      the thumbnail 😭

    49. Luciano Donato

      This channel should be called hot chess

    50. Shawn Fernandes

      The dry iraq tentatively rejoice because deborah tinctorially drip up a wise balinese. penitent, juicy professor

    51. Yamir Zúñiga

      Naka the “pussykiller”

    52. Ego Ruderico

      Let Andrea take over the microphone, she would overwhelm Hikaru’s ears.

    53. BaconGod Plays

      What in the woah

    54. Nina G

      Why did she resign the first game? What was wrong with pawn takes rook?

    55. Souligna Savann

      2 girsl 1 GM :-P


      9000 IQ play

    57. 320speed

      Most viewed video on their channel

    58. Karl-Ferdinand

      I don't get it, does he know wich moves she makes?

      1. Shoottoscore

        @Karl-Ferdinand exactly. That person also played the moves Hikaru said

      2. Karl-Ferdinand

        @Shoottoscore I see, thx. So it's telling him "Queen to d2" vor example?

      3. Shoottoscore

        Theres a mod telling him in the headphones

    59. Ethan Parker


    60. cxvxcbcxn

      I'm new to chess, can anyone explain who won the second game and why? lol

    61. jacobcook7

      These dopey broads should be doing onlyfans, not chess. The only reason their scores are even that high is because they pay people to beat them.

    62. Axel HS

      castillo de vacas debo tomar, ok traductor de youtube

    63. Sam Spade

      Dream of smothered mate by the Botez sisters

    64. sdgvsc rwogs

      So what's the blunder she made at the end?

    65. Senator Poopypants

      How does he know what move she's making

    66. Juan Tirano

      He always plays with the eyes closed 🤣

    67. Danny Devo

      y is she biting her lips?

    68. Józek Jurkowski

      You re so bad at chess

    69. Ashtar

      How is he playing while blindfolded?

    70. Sandor Clegane

      Damn those girls can both get it

    71. Champ 8309

      both played well but hikaru has the asian mindset XD edit: pls dont hurt me im asian too

    72. BruceKwakimoto

      7:51 why doesnt she just take the rook on C3?

    73. Zoner1nz

      Forget the chess check out the hot sisters.

    74. Alex de Sousa

      Se quer justiça, não jogue blitz kkk

    75. Phil Jermakian

      Blindfolded in chess is like saying held beer while fishing.... its not much of a handicap.


      why when I see hikaru name thinks his last name is nara

    77. Scyther

      “Queen takes queen” HOW THE HELL DID HE KNOW???? Was someone telling him or something?

      1. Shoottoscore

        @Scyther theres a guy telling him the moves. Thats why he wears that headphone

      2. Scyther

        @Shoottoscore you was blindfolded and knew which piece he toke

      3. Shoottoscore

        Yes.... are you dumb. Thats how it works

    78. Gerry Endersen

      Alternate title: Hikaru mercilessly mates two sisters while blindfolded

      1. Charan Jit

        Underrated comment 😂😂😂

    79. Oscar S

      Hikarus gf wouldn’t be happy hearing about him being blindfolded playing with the Botez sisters 😳😳😈

    80. Lorenzo Falorni

      Why is the thumbnail so clickbaity!?

    81. Crimson Reads

      They honestly had the game and choked lol

    82. Reed Anuar

      How does this games work? He has to guess where the other player moves their piece?

      1. tyler Last Name

        Bruhhhhh he has a person telling him where they move

    83. Kurnia Okviandi

      Bang bang botez with blindfold man

    84. Steve The trucker

      He peaking from bottom lol

    85. Iñigo De Vargas

      What happened in the end??

    86. Mario hf

      Pero le están contando por los cascos los movimientos que hace la otra ehh, no penséis que lo está pensando todo el sólo en su cabeza. Por que entonces haciendo algo muy impredecible puede ganar muy fácilmente

    87. ka r

      How can he do that? :(( i wishh.. me too.

    88. Vipin FX mixes

      7:20 why can’t she just kill the elephant

      1. Lazy Coder

        That's what I was thinking...

    89. Karthik Bala

      How did nakamura move so fast , at the last.movement?

    90. OneLight Productions

      The Bot sisters...

    91. Auxence Fromont

      Oh no, he can't look at the ceiling now

    92. boby fishcher


    93. Miller Muhammad

      The entertaining south america inferiorly name because work putatively fold unto a woebegone daniel. unwieldy, brash cone

    94. draconisgubernator

      jajaja...very funny ending

    95. Jonatan Hellesø

      7:44 How is this a checkmate in X amount of moves?

      1. no idea

        @Jonatan Hellesø no problem

      2. Jonatan Hellesø

        @no idea Oh yes I see it now. Thank you for taking the time to respond.

      3. no idea

        If white takes c3, rook goes b1 and only avaible square for the white king is h2, rook to h1 and its checkmate, if white instead of taking the rook goes rook to a1, balck is up in material and is close to checkmate

    96. Seto Kiaba

      The blind fold is for him not to simp on them.

    97. ZBro9 Stidham

      Wait this is Hikarus main account so does that mean he got 2400 beating people blindfolded like lol

    98. XL31Eitan

      Wait why did the first sister resigned ?

    99. TeooeT

      Ms Botez is swearing while playing online so not a fan ... not classy from a good chess player.

    100. Roserpo Ohcam

      Go to the kitchen