The Next Generation of Anglers

Scott Martin

24 миӊ. көрүүлөр15

    The Florida Bass Nation Junior and High-school Anglers come to lake Okeechobee to see who is the best. I hang out with some of them

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    1. Ubin Yankinoff

      bring Brandon back ....this video sucked. Looked like a Godzilla movie.

    2. Timothy Mikula

      Everyone knows about that lake now

    3. jay fields

      My son and I loved your place and guide service. Looking forward to coming back with my new hat

    4. jonathan mckinney

      I hope my son goes down this road . He is 9 . He has caugh some stripe bass over 15lb with no help but netting . Loves fishing . Love seeing the youth getting on the water . Thanks Scott .

    5. mikes construction / maintenance roofing guthridge

      Hey Scott I would like a S M C hat from you with your signature

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    7. Alec Palmer

      How do you find beginners tournaments? I’m in Ohio Cincinnati area.

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    10. Jimmy Sasso

      I need a SMC hat! Are you coming to NJ/NY area this year ? I’m from nj and the spawn starts soon and I need some tips on bed fishing

    11. Carson is Fishing

      Is Hillary fishing

    12. Randy Grueneberg

      I love giveaway stuff

    13. Kevin Maxfield

      Loved this video! Great to see you out there supporting the next generation of sportsman (and woman). We need to keep positive involvement in the sport(s).

    14. Kevin flabouyfishing

      The guy with the marlins on his sweaters l think is 20 years old ... lol but the sweater was 🔥🔥🔥

    15. Logan Day

      I would love to rep a hat to

    16. Logan Day

      I really enjoy watching your videos and would love to go fishing with you and your dad y’all are my favorite anglers Thanks for making the videos let me know how I can get the chance to fish with you

    17. Jeramy Peoples

      Need one of those SMC HATS IN CALI !!!!

    18. Brandon Wood


    19. SF7Dragon

      Brandon wasn't their to ensure the audio and video was on the mark. Where's spinnerworm????

      1. SF7Dragon

        When are you coming up to NC to fish?

      2. Scott Martin

        It was interference with the PA system..have to rethink the frustrating

    20. Foggy Bottom BBQ

      Thanks Scott for your support of the Youth. My son fishes out of East Atlanta for his high school team. First tourney of the region is Seminole this weekend, so we both have watched your coverage (only at least 4 or 5 times!) of the event when B Lat won last year. Great content and very educational. Keep up the great work.

    21. NS_ Booey

      My dad is good friends with him 2

    22. NS_ Booey

      Yo Scott billy lives on lake Zimmerman like me

      1. Scott Martin


    23. Bill Oldham

      Scott keep up the good work good jod.

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    25. Ricci Cole

      I would love to have a hat

    26. douglas harlos

      Is Young Miss Hillary fishing right now or is she on stand down till you get home

    27. Check Mate

      Adorable, The videos are on point, the beats are my second favorite. What's the donations for? Curious...

    28. douglas harlos

      # me

    29. Charles Putnam

      Caught my first bass on bandito bug today. Been kinda slow cold in North Florida. Caught 3 pounder off June bug bandito bug in a little irrigation pond. Wouldn't bite couldn't see any fish. Flipped in front of some sawgrass boom.

    30. Elliott Robinson

      What happened to Spinnerworm

    31. Taylor Elkins

      Those young ones getting it done seeing some awesome bags at the tanks great job to all you young anglers

    32. Rodney Hanbaum

      Great to see the future of fishing growing!

    33. PolarbearZeke1

      Pick me! I needs a new hat!!!!!

    34. Charles Tusin

      Have you told us your schedule for this year? I would like to know. According to the schedule I found, B. A. S. S. doesn't have another event until May.

    35. Camron Wilkerson

      Lake OH Ivie here in Texas. Big small mouth and mega large mouth. Definitely a trip you will not regret. More 10+ come out of that lake thin any lake in Texas.

    36. Yak Zona

      I wish Arizona had some high school fishing teams

    37. Cruz Trevino

      I love that SMC hat! Any chances of you coming to NC? I would like to learn from you fishing the lakes around here

    38. Koy Howard

      Enjoying the content! And I'd love a hat!

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    40. A.L. Gilley

      chiefs all the way!


      Would love a had brotha! Much love! Been watching all your videos! Been great man!

    42. BBBassing

      Did you ever get the new truck rigged up and rolling yet?


      I want the hat haha!

    44. Peter Rocchetta

      I need one of those smc and a 4xlt tshirts and a 4xlt sweater please go Kansas City Chiefs

    45. David Ciraulo

      I'd like one of them awesome hats

    46. Donald yancey

      Would love a hat.

    47. David Rauschenbach

      Hopefully see you at the Columbus fishing expo! Can’t wait!

    48. Anthony Rambo

      can't wait to get there tomorrow and take the 8 hour trip with a guide from y'alls marina on Tuesday!

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    50. Edward Rendon Fishing

      Send me one of them smc hats.

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    52. Dave C

      SMC lyfe

    53. Calvin Lassiter

      How about two of those hats for us North Carolina guys?!?!? My nephew and I saw you at the Richmond show. You were awesome!

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    55. RIPPER334

      Chiefs by 11... What did I win? 😂

    56. Richie _k_68

      What is the next big tournament you're going too ?

    57. Robert Brooks

      That hat will look good on me!

    58. Ross Deschamp

      I need one of those smc hats

    59. Eric Shedrock

      I went and watch a high school tournament here in Texas (Canyon Lake) on a very tuff lake to bass fish . The level the young kids fish at made me very proud and kinda worried about my own skill level . Just from the look of 🔥 in some of those guys eyes on this video tournament bass fishing in Florida is going to be in very good hands in the future and the level of competition is going to be strong . Teach them well and they will lead the way . Thank you for all you and your family do for the bass fishing community.

    60. Rick Zipp

      Go KC

    61. neallyon01

      Me, great videos

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    63. Jrob

      Smc merch for the w


      See you in Columbus OH next weekend!

    65. Steve Brimer

      Me lol

    66. Doc Phillips

      Great Job Scott, Great Job.

    67. Jason Weeks

      Love to have a hat

    68. artstump3

      Me. Hat please

    69. Carter Fedder

      I was there when I was 13 scott when tbe flw tour was there in February. I was with my club Susquehanna valley from Pennsylvania.

    70. markie698

      ain't watchin it

    71. Jacob Neal

      Keep the dope vids coming.:)

    72. Minesweeper Lureco

      I always wanted to try tournament fishing. Now a fishing club is starting at my school so this will be interesting

    73. Dave Rasnake

      Love seeing you showin the upcoming young anglers. I'm sure The Real MaCoy is loving life at this point,Keep up the Awesome videos.

      1. The Reel Macoy

        Dave Rasnake LOVING

    74. DirtySouth Angler

      I want a hat plz!!

    75. Derek Deshotel

      need a hat and another fishing hack

    76. john

      The audio and video are so far off, it's like watching one of those old Japanese monster movies. Lol

    77. Twisted X Powersports

      need one of those hats to wear here in Texas

    78. Brock Johnson

      Scott I think SMC should be the halftime show baby! PRIMETIME BABY, you da man Scott! Oh by the way the sound wasn’t good in this video for me? Just sharing feedback sir. Love it tho, keep em coming dude

    79. Billie Morgan

      Love your vids. Keep up the good work.

    80. Zackery Wright

      Need one of them hats. You can give it to me in Columbus next week.

    81. lance henthorn

      My son is fishing the Alabama BASS Nation and the ASABFA on his High School team. I'm even a Boat Captain for his School. Would love to get a SMC hat for my son and I. One thing that's nice is we live 5 minutes away from Guntersville. Needless to say the fishing around here is great. Next week there's ASABFA Tournament on Wheeler lake. That can be a really rough lake. At least it's been really rough here lately. Rough to the point boats have sunk while folk's have been catfishing.

    82. nicholas10568

      That hat would go good with my SMC collection!!

    83. Jeff Hudson

      I want to see you win the Classic sooo bad! I'm 52 and your dad and Jimmy Houston and Rick Clunn were my idols! Win it for Roland!!!

    84. 256BassFishing

      Scott... Great seeing these aspiring new generation of bass fishermen. Here am I just entering my first BASS Open as a Co-angler at Neely Henry. My first tournament in 30 years since a teen fishing the local Virginia tournaments in the early 90's. It has always been my goal to pass down my knowledge and experience to the younger generation. Hoping I do well enough in this tournament that I can get myself back in the game.

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      I need the hat

    87. Jeff Hudson

      I love the teal and gray hat you're wearing. Give it up!! Are you gonna be at the Indianapolis Boat Sport and Travel show this year?

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      Send some Shade to Wisconsin, I.E a hat!!!

    90. Charles Smith

      They would win it

    91. Charles Smith

      Where are your girls in this

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    93. Huddden

      All I want is and overtime super bowl with a crazy catch to end it

    94. A.J. Belmont

      I want 49ers to win but i think the chiefs will take it home tinght

    95. Robert Jaynes

      Me I want a hat !!!! And it's great seeing so many young angler doing so well !!!!!!!

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      Can I get a hat

    98. Howard Stout

      I live in okechobee and would love to run in to you some time. I would love to get a hat from you. Are you gonna be over here when the mlf guys are here at end of the month

    99. John Williams

      Volume still very LOW

    100. B Davis

      Very cool to see thanks Scott