Trisha's New Boyfriend Is Hila's Brother - Frenemies #1

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    1. Tori Eldredge

      This is such a stupid podcast. I'm gonna binge it for twelve hours

    2. josh cannon

      🤔...Jewish cultural appropriation...

    3. 4ye only

      it's Palestine

    4. emma lindsey

      holy shit she’s changed so much since the first episode of this podcast. it’s clear she feels so much more secure now than she did in this episode. 10/10 character development

    5. Tavia Harbison

      Does frenemies have merch or just teddy fresh?

    6. chickensarecool01

      Trisha is right about Teddy Fresh sizes--they run really small

    7. Jenna Reynolds

      I hope she never has kidd

    8. maddycake100

      coming back here in 2021 is something else... their friendship has grown so much

    9. Ash Ley

      Hannie Gabba 😂

    10. Josh D

      Trisha is pretty.

    11. JLynn Harris husband and I (when we were first dating ) took a 2 week break..needless to say we just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. I’m so glad Trisha and Moses made it official 💖💍

    12. Y HS

      She's trying hard to be a white woman

    13. Shae M

      I love this! I just got into this podcast!!

    14. beingbeckeroni

      I love that Moses’s response to her APOLOGIZING for being bigger was to tell her she’s beautiful, he loves her body and is turned on by it... ❤️

    15. makenzie andrews

      I live for this podcast & how they play off each other

    16. Yoshifying

      “I like the traditions, *does the eye thing* like fasting.” 🤣🤣

    17. fifi vogel

      But trisha is skinny asian

    18. Dolphin Noise

      Does Ethan have Tourette’s? No hate genuinely asking, I don’t know who he is but I’ve heard of this podcast and just seeing his eyebrows twitch makes me wonder

      1. Float


    19. alexa gramaglia

      “i buy 2 XL from logan paul” 💀💀

    20. thrashing pumpkins

      i didnt like either of you and now i love both of you

    21. Paula Hinojosa

      I love the mini awkward moments hahaha

    22. Jordan

      This is the best thing to happen in a long time 🤣

    23. Comrade Cat

      Trisha is like the ‘Janice’ in ethans life. ( a reference to Janice from friends). She just shows up and intrudes on his life. She’s obnoxious and loud, and gives him a headache.

    24. Katie Rae

      This podcast is the greatest creation ever! Yin and yang.

    25. Nicole Verson

      People in the comments are stretching

    26. Meghan S

      The fact she's marrying Moses now 😍

    27. Colorado Livin’

      Ethan is fucked up for airing Moses out like that way a bitch move!!

    28. Lord Farqaad

      she has more makeup than e-thots

      1. notthereal_ jamminn

        Ok and?

    29. Silvia Chenel

      I've never whatch any of trishas vids but she seems like a super fun and sweet friend idk

    30. Bomb

      Trisha and Ethan make the best podcast. MAKE THIS FOREVER!!

    31. catz4lyfe


    32. miss keisha

      hannie gaba

    33. Haley Selene

      The amount of times Trisha "triggered" is.... triggering

    34. Marlene Nickerson

      I think Trisha thinks someone is going to kill her some day. It aligns with things she's said and stories she idolizes. She doesn't want it to actually happen but thinks it'll be iconic if it does. Obviously I wouldn't want to put it on the podcast either because then some nut might do it.

      1. a bagel?

        omg that actually makes sense!

    35. Marlene Nickerson

      Trish if you don't like that bag you can send it to me and I'll use it to pay off my house. 😅

    36. Savannah Ziehms

      As someone who never really liked Trishas content I think her being so genuine in frenemies is a v good play on her part.

    37. Haley Selene

      26:30 lol, it's not called a full-body hijab. There are several different kinds, but that's not one of them. I think what you're referring to are burkas.

      1. CasablancaMarrakech

        A niqab actually

    38. Haley Selene

      Oh... It's acid reflux! I always thought it was some sort of bit he did, lol. Autism strikes again.

    39. Cassidy Eldridge

      We need more episodes. Once a week is not enough lol we need MORE! Yall are so entertaining, even when yall just talk about random stuff lol

    40. Minnie Manson

      The end 😂

    41. justin fountain

      this is literally what happens inside my head

    42. Foxleaf


    43. KoolKarena

      Ah so this is where it all started..

    44. Missy Marie

      I would never go through a guys’ messages, or phone. That is too much, if you cannot trust then it is not worth it.

    45. izzie sterry

      Buys a £70,000 bag and says 'definitely ugly' hahhahahaaaaa how is this real

    46. Fatjesuscoochie Rat

      When she said she buys Logan Paul merch😭😭😭😭

    47. Fry

      omg i was lowkey mad when trisha said stuff about the hijab bbg that aint it... unless you finna commit to the wholeeee religion and modesty that it comes with then nooo its not a fashion statement like AHHH also the the one that covers your face is called a niqab. i just try my best to educate myself on lots of things and you should too trish because the religion aint just wearing a hijab or niqab .

    48. T K

      They seem so much more comfortable together now than they did before the first podcast. I’m serious!! I came back to see

      1. Demi Jackson

        Yeah I was gonna say this! They connect better now and Trisha has her guard down now

    49. Lillith666

      Where do I get this Korean Fried Cheese ??? I need to try this.

    50. Poot Lovato

      this entire situation...makes sense to me

    51. gigi

      wtf ethan humiliated her in this episode, thats so fucked up! How come when trisha does something bad she gets shit for it but when ethan humiliates her even tho she asked MULTIPLE TIMES to stop, he doesnt have to own up to it

    52. gigi

      Watching this back...ethan is reaaaaly triggering and pushing the line here

      1. Kinsey C

        gigi That’s kind of the point lmao

    53. jordan thorsteinson

      i love how the curtains got less wrinkly over time

    54. k2

      they should do a episode where they smoke weed

    55. demetery mercury

      She keeps asking him TO STOP!!! What the fuck Ethan

    56. demetery mercury

      Ethan was actually kind of an asshole addressing their relationship and her weight. Please stop. I don’t care what your relationship looks like, hers doesn’t have to look the same. I simp but Ethan is being kind of rude..

    57. Marie-Anne tsoukalas

      Trisha has very infectious laugh.

    58. linda falkman

      so crazy watching this now bc trisha did get married and bought a big fancy house with moses

    59. Cthulhu Wayne

      One minute in "This podcast is a disaster"


      trisha 4 lyf xx

    61. Grace Haywood

      I honestly feel like she would be a great babysitter.

      1. Grace Haywood

        @vulpine Uh oh

      2. vulpine

        You need to see a clip of her being gifted a dog. lmao

    62. Dethglam

      Fuck Isr*el

    63. sandy7new7york

      Wait did Ethan say his dad is a creep???

    64. Jana dweny

      free palestine.

    65. Zeintsu’s sword

      At the begining she kept laughing like tf man

    66. John Titor

      Ethen low key hates her so much.

    67. at me

      Trish working her way into the family is so fucking funny for some reason

    68. raiba

      she told him to stop so many times

    69. Joiceee Y’all

      The pain in his eyes

    70. Maureen Baker

      6:06 The part where I got hooked. Trisha got the last laugh.

    71. RedEyesTops

      "A hijab is a veil worn by most Muslim women in the presence of any male outside of their immediate family, which usually covers the head and chest, and sometimes the face. The term can refer to any head, face, or body covering worn by Muslim women that conforms to Islamic standards of modesty." So idk

    72. Plamondon Comics

      This is exactly how my family talks to each other 😂 shit talking so hard but then moving on fast

    73. wren poo

      why cant they iron the fucking curtains

    74. Mickey Ward

      I survived 3 minutes and 33 seconds.

    75. Shara Robinsons


    76. julian hanrahan

      she thinks shes skinny? wow

      1. kevin

        When did she say that?

    77. Lyn za

      trisha DOES have money, but not a lick of sense... or common decency... or even shame ....trisha isnt lookn for money.shes lookn for love but also shes a pyscho. prob drug addict ex hooker and is jus street smart. watch your back, shes a narcissist very insecure you nvr kno their nxt move bc they live grandiose

    78. Jwr Gamer


    79. Zoe Antonov

      i'm watching these from the beginning now but i just wanna say something that caught my attention - the fact that its so hard for trisha to comprehend why her fiances mum would judge her for being ''open with her body'' is very interesting; clearly its harder to get that the culture which moses has been raised in does not condone behaviours like this and im not saying that this is right!!! im just saying that this is how it is and its interesting that she can't seem to understand what the issue is; in reality nobody should have a problem with things like this and nobody should judge anybody for having nude pictures anywhere of course, but she needs to understand that what she comes from and what he comes from are two very different experiences of right and wrong; there has to be middle ground found and that will help push away archaic understandings

    80. RealRetinaGaming

      Watching in 2021 sup ethan sup trisha

    81. Erica Espi

      Someone please answer this...who is in the background cackling?? 😂

      1. kevin

        And ab

      2. Orla Cullinane

        and moses

      3. benny Sánchez

        probably dan

    82. dior2001

      i loooove trisha 🤣

    83. Cjackthefact

      Her head is so fucking long

    84. Roni Flokez

      Why is no one gonna mention dans maniacal laugh in the background

    85. MXLDSPXRE music

      what the fuck did i just watch

    86. kristine

      Him calling gabbie Hanna “Hannie gobba” I’m dead

    87. Minnie Presley

      Trisha toxic af, the level of stress she must live in. Ethans the one keeping me alive watching this

    88. phunky asthmatic

      omg her bpd radiates in this heavy

    89. caroline goodfriend

      He’s such a sick highkey

    90. Joanna Davis

      hot take i don’t like their chemistry they are just two way different people you can tell that trish doesnt like him attttt alllllllllll

    91. henny1765


    92. Jacelyn Pace


    93. Nofear DayZ

      that birkin tho

    94. The Misfit Panda

      Is it making anyone else uncomfortable that the pink curtain doesn’t match up with the part of the table

    95. Tara Johnson

      circumcision IS child abuse, its barbaric and has no MEDICAL reason for it. its sad.

      1. kevin

        @Tara Johnson considering that some people estimate that 20% of all human males have been circumcised, 117 babies dying from circumcision each year is barely notable. You might as well be anti-birth, because about 24,000 babies are stillborn every year in the U.S, according to the CDC. Are you anti-driving because some babies die in crashes? Are you anti-food because some babies suffer from accidental poisoning? Are you anti-water because some babies drown?

      2. kevin

        @Tara Johnson There is absolutely no evidence of circumcision adversely affecting sexual function (according to the US National Library of Medicine), along with you not providing any sources, which leads me to believe that you just made that up.

      3. kevin

        @Tara Johnson Did you even listen to anything I said? Maybe if you actually provided evidence instead of insulting my mom, then I would've actually considered your stance.

      4. Tara Johnson

        @kevin some babies DIE from being cut

      5. Tara Johnson

        @kevin being cut leads to erectile dysfunction. If you think being a nurse has nothing to do with it you obviously know nothing about the human body but I already knew that about you

    96. Burning Heart Photography

      The STD part put me right off my garlic bread. Fuck sake.

    97. Chelsea Castillo

      Omg this is soo entertaining 😭😭

    98. Amed Birani

      Everything about this woman SCREAMS toxic, ethan realized right away this was a bad idea

    99. hollie angel

      Love how he calls her out, psychopath she needs help

    100. Kimchi

      just love how moses keeps laughing in the background