Which Chip Brand Has The Most Whole Chips? (Test)

Good Mythical MORE

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    Today, we're pulling back the aluminum curtain to figure out which chip brand has the most whole chips in their bags! Check it out on Good Mythical MORE, the show after the show! GMMORE #1859
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    1. Russmill

      Cheddar lays


      This is one of those episodes that make you think about the mythical janitors.

    3. miqey t

      Wait, y link have 3 piles?? Did I miss somethin?? Omg 4 piles!!!

    4. BlackYoshi

      This isn’t very scientific since there was only one trial but good job

    5. no ty

      Good thing they’re all owned by the same company lmao

    6. Rads ical

      The answer is pringles, don’t even need to watch it. Am I right?

    7. J B

      Did she want to say something else or did she forget the word heard

    8. Jon Nash

      Frito bbq twist things are packed full

    9. andrew lynch

      Funny thing all those brands are owned by pepsi/Frito-Lays , besides the pringles

    10. JJar43

      Competing with food theory?

    11. The female from the lagoon

      I bet the Takis ratio is insane, they're super durable

    12. Ginger Holiday

      “Have you ever wanted a snack that you’ve never tried, so you bought a bag of air and there were chips inside?”

    13. 권기영

      Cape cod chips have a lot

    14. ASotes

      Air is 78% percent nitrogen

    15. ChromeStrand

      Therre's a rumor in Korea that when you buy a bag of nitrogen, you get a small amout of free sample chips

    16. the little brother

      My mother works at Frito Lay and she said that they are supposed to have 25% chip 75% nitrogen 🤔

    17. Audrey Monique

      Its funny that all are made by Frio Lay so all made by the same company

    18. Kayla Tussinger

      Link is correct....*most* bags have plain ole chip factory air...only a select few products get nitrogen 🤗

    19. Joseph Indorato

      Link should try the lays poppables simulator feeing to the foldies

    20. DonkeyDog

      What is boil?

    21. Riley Simplican

      Im at the point where i skip past the 10 word stories.

    22. coleeg69

      Every body knows that you grab the second or 3rd bag c'mon now

    23. Cold Devil Films

      rhett was too picky....

    24. Shawn Bowman

      For 20 years or better now I've always thought chips should come in a box in a sealed bag. Like cereal.

    25. Melyssa Windsor

      yup i guess pringles are always whole cause they never even did those

    26. Bishop Hoffman

      They should put more chips in the bags Anyway

    27. Zoe Christensen

      They are taking this SO seriously

    28. MentalPatient

      I would have guessed more than 78% air or nitrogen

    29. Patrick Brown

      I have noticed Lays original has almost no breakage, whereas the flavored Lays usually have lots of breakage.

    30. Garrett Iverson

      I just watched almost 17 minutes of two grown men sorting chips....

    31. Tristen B

      At first I thought they were counting how many chips come in a bag...

    32. Chiben

      POV : durritos are filled to the brim, new soft and chewy durritos!

    33. Bumper

      It's about time. The test had to be done.

    34. N L

      I’m surprised I still remember the % composition of nitrogen and other gases fifteen years after my teacher taught them 😂

    35. M

      When i was little i opened lays and it was completely empty !!

    36. Muhammad Smith

      “its not air its gas”... uhhh do you know how air works?

    37. Aaliyah Young

      Next episode: “CaN wE cOuNt CrUmBs?!” 😂😂😂 Where do they come up with this stuff. 🤣

    38. Caleb Rodriguez

      Can we get a regular episode but from you two’s point of view?

    39. lele thompson

      damn I want some ruffles now.

    40. Mary S

      Link never got to the Tostitos or Pringles and Im kinda not surprised.

    41. Ruby Walsh

      No pringles? I feel conned

    42. CowWithACape

      So who started the petition for an "Oops! All Foldies" bag of Lays?

    43. Dragonpriest9

      I just watched two grown men look at chips for 17 minutes... Where did it all go so wrong?

    44. Michael DeLeon

      why, in the world, am i watching 2 dudes sorting potato chips?

    45. Amber Deas

      👁👄👁 me having several bags of chips in the pantry

    46. Antonio. S

      The Ruffles bag matches Rhett’s hoodie :)

    47. Matt Spradlin

      You should do a Eggnog ranking for the holidays!

    48. Arthur Hodun

      rhett and link in nail polish would be POWERFUL.

    49. Fishing In Idaho

      Oxygen is not flammable or explosive by itself. It fuels or creates a larger reaction when other stuff is being burned. Let’s ask google Oxygen is not flammable, but it can cause other materials that burn to ignite more easily and to burn far more rapidly. The result is that a fire involving oxygen can appear explosive-like.

    50. Carly Wyatt Baldwin

      Yesss!!!! Foldy only lays.. I'd buy those & only those!

    51. Finland Kitty

      Rhett needs a few headbands for Christmas

    52. Mish Mash

      I'm sorry Rhett dumped his girlfriend for not knowing the freezing temperature of water and he doesn't know the percentage of nitrogen in the air, lmao LA really dumbs you down I guess lol

    53. Adventures in Everyday Cooking

      Folded chips are my favorite!! I would buy a "foldy-only" bag!!

    54. Brandon Troyan

      Link’s Brain was about to explode there for a second thinking of the 10th word

    55. catman gaming

      What about the Pringle’s ?

    56. Meli Ha

      you guys should try all the flavors of premier protein

    57. Christian Hill

      I disagree with how link sorted the chips. I would have sorted it as “can I dip this chip well”

    58. Say That Ab.

      They could’ve gotten a scale and weigh the chips.. lol

    59. Mark D

      Only on this channel can the phrase "I'm interested in the foldy to hole ratio" be uttered in a PG context

    60. Theo Mrtnz

      30 year's ago the bag of chips had Alot more chips then what we buy now. How come the bag ain't fuller ? Like it was 30 years ago

    61. LePage Channel

      Wow, both engineers and they don't know that nitrogen is 4/5th of air, and think that oxygen is explosive. School isn't great in your country.

    62. KiKalimba

      Oh Link...

    63. KJ sheriff

      Pringles would have won

    64. Ryan Ross

      Wast of chips 🍟 holy but its for science

    65. mstejskal78

      Please, please, please tell me the idea for this episode came from the fact that Link does this at home with his chips normally.

    66. Ryan Miller

      Did anyone else’s ocd kick in and start yelling at Rhett to move the chip still in screen after the ruffles got pushed away????

      1. GKOALA7

        Juzyou Bro. Juzyou.

    67. Skylark

      Link overanalyses everything 😂. Even something as mundane as whether or not chips are whole

    68. C Atwater

      Sorry bro’s... Oxygen = not flammable or explosive...

    69. lwbhf29

      Is this "My OCD" outtakes?

    70. Rebecca Burris

      Oh my gosh. I would buy all the foldy only bags of chips. They are my fave. I male homemade chips and fold them over before they hit the oil. JOSH get on it buddy. Foldy only forever

    71. Liv x

      i really want crisps now

    72. Jasper Jones

      Heck, even in lockdown, I still get snacks. Just ordered a bunch of salty snacks.

    73. Jasper Jones

      Wow. nitrogen in the chips bag. Who knew?

    74. nick42986

      I was today years old when I learned that sorting chips was a good video idea; I watched the whole thing.

    75. Pyraffin

      What about an ep where they test what actually removes skunk smell best? Inspired by my dog.

    76. Ashley harper

      Rhett needs a haircut, he looks like nickelback but if nickelback lost his beard trimmer....i just cant get used to it

    77. Akhil Muraleedhar

      Comparing us portion size to rest of the world should be an episode, although it's done a million times before..

    78. Akhil Muraleedhar

      Anyone from Muricq, how much is one bag of say lays chip like the one in this show? Cause they're considered super fancy in india. Costs like a dollar but remember that's the price of 1 full meal here.

    79. Late Night Cereal

      did grocery store pick up once. ive never substituted nearly as many things as they do. go buy groceries, guys.... come on... bouji, turns to pathetic, real quick

    80. elmadicine

      "I don't have chips in my house" oOoOkAy then bougie boomer californians

    81. 🐋🐋🐋

      6:06 lmao

    82. arealglitterboy

      Right before you said gargantuan I thought gargantuan

    83. jarod stirling

      They didn't doy favorite chips. Tostidos hint of lime

    84. Military Avocado

      This is the best channel ever.

    85. emily bedoya

      I didn’t even see that Pringle’s until I read the comments at the end of the video lmao

    86. I am Shade

      1St degree mythical society members don't get anything. Why even have the three degrees? Everything is always for the 2nd and 3rd degree members.

    87. Brendan Richardson

      we all know it’s pringles

    88. Dimitri Boukas

      What Rhett was looking for was wiener or any synonym

    89. alex douglas

      This was a pretty bad idea for a vid imo but I love these dudes otherwise

    90. LAGoddesss2006

      Just today, I opened a 5.5 oz can of Potato Sticks by Better Made Snack Foods Inc which I purchased at Ollie's Bargains and to my surprise I did not purchase a can of air, but the 6 inch can was FULL all except about a half an inch! I was so shocked I had to take a photo (which I cant share here) but imagine my surprise to see this video as a notification of all days today! Love when we're tracking on the same page ❤ love you guys!

    91. Sarvesh Agarwal

      It must be so tempting for them to count the chips 😂😂

    92. amber peterson

      as a person who lives in a household with a snack shelf that looks like a grocery store isle...not having bags of chips in your house is entirely foreign to me.

    93. Sin

      Me: Wth this bag is mostly air! Chip Co.: No! It's... um... Nitrogen! Yeah, that's the ticket! Nitrogen... and it helps the chips!

    94. Sparkasaurus

      Tune in for a well-produced eight-hour livestream filled with all sorts of shenanigans? You Bet! Watch two men sort chips for 16 minutes? Not today, thanks.

    95. Katie -

      Mmm I want chips now

    96. Taylor Gerber

      You should do a "Will it Salad?"

    97. Iva Cook

      "The ridges hurt each other? Oh the ridges are dangerous."

    98. Brandon Schockelt

      Man just hoping you were gonna say something as cool as boil. Thanks for liking commenting and subscribing

    99. Kaden Mastbergen

      I’m subbed to all the Rhett and link channels!!😊

    100. Brandon

      As someone who’s done a lot of manufacturing quality control, I appreciate this episode.