The Ultimate Multi Species Challenge - How many can we catch in 48hrs?

Carl and Alex

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    Get ready for an endurance fishing challenge where we find out how many species we can catch in 48hrs! Follow us on Instagram: carlandalex
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    We are Carl and Alex and we are brothers who LOVE fishing, the outdoors and making videos! From fishkeeping, to bushcraft and back to angling, we hope our videos entertain, enthuse and if we are lucky, inspire you to get outside.
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    1. Evan Burdiss

      Well worth the watch for the best brothers ending! I really felt the love and excitement you both showed! Well played, cheers!

    2. Riylen Laws

      Carp are nasty and bass are game fish

    3. gary wilson

      The great rod race ... Salmon !

    4. Sam Mattress

      Don't need a freaking net at a river bank

    5. Deelay-on-yt

      Great vid not sure if you have been but in the future go to Ireland and go the lake lough durg just a recommendation

    6. Tom Andreassen

      Leafes at 1.47 😏

    7. kenny whyte

      How can you fish all over the uk do you have a permit or get day passes etc? Thanks

    8. manuel josephus petrus Boot

      Need a break? While fishing is most of the time, ..........waiting?? Hahaha

    9. Dank Jankings

      I would buy a “This is rubbish” t shirt!

    10. Tommy Yuckguts

      That rainbow was massive!

      1. Carl and Alex

        Sure was!

    11. M_A_X_6_6_6

      He is going to eat rubbish like crisps he says as he goes a crisp

    12. Michael Johnson

      Purple shirt gurl zumeing

    13. Volkan Şahin

      It was a very nice hunt and video congratulations👍👍

    14. Mohamed Beha

      am i the only one who heard SAPNAP at 16 mins in

    15. Supergabber 020

      Bro i love all the dnb songs, u ever go liquicity?

    16. Brendan Nixon

      I assume your favourite fish is pike

    17. Aiden McGowan

      That was a great video and a lovely ending 😂

    18. AquaL

      Keep coming back to this video, without any hyperbole its possibly the greatest youtube video I've ever seen. You couldn't write the ending - drawing in the series, 24 each on the scoreboard, followed by the dramatic reveal.. Be proud of yourselves for this one lads, can't wait for Carl vs Alex season 2!

      1. Carl and Alex

        Thanks so much for watching! Plenty more coming this year!

    19. Andrew Cooke

      What a video 😎 hour and 15min went so quick watching it, quality 🔥

    20. Jamie Wilson

      How do you guys identify little streams that will hold fish? Is it from past experience? Also can you give some advice on finding new waters

      1. Jamie Wilson

        @Carl and Alex cheers lads! About a year into fishing again, I’ve fallen in love with lure fishing but watching your videos is making me get the itch for some new species!

      2. Carl and Alex

        We just give them a go. Fish will be living in most small streams as long as there is flowing water all year round. We even have minnows in the drainage ditches and they almost dry up in the height of summer! Check good maps or OS maps for small streams!

    21. phoeteus

      Cqn you just go fishing everywhere or did you have to get regional licenses?

      1. Carl and Alex

        You need a EA rod licences then you normally also need another permit to fish each individual water.

    22. Munchie

      holy moly that was incredible

      1. Carl and Alex


    23. alfpolo29

      Amazing final result:)))P.S. Really compliments for this beautiful funny challenge :)

    24. William Johansson


    25. Blake Reid

      what bait did you use to catch the carp

    26. Payton Holmes

      It’s so weird watching them drive on the left side I got scared for them

      1. Carl and Alex


    27. Trevor Jenkins

      A sea fish species only would be popular,

    28. sergei 007

      I truly forgot that I am watching on youtube.

    29. Simon Chaddock

      Where are you guys from i cant get the accent cheers

      1. Simon Chaddock

        Nice one cheers

      2. Carl and Alex

        South East England :)

    30. Aiden Dean

      Can’t believe you came down to Dorset! Should have popped down to Bridport/west bay I’d have got you to catch 10 species in an hour :p great video guys!💙

    31. James Illingworth

      Thanks so much guys I love watching your videos they make me so happy keep it up

    32. Sergei Abrahams

      Weird.... You where driving on the wrong side of the road.. ;P.. Love your video's though.. just subscribed.. Greetz form the Netherlands

      1. Carl and Alex

        Thanks for the sub!

    33. Carl Slack

      Great video lads excellent once again 👍🎣

      1. Carl and Alex

        Glad you enjoyed it Carl!

    34. Chris Amos

      Amazing video as always

    35. Monique

      Late to the party but fantastic video as always lads

    36. Rice Spice

      one of my fav car and alex vids as well as my fav fishing vid overall

    37. Andy Bowrahfishing

      Fantastic filming, great video guys.

    38. Jason Henderson

      Why does those leafs look like the devils lettuce hahahah

    39. johnson land

      Absolutely brilliant video guys, really enjoy watching you both as I’m a similar age to you and like fishing a lot, I have learnt tips from you both so thank you

    40. N4thk


    41. Add lLol

      I rarely comment on yt , but i must on this one. One of the best yt videos i watched.

      1. Carl and Alex

        Cheers! Thank you.

    42. Jamie Watson

      Brilliant vid keep it up guys

    43. Julian Jules

      "I've just drawn on the sofa" ha ha. Your vids are great!

    44. Logan Johnson

      You should play dream speedrunning music over this.

    45. Logan Johnson

      Are badgers england's racoons?

      1. Carl and Alex

        I guess so, but very rare to see them!

    46. Logan Johnson

      I subbed. Nice editing and filming skills. Great use of effects made me lose track of time!

    47. Cole Slaw

      great video and editing! subscribed

    48. Sion James

      carl it's called fishing not caching

    49. Krystal Ellsworth Designs

      i love fishing can you fish for tuna

    50. TikTok Compilation

      This sounds like a documentary

    51. George Lamb

      great vid but i think Alex's Mino was a tad bigger

    52. Joe

      its fake the fish rant even moving.. water of time

    53. Jasmijn ariel

      No easy eel or catfish? 🤔

    54. Jasmijn ariel

      32:15 had me LOL Even de ducks were laughing 🤣😁 Amazing video guys!!

      1. Jasmijn ariel

        @Carl and Alex i would love to see a challenge "catch the biggest fish with your hands" 🤣

      2. Carl and Alex

        Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it.

    55. SPAWN

      great skills some noody moves keep up the great work guys

    56. IDK what my name is YT

      what if the same species are the same size?

    57. FishingwithAodhan Callaghan

      Lucky me watching carl and Alex with a hot chocolate in my hand

    58. LANCE the BOIL

      UK wild life ... look at that wild bird Me... god damn grizzly ate my goat

      1. Carl and Alex


    59. Gray Brothers Fishing

      Well done Alex! Unlucky carl. I hope the smoothie didn't have a big effect.

    60. FishingwithAodhan Callaghan

      Do this challenge but for 5 days like if I agree

    61. August Outside

      That was fun to watch. Great job

      1. Carl and Alex

        Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it!

    62. Holst

      This Vid is Awsome !!

    63. HWL

      You live in wales?

    64. Jacob Hill

      Dude whoever had the bait smoothie idea is mildly sadistic.

      1. Jacob Hill

        @Jasmijn ariel like chumming for trout?

      2. Jasmijn ariel

        It would work great as bait to attract fish

    65. Demounted - Albion Online

      Fantastic video, wel done lads, keep going with the bangers. Been watching for sometime and you delivery outstanding quality everytime.

    66. Karolis Grigas

      This is cool. Any chance of doing a catfishing video?

    67. royganang

      Brilliant video guys.

    68. the bezzo channel

      This was a great video my heart was racing when it came to add up the scores and it wasn't even me in it. I think it also gives a good insight into the importance of strong relationships during the current pandemic. Great work lads keep it going!

    69. Mark Neal

      what a great video that was ,i was sitting forward to see scores...., love watching you guys keep it coming and tight lines

    70. repentant conservative

      Next Challenge should be the Slams. Florida, Texas (with the Googan Squad), Missouri, and Colorado.

    71. trasshko

      Oi bruv

    72. Reece Alderton

      what a treat, loved the whole concept of this video.

    73. Steve Murphy

      Really interesting video and so funny at the end 😂. Good work.

      1. Carl and Alex

        Thank you so much 😀

    74. Diegotx.RVlogs

      DUDE THIS VIDEO. Love it keep it up

    75. L.R.S FISHING

      That was epic. Really really good vid. Great to watch tight lines

      1. Carl and Alex

        Thank you so much!

    76. Daniel Hurst


    77. Matthew Meek

      West vale park ur at my spot omg I mist it 🤭

    78. Joseph Robinson

      how have you guys have not been kidnapped

      1. Joseph Robinson

        @Carl and Alex lol

      2. Carl and Alex

        No one wants us.

    79. Mr. CarGuy

      I died at the dark side ducks!😂😂😂

    80. Tommylad16

      Bro I wish I could catch these

    81. Tarmac Menace

      Such a good video and very well edited

      1. Carl and Alex

        Thank you so much!

    82. Jan Rozycki

      also i live in England too and i would say that we have the most diverse fish species list my biggest perch is 5.4 pounds

    83. Jan Rozycki

      this may be one of the best video's I've watched well done Alex and unlucky Carl i hope you didn't get sick after that smoothie

    84. Callum Mcewing

      Long vid

    85. Jacob Lockhart

      The 16 th fish Alex cot was a cod

    86. JD-MC

      Great vid and the filming quality was still good

    87. Arlondo Nickel

      Guys it's my first time an i of to subscribe love the video guys

      1. Carl and Alex

        Thank you so much!

    88. Julian van der Made

      When alex caught that rainbowtrout, it remembered me when I was in deutchland with my father we were fishing for trout in the nearby river at our camping spot. Not long after I caught an huge rainbow trout. Unfortunately we needed to let it go because it's an endangered species, otherwise we would have eaten it.

      1. Julian van der Made

        @Austin McMullen oh lol

      2. Austin McMullen

        @Julian van der Made Oh I’m not from Europe so my view is kinda skewed but where I live it’s like an infection they live in almost everybody of water except man made ones where they weren’t introduced

      3. Julian van der Made

        @Austin McMullen well it said so in our guidebook, but it was in 2006 when we were in Germany, it probably changed

      4. Austin McMullen

        What do you mean it’s an endangered species

    89. venom goat

      At 1:45 what plant is that lol?

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      I like the Brotherhood, bonding with each good to see this kind of brotherhood.Keep it up Guys..

      1. Carl and Alex

        Thank you so much

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      1. xEmPix

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      1. Carl and Alex

        Thanks Paul :)

    97. Jim Jones

      Are you twins


      I am a Canadian consider myself compitent outdoorsmen . I notice your enthusiasm for the less sought after species hats off.

    99. Darksoul angeL

      How does a gay sounds when knew he caught a fish

    100. Team Carp Fishing

      "You wasted ink." My kinda humor.... Highlight is Carl being a real bro at the end though!