I FISHED with it ALL!

Scott Martin

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    What lure would you have tried? Catching Fish in the Fall isn’t easy..it takes a lot of time finding the best lures to catch bass. This video is full of some good advice on how to catch more fish. Road to the Classic Series Ep. 24
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    1. Umar Abbas

      The bait is called 10,000 fish death stalker by catcho 👍

    2. The Dude 925

      Hey Scott. I tried to look up that tail spin bait you talked about. It looks just like the Major Craft Jigpara Spin.

    3. Stacey Allison

      So many of his videos are just peddling products 99% of us cannot afford.

      1. Mo Gunz

        You cant afford a tail spin lure?

    4. BassGeek

      That lake it one of the toughest lakes in the area this time of year.

    5. E B

      Fishing aint a rush until u feel that pull.

    6. Bryson Bradshaw


    7. Ivy Moore

      Okay cuz that is called a fuzzy wuzzy. Your boyfriend B=Lat I tell you what that Lori is the fuzzy wuzzy AKA a wing ding lower. I wish I can get me a couple of them I've been looking for them things for over 3 months and can't find none at all but they call wing dings we call him fuzzy-wuzzies.

    8. Marvin Pippig

      Scott, you did great job. Just remember to keep your head up and keep fishing. Great video and great tips. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family..

    9. Deon Black

      What brand braid do you prefer?

    10. Larry Hardee

      That’s hard to even fathom that out of 175 professional fisherman that 12 limits were caught,

    11. Get LucKY Fishing

      Just followed on fb already followed on Instagram, what about Tik Tok? I can see you guys doing some killer videos!

    12. Scott Davis

      Great tips. Thank you very much for the video.

    13. Bart Sherrer

      I'm from Texas so I would have tried weightless Flukes or weighted if weightless didn't work, I would also have tried lizards. There you, Monday morning quarter backing.

    14. GreenPig Hunter

      That Spring time tournement programming you got in your nugget reared it's ugly and made you run all around slinging this bait and that bait. 😁 Oh yeah that's a M.... C.... tailspinner. I mean Livetarget, I mean Googan. 😉 Always enjoy & support you Scott.

    15. celli 21

      Tough fishing 175 boat field that's some pressured ass water

    16. Andrew Malinowski

      I just recently discovered a similar bait to your tailspin. Made by jackal, it’s called the Deracoup. 1/2oz. And 3/4 oz. they have a nice selection of colors. The thing is a rocket on the cast. Gotta keep your eye on it or you can lose it during the cast it goes so far! I fish mine the same way. Almost like a lipless, lv500. Yoyoing back to the boat. Tight lines!

    17. Mark Cothren

      Really enjoy your videos, Scott

    18. Paul Kemeter

      I lived on that lake for 5 years. Baits.. white / green rooster tails with a crome spinner. Berkley chubbys small hooks on the rocks. Fish fast. Cast reel reel reel then again same spot fast.

    19. Randell Conway

      Good luck next time brother

    20. Mike Feister

      Good for you bud to be able to learn from the bad days as well as the good and thank you very much for sharing

    21. Chris Dillard

      Thanks for the footage, God bless, hope to see ya in the classic and the elites!

    22. Them Fuersts

      I find a curl tail grub is pretty good when the bite is tough on smallies.

    23. Jolly Giant

      I was scheduled to fish baxk of the boat in the spring. I passed when I saw the new date. It can be so tuff this time of the year.

    24. Jeremy Pefferkorn

      man.. thats hard to stay put on some fish that aren't biting though.. I'm with you on the moving, because I always try to find an active group of fish. I can't imagine how tough the fishing must have been for yall.. sounds straight dumb lol

    25. LilSasauge

      Lewisville is so tough good luck

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks man!!!

    26. Todd

      Lewisville Lake is a hard lake to fish. I had success there, but not as often as I would like.

    27. Don Prater

      Drop shop easy shaker in green pumpkin no fish can resist?

      1. Scott Martin


    28. james grimsinger

      Thanks for the info will keep that in mind next time I got out cuz fishing has been tough here in Louisiana. I mean I'm no professional so having new advice amd tips is always a plus. Thanks again man

    29. Bruce f

      Please upload your content on Parler. I am leaving KGup .

    30. 1964krazyeric

      Do you have to be top in points for both the central and eastern opens or will being top in points for one of these get you there?

      1. Scott Martin

        Top 4

    31. Team Mainlake

      Bam! That was awesome to see your excitement. I know nothing about bass but did you try a jigging type spoon?

    32. Computer Guy

      Really informative vid, Scott. Thank you. What you have laid out here sets up perfectly for my end of the year tourney coming up this coming Sunday. Hoping to report back that we used some of your techniques for the Win! :)

    33. Jeffrey Rennert

      You just proved, it's hard to catch fish where they ain't!!!

    34. Bassfisher78 !!

      Great breakdown 👌👍

    35. Tim W

      can you trial the imakatsu alive chatter. heavy deep . undersurface light

    36. Tim W

      big limits tho

    37. Brandon Kyle Mckibben

      Love these 20-20 video’s. So much good information. Not sure what to throw for smallies in that situation. I’ve caught them on drop shot with small bait fish patterns, ned rig craws, and shakey head small worms like robo worms. Small poppers if they are eating on top.

      1. Brandon Kyle Mckibben

        FYI Look at creeks on Lewisville fed by water treatment plants. The water is warm and clear and bait and bass will be there when its cold. Pecan is one... Hope you can catch them out there! I live about 30 min from Lewisville and won a kayak bass tournament out there in March 2019.

    38. Joe Morris

      Do you know when the 2021 bassmaster open sec is coming out

    39. Kevin flabouyfishing

      Spinnerworm would have caught a limit in 10 casts jus saying c'mon or trash talking James secret lure he used on your tournament the jerk crank??? When u need a few more bites

    40. chrisblank9

      Raw emotion after boat flippin that brown cow. Live it.

    41. DWMJr

      Yeah In the fall the fish are moving alot chasing bait. I use to chase them and then alot of the times they would bust in a spot I just left 15mins ago, now I'm like damn.🤷So I just try to keep my boat in a medium in a certain area.🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣

    42. douglas harlos

      I want to see that dance again I don't think I can do it but I want to see if I can learn it LOL

    43. Bass Raider

      Thx for the breakdown!

    44. Larry Stolzman

      Honesty and truth are in short supply in this world! You have a great channel with a realistic analysis of your successes and shortfalls. I have one suggestion. Please extend these attributes to the next level. SCOTT MARTIN FOR PRESIDENT IN 2024!

    45. Steve Bogan

      @eternalangler uses and swears by something made by suissex that is very similar to that. He kills smallies on st.clair with it in the spring time.

    46. Clay Hunter

      Everyone has bad tournaments even the pros ! Keep ur head up Scott and get em at the next tournament. U have taught me a lot just by ur videos man and it’s much appreciated . Have a blessed time with ur family and looking forward to more videos from u

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks Clay!

    47. Travis Craver

      Just always know there another day. I have my tourenment coming up next week at lake wylie. I know what u mean I start guessing because fish are not where they should be. Good luck all the way

    48. Pastor Billy Edgar

      It's nice to see a person keep a good attitude while having difficulty. It was fun watching you get. Excited about catching that fish and dancing around giving God glory Great witness Thinking of trying to fish as a co angler next year onc e for the experience of seeing a pro up close search for fish My the Lord Jesus keep you and your family and my you grow in Him to the fullest of His plan for His Glory

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you Pastor! He is the one that makes it all possible.

      2. Scott Martin


    49. Ryan Nix

      good luck on lewisville scott. it sucks.

      1. Scott Martin

        Lol I’m gonna need it

    50. Shane Young

      Just get a Johnson beetle spin that catches everything from deep to shallow and maybe a old school H&H spinner bait lol 😃😃😃😃 pull back ole son

    51. slayer 88

      Sure that wasn't someone's swimming pool by mistake. Thats terrible.😬

    52. Gator Flea

      SHO NUFF !

    53. Anthony Blackwell

      your doing the right thing @ the begging , when you are having a bad day go back to how u used to fish, i agree with Doug Pittman on the soft plastics too . your doing verye good

    54. Billy Arnold

      Scott Martin, if you think Cherokee is a great smallmouth lake. You should try to come up the road about an hour or so and fish South Holston or Watauga. Cherokee can't hold a candle to them.

      1. Scott Martin

        I want to try those

    55. Chase The Fisherman

      Hey Scott Martin idk if you gonna see this but I wanna challenge you to a fish challenge me vs you then when that’s over me and your daughter can do a fish challenge

    56. Jake Schisler

      Got the big boat tied down? You know I hate to say this but I haven't seen you win a tournament since I've started watching you....I know a guy who you may know, he's a great teacher of Bass fishing, ever hear of Roland Martin? Doesn't that lake have quite a bit of pressure on it with the tournaments it has?

    57. Kenneth Roth

      KVD is a back to back classic and AOY champ because he FISHED to Win

    58. Kenneth Roth

      Lost cause you didn't fish to win

    59. Andrew Carr

      Join the club, skunk mafia.

    60. Jeff James

      Nah man your sonar was on demo mode there are no fish left in the lakes ha seriously though fishing pressure is definitely starting to take a toll on fish populations

    61. Patrick McCarl

      Scott im going to try to say this without having to surrender my man card to you! You maybe 52nd in the tournament but you will always number one to me brother great job under the current circumstances! Go team Martin!!!!

      1. Scott Martin

        😂 thanks man!

    62. Fishing DohaR

      This is one of the most unique fishing videos I have seen on KGup.

    63. Herb Albert

      Scott that was a very down to earth video...thank you........u know u are starting to think and talk like ur DaD...bless uall...

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you very much Herb.

      2. Herb Albert

        And am so glad DaD is looking so much better in his videos...he looked ruff in you and him in that video together a week or so ago ..

    64. rangerbull

      Hindsight is always better but can’t beat yourself up if you done it all and didn’t leave nothing out there. I’m headed to marathon fla once all these hurricanes get done. Do a little reef fishing

    65. T Dawg

      I learn something every videos. One day I will be on the trail hopefully making similar videos. 🤘🏼🇺🇸

      1. Scott Martin

        That’s awesome man. Good luck!

    66. kevin gonyea

      Scott, I was a co angler in that tournament, On day 2 I fished behind a Japanese angler, he was drop shoting with a nightcrawler colored Gulp worm, he had a limit at 10:00. I have never seen anyone "swim" a drop shot before, I don't know if it was the bait color or his technique, but he caught a lot of fish that day, I think his bag weighed 13 + lbs. Good Luck the next 2 tournaments.

    67. Rocky Loyce

      Thank you and I appreciate your honesty not many anglers would be honest abt how their tournament went

    68. Lebron Estrada

      Are you coming to lake chickamauga?

      1. Scott Martin


    69. D-Bass Fishing

      Ayo was up Scott

    70. Donald yancey

      You where on the search for that big small mouth but these fish where picky lol.. any ways you get to see the family and relax clear the mind and soul and get to catching the Florida fishing experience again nothing like home to bring your self-esteem back :) seems like 2020 has been weird for everything even fishing.. God bless you and your family Scott stay safe and healthy.

    71. brendan curley

      hey scott one of these summers if you ever come up to massachusetts during the summer id be happy to give you a warm welcome

    72. Johnny Helems

      My dream trip would be to get to fish with you and your dad and the real deal Hillary

    73. Sam Trent

      Cherokee is my home lake. This year, the lake was on fire thru August. From the first of September to the present, it has been TOUGH! Keepers have been very hard to consistently get on lately. I do appreciate you complimenting the area and lake. Tight lines!

    74. Tom Anderson

      I saw Scott with a Tail spin type but slider above hook. Where was that explanation.?

    75. Anthony Schnetter

      I don’t know if it works out there but in MT during cold water I use a 4” impact swimmer or a 3” tube and bounce it real slow, that said it looked real tough and I’ve learned more from watching your videos than anything else, keep up the good work!

    76. Bigmoose65

      Scott you did fantastic but it was tuff.hope you have great next tournament

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks man!

    77. hertzer2000

      They munched the Alabama Rig right after you left. Probably.

    78. Jeff Pauli

      Man I thought you was fishing fork this week kept wondering why I didn't see you and the boys

      1. Scott Martin

        Hopefully next year

    79. MASS FISHERMAN 413

      Thanks for the tips 🎣👊🏻

    80. Brock Johnson

      Hey Scott! Awesome video bro! We need all we can get from the master! I noticed when your reeling in a fish, you pull the line checking the drag apparently ? Is that something you should always do, depending on size of fish, or is it just habit for you personally? I tend to do that myself, but was wondering if that was a technique or not? Thanks bro

    81. Topwater Addiction

      Well Scott I wish you better luck on the next lake. I have faith you can do it

    82. Trevor Alexander

      4:43 that looked like a B Lat moment

    83. Anthony Clark

      Scott what is the best bait to use on milky cloudy stained water. I tried soft baits hard baits and not having any luck. And grate video and keep your head up and keep pushing forward.

    84. Wildhog75 PlayStation

      What do you think about the bass master classic on Lake Ray Roberts in Texas

    85. Zac Pearson

      You try Ned rigs? The zman one slapped even some down here in Florida recently

    86. John Wolff

      02:43 Looks like Major Craft USA Jigpara Spin. $8.99 at Tackle Warehouse.

    87. Noah Vanderwall

      whenever i can see them on my electronics but they ain’t hitting anything i start dragging tubes through real real slow. i just won my last tournament with that one. every single bass on tubes😂

      1. Aaron Carr

        Can't go wrong with the gizit man. I've won a lot of money fishing tunes. Forever my favorite

    88. Tanner Bartlett


    89. Darrell King

      IFish little George's spin Rite awesome Smallmouth and Kentucky's

    90. Playing Hooky

      Mr. Martin Lake St Clair Michigan Metro Beach in Macomb County Michigan you need to come out this way and fish I'm a 36 year old man but I look up to you you are one of the best bass fisherman I have ever watched

    91. 1961fireguy

      Looks like a wing ding!


      That’s fishing 🎣 can’t be greedy

    93. Mike over cash

      Very good tip on suspended fish

    94. NFiltr8Red

      I want to quit my job and fish tournaments for fun. I have some 100% catch fish tricks.......don’t know if it’s legal but if the A rig is. This always puts fish in the boat!

    95. Jose Castoire

      🤗 you the best Scott 💪🏻

    96. Michael Durham

      God bless you Scott. truly enjoy watching ur videos keep on grinding love the tips

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks Michael!

    97. Jackson Warren

      God bless

    98. Pat

      Scott, why do you strip out line with your hand while reeling in? You strip out only about a foot then continue reeling in, strip out a foot and continue reeling the fish in.

    99. Ethan Cherep

      We just fished that lake acouple week ago for are highschool tournament its super hard

    100. Chris H

      Hey brother! That is some good info. Never used a tail spin before. Of course I've never got to fish for smallmouth either. Thank you Scott for another great video from SMC. Thanks to all your sponsors.....FAVORITE RODS, GOOGAN BAITS YAMAHA and many more! Bam👊