Young M.A "Trap or Cap" (Official Music Video)

Young MA

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    #YoungMA #TrapOrCap #RedFlu
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    Track produced by Mike Zombie.
    Video directed by Marc Diamond.

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    1. KeepEmCommin

      USA gotta learn from the UK now they behind by far

    2. jasmin destiny

      You noticed good comment are higher than hater thumbs down

    3. Saswat khadka

      Queen of Newyork 👑

    4. Ashley Singleton

      "I;m sick of hoes, how you broke in designer clothes." "Rich nigga without having clout."

    5. Brøkèń_Vïbēś

      I like her music but this song is so ass

    6. Mike Make Beatz


    7. Coc0Ghe


    8. Demiurge

      I'm Transgender baby and love his music baby 😍😍😍😍😍😍👄💋!!!

    9. Ashley Singleton


    10. hogan logan

      Her time IS definitely coming. They late . Glad I see it NOW

    11. Larry John

      Hella unrated

    12. Jenn

      Every time I see the wolf I hit the thumbs up .. before the beat even drop

    13. Tater Scott

      Can't we do both? 😆

    14. Jhonny Bravo

      I thinkshe is the shit......

    15. Nathan Estep

      You had to head right you just now getting your time in it on god straight swear this be so much harder than anything you put out before!!!!!!!!

    16. leica g

      Love it what I love more is that lil weed on the table I'm from Amsterdam Holland so it's not impressive 😉 you better bring a shipping container here ....but love from Holland ma

    17. basil babe


    18. jack webster

      She didn’t sell her soul bro. That’s why the industry hates her I swear it has to be.

    19. Jamal Mckeithan

      Shawty be killing shit 💯

    20. Bizzy Hoe

      She gone always win

    21. SKY RED

      Top the world 🌎 ma hands down not even sign independent firee

    22. Marcus Greer

      1:19 that smooth Kriminal affiliation between a Blood and a Crip

    23. Patrice Shaw

      I would drop all my niggas for her!!#Loyal

    24. Kimmie Kim

      Happy Birthday Young ma🥰❤❤

    25. Harlem Storm

      Always comes through with a good track.👑Salute

    26. Inishisha Bniang

      Get money!!!

    27. Aisha

      How do these other mumble millenial rappers even survive or make more money than Young MA? If she was rapping in the 90s, she would be up there with Jay Z, Biggie, Nas and PAC.

    28. Tariq Hapip Salimi


    29. Brian William

      She's harder than alot of these rap dudes

    30. Titus Conteh


    31. HDHighlights

      Why am I just finding this song 😡

    32. Francisco Garcia

      So dope....danm

    33. isaac tariku

      The beat tho.... tired to make the Same melodies with different drums but low key Dani 🔑recipes... fuck it made my own shit @Itariku25 (Israbeatz) instagram

    34. ddkisses1


    35. Kattryn Helix


    36. Kattryn Helix

      Off the yak 2021

    37. SRVader -Topic

      dem mf wooden box slapsssssss

    38. Dillon Rochester

      Am Dillon and am from jamaica I just want to say I love wat u r doing

    39. Festus Shoopala

      sheesh ....

    40. Ta dems Ta demss

      Best artist alive

    41. Edy CM

      she went so hard on this one

    42. Wilson Correa

      🔥🔥🔥either u trapping or u of the best tracks frm M.A

    43. Wizdoly Bassey

      She is best love u young MA

    44. Mike Davis

      She raps about bitches and drills better than the male rappers

    45. Malcolm Talks

      The flo is very creative and it's crazy talent you're looking at. The word play and how it's put together is rare.

    46. Nakia Quaites


    47. Alyssa Rage

      Much respect. One of the best lyricist period. ❤️❤️

    48. Christian G9

      Yoooo this song HARD ASFFF 🔥 🔥 🔥

    49. S.B Creative

      How you broke and wear designer cloths

    50. Bill Gang

      Mix Nintendo beat that crazy 🔥

    51. Rock Sanders

      With the face mask 😷

    52. playboyytj

      bruh she gave it🔥🔥

    53. 6 é Loko


    54. Andrew Blunt

      I think she might be the best rapper of this generation..

    55. Cutie Wonder

      M A please be careful of this niggas round you..Don’t wanna hear you gone like pop smoke 🙏🏻

    56. Angel Esquivel

      Okok now imagine dolph on this beat

    57. Paschal Terrance

      Fire you dope young ma

    58. Bernadette Quinones

      * been wit M.A.Either you trapping or you cappin.Red Lyfe

    59. William Wright

      👑 of N.Y. 💩💯❤

    60. Melusi Zwane


    61. lawrence v

      She talkin about she don't gangbang look like she pushin the red team shit ⛽

    62. Sticky Icky

      The people who disliked this song is 🧢

    63. benji 15slang

      Bruh i'm telling its tht henney tht henney got her spitting out dem bars fr fr 🔥🔥

    64. Ray Jones

      She be talkin that shit tho💪🏾😎

    65. Gary Fischer

      Young ma is spittin on dis beat. Shit fyyy 🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯🤟🤟🤟

    66. Alan


    67. luis padilla

      Love her voice she has bars hands down

    68. Isaiah Sanders

      She shitty on a lot of these rap niggas red life music 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 fuck with u

    69. Beautiful Contradiction

      This sounds like a new York version of Gucci Mane Members only track. I like that

    70. Dr Boo

      "Aries shit" aaaaaaaaaye 😝😝😝💪🏾💪🏾

    71. InQs World

      Twenty of em acting only two of em got it for real lol they quiet so no one will ever know !

    72. InQs World


    73. Kendall Hayward


    74. Kendall Hayward


    75. Genevieve

      MA knows that she way ahead and high above, the rest of the mess. And she fckin kills it mellow .

    76. Cee Painz

      Bih go harddd no bap💣💥

    77. Matthew Rock

      Yh I'm humble but I got different sides.😈💶💷💸💴💶💷💵💣💥✂️🩸🔨🪓💯❤🔥🙏🏽

    78. Gabriel Suarez

      This sht hard

    79. Jerry Javier

      Sheeeeeeeeesh 323LA

    80. Derek Ross

      MA makes me like this newer gen of rap.

    81. Joseph Aaron

      This is too live!😎😈💯👌💪🏽 Big ups young MA frfr luv seeing females on tht real shitt no cap shit

    82. moses shiferaw

      Flow is smoove

    83. Damian Staley

      I dont listen to her but this joint fire

    84. Renan pe Re

      Young Ma 😇 I want to buy this beat and order 7 more calls me on twitter to chat @TheMoneyOfc

    85. one seven


    86. Vivian Hembly

      Eyo bro you the illest #gangsta solid...... Bro

    87. Oddsvsme T.F.E


    88. Jakao Jones

      Young ma mo bumpin den sum of deez niggas 💯

    89. Sandie Hecht

      My girl....♥️

    90. Octavious Fann

      She kills every beat

    91. L

      Should of got way more views

    92. Esan Benzy


    93. Storm 860

      Young Ma 😍🥰🥰😘😘❤️❤️

    94. Storm 860

      God bless her ❤️❤️🥰😍😍😍😭😭🙌🏾

    95. Storm 860

      I love you girl 😍🥰😘❤️

    96. Storm 860


    97. Storm 860

      I love Ma


      This my wake up music work music even in my dreams I’m bumping this

    99. Willywah Billz

      Did she just hand shake with a crip.

    100. Sanayan Vasuthevan

      She’s in my TOP 5 right now. Present day

      1. TheTruth Is TheTruth