Revealing My ACTUAL Net Worth

Graham Stephan

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    Here is my net worth breakdown and how I was able to grow my income through real estate and investing over time - Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan
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    If I’ve learned anything from this, it really just comes down to the importance of always saving your money, investing as consistently as you can, when you find something that works - STICK WITH IT - and always operate from a place of integrity. I think people really respect that, and even though it’s slower in the short term - it’s going to be MUCH better in the long term. And also, it’s REALLY important to like what you do … there’s NO WAY I would’ve been able to keep up such an intense schedule if I didn’t thoroughly enjoy it, but the fact is - me working those crazy hours is so much fun, it would be like someone going on vacation for a few weeks and wondering how the time flew by so fast…that’s how I’ve felt. And when that happens, that’s when you’re able to do your best work.
    Also, practically in terms of making more money - doing something where you can leverage your time is ESSENTIAL. For example, it takes me the same amount of time to make a video for 1 person as it does 1 million people…and that allows me to reach MORE people with the SAME amount of work. Same with working as a real estate agent - looking back, a better use of my time would’ve been to hire someone to work under me rather than doing it all myself…but, some of those lessons you only learn over time.
    That’s something that never really “clicked” with me before doing this, and that’s how I was able to start seeing my income increase to some really mind-blowing numbers today.

    For business or one-on-one real estate investing/real estate agent consulting inquiries, you can reach me at
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    1. Graham Stephan

      Did you get your 2 free stocks yet?? The second one is worth up to $1400 when you deposit $100! :) Enjoy!

      1. Nafis Mubashir

        I think yoa are to frugal you were a millionaire at age 26

      2. Nafis Mubashir

        rental property seems like mlms

      3. Nafis Mubashir

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      Someone make a movie on this guy

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    4. Grant Ellis

      Me getting excited about breaking the $200,000 mark and starting my own business at 25 then I look at grahams video where he's a millionaire by 26. Woof. I'll get there one day.

    5. mrcoleman550

      Cool video I like your content Graham

    6. Rize Clown

      At least I know I can make at least 1mil before 30

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      This better not be BS

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        It ain’t

    9. Common Sence

      And this is how it's done. This is why I also skipped on college and instead started something.

    10. A N

      This is much appreciated Graham. You worked hard and i have mad respect for that! Feeling behind now because im coming up to late 20s!

    11. OnlyBetThePlus

      My net worth between ages 15-17 was whatever I had in my pocket.

    12. Marlon Caldera

      You've been a true inspiration to me Graham. I bought my first house as an investment property at 19, 2 years ago. I am now almost 21 and am so grateful I found your channel. I'm so much into real estate investing and hopefully will be a self made millionaire in a couple years.

    13. Bruno Matassini

      Selling your dream car takes some balls man.

    14. Nubia Franco

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    16. Adam Poss

      Inspiring! I will be working with you one day Graham..just wait!

    17. Naty

      My parents say I’m not allowed to have a job (I’m 15) and even when I go to college they express great disinterest in me getting a job (obviously I’m gonna get a job anyway.) right now just from saving money in 2019 (I had to stop due to COVID) I roughly gained 1k+ Sadly I didn’t continue to save during corona until just recently. I now have like an extra 50$. I don’t have a job but I used to make a few extra bucks by drawing Art for money ( which I had to stop doing because my parents don’t want me to work while I’m in school) Do you have any advice on what I can do to get more money over the summer? Because when it’s summer I won’t be in school anymore and maybe they’ll let me get a job from home. They won’t let me go out and get a job. I’m thinking about opening art commissions again but that didn’t end up giving me much. Any advice would help thanks!

    18. Syn

      this is so inspiring thanks for uploading these videos :)

    19. Jon Kling

      I recently found your channel and enjoy how honest and common sense it is. It took me decades to understand money and how to preserve and grow it. I did have a great military career that gave me a pension worth 2-3 million, a civilian career with a pension and retirement at 58, three pensions, a million in investments and a lifestyle to continue to invest and live comfortably in an RV while traveling. I wish your channel existed 20 years ago but I am still learning.

    20. idk idk

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    21. Meep

      99% of people watching this: how much is his net worth? 1%: how did you make it?

    22. Mohammed Salahuddin

      Hey Graham, I'm a 17 year old entrepreneur/stock trader following your footsteps; We both have similar outlooks on school/exams being a waste of time and how individuals my age aren't as mature as id hoped them to be. Would love to get some advice from you

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    28. Devin H

      So this might be a stupid question but as a first time 22 y/o. rental unit buyer , do you personally deal with all your tenants , or do you deal with a management company. I currently live on one side of the duplex and after rent my mortgage is about 300$ a month. As someone planning on diving in to real estate more as I get older , how much do you on average put down as a down payment , or are you paying cash now that your making more money? Also you should make a video on how you set your lease agreements up.

    29. Karan


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    31. BobleFraHolland

      Im 15 what should i invest in (low price)

      1. Harry Tibbs

        Yourself, buy books, learn a valuable skill maybe even start a business.

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      I really like your videos :D I am learning from you and trying to be a youtuber as well

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    49. wuthering1234

      Very nice. Maybe I should start teaching people how to generate cash in the stock market. My worst performance was a 19.93% gain for the year and the best was a 63.3% gain for the year. (I just wanted to brag - I don't want to teach anyone).

    50. R P

      110k USD a year "NET"? thats about 200k gross with 21?? thug life ^^

      1. Graham Stephan

        Leave a message through my gmail realgrahamstephan for inside tips and guidance

    51. Kalpesh Odedra

      webull doesnt work for canadians. any alternatives?

      1. Graham Stephan

        Leave a message through my gmail realgrahamstephan tor inside tips and guidance

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    53. Drag Racing and Car Stuff

      FWIW I wouldn't have been surprised if you had said your net worth was much more. That being said, I bet you'll be at 10x your current net worth in a very short time, maybe even a year from now.

    54. Aidsシ

      I’ve made over 5k in less than a year. 10$ an hour

      1. Graham Stephan

        Leave a message through my gmail realgrahamstephan tor inside tips and guidance

      2. Aidsシ

        And I’m fifteen

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      1. Graham Stephan

        Leave a message through my gmail realgrahamstephan tor inside tips and guidance

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    81. Andres Matty

      This is honestly where I feel I'm at in life at the moment. I'm about to complete my realtor licensing here in Arizona within the next few weeks. Thank you for sharing as much as you do; definitely inspiring a to hear your success story as I'm trying to do something similar hopefully as soon as im able to do so.

    82. Secretchocaddict Abused

      I wish I had a 100 pounds to invest, I did have until the domestic and financial abuse got out of hand, after 20 years I lost my job, all my savings and most of my possessions went, I am now on benefits, I have a fractured coccyx,real bad asthma, I am severely allergic to nuts, my budget for food every two weeks is £25.00, I live rurally so I have to go on the one bus a day in the morning to get the shop from Aldi 12 miles away, so I am not in the right time of day for yellow stickers reductions, the rest of the benefits go on debts and rent arrears until citizens advice sort my debts out , I have no heating or hot water on, I use to donate each month to foodbanks and NSPCC, but that’s obviously stopped , I can’t have another foodbank this month as I have had one last week and they are only for three days, and there is no Salvation Army around here to help, I am 4stone underweight from the abuse and stress, I have no family around, and my friends I’ve pushed all away through embarrassment plus they don’t have the means to help me, this Christmas will be very different, there won’t be any pate, or turkey or chocolate, just a plate of pasta or beans, anyone any ideas how to make this food or budget fattening for me, I am applying for work daily hoping that my coccyx heals quickly so I can start living again, anyone help with how I can make £25 stretch for two weeks, like I say I have no heating or hot water on and I don’t drink tea or coffee just water. I need my weight to go up , any ideas anyone?

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