Revealing My ACTUAL Net Worth

Graham Stephan

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    Here is my net worth breakdown and how I was able to grow my income through real estate and investing over time - Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan
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    If I’ve learned anything from this, it really just comes down to the importance of always saving your money, investing as consistently as you can, when you find something that works - STICK WITH IT - and always operate from a place of integrity. I think people really respect that, and even though it’s slower in the short term - it’s going to be MUCH better in the long term. And also, it’s REALLY important to like what you do … there’s NO WAY I would’ve been able to keep up such an intense schedule if I didn’t thoroughly enjoy it, but the fact is - me working those crazy hours is so much fun, it would be like someone going on vacation for a few weeks and wondering how the time flew by so fast…that’s how I’ve felt. And when that happens, that’s when you’re able to do your best work.
    Also, practically in terms of making more money - doing something where you can leverage your time is ESSENTIAL. For example, it takes me the same amount of time to make a video for 1 person as it does 1 million people…and that allows me to reach MORE people with the SAME amount of work. Same with working as a real estate agent - looking back, a better use of my time would’ve been to hire someone to work under me rather than doing it all myself…but, some of those lessons you only learn over time.
    That’s something that never really “clicked” with me before doing this, and that’s how I was able to start seeing my income increase to some really mind-blowing numbers today.

    For business or one-on-one real estate investing/real estate agent consulting inquiries, you can reach me at
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    1. Graham Stephan

      Did you get your 2 free stocks yet?? The second one is worth up to $1400 when you deposit $100! :) Enjoy!

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      Graham you are so open about this.. appreciate it helps us are Gandhi of personal finance..

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      whatever you've been doing, you were just having fun in it. seems like you follow the quote "love what you do or do what you love." feeling awesome for you! :)

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      me in 18: i dont even know my net revenue he: 30.000

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    18. Lincoln16

      You have a good work ethic that's why you are successful. Most people just sit around like money is going to come to them. You have to invest in yourself to make it in life.

    19. Green Trades

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    20. Elliott Chard

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      I love hearing about people's journeys to financial freedom. A lot of people view success and money as taboo subjects because they don't see themselves as ever being able to get there too. Which is a real shame as almost anyone with a bit of hard work and some thought can achieve their goals.

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      Do you think it would be smart and a good investment to buy or build storage locker facilities? I figure a 50+ units at $30 or more a month would be fairly profitable depending on how much it cost to build and how much it cost to maintain.

    27. Stacy Kirchner

      Your net worth is not how much money you own the bank!!! That's debt! He doesn't encourage buying houses outright in cash so he still owes money on his property but then he counts them towards his network. That's debt! Not your net worth.

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    39. YB!

      Graham, I NEVER consider a car to be an asset to begin with, whether it's a sports car or a regular car due to such insane depreciations. So if you say you made "good money" selling your car, what you did NOT actually mention in the video was how much did you buy the car for? How long did you use it? and What was the sale price after?

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    49. Offroad Treks

      Hey Graham, this was an interesting video. I'm really curious, what influence did your parents have on where you are now? (You mentioned briefly they encouraged you in the fish job) Was it them, or something else that you feel gave you the drive to become successful and focus on building wealth versus just doing like everyone else and being an under accumulator of wealth that just spends everything they earn? I'm really interested in the mindset evolution and what you felt lead you this path. As a father of 3, who is in real estate I'm constantly thinking about how I can transmute these ideas to my kids.

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      1. Titanium D

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      1. Sarisbel Dominguez

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