Teaching Jake about the Camcorder, Jan '97

brian david gilbert

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    1. Katelyn Kanya

      Brain and his spectacular acting: Jake? Me, despite my name not being Jake: *me? Meme*

    2. Ryan Khieu

      I came for a good laugh, I got a psychological thriller about grief

    3. Gloomaker

      So, my theory is: The original timeline of the day was he started teaching his son to use the recorder, he called out for his wife, but she didn't respond nor come, so he told Jake to not stop recording ("don't press that yet"), by that time someone broke in, probably killed his mother and got into the room, that's when he sees the shadow figure(at this point that's when i think about "don't drop it, hold it with both hands" he didn't film the invader right because he was scared. It's obvious the invader let him live, that's when i think about the bunny shot(he was told to look away, so he did, the shadow took his father). And the one scene of him saying "You're not-", Is when his dad realizes he isn't reliving the memory because he misses him, but because he wants to know who killed him, who killed his father. When the father leaves in the tape i think he gave up(hence the screaming in the end, he realizes he can't learn anything new with that tape), he can't keep watching with because it isn't helping. So the shadow appears more blurry by the end in the corridor, symbolizing his failure to forget what happened.

    4. Molly Hayward

      im not one to overshare in youtube comments but this.. didnt feel like horror. i lost my brother in november and my grandma in feb and ive been living in the images i have of them before everything. i keep looking into their faces and expecting something to happen. i am that figure haunting pasts i dont belong in

    5. você


    6. Superellysan

      Imagine how much freakier this video must be for someone named Jake

    7. ImJustSomeGuy

      Hes got really nice teeth

    8. Lucas

      Huge Shattered Memories vibe, I love it

    9. Olympia Fulcher

      this invokes the same terror in me that PT first did

    10. Jacob Strokirch

      As someone named Jake this is very unsettling.

    11. Leonard Winchester


    12. Gideon Grace

      Like. There are two things that give me "so it's late and I'm now afraid there's something behind the door" vibes. The Babadook and this.

    13. Grant Cactus

      I am very impressed by this concept and everything but I should not have watched at 2 A.M.

      1. Grant Cactus

        That said, this kinda content is super interesting and if there’s more like it in the future I think that’d be pretty cool. It’s a creative area I don’t see explored and shaken up too often

    14. Real Peter Mitchell


    15. August Wogsland

      jesus christ

    16. Ray Gerecht

      Well just got around to watching this, and I must say a good hat tip to you BDG. My only available response for a solid ten minutes was to start at my screen and then shed a few tears. That was disturbing and rocked me in ways I cannot explain. Very nice work.👍

    17. Adam Osborne

      Well that got fucking dark huh?

    18. thelostworld19

      Nope nope nope

    19. Lady Seraph

      I love it when you make horror stuff.

    20. Thomas Faires

      My name is Jake and this fucks me up lol

      1. The Horse Outside


    21. Gray A.D.

      Perhaps comedy and horror are inextricably linked? First Jordan Peele and now BDG are experts at both.

    22. Teihaga


    23. Annika Bunnel

      I am in a sound design class right now and this is phenomenal

    24. Annika Bunnel

      I am extremely uncomfortable and i love it

    25. Dogabc 6

      Ah yes, the perfect video to watch home alone

    26. Ryder Ellis

      This was a trip. Like it managed to be unsettling and uncanny and just so much

    27. Jake Witcombe

      This video really hits different when your name is Jake and your dad's dead.

    28. UnicornGod423 _

      I love how unlike the rest of your work this is this is hollowing and somber and emotionally real I feel like I just watched an art short film and I’m really glad I did thank you

    29. Morgan Day

      Here I was trying to watch some good ol BDG before bed and you hit me with this

    30. Vale :3

      Me being happy that I watched this in the morning ✌🏻... also I might be crying a bit.

    31. Pix Tron

      This is such a clever horror story because it isn't exactly scary at first, it's just really sad, but once you watch the entire video you start piecing the whole puzzle together and it becomes a mix of straight up disturbing sadness

    32. Dethrok _BTW

      This man is an actual visionary wtf

    33. Echo Berson

      Ah yes, finally we've discovered the next way to say, "haha, what?"

    34. Jake Ratburger

      Maybe I'm reading too much into this but I can't help but notice the length of the video is 9:34. 3+4=7 9:7 January '97

    35. yuri gouvêa wagner

      i just started living alone and being away from my mom and I miss her so much. watching this video made me really emotional, even though I haven't lost them. I think it's because I have started uni and it's comforting to look back to the life that allowed me to live with her that I related a bit to Jake. Damn you, BDG, this is too good.

    36. Smithy Smitherson

      Something noticed on a rewatch is that mustache dad is the only one to notice or contact the viewer, while goatee and beard dad both seem to end up in a state of paranoia, fear, or pain. They're also the ones who continue to go on with the original video, always starting somewhere in the original timeline before changing it, while mustache dad can directly start by speaking to the viewer without needing to use a jumping off point somewhere in the tape

    37. I’mThatStrangeBoy

      bdg as a dad is so believable

    38. aaronwardL69

      Comment for the algorithm. Keep up the great work guy!

    39. Aidan Stock

      this video made me feel physically ill, wtf

    40. Kate S

      I love what the two of them are doing

    41. NexebNoXV

      Never have I been more glad that my name isn't Jake

    42. Cameron Phenix

      Jordan Peele been real quiet since this dropped.

    43. Cade Rodger

      Brian, you uuuh, you 'kay there?

    44. AboveAverageCat44

      "HEY WAIT A SECOND" -Brian David Gilbert

    45. 00Brick

      i could go for a pickle right about now

    46. PeniBlue

      why do i get the feeling that jake watched his dad get murdered

    47. K a d e

      Yo that was awesome

    48. Astro

      Made the mistake of watching this late at night. I love horror but maybe it isn’t the best idea right before bed.

    49. Checkerhat

      God. Goddamn.

    50. Brynn Davidson

      "Oh, this isn't actually as frightening as people make it out to be." *shadowy figure flashes behind TV*

    51. NomadicArchives

      My name being Jacob, this was certainly a strange watch.

    52. BeastLegendsTCG


    53. flatline

      i was like "wow this is kinda like marble hornets" the whole time and then brian uses the marble hornets font at the end lol

    54. SnadTheEgg

      I feel very zjierb

    55. Arthur Durham

      Ok, now I know we need BDG and Alan Resnick collab!

    56. Cairn Owl

      I entirely unnerved and my paranoia is ramped up to migraine levels. Well done.

    57. DustBucket

      This would be really meta for someone named Jake

    58. Josie Hoy

      Do you think Jake works from home and makes 20k a month all while being his own boss.

    59. Mr66698

      Hey quick question. What the fuck?

    60. Sage

      In the one recording of the dad close up, he’s taking directly to Jake asking him to say something. At 7:13 his face dims and he says “you’re not-“ and it cuts off. Considering his reaction beforehand it seems whoever is watching the tape isn’t Jake, which makes it even more confusing.

    61. Zarathinius

      I came back to this over a month later because I got too spookified to finish the first time. Also my name is Jake so that put a bit of extra spice into it.

    62. Primitive Human

      My new name is Jake

    63. Mike

      This was suspenseful as fuck! What a very cool idea and you crushed it. Great work

    64. 1vank3434 MEZA

      Ok que venga acabo de ver

    65. lecholocation '

      this is genuinely terrifying

    66. komewome

      The way this is presented vaguely reminds me of "Blink" the Doctor Who episode. The view from which Jake's dad is saying never to press the rewind button reminds me of the view from which the Doctor says "don't blink" too. Maybe an inspiration, maybe a coincidence, I just thought it was cool

    67. portalmasterjake

      help im scared

    68. BeesTree Bzz

      Glad you used *The Horror Hallway*

    69. TheLesserCarnation

      I’m so glad my name isn’t Jake or else I’d be shaking rn.

    70. I’mThatStrangeBoy

      imagine the young jake tho when 'mustache' dad was like 'jake stop watching', wouldve been so confused lol

    71. Catherine Walker

      this is one of the most original things I’ve ever seen

    72. Juan Cre

      I didn't want to sleep anyway

    73. DiamondHeart

      This was a better horror movie than 90% of what I've seen recently in theaters. Even better going in blind and spotting the first notes of "Something's not right here".

    74. Emily Howell

      i hear Jake and i think from state farm

    75. None of Your business

      My theory is when he says “WHO ARE YOU” over and over he is not talking to the ‘entity’ he’s talking to Jake, he says “talk, say something” to the‘ entity’ and he says that to “Jake” too. “Honey” never responded because only dad is trapped in the tape.

    76. Im In The Bath

      this is more fucked if youre called jake

    77. meeprific


    78. Velvet teen

      Rewatching this video leaves an extra feeling

    79. Spotter Otter

      This is alot to unpack

    80. Christian Reeb

      I didn't like that one bit. Nope. But really it was phenomenal I just loathe being scared.

    81. Ishaan Ramdas

      7:51 when i bite in a pickle when it's squishier than expected

    82. BongoShalongo

      So, some total demon just said that my scream was gross, so I turned around and I said, "WHO ARE YOU" Ha-aaaaaahhhh... Hhhahhaaaaaaaaaaaa... *screaming*

    83. Travis Z

      The people actually named jake have it so much worse then the rest of us

    84. sapphic bitch

      was that a goat right there

    85. Suo

      Very creepy video, but I don't understand what's going on at all. Some have said it's a message about letting go of the past, but I feel like there is something more eerie going on? Who/what is the shadowy figure in the video? If we're not Jake, who is watching the video? What did the dad see behind us that terrified him so much? And what's with the ending when he seems to exit the TV?

    86. Winter Phoenix

      Who is that at 2:57?

    87. dylan resciniti

      ... I'm worried it's been a month....


      Plot twist: the dark creature was the demon to whom he sold his soul


      What was that😨 Your job is to make weird funny video, not weird horror video...!!

    90. AMPGreg

      I should not have watched this at 11:30 at night with all the lights off.

    91. A P

      That huge dark figure had me turning my screen away from me for the rest of the video

    92. Eduardo Villalobos - Piano

      Is this channel slowly turning to "dont hug me im scared"? Not that im complaining

    93. Phoenix Stone

      actually shaking rn..

    94. Conner RK800

      My Last name is Gilbert

    95. Space Kid

      brian was always the funny guy from polygon to me, but obviously he’s not just a comedian, he’s an artist. this is an incredible concept and a wonderful execution, great job

    96. Pokemon fan22

      Me as a getting called an adult as a teenager watching this video: Mom come pick me up I'm scared.

    97. MegaSocky

      2:12 when the imposter is sus

    98. Liam Cmpbll

      Holy shit this is amazing

    99. DOOPEE

      So the mustached gain sentient, and the goateed is going insane due to collateral of the other one gaining sentient? Did one of them invade another? This is such a rabbit hole

    100. Andrew Jones

      So, are you gonna start directing horror movies now or what because damn this was brilliant!