Sight Fishing for These BEAUTIFUL FISH!

Scott Martin

21 миӊ. көрүүлөр6

    Team ViceVersa takes the boys from Center Consoles Only, Siren Marine, Markee Marine for a little sight fishing offshore in the Florida Keys!
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    1. Scott Martin

      If you’re interested in going on the Vice Versa for a charter trip visit and email us to book a trip!

    2. Lenny Castaneda

      Right when he shouted out kicker my audio started cutting out

    3. Robert Barnes

      Audio is very bad on this one

    4. J Wilkins

      Glad i did good Scott

    5. Julie Green

      Can someone help me out with a good pair of polarized sunglasses for my boyfriend. We fish on and off shore. We just recently started watching and subscribed to your channel. Great videos and very entertaining!!

    6. Josh Morrell

      I love how Scott’s jamin to a boogie😂😂

    7. Catfish Life

      Where did Braden go??

    8. R Sherwood

      Too old to be eating that nonsense, Scott. Time to get serious.

    9. William Brown

      This is what I love about your channel. All kinds of fishing. Great video Scott.

    10. Mason Farnsworth

      110 plugs. terrible audio from the wind. 1 fish. lol

    11. Andy Garcia

      Jaja i like how you turned up the music n I would have expected some country 😂

    12. William Thompson

      Scott we need more SMC trucker hats!! The grey and with the red outline.. the camo one.. those were awesome! i know im not the only one that wants some more merch.

    13. Trump 2020

      what is your top speed on your freeman?

    14. Ethan Liu

      Great video, how heavy mono are you using, would it be better to use braid for saltwater?

    15. Carson is Fishing

      Yo Scott love the vids this was a great vid

    16. Jonathan Angle

      Love how Capt. Sam has a thin blue line gaither on!!! 👌

    17. bud lee

      Just saw rob from lunkers video...was cool to see you 2 link up

    18. Heath Fitzgerald

      Hey Scott ive got a question for you. Ive got a tournament coming up where we have to take co anglers out that dont have a lot of experience. When they are in the back of the boat would you leave both console units on for them or do you think they would be aggravated if they are turned off? Ive never had to worry about having a co angler in my boat. I appreciate your input man. Keep up the great work on the videos buddy.

    19. Chris Harney

      Audio port jacked up???

      1. Scott Martin

        Bad deal

    20. FishHooked

      Awesome stuff 🔥🎣

    21. Jake Carder

      Bring Brandon back. He needs to be paid !!!!. Don't lose him. SPINNERWORM!!!

    22. Bryson Hallman

      When the Yamahas going on that unit? Keep up the great content!

      1. Scott Martin

        Waiting on the new models can wait!!

    23. Paul Malov Fishing

      Shoutout from Australia Scott! All the best on the Elites 💪🏻 🎣 🇦🇺 love the tour vlogs

      1. Scott Martin


    24. Check Mate

      Can't Wait For The Win!

    25. Steven Johnson

      Vice Versa merch available?

      1. Scott Martin

        I some hats..I’ll drop a link soon

    26. charles tipton

      To bad your audio isn't kicker quality hahahaha great video though

    27. Backwoods Fishing

      These fish are so cool . Love the boat

    28. Ryan

      I hope you realize how lucky you are to have such an amazing dad. Roland is also such an amazing story teller. He has so much energy about him. 💯

    29. Greg Cook

      That boat is ridiculous. Great video!

    30. Aaron Granger

      Hey bud. Have you ever went bass fishing the California trout lakes? I'm Southwest Louisiana and have never but curious if you've ever tried it.

      1. Aaron Granger

        Can't wait to go chill with yall in my backyard of sabine river. That's my preseason fishing until the federal refuge fishing opens up in mid March. That's where the 10 - 13 poundas come into play. I swear if I'm off work during the Sabine River tournament I'll bring yall some south Louisiana goodies.

      2. Scott Martin

        Only one Diamond Valley

    31. Preston Mire

      Awesome video

    32. wesleybigham1

      Man that boat is so sharp! Love the video man, keep up the great work!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks bro!!!

    33. Charles Travis

      Bad GoPro audio

      1. Scott Martin

        Actually big mic on the camera. Wind was strong

    34. Richie _k_68

      You’ll get them next time !! ✌🏼🎣🎣

    35. Blue Collar Fishing

      Man Florida gets to have all the fun we have a nor eastern blizzard outside no saltwater and sight fishing anything here is actually illegal for some unknown reason

    36. James Mcculloch

      I really like your videos, both with you and family, or on the tour. But, one thing really bothers me: Nobody wears a mask or keep proper distancing. Am I missing something, or should I just not worry about this.

      1. James Mcculloch

        @Scott Martin That is good.

      2. Scott Martin

        We all do what we need to stay safe. Make sure no one is experiencing any symptoms

    37. Rogbass

      Oh yea. Some salt action. Sweet vid. Going to have to come down as soon as there’s an opening. Your an amazing all around angler.

    38. the iron fisherman

      Sail fish are such a pretty fish i love the saltwater adventures and the freshwater adventures

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks it’s a blast

    39. Fish and Fishing Activities


    40. Cooper Caraway

      Scott acting like he knew that song showing off the kicker audio😂😂😂

      1. Scott Martin


    41. Steve Pappa


      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks bro

    42. James Blanton

      Do yall have a charter business in the keys or just family use

      1. Scott Martin

        We have a charter business called ViceVersa Fishing

    43. Anthony Clark

      Scott on February 11-13 I'll be on lake Ouachita what would be a good bait to use in practice

    44. Jay Fournier

      Man. The audio is jacked. 🥲

    45. FishByFaith

      Editor needs a raise boss! God bless y’all keep being an inspiration Scott!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks bro

    46. kid junker

      Will he ❤ this?

    47. Benjamin Tharp

      Audio corruption.

      1. Benjamin Tharp

        Scott Martin no worries good video. Sounds different then bad wind.

      2. Scott Martin

        Terrible wind

    48. Chris Jameson

      How do you think rob is going to do this week?

      1. Scott Martin

        It’s going to be a challenging week with the cold weather. But he will do just fine

    49. K Adams

      🗣Scotty to hottie is back with some 🔥🔥🔥😛🤙🏽

    50. Eli Cruze

      Great vid man, can’t wait to see you on the saint Johns this year, your gonna dominate bassmaster

      1. silly guy

        I hope Scott does some pre fishing on the st.johns. I would go to the boat ramp if i knew when he would be there

      2. Eli Cruze

        @Scott Martin 👊

      3. Scott Martin

        Thanks Eli 👊🏼

    51. Colby00

      Is the audio jacked up for anyone else?

      1. Renaud Theis

        @Scott Martin does feel like the wind I think your audio is corrupted somehow.

      2. Scott Martin

        Wind was terrible

    52. The Fishing Expat

      The editing is getting better and better. Those are some skills I just don’t have and are super under appreciated. Happy to watch your channel grow, hoping to get there someday

      1. Scott Martin


    53. New England Outdoors

      Great video Scott

    54. Jason Whitaker

      Are u coming to the high school tournament in ocechobee

    55. YXZ Z55

      When you going back on tour Scott I’m ready to see you and billy do house tours and fish man can’t beat them videos man I’m telling ya best on KGup

      1. YXZ Z55

        @Scott Martin let’s go I can’t wait

      2. Scott Martin

        Very soon! 👊🏼👊🏼

    56. Redneck Ronny

      I’m early for the first time

    57. Grant Boyce

      I watch all of your videos

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you!

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      First! Can’t wait for this one!

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