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    Anything You Paint, I'll Pay For Challenge! | ZHC Crafts
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    1. Survivor Fan

      Zack: The winner is.... Parker! Me: Hmm I wonder why he chose that one -_-

    2. Edgar Saldivar

      i sub and bell and like the video i do need a car and money like 1,000

    3. mahi sgian

      Why don't Ppl follow him......he is great 😍😍

    4. Jamie Samuels

      A like the car

    5. Emmanuella Dako

      Thanks really nice effort and nice ideas

    6. Sampa Ashok

      Hi Zhc

    7. Camila Garcia

      Not trying to hate but i feel like he picked Parker because it was cheap

    8. Valerie Eagan

      He’s sooooooooooo good!

    9. -Dino_ Diglets-

      Tbh if I won a car I would give it to my mom cuz she has been driving the same mini van since she was 22 she’s 43 now

    10. Zico Teixeira

      Michelle: " i will draw a big house with Christmas decorations" ZHC's wallet that overheard the conversation: **SCREAMS**

    11. Shadow Monks 22

      Cool video👍👍

    12. Chrisplayz HD

      i got the headphones

    13. Jasmine Ducharme

      Love your videos ❤️❤️❤️

    14. Javier Wong

      So nice I wish I was you

    15. YK Yeow


    16. Lya Choi

      I wish someone could buy me something I drew

    17. Mason Webb

      the car was good untill they swapt

    18. Axel Brintler

      I haved subed and pit on the notificuations can i get the house

    19. Maddie Reder

      3:19 in the bottom corner

    20. Cody Wirtjes

      y does parker have a mask

    21. Ashley Gonzalez


    22. Snipergummywolf UWU

      Some dude (who almost scammed me) said you won a prize claim not at what’s app, if someone says that you shouldn’t put any personal information to that person just saying!!! ZHC I love your vids

    23. Snipergummywolf UWU

      “You have two hours” everyone else “AHHH NOOOOO I NEED MORE TIME”

    24. Antonella Guevarra

      5:06 ok 👍

      1. Antonella Guevarra

        @ZHC your not gonna fool me🙄





      2. ZHC

        Congratulations you won a prize claim it via WhatsApp

    26. Nicole Pessagno


    27. Justina Loza

      can i be in one of your's video's when u do a other anything you paint,l'll pay for challenge pls

    28. UrCarrot

      I hate vivs teeth not trying to be rude

    29. Neri

      You chose the cheapest one

      1. ZHC

        Congratulations you won a prize claim it via WhatsApp

    30. Swift Mason

      I feel so bad for jaz she always does so good and then gets wrecked by a challenge

    31. Stuck In a Tree

      ZHC: Anything you paint, I'll pay for Me: Paints Peeta Mellark Hunger games fans will understand 😂

    32. Nur Fathimah

      I love anything.

      1. ZHC

        Congratulations you won

    33. Anamika Dutta

      If I was there I would draw mr beast's debit card🤣

      1. ZHC

        Congratulations you won a prize claim it via WhatsApp

    34. Taylor Hodgson

      I subscribed as subscribed I subscribed and I really hope I get one of those

    35. Dreamnotfound21

      I love it that you're wearing a Mr Beast shirt

    36. Isadora Isaacs

      that was a fun video to wat

    37. John Williamsen

      y does porcer wering a masck

    38. potato lynch

      Viv makes me so happy with her voice and smile and her kindness

    39. Aoxsoi

      Jaz is my favourite

      1. ZHC

        Congratulations you won a prize claim it via WhatsApp

    40. Monique And Kerry

      All of them are beautiful

    41. Sariha Clark

      540 278 9555

    42. Follow me Ilikethe_BOOMS!

      I think Michelle or viv was lowkey the best.....

    43. Lindsey Meyers

      ZHC in 2050: buying a apple store an. Painting it

      1. ZHC

        Congratulations you won a prize claim it via WhatsApp

    44. Jack Greaves

      ZHC =The art Mr beast like so he can see this

    45. Frank Darcy

      viv win hahahahhaha

    46. RafGAMER 405

      i have a suspicious that he chose the taco because it was the cheapest one. not complaining btw


      Zach:draw anything ,I'll buy for u Me : draws Asia and Europe😂😂😂 And becoming the king

    48. Melanie Amill Torres

      Car was better ZHC

      1. ZHC

        Congratulations you won a prize claim it via WhatsApp

    49. Kaylie Ramirez

      I love your work

    50. Sufy&Fatima

      I love it how Michelle always has to use PINK!!! in something and when she is gonna ruin someone's painting she has to use PINK!!!

    51. Caitlin Giblin

      viv runed the caR

    52. Ellie Royle

      He prob only picked that one coz it was the cheapest

    53. Gavin Porter

      couldnt they just write like 30 million dollars, or paint like 500 $100 bills?

    54. Lismaris Cornier Rosario

      Does Parker have covid 19

      1. ZHC

        Congratulations you won a prize claim it via whatever

    55. chung may

      Pls be me I. Subscribed

      1. ZHC

        Congratulations you won a prize claim it via WhatsApp

    56. spiderman fan

      This was made in my bday

    57. Adriatik Braimllari

      If im from Albania can i get things?

    58. Redford Sim

      Hello ZHC Crafts,, I wonder if you can sponsor me ?///, I want to start an animation career in youtube but i just need one thing to do it. can you give me a pen tab for easy sketching in desktop. i really wanted one,, so i am asking anyone who can give me pen tab, for $50 it would be much appreciated.

    59. TOYASIN aminur Mumin

      I peak the car

      1. ZHC

        Congratulations you won a prize claim it via WhatsApp

    60. Malsawmsanga Malsawmsanga

      U pick parker bc if it will caust money

    61. SK - 04CA 832832 Larkspur PS

      Why is Parker wearing a mask

    62. Darren Vitte

      Viper srt

    63. itzz Fariah

      i am your subscriber for 1-2 year but still i didn't get anything

      1. ZHC

        Congratulations you won a prize claim it via WhatsApp

    64. Strawberry Cow

      I feel like for this vid he did not pick the best picture he picked the cheapest one :/

    65. Alexa Cendrixa

      if Viv didnt swap with jaz i bet the painting will be more realistic and she could win.

    66. Alexander Atli Hauksson

      can i get a iphone 12 pro max plz i need it

    67. Mirielli moura

      I love how Zack has a mr beast shirt on hahahaha

    68. JOHN AKILI

      wow viv

    69. Aryan Harlalka

      someone should had made a lot of jewls that could have been very costly for ZHC

    70. chloe layden


    71. Ta Ci

      The rural internet lately drain because may rationally ski a a typical pressure. recondite, one silica

    72. Red phantom

      I would want a tiger

    73. GrandmaSkillz

      man's skipping leg day

    74. Jasmin Ramos

      Jaz is THEEEEEEE cutest. 🥰🙃

    75. Revije Osmani


    76. DShon Byles

      Mjkk by Debbi po no mo

    77. DShon Byles

      L mo pl UN kkkk po o pl lol ukk I'm X Dr rrggtjijkk🥳🥳🥳🤐

    78. DShon Byles

      ? L!?! !k

    79. llemonywater

      If I was doing that then I would paint an apple MacBook 🥲

    80. Chalapathi Peela

      I want ps5 or xbox with fifa 🥺❤️

    81. Yehia Waleed

      This montage is terribly disordered

    82. Sunny Side Up •w•

      im so afraid to subscribe now.. XD im underage n live in Singapore XD haha

    83. Charli Elliott

      i did subscribed

    84. Caleb Trigger



      I like how he dont put on his own merch he puts MrBeast Merch

    86. Lukas Kaiser

      Very nice

    87. Lauren Humphris

      I love you so much

    88. Hunter McRae

      I am watching with hot cheetos

    89. Karnette Batchelor Evering

      why viv

    90. frances ahern

      I want a blue apple ipad

    91. ArtsyAA

      Anyone else buy posca Pens because of him

      1. ArtsyAA

        I did

    92. Mohamed Limouni

      Micheal is good

    93. stephanie macri

      I love the video and I'm sopr good 🌟 at drying can't😼😽

    94. Margo Tan


    95. Emily Roberts

      Haha your like the mr beast of art and can you pls custermise a mannequin and who ever hase the best one wins

    96. Nexter Gaming


    97. valentuchita

      Like to draw hahahahaha

    98. Elodie-Zoe Tsirbas-Thomas

      So cool 😂👍✌️😜🤣😏😉😁😌🙀😹👍👌✍️

      1. Elodie-Zoe Tsirbas-Thomas

        LoL✌️🤘🤙 🦊🐱🐯🐉⚡️🎧

    99. B3AR VR

      Jazes face at 4:45 is just broken

    100. Vicky Soogrim

      Zhc In 50 years last one to stop costimizing the moon ceeps it 🤣🤣🤣